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Friday, June 28, 2013

Spotlight On: FusionCash

I admittedly had been sorta down on and felt somewhat negative towards FusionCash for several years now, but I've become much more positive about and thrilled with the site of late. I'm not sure if the changes and improvements in the site that have made me feel more positive towards it have actually been there in place for a long while or more recently, because I just hadn't been a very regular visitor/user there in several years.

FusionCash was actually one of the first, if not the very first, site I worked on and cashed out on, but after my first cashout, I was finding it hard to find enough to do there to get my balance back up close enough to the site's $25 minimum cashout. By then I had found lots of other sites with lower cashout levels and plenty to do to earn on, so I mostly ignored FusionCash and spent my efforts elsewhere.

In any case, a couple of months or so ago I took some time to poke around the site at length for the first time in ages, mainly to see what I might be able to do to be able to get my balance up closer to what is what I generally consider an overly high cashout minimum (which was pretty much the reason I had stopped being very active there). For a while there, it just seemed like too much trouble or nearly impossible to reach their $25 minimum cashout very efficiently or on any regular basis, so I just mostly stopped visiting except for purposes of keeping my account active.

And, over the years, I lost quite a bit of referral commissions and payments for offer completions in the process since, unlike most other sites, your offer completions on FusionCash expire after 180 days (~ six months) if you don't or aren't able to make a withdrawal. I basically lost somewhere around or over $35 since 2008 due to those earnings having expired.

So upon visiting again a few months ago, I was really pleased a few months ago to discover that FusionCash had made additions and improvements that actually make it pretty simple to increase earnings regularly that are much more to my liking - i.e., a fairly small amount of effort daily or so.

I think I had less than a dollar in my balance when I started getting more active on FusionCash again in April, but since April 8th, I've managed to get my balance up over $15 with really only a fairly small amount of time and effort every day (or almost every day). At that rate, I could pretty easily pocket about an average extra $75 yearly, give or take, in virtually free money - and probably more, of course, if I wanted and had the time to put forth more effort.

How have I made $15 or so in less than three months? Well, I was already signed up for their Daily Cash Email, which is $0.02 daily for a minute or two's effort. Then basically I've been earning the rest daily or so with their daily Paid to Click, which is a whopping $0.15 per day; watching a few videos, which earns another $0.01 to $0.02 per video; and their FC Surveys, also found on the Daily Offers section, which pay $1 to $3 and sometimes even more per survey if you qualify for the survey. In addition, most of the FC Surveys also pay you a $0.01 bonus even if you don't qualify for the survey.

All of that can really add up over time, and that's just stuff from the Daily opportunities page, which also has tasks, a toolbar you can install and earn from, and several other things. So that's not even counting all the other sections of offers on the site!

Anyhow, I'm way closer to cashing out at FusionCash again than I have been in many years thanks to all this stuff, so I'm feeling much more positive towards the site again these days and actively working it again.

Another sort of difference with FusionCash as opposed to most other similar sites is that you can cash out at $25 or above, but at least $15 of your balance must be from offer completions - which was another reason I had so much trouble getting anywhere close to cashing out again there before. I had money from referrals and some other earnings from a few offer completions, but just never enough for their cashout requirements.

The $0.01 bonuses from the disqualified FC Surveys don't count, but I still have at present nearly $14 in offers, so again, I am way, way closer to being able to cash out there again than I have been in years and years (I haven't cashed out there since 2008).

UPDATED & CORRECTED INFO, 07/12/2013: FusionCash pays by PayPal (1-3 days), check, or bank direct deposit. Yet another difference (as opposed to most sites nowadays) is that they still only do cashouts once a month, and pay you on or around the 20th of the following month for any cashout you make the previous month. (Example: If you cashout any time in July, you will be paid on or around the 20th of August.)

FusionCash now accepts members from Canada, as well as the United States. (Not sure when they added Canada, but apparently they did since the last time I checked!)

I finally feel good again about recommending FusionCash, after all of their additions and improvements since I last really paid attention, and actually, this experience has motivated me to go poke around some of the other sites I still promote and recommend but haven't been very personally active on in years (again, mainly due to higher cashout minimums) to see what they too may have added to make earnings easier since I last thoroughly reviewed the site! Stay tuned!

(And as mentioned in recent posts, I still have a rather large announcement upcoming (but it's not quite ready yet), so keep checking back! I'm excited and I hope you will be too!)

If you're not already a member, feel free to go check out FusionCash today!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Got Paid Update #137: Global Test Market

And yep, it's another post (with payment proof) about how since I got more diligent about and focused on paid survey sites lately, it's been well worth the additional effort and diligence.

This'll probably be the last of the survey-related posts for a little while since I don't think I have anything close to cashout right now that's outstanding, but I'm pleased to be able to report my first payment ever from Global Test Market.

Global Test Market actually a few years ago acquired a survey site I was a member of for a long time but never reached cashout on, so I've really only been working much on GTM since the early part of this year and therefore it was nice to be able to reach cashout fairly easily after only a few months.

Since I had made my cashout request just before they made the change to pay via PayPal and other options instead of (previously) only by check, I had to cashout by check (which happened to me with Toluna recently too) so I had to wait for that. No biggie.

Anyway, I requested my payment of $52 from Global Test Market on May 25th, and received my check about a month later (28 days to be exact).

The good news, again, about Global Test Market is they don't pay only by check anymore. They now pay via PayPal or check, as well as many other gift card/certificate and other options.

UPDATED 07/08/2013: I previously reported here that the minimum cashout had been lowered with the PayPal addition and was now only $10 (230 points). I have since found out this was incorrect - Global Test Market's minimum cashout is still $50 (1000 points), but you now have the large variety of payment options including PayPal.

I'm not quite sure why they made the addition of PayPal and other options, and things like offering $10 via PayPal for 230 points, if they were going to still require a cashout at $50/1000 points. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me, and if they had made these changes AND lowered cashout that would have been more in line with their competitor survey sites. Still, adding PayPal as a payment option (as well as the many others they've added) is improved and a good change.

In any case, great improvement adding PayPal and other options to what has been a really nice system that I've gotten several lucrative and interesting survey invites from in the last 4-5 months. Global Test Market has definitely become one of my favorite survey sites, I kinda like it better than some others.

Once again, it has really made it worth my while to be a little more diligent about actively dealing with the 11 legitimate and paying survey sites that I work through on a fairly regular basis, as I've earned over $130 from those survey sites this year alone, as well as an additional $75 in Amazon gift certificate earnings (so over $200 this year, basically).

If you're not a member and like earning through paid surveys, I highly, highly recommend checking out Global Test Market!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Got Paid Update #136: Toluna & MySurvey

As I mentioned at the end of last week, now that I recently got much more diligent about working through my email from paid survey sites, I've found it's really been worth the better effort, seeing as how I've managed to squeeze out over $100 in just the last few months from the 11 legitimate and paying survey sites that I work on fairly regularly.

That all said, I received two new payments last month from both Toluna and MySurvey. I requested my $20 payment from Toluna on May 9th and received it (by check) on May 28th, and requested my $15 payment from MySurvey also on the 9th and received it ten days later.

MySurvey made the change from check payments to PayPal a while back, which has been wonderful. The site is US only, but the company has sister sites in both the UK and in Canada. Unfortunately they have not been accepting new applicants for a while, but hopefully they will again before too long.

Toluna, on the other hand, has grown exponentially over the years and continues to make lots of improvements to their program, and is always accepting new members (from the US and Canada). Toluna acquired the old Your2Cents survey program several years ago and later acquired Greenfield Online, which way back when seemed to consistently send out survey invites that were hard to qualify for the actual survey, but since the Toluna change, I get and qualify for paying surveys regularly, which has been great.

Toluna also just added payments by PayPal (added pretty much right after I requested my payment by check, which was the only option for cash payments at the time - figures!). This is a huge and wonderful improvement, in any case! They also have a lot of neat extras on the site which are worth checking out too.

If you're not a member already, head on over to Toluna and check it out today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof (MySurvey)

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Got Paid Update #135: Ipsos i-Say

I've been spending a little more time doing surveys lately, probably more consistently and diligently than I ever have, really. I don't necessarily check the mailbox I use for surveys every single day, but usually at least every other day or close, and try to make a point of going through them every day when time allows, so they don't pile up quite so much and take loads of time to work through.

I've found that my recent focus and diligence regarding paid surveys has really been (pardon the pun) paying off. I have 11 legitimate and paying survey sites that I work regularly, and while I don't have the amount off the top of my head right now of how much I've earned from all 11 sites altogether, I know I've managed to eke out over $100 since mid- to late March.

That said, I'm happy to report my first payment ever from Ipsos i-Say (or i-Say by Ipsos), a site that's been around for a long time but I didn't join until fairly recently. I requested my payment of $20 on 6th June, and received it about a week and a half later.

The site pays via PayPal, and also has a number of gift card and other options available for payment. Members are welcome from the US and Canada, and apparently also some other countries, though the initial documentation on the website doesn't say which ones, so if you're not in the US or Canada, you can just try to sign up and see if your country's accepted.

If you're not a member already, feel free to check out i-Say and join up!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Got Paid Update #134: Three Recent Payments from ClixSense

I have managed to get really behind again, and had high hopes of being able this morning to create a bunch of new posts that would publish throughout the rest of this week and next, but alas, I've only had time for just the one, so here's a quick post to (rather belatedly) report some recent payments received from good ol' ClixSense.

Usually I report them as they come in and one at a time, but since I'm so behind anyway, I'm just going to make this post about all three in one, since I've got other payments and other stuff worth reporting or commenting on coming up soon. (I also have a VERY big announcement on the horizon, so keep checking back for that!)

In all three cases, I requested the payments early on Monday or Friday morning and received them later that same day in the afternoon. The most recent was paid to me on June 10th (I was able to cash out three times in April), and the three most recent payments (of $11, $6.56, and $9.02, respectively) have now brought my total earnings with ClixSense to $175.17.

Reasons to join ClixSense, if you haven't, include the fact that they issue payments twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) and the site has a low cashout minimum ($6 for upgraded Premium members, $8 for free members) that's super easy to reach with all the opportunities to earn they have available, plus the daily checklist bonus that helps you get there.

Check out ClixSense today!

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