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Thursday, December 25, 2008


GoldMineClicks is another PTC/PTR with lots and lots to do. One thing I found very impressive about this site is how fast it loads even though there's lots of graphics - I often have some slow-loading problems with sites that run this type of PTC script, not this one! It's a really nicely done site graphically too.

The site also has a weekly referral contest - the winner gets 5000 link credits - that's a pretty sweet deal. It also has a really nice referral level deal - 10% referral earnings, 10 levels deep - and pays you up to $0.01 per click.

GoldMineClicks has a $1 minimum cashout via AlertPay (which I generally recommend for click sites) and PayPal (and lists E-gold too, at least I guess they still pay that way). And it is a paying site - my upline/friend/colleague has proof of payment from this one, so I felt pretty confident in joining up. The site has been open since January 2008.

GoldMineClicks has been awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com. International members are welcome - if you're not already a member, check it out today!

UPDATE 07/09/2009: This site has somewhat inexplicably disappeared in recent weeks and after waiting quite a while to see if it would return and searching for any news about it and finding none, I am moving it to the Closed Programs and Sites section.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or Have a Good Weekend!

Just a quick note to send out Happy Holidays wishes to all those who celebrate, and to say after I make the next post, I am officially away from here until after Christmas week is over. Due to the holiday falling mid-week this year, we've pushed our own Christmas celebration ahead a day, so I am spending the rest of the week with my family for the holiday.

Also since I have fallen so behind on my e-mail, I wanted to send a quick special holiday shout-out to Sheri - I see you signing up all over, that's wonderful! *grin* Thanks so much and I'm glad you (and I hope many others!) are finding some useful stuff here on the site and have terrific luck with all of it. (Hope to catch up with you in e-mail soon!)

I actually have a ton of new PTC/PTRs to write about, and am also working on a handy little "quick list" so folks can quickly and easily find what they may be looking for - so stay tuned for all that starting next week!

In any case, hope everyone celebrating has a wonderful rest of the holiday week, and even if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a terrific weekend! See you all back on Monday!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Incentria is another mostly PTC/PTR/multi-activity site owned by the same owners as Clicksia - very good reputation in the PTC industry for honesty, integrity, and payment, which is good to see there still are some these days!

Like Clicksia, Incentria has a good redeem rate to redeem your stuff for advertising - also another plus! Earn up to $0.002 per ad viewed, and one referral level of 10%.

Payment is a $1 minimum cashout by PayPal or AlertPay anytime. As usual with PTC sites, you can earn more by upgrading.

Incentria is open to international members. Join today!

Got Paid Update #37 - MatrixMails

Received yet another payment (this time for $2.85) from MatrixMails on December 20th. This brings my total with them for this year up to $20.72.

I am averaging about a five-day wait after payment request - that's pretty great in GPT/PTR payment terms!

Here's a tip about MatrixMails - be sure and get by and do the available PTC (paid to click) ads regularly. You will usually find when you request payment, you get paid more than you requested when the payment arrives (I requested around $2.50 and got paid $2.85 - sweet!).

MatrixMails - Get paid

CashMonkies Sites Being Sold

Well, I have had to be away for several days due to my old computer, which I had known was on its last legs for a while, taking a nosedive & I had to jump to a new one in a hurry - I had been planning the move anyway, but not quite so soon! Unfortunately the old computer made that decision for me.

Anyway, when I got back to a point where I could read and catch up, I discovered that the admin of CashMonkies, CashMonkies JR, and Stardust PTC has announced she is selling the sites. I hate to hear that, because these are paying sites, but she has had some family health issues going on and has been away for several weeks, so it's understandable.

The initial announcement stated that all site debts will be made, and that offers would stay up until the end of the month, but when I signed in to check some PTS ads I had at CashMonkies yesterday afternoon, I discovered that the ads and all offers on the site are gone, so I guess she changed her mind and shut those off earlier than planned (don't know).

In any case, I have removed my initial entries about the Monkies sites for the time being as I prefer not to continue to promote a sold site until I see how things go under the new ownership, so they may return to my listings in the near future. We'll see!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I recently joined JillsClickCorner and whoa - talk about a LOT of PTC ads! Pages upon pages upon more pages!

JillsClickCorner has been around for a few years (i.e., likely not going anywhere like so many do). It pays up to 1 cent per ad though most are lower, but still - there are SO many! Upgraded members, as usual with PTC, can earn more. There are PTS offers as well, and many other ways to earn here on this multi-activity site. There is one referral level here of 10%.

UPDATED 03/02/2013: Minimum cashout is now $1 via PayPal, $1.06 via Payza, and between $0.10 to $1 for several other payment processors the site has available (including Liberty Reserve).

International members are welcome here. This one is also affiliated with the DonkeyMails/etc group of sites, which do pay, so I feel confident about this one as well. Check out Jill's Click Corner today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


MoneyDreams is a new site that opened a couple of months ago. I have it on good knowledgeable authority that the owner is a nice person and no doubt is and will continue to be a very good admin, and he is certainly enthusiastic and excited about the site and with good reason!

MoneyDreams has a $5 cashout minimum (yay!) and regular payments can be by either check or PayPal. Four referral levels here (12%, 10%, 5%, and 5%).

UPDATE 05/12/2009: MoneyDreams now pays on a weekly basis.

The site currently has a $2 signup bonus going on. There is no PTC on site, but there are frequent contests!

MoneyDreams is open to members in the US, UK, Canada and Australia only (note: the FAQ currently says open to members of all countries, but that has changed due to fraud issues). Join MoneyDreams today!

UPDATE 09/03/2009: MoneyDreams is showing up as a suspended site - which can sometimes just be the result of forgetting to pay for hosting that month, but I'm told it's been like this for a couple of weeks now. I'm removing it to the Closed Programs section due to this.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As regular readers likely know, I have kinda gotten a little "allergic" to PTC sites with "bux" in their name (or they closed out of the blue, like Buxout did yesterday - another good reason to be allergic). Out of frustration and aggravation, I have recently shelved some of the ones I previously had listed here, but AdverBux is one I have continued to stick with.

It operates a little differently from those other "b" sites, and actually they made a lot of really cool changes in recent months that I really love - including increasing the ads to standard members daily quite a bit in recent months. The front page now says "Never view less than 10 ads," but really I think there's usually one or two more than that most days.

I'm actually also doing fairly well at this one (by free PTC standards anyway), so that was another reason I have kept on working this one. I'm still a long ways away from cashout, but getting lots better results with AdverBux balance-wise than the other "bux" sites I gave up on (either because they disappeared, or couldn't seem to stay up, or changed their TOS to something ridiculous, or whatever - I got fed up and quit others).

Cashout is a $20 minimum by PayPal or AlertPay, and international members are welcome. AdverBux pays up to $0.01 per ad viewed, and has one referral level of 20%.

I really kind of love this site - I wish the cashout was a little lower, but that's OK, I'll get there eventually - and unlike a lot of the other "bux" sites, this one I really do recommend 'cos it seems to be working kinda nicely for me, steadily increasing anyway. Go see for yourself and have a go at AdverBux!

UPDATE 07/09/2009: AdverBux may or may not be closed - I understand some have been able to access the forum - but I have not been able to get this site to load or, on one or two occasions, load without severe amount of problems for weeks, and pretty much since its return after disappearing for several weeks with a "we'll be back eventually" type of message on the site. With its $20 minimum cashout, not having performed very well for me in over a year of effort with it, and all of the above problems, I am just taking it off my active listings whether it's actually closed or not. I couldn't tell you if it's really closed or not because it hasn't loaded for me in weeks, so for me, it might as well be closed anyway.

$8 Survey from ACOP - Woohoo!

In the Things That Don't Happen Every Day department (LOL), I had a nice little surprise last night when I qualified for an $8 survey with American Consumer Opinion last night. Even nicer - when I saw it was $8, I thought, "Ohhh no, this one's going to take forever," but I actually completed it fairly quickly. So basically I made eight bucks for about 10 or 15 minutes of effort. Now that I like!

I am bad to let my survey mailbox sit a while without checking it, and therefore many of the ones I get invitations to are expired by the time I get to them. If I was a little more diligent about it, I could probably make about $10-15 extra per month from most of the ones I'm registered with.

And American Consumer Opinion does indeed pay, as do all of the survey sites I have listed (click here to see my Survey Sites section). I generally don't get as many invitations from ACOP as I do most of the others, but when they come they're always bigger bucks than many of the ones I get all the time (and often don't qualify for) are. I haven't been paid by ACOP this year, but they've paid me in the past - and I'll certainly be looking forward to that $8 check and let you know when it arrives!

If you're not a member of American Consumer Opinion and interested in doing surveys, sign up today!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Addendum to Sites That Pay

Having said what I just said about the Buxout closing, that reminds me of something I was thinking about this weekend.

There are several very reliable and long-established PTC/PTR sites that are not going anywhere that I'm a member of and that have been paying people for years and years. The only problem is that I can't technically say they've paid ME, because I keep redeeming all my earnings at several of these sites for advertising instead. I was getting close to cashout on several of these and it occurred to me too late (after I'd already spent my earnings in advertising) that I had intentionally NOT spent my earnings on any ads lately because I wanted to be able to cash out and report that I'd been paid.... oops.

Now some of them have paid me (or their owners paid me elsewhere), as I've previously reported:


But this next bunch, they've been around for ages and paid lots of people and they really DO pay, even though I keep forgetting not to re-spend my earnings there so I can't say they've paid ME. But they do pay and are VERY worthwhile (especially WordLinx, I couldn't possibly ever say enough about WordLinx and how fantastic the $10 a year upgrades there and at ClixSense are), so I'm popping this in the "Sites That Pay" section just for a note. (And hopefully will be able to report they paid ME before too long as long as I don't have any more blonde moments and forget to hang onto my earnings to cashout instead of redeeming it all for ads, heh.)

Good established, and/or with reputable ownership, sites that have paid tons of people:


Anyway, so there you go. Have at it and go make some money at places that are very much NOT likely to just up and run at the drop of a hat like most of these "bux" and such sites are (can you tell I'm pretty much jaded at this point over that whole sector of the industry? LOL!).

Buxout Closed

I learned this morning that Buxout has shut down suddenly, so I have removed it from my list of PTCs. Even though it may reopen (the owner is apparently trying to sell), I am pretty much done with "bux" and related sites, save for AdverBux which I still feel pretty confident about.

I am working on a new quick list of PTCs (and other sites) and am planning to join up on several that I know are paying people consistently, have reliable ownership, and likely aren't going to operate the "bux" way. Stay tuned.

Got Paid Update #36 - ReadersPond

Happy to report another payment today from ReadersPond, this time for $5.66! Part of this payment was from winning a referral contest that had been running since September; I was in the top five for the earnings contest that was running also for months, but got edged out in the last day or two of the contest, LOL.

If you haven't, join today! There are always plenty of paid clicks, regular paid e-mail, and nowadays the site is carrying paid offers as well. Open to members of most countries, and a low minimum cashout here!


MarketingPond Update

Good morning on this rainy, freezing Monday morning down here in the South! Just a quick note to mention that anyone who is a member of MarketingPond that has not joined its sister site, new traffic exchange ZoomPond, will be soon deleted.

So if you want to retain your MarketingPond membership, be sure and join ZoomPond (it's at the top of your MarketingPond program list) and then return to your MarketingPond program list and enter your ZoomPond ID in the ZoomPond box. The MarketingPond admin will soon be deleting those who have not done this, so do it ASAP if you want to keep your membership in MarketingPond active!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Here's my personal favorite of the DealBarbie Network - DealBarbiePaysFast. What's not to love about a site that has $1 minimum cashout and pays daily? Truth in advertising - that's fast!

Payment is daily/3x weekly by verified PayPal or Amazon GC, weekly if by check and again - $1 minimum! Lots of contests, PTC on site (yes!) at mostly 1-cent clicks, and three referral levels. Again - what's not to love here, right?

More on DealBarbiePaysFast:
  • Three referral levels (15%, 3%, 2%)
  • Awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com
DealBarbiePaysFast is open to US & Canada members only. Sign up at DealBarbiePaysFast now!

UPDATED 06/27/2010: The DealBarbie sites are now owned by respected owner Barbara Norris, longtime owner of AnythingFreeForYou. DBPF is also now open to members in Canada.

UPDATED 08/15/2010: DBPF now offers instant payments. You do have to go through a verification process by the admin first to be eligible, due to fraud and abuse of this payment method since it was instituted, but it is available for those who go through verification.

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.


Now that I've been doing this for a while, some of you might have been wondering why in the world I hadn't gotten around to listing any of the DealBarbie network of sites, which are all very popular in the industry, and the owner has a great reputation for being and honest and paying admin.

Well, the answer to that (why I hadn't listed any of them yet) is because DealBarbiePays was one of the first sites I joined, and then for whatever reason I got more active on other sites and it kind of fell by the wayside with me for a while and, well, now here I am finally getting back to it! Since I initially joined and all that way back when, I have become acquainted with the admin via other industry discussion forums and such, and have started getting a little more active on those sites again.

In any case, it's just such a great group of sites, and with such a good reputation for honesty and being paying sites, that I would be really remiss to continue on without having listed them yet, so here we go!

We'll start with DealBarbiePays, where I first joined way back when. Tons of contests on this site always, lots of 1-cent PTC on site, two referral levels (20% & 10%) - lots of good stuff, and also a $5 signup bonus!

UPDATED 07/09/2009: The DealBarbie network of sites underwent a sale at the beginning of the month and was sold to an established and trusted owner in the community. One major change to the the site that is really nice - DealBarbiePays now has instant, fee-free PayPal payments available whenever the cashout minimum is reached. Check and gift card payments will be paid twice monthly on the 15th & 30th of every month.

UPDATED 05/21/2009: DealBarbiePays is now open to members in the US, UK, and Canada.

UPDATED 11/04/2009: DealBarbiePays has eliminated the payment by check option, but has added Wal-Mart and iTunes gift cards to available payment options.

UPDATED 06/27/2010: The DealBarbie sites are now owned by respected owner Barbara Norris, longtime owner of AnythingFreeForYou. Payment terms have changed to Net 35 and pays by check, PayPal, AlertPay, Revolution Money Exchange, direct deposit, & Wal-Mart or Amazon gift cards/certificates.

UPDATED 09/24/2010: Cashout at DealBarbiePays has been decreased to a $10 minimum.

UPDATED 03/02/2013:  Once again there's been a ton of changes to the site since I last updated, and really so many changes over the years I about can't keep up. The major ones: Members who joined after January 1st, 2011, can cash out at $5; those who joined prior to that date can cash out at $5 dependent on number of offers done, otherwise cashout is $20.

Payment is now available within 24 hours. Payment methods available are PayPal, Payza, check, direct deposit (with approval), and a number of gift certificate/gift card options. There are still two referral levels, but now at 10% and 5%.

DealBarbiePays has been awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval by BeenPaid.com.

Join DealBarbiePays today!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got Paid Update #35 - QuickRewards

Got a payment today in the amount of $1.17 from QuickRewards, which was one of the first sites I ever joined. That was fast - you can request anytime from QuickRewards, and I was paid within 3 days!

The site has a veritable ton of different things to do, as well as games and trivia and other stuff. It is very different from most GPT sites. If I utilized it more than I do, that balance would probably be a lot higher - my earnings there mainly come from paid mail and the occasional run over there for games and trivia, some PTC'ing.

In any case, another site I can newly add to the "Sites That Pay" list!

Fishing4Fortune Now Accepting UK Members

Just a quick note after catching up with my last couple of days' e-mail...

Fishing4Fortune is now accepting members from the UK! There's also an extra 10 cents for every offer approved today (December 11th).

So all you moneymaking Brits and other UK'ers get over there and make yourself some cash! :)

Honey Advertiser Pro

There are lots of ways to earn on Honey Advertiser Pro, but I have to say this is a particularly good site to work on just for the advertising and promotion benefits. It's very inexpensive overall (and they often have really good specials) for banner impressions and paid to click ads, plus you can redeem the points you earn for advertising and you can rack up a LOT of those here. So if you are looking to build up your downlines, whether in GPT/PTC/PTR or other moneymaking ops, this is a really nice and easy way to do so - but you can also earn extra cash here too!

One of the reasons you can rack up so much - they send out BUNCHES of paid mail! There's also a pretty large amount of PTC on site usually, as well as some PTS offers and other ways to earn.

So tons to do, lots of ways to earn, overall a very largish and well-rounded PTR with some pretty excellent advertising & promotion benefits. Cashout is $10 minimum and they pay within 30 days by PayPal.

Honey Advertiser Pro is open to international members.

UPDATE 08/31/2009: I thought I had already removed this site from the list, but apparently not. In any case, it was obvious a few months ago that there had been no activity on the site in a very long time, and I note today the site has disappeared (no surprise), so am removing it to the closed programs section.

Well! Sort Of

Spent most of the last two days in bed or wishing I was... this bug was a tough one! I am now starting to feel a little more human again. Apologies for the dead last two days, onto money stuff...

Monday, December 8, 2008


Here's something different - I ran across GPTFriends almost by accident over the weekend, a social networking site for GPT'ers that apparently just opened within the last several days.

I'm not much for the online social networks - it's all I can do to remember to log into MySpace once in a while, and I can't stand Facebook, and I try to remember to get by Yuwie and other paid social network sites every week or so IF I remember.

But this one I might actually log into pretty regularly and make use of. It's very easy to work with and (unlike most social networking sites) is not so full of high-res graphics that if you're on an older or plain PC without many bells & whistles, it won't drag your browser down to a crawl (which is one of my top pet peeves about other social networking sites).

And I noticed some familiar faces from around the GPT/PTC-related discussion boards, sites, and elsewhere already over there, so that was neat and I think this will be pretty cool. I'm not 100% sure where it came from, but I think (or at least evidence would make it appear so) it's another venture in the SquishyCash network of websites.

Anyway, something new & pretty cool looking to start! I didn't see any banners up but here is the link to GPTFriends - if you're not already a member you may be interested in heading over there and joining up!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has apparently closed.


I haven't reviewed a PTC in a little while, so here's a two-fer today along with the new GPT I just posted.

PTClickers generally has loads of ads for free standard members daily. I am acquainted with the owner online through some of my other moneymaking ventures, so while I have removed some others I was/am a member of from the site recently and from my own personal bookmarks, this is one I still feel pretty confident about working on.

Minimum cashout is $9.99 anytime by verified PayPal or AlertPay. Gold yearly members are paid within 14 business days, monthly members within 30 business days, and standard members within 60 business days (NOTE: see "Important Update" below for changes to this as of 01/26/2009).

PTClickers is open to members from all countries. Join today and click away!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of 01/26/2009, PTClickers is no longer offering cash earnings for free members, but free members can still use their earnings for advertising to promote other sites. Terms for upgraded members remain the same.

UPDATE 05/12/2009: This site has apparently closed.


As most who are here much know, I don't review a lot of newer GPT sites these days after having been sorta burned having to take some down immediately after reviewing because the site closed. That's always really annoying.

This one's not all that new - it's been open a few months now - but is one I feel pretty good about, BankRollBucks' admin is a member too (I joined under her, in fact).

Anyway, Fishing4Fortune is another general GPT site with a (yes, my favorite thing!) minimum cashout of $5, woohoo! No PTC on the site, but another that makes use of promo codes, which I enjoy.

UPDATE 07/20/2009: Fishing4Fortune is now changing to no minimum payout (on PayPal only, presumably) and Net 15 payments, with cashout anytime - not just monthly. Nice!

Three referral levels on this one (20%, 10%, & 5%), and payment can be by PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Right now it's smallish with only 90 members, but why is that a good thing? Contests! There have been several, and in fact I won an extra dollar the other day in a completion contest at Fishing4Fortune.

Fishing4Fortune is currently open to members in the US & UK only (NOTE: UK members added December 2008), but the admin is looking to expand to other countries in the future so stay tuned! Join Fishing4Fortune today!

* UPDATE 06/27/2010: Fishing4Fortune has closed.

Helpful Hint: Don't Go Inactive On Sites You Want to Hang Onto

I am all but 100% totally bedridden with the flu or something right now - lovely! - luckily I had managed to draft several posts last week and over the weekend, so if this gets any worse I can at least still post this week.

One thing I did manage to do before I started feeling horrible was something I've been meaning to do for a while now - I dropped by some of the sites that I am not terribly active on (but some of my referrals are) and did a few offers.

This is why that's a good thing: Most sites will delete inactive accounts from time to time (some quicker and sooner than others). So if you have sites you don't work a whole lot on but don't really want to lose out of your stable of income, it's always good to drop in and do some offers once in a while. Some say once a month; my experience (with general GPT sites anyway) is it doesn't necessarily have to be that often, but you really should every once in a while.

PS: This is especially true for PTC sites and you really need to be more diligent in that case - some of those will drop you like a hotcake if you don't show up and click for a month, or even a week.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

DailyCashRewardz, Revisited

When I was making my rounds checking my balances at the end of last month, I was rather pleasantly surprised to discover that DailyCashRewardz had not only totally remodeled the entire site, but had made some big and very neat changes.

DailyCashRewardz has now gone to a $5 minimum cashout, and pays daily by verified PayPal - and Amazon gift card; check payments are made weekly. So any time you have $5 or more in your balance, you can request a withdrawal at any time. DailyCashRewardz has three referral levels of 20%, 5%, and 2%, and a cash activity bonus for logging in regularly.

This was actually one of the very first GPT sites I joined, but I never made much use of it due to the previous $20 cashout minimum and having gotten more active with other sites. With these changes, I probably will be over there more often now. DailyCashRewardz is also one of the SquishyCash family of sites, and I've been paid by SquishyCash, so I feel confident in labeling this one too as a "Site That Pays" (and they're always running tons of constant contests among all their sites).

DailyCashRewardz is open to US members only and are currently offering a 50 cent signup bonus within 48 hours to your verified PayPal for signing up. Join today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Completion Contest Starts at Cartoon-Clicks

Just dropping a note to mention that yesterday (December 6th) Cartoon-Clicks started a completion contest that will run through December 31st. The top three places will win $10, $3, and $2 respectively.

There are also several completion contests (and lots of other contests) going on right now and through most or all of the month at most of the general GPT sites in my Top GPT-Paid Offer Sites category, so it's worth flipping through the list and going to the sites to see what you might jump into and try to win.

In any case, head over to Cartoon-Clicks today and you can get a head start on this new one that's just begun!

Favorite Blogs List Updated

I have finally gotten around to adding the lists of other GPT/PTC & money blogs (and another friend/fave) that I read most every day in the sidebar. It's a really cool little widget that is linked to the blogs' feed, thus it shows you when they last were updated. Blogger has had that widget for a while, but I just hadn't had time to mess with it and configure it until now. Unfortunately it's a little lower on the page than I would prefer, but with this particular Blogger template (which I won't be changing for a while, I had too much trouble getting this one set right as it was, LOL) the text sticks waaaaay out almost into the blog content, so I had to put the lists where they wouldn't make my left eye start twitching & teeth grind every time I saw them (LOL, I've been in web design for many years and we're kind of anal retentive that way).

Anyway, they're there now, so check them out. I highly recommend My Online Money especially for daily news of what's going on ALL over the industry ever day and especially in the PTC realm... more often than not, when I find out about a site closing that I'm not a member of (and sometimes ones I am, LOL) or any other big news, I either read it there or over at GPTBoycott!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Promo Today at BankRollBucks - Rhino Riches Contests Too

Good morning! Just a quick note (so you can get an early start) to report that BankRollBucks is having an earn $1, get $1 promo today (Saturday). This will be good on your first $1 only (so just once!) and will end tonight at 11:00 pm EST. So get over there today and get an extra buck, it'll be easy!

Rhino Riches also has SEVERAL neat contests with various prizes going right now, so head over there this weekend too while you're at it!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Got Paid Update #34 - BankRollBucks

Got paid today once yet again by BankRollBucks - $7.88 for November, and if I hadn't gotten so busy with other stuff last month it probably would have been much more, but I'm cool with that and looking to make a very nice end of the year cashout there in December!

BankRollBucks is one of the quickest payers of the sites that pay monthly - it's Net 15, but usually pays within 5-7 days of cashout - and it's really just so very easy to make the $5 minimum cashout there every month, there's no reason anyone couldn't hang out there and get paid every single month by BankRollBucks.

There's always neat contests going on; the admin is a lovely, lovely person & on top of everything & right there whenever you need something or have questions; and the Pick a Pair game is TOTALLY addicting! I used to not be so interested in points offers, but now I sit and LOOK for bankroll offers there at BRB just so I can make sure I can play with those cute little pigs (they make me laugh!) almost every day, heh.

The referrals who have signed up under me apparently love BankRollBucks too, because my referral level earnings there are through the roof compared to most of the other sites I'm very active on (although my referrals do apparently love Rhino Riches too, doing pretty well regularly on referral earnings there as well - in fact, it was really thanks to my referrals that I was able to cashout at Rhino last month, so thank you guys - thanks to all at both sites, I'm glad you are obviously enjoying them so!).

Anyway, yep, I know I talk about how great BankRollBucks is all the time, but it's just THAT good! And you can easily - and WILL - get paid every month. And the 12 Days of Christmas promo is still going on over there and is really neat, there's still a raffle waiting to have more tickets bought, and when the 12 Days of Christmas contest is over, there's no telling what cool contest BRB's admin will come up with next. So - go! Now!

OK, I'm Awake Now!

Whoops, sorry about yesterday and getting back so late today! I spent hours and hours reorganizing stuff here, getting rid of the dead wood and removing some references to sites I no longer feel comfortable supporting or encouraging anymore, on Wednesday night through Thursday morning, and really got finished with what I was intending to as far as reorganization, but never got to some of the "extras" I was planning to add here to the site - still, it took a long time but I finally got things updated and reorganized the way I wanted them. Then I promptly passed out and slept for a really long time.

I got back up in the afternoon with plans of moseying over to my "work" site and being there a few hours, and then coming back and working on my own GPT activities, updating here, and working some more on site revisions. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 hours later, at 10:00 this morning... I was still over yonder "working". And then after running some much-needed personal errands out of the house today, I came back and... fell asleep again. :)

So here I am now with a couple of quick posts before the weekend. More to come!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Contests, Contests, & More Contests!

There have been a BUNCH of great contests for December announced at some of my favorite GPT sites since the month began - some that have already started, some that are coming up soon! There's one in particular at GetCashDollars at the end of the month that's really neat (look for the one about cashing out).

Here's the lowdown on some I haven't already mentioned since the month began...

Rhino Riches has got a ton of cool contests so far this month, with more to come I'm sure:
  • December 3rd, today only: Earn the most cash today & get a (mystery!) prize
  • December 1st-7th: Mini-earnings contest, pays five places - top prize 30% of cash earned
  • December 1st-7th: Earn the most rhino coins, win a $5 Amazon gift card
  • Completion Contest thru December 31st: Pays four places, top prize $50
  • Earnings Contest thru December 31st: Pays three places, top prize $15
This month's contests at GetCashDollars:
  • December 1st-10th: Complete the most offers, win a 1 GB MP3 player
  • December 11th-30th: Win $1 for every five offers completed
  • Cash out on December 31st - get a $5 bonus!!!
And here's what Ozzy's Direct Pay has got on the plate for December:
  • Completion Contest thru December 31st: Pays three places, top prize $50
  • December 24th-25th: Earn $1 for every five offers complete
And while you're at it, don't forget about the other terrific contests going on that I've already mentioned since December began:
  • BankRollBucks' 12 Days of Christmas completion promo: Pays 12 places, top prize $15
  • Cartoon-Clicks: Referral contest thru December 31st (pays $10, I think)
Good luck to all this month!

Caution Feed Readers - Under Construction Alert!

I've got to do some reorganizing and "housecleaning" here on the site today - organizing some stuff, updating & editing some old review posts - so just some advance warning for those of you reading the site via feed on that. If a bunch of annoying reposts or anything like that pops up in your feedreader today, it's because of that, and it will only be for today - I promise!

One thing I am going to revise for sure that I haven't been doing is this - there are a few sites that have paid me that the owner/administrator owns other sites I am active on and have reviewed here, but haven't made any cashouts yet at that particular site.

However, it occurs to me the important information is that the owner of those sites does pay people - so I feel confident in recommending those sites where the site owner has paid me on one of their other sites. So I'm going to add those sites to the "Sites That Pay" category and wherever else appropriate. There's really only a few here that fall into the category of sites I've not been paid from but the site owner has paid me elsewhere, but I feel that should be reflected in the section of paying sites because it's really whether or not the site owner has a history of paying people that's important.

Other than that, just some minor housecleaning and reorganizing going on that you'll probably not even notice, but I've got to do something about some of this stuff before it drives ME insane, LOL. Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Whoa, I Won... Again!

Remember what I was saying yesterday about contests at GPT sites being such a fantastic way to boost and maximize your earnings? And how I never win anything, so I was shocked at having won the jackpot at GetCashDollars yesterday?

Well, I don't know what forces have changed in the universe this week to make my usual bad luck change, but I couldn't have been more surprised to discover I had won another $10 in a referral contest for November from Cartoon-Clicks!

Cartoon-Clicks is having a brand new referral contest for December, and is also running a mini-contest where for every five offers you complete, you win $1 (and can be won multiple times). So head over and check it out!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Paid Update #33 (Ozzys Direct Pay) - And I Won Some Cash!

So, welcome to December! This morning is not even over yet, and already it's been full of pleasant surprises!

First of all, I'm tickled pink (pun intended, since Ozzys is a pretty pink website) to report the first pleasant surprise of the morning when I opened my e-mail to find I already had my November payment of $10.59 in my PayPal account from Ozzys Direct Pay! That was super nice and I'm sure all the members there will be very pleased to have a little unexpected extra this month for Christmas shopping!

(EDITED: Whoops - the BankRollBucks $20 win I had reported earlier turned out to be a system error! I had kind of wondered about that but then decided I must have been confused about the contest. No big deal, it was an honest mistake & BankRollBucks is still the best and my favorite site - check out the 12 Days of Christmas contest that started today in the post below!)

But then after that, I headed over to GetCashDollars and that was where the really big shock and pleasant surprise was. When it comes to jackpots and raffles, I never win (heck, I never win anything period, I won a $250 gift certificate from Amazon once years ago and have rarely won anything since), so if I buy a raffle ticket or jackpot entry, I usually only buy one. I redeemed some points for one over there earlier in the evening last night, and then as an afterthought, shortly before midnight last night I decided to get three more jackpot entry tickets.

Well, it turned out to be a good afterthought because I learned this morning that I won the $21.50 jackpot, woohoo!

I've been saying all along that contests and jackpots at the GPT sites are a really fantastic way to boost your earnings, and I really haven't been as diligent in recent months as I should have been about them - but here's proof once again that that's right!

Since it's the first of the month and cashout day was yesterday, it's too late for me to get the winnings for Christmas stuff, but they certainly will come in handy come January! And since I will already be able to definitely cash out this month, I might work a little harder in December toward some record cashouts right here at the end of the year. My total earnings on sites listed here at the Guide is edging close to my $1000 goal for the year - though the total I've been paid is now $621.10, with the amount I've got out there pending payment my total for 2008 is actually over $960 right now - so I'd like to push that total on over.

In any case, thanks to GetCashDollars for the opportunity to get there, and to Ozzys Direct Pay for the unexpected early for Christmas payment! All this good news this morning was just great & such a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

12 Days of Christmas Promotion Starts Today at BankRollBucks

FYI, BankRollBucks has begun a new promo starting today just in time for Christmas - the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

This one's really neat - the top 12 members who complete the most offers between December 1st and December 12th will each win a prize! The top three will win $15, $10 and $5; the next four, money from $4 down to $1; and the next five winners will win prizes of bank rolls (points) from 30 bank rolls down to five. (I've gotten pretty addicted to the Pick a Pair game over there, so if I was the 12th winner that'd still be A-OK with me, heh.)

So stop by and do some offers at BankRollBucks over the next 12 days - you could win something, and that'd be a neat little Christmas (or Hanukkah) present to yourself!

Getting Back in the Groove

I really do need to apologize for the last couple of months being so off-and-on here. I have a loved one with some mental health issues and things have sort of been in crisis mode since about the middle of September and I have had to devote a lot of time and attention to that problem, as well as trying to get some work done. I am sort of caught up now except for the other 14,000 or so backed up emails in my main box (I cleared 2,000+ out of another this weekend, LOL) and have mostly been able to stay on top of mail from the GPT sites I support, but anyone that sent me any e-mail since mid-September, I may not have gotten to it yet, so if it was important and you never got a response, you might wanna e-mail me again. I am going to tackle that backed-up mess this week in any case, but since most of it's expired or otherwise deletable stuff, other stuff in there may get accidentally overlooked as well.

In any case, here's to catching up! And I've got a ton things to post about over the next couple of weeks or so, so stay tuned and check back every day for new posts.
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