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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spotlight On: ClixSense

So I have basically just fallen in love with old tried-and-true ClixSense lately. ClixSense has not only remained one of the most active sites out there (and more active than ever lately, it seems), but they have made so many awesome improvements and additions to the site over the last couple of years that it's become unbelievably easy to get to cashout minimum, and quickly.

I admittedly spent years being semi-ambivalent about the site, and even quite frustrated with it on occasion. For several years, it took so long to reach cashout, plus they onIy paid once a month, and even as an upgraded Premium member, it was tough to get to cashout level.

Then I was especially annoyed when they started deactivating inactive accounts - not hard to reactivate, but during the long period that I wasn't very active anywhere, I found myself marked inactive again and again and it was just a pain in the neck.

But now I'm all about how great ClixSense is these days. It's awesome now! I've even been paid twice in the last two and a half weeks (probably could have been paid three times in two weeks if I'd really wanted to, but I let one payment opportunity slip past me and requested it a few days later).

One of the biggest improvements they made a while back was lowering their cashout level to both standard (free) and Premium members, and increasing the frequency of payments.

In my early years doing this stuff, the site had a $20 cashout and you could only get paid monthly by check, plus they took a pretty big fee out of payments (something like $2, if I recall correctly), so it took a really long time to get to cashout level and then you had that huge fee taken out, which was really frustrating. For a long time, it ranked about 3rd or 4th place with me among its peers because of all that.

Then they lowered cashout quite a bit, and then lowered it again quite a bit MORE, to where cashout minimum is now only $8 for standard (free) members and $6 for Premium members, AND started paying lots more often, now paying twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) via PayPal, Payza, or Liberty Reserve. They still have a check option once a month ($10 minimum, plus they do still take out a $1.50 fee for check payments), but honestly, why bother waiting if you don't have to?

They also now only take out a relatively small fee for online payments (1% to 2.5%, depending on your chosen payment method) now, so that's great too. It's nowhere near painful to cashout like it once was, seeing all those dollars taken out of smallish checks.

All of these awesome improvements with their payment system has really upped ClixSense in my opinion, and not only that, they have made so many great additions to the site and improvements with ways to earn, it's really gotten pretty easy to be able to cash out at least weekly, if not twice a week!

Look for the Daily Checklist Bonus - that alone can get you to cashout level a lot quicker than normal, and really doesn't take a lot of time to do daily.

Besides always having PTC ads (more daily if you're upgraded), there's a rather large amount of paid offers available as well as the addition of Tasks - some of which I rarely have interest in but some of which I generally make a point of doing several daily, and those Task payments can really add up.

Then there's the ClixGrid, where you can take your chances and win up to $5 daily. And tons of other stuff too. The site is just loaded with earning activities these days!

The Premium upgrade has increased from what it once was (though pretty much every site's upgrade has increased, for the most part) to $17 yearly, but I still recommend it. The upgrade is still well worth it and really does give you a boost to getting to cashout level much more quickly.

Here's the basic stats on ClixSense, to reiterate:

  • $8 minimum cashout for Standard (free) members, $6 for Premium (upgraded) members
  • Cashout $10 if by check (Canada/US/Mexico) or $100 (rest of world), $15 if by Liberty Reserve
  • Payment via PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay), Liberty Reserve, or check (fees apply to all payments)
  • Payments twice weekly on Mondays & Fridays except for check payments (once monthly)
  • Pays $0.001 or more per ad viewed, up to $0.02
  • Easy daily bonus available via ads, ClixGrid, forum reading, and tasks and/or offers
  • Varying referral levels & options dependent on membership type/type of ad viewed by referrals
  • Lots of offers as well, and other ways to earn
  • Premium upgraded members receive referral commissions on 8 levels
  • Members welcome from all countries except: Afghanistan, Algeria, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, North Korea, Niger, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
In any case, all the great improvements to ClixSense over the last year or two have just really impressed me and been very lucrative lately, and I am in the process right now of having earned more there in just the last couple of months than I did in my first four years as a member thanks to all these neat improvements and additions.

You're probably already a member (the site has thousands of members), but if you're not? Do yourself a favor and check out ClixSense today!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Got Paid Update #124: DonkeyMails

Ah, good old faithful DonkeyMails. DonkeyMails was one of the first sites I joined way back when, and though I don't do as much as I could on it (they do have paid offers and PTC on site and lots of other ways to earn, though I have mostly focused just on their paid emails), they have been reliable, no doubt.

I requested a payment of  $1.52 on March 12th, and received it nine days later. DonkeyMails and its sister sites, No-Minimum and JillsClickCorner, pay approximately weekly, though some times it may take a few days longer; I've been paid by DonkeyMails as quickly as five days after I requested payment, and have to date never had to wait any longer than 16 days.

This recent payment brought my total earnings from DonkeyMails to $7.82.

One sure thing about DonkeyMails is that you will always get plenty of paid emails that you can earn on! No-Minimum sends plenty as well, though only about half or so as much as DonkeyMails does.

Not a member? Visit and sign up with DonkeyMails today!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Got Paid Update #123: ClixSense (again)

Yep... it's yet another post about a ClixSense payment! I managed to get paid twice from ClixSense within the past two and a half weeks (would have been three times if I hadn't let one payday slip up on me).

They have just made it so very, very easy to reach cashout minimum these days, and with so much to do with so many great improvements and additions to the site over the last couple of years, it really is conceivable that you can cashout weekly there now, if not twice a week, since they now make online payments twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays).

I requested this second payment for March of $11.22 on March 22nd, and received it later that afternoon. This payment bought my total earnings from ClixSense to $81.86.

There's so much I'm thrilled over with ClixSense these days, but I'm saving that for my spotlight post on the site that's coming. Watch for it this week!

If you're not already a member, head on over to ClixSense today!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Got Paid Update #122: ClixSense

As I will be mentioning in an upcoming post about good old ClixSense, I am just crazy about it lately. It continues to be so very, very active, and they have made so many stellar additions and improvements to the site over the past year or two that it's become super easy to get to cashout minimum quick.

That said, I'm thrilled to be able to report the first of two payments from ClixSense I received within the past two and a half weeks. (It would have been three payments, but I let one of the payment dates slip by me.)

I requested the first payment of $14.75 on March 10th, and received it the very next day. This payment boosted my total earnings from ClixSense to over $70.

Now that they pay twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) and since they have lowered the cashout minimum a couple of times over the last few years (now $8 for Standard/Free members and $6 for Premium/Upgraded members), and have added so many awesome ways to earn on the site, it's just so much easier and quicker to reach cashout level than it was in the now-distant past. I have literally earned more in the past month from ClixSense than I did in my first four years as a member!

There's lots, lots more I love about the improved and updated ClixSense, but I'll save that for my spotlight post coming next week.

ClixSense has thousands of members so you may already be a member - but if not, you really should go check out ClixSense today!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Got Paid Update #121: CashPirate

Super pleased to finally be able to report my first payment ever from CashPirate, which opened sometime around early 2009.

CashPirate has instant payments available via PayPal, so I received my payment of $2.56 immediately after entering my payment request.

The only real reason I haven't earned much from CashPirate in the last four years or so is because it opened just around the time I had mostly moved away from spending a lot of time doing GPT offers, focusing more on my PTC/PTR activities, paid surveys, and other online money opportunities.

That said, there is still a lot of cash out there to be made from GPT offers if you have a little extra time to spare - actually a whole lot, as offers can be a lot more lucrative (especially if you do offers to purchase products and services you want, or do trial offers). And CashPirate generally has a pretty large amount of offers available, as well as games and a lot of contests to earn on.

Last I checked they were still giving a ten cent signup bonus to new members. The site also tends to give out promo codes frequently via their Twitter page.

If you're not already a member, feel free to go check out CashPirate today!

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spotlight On: Bank Roll Bucks

So for the first time in a long time, I have a "new" GPT site to add... although it's not really new, and I'm so very, very excited to make this post! I've been meaning to actually for over a year now, but being so swamped the last couple of years kept me from re-signing up and being able to post this.

Anyway, without further ado, I'm so very, very pleased to be able to recommend to you again what has been my all-time favorite GPT site for years, Bank Roll Bucks, which reopened back in 2011 after the admin took some time off from the GPT world with a new baby.

Bank Roll Bucks is not only a favorite because it's such a great site with such a terrific admin - it also is one of my top paying sites of all time. Between April of 2008 and September of 2009, I earned and was paid over $100 total from Bank Roll Bucks.

One of the reasons it is easy to increase your balance on the site is because there are not only always lots of offers, but the site admin has always been vigilant about making sure the offers at Bank Roll Bucks are active and good ones, and weeding out any bad/poor ones. New offers are added to the site daily.

In addition, there's plenty more to do at Bank Roll Bucks, with 20+ daily surveys available (survey earnings on GPT sites can really add up); daily, weekly, and yearly promos, and much more. There are also lots of fun games available, including Slots, Bingo, Pick a Pair (always been my favorite), and Spin A Rama. There are also PTC (paid to click) ads on the site.

Bank Roll Bucks has a minimum cashout of $1, and payments are made via PayPal, Amazon gift certificate, or check. Payments are made daily except for checks, which are mailed weekly on Fridays. There are three referral levels (25%, 5%, and 1%).

In addition, there are some really cool bonuses! You earn a free bonus when any of your referrals complete their first offer, and a $1 bonus for every 25 offers you complete.

Members are welcome at Bank Roll Bucks from these countries: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and Germany.

And probably the most important of all, Bank Roll Bucks is run by an absolutely trustworthy and wonderful admin who has been well-known, active, and helpful in the GPT community for a long, long time, and who is always quickly and easily available to the site's membership. I just could never say enough good about Jennifer, and she truly cares about the integrity of the site, her members, and the GPT community in general. Truly a topnotch GPT admin!

And in fact I have said tons good about her and Bank Roll Bucks in the past - you can find those old posts (all 100% positive) in the closed site section if you want to know more.

In short, when it comes to Bank Roll Bucks, you just can't go wrong - always my absolute highest recommendation ever when it comes to Get Paid To sites!

Not a member yet? By all means, head over there right away and join Bank Roll Bucks today!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Site Updates, Part 2

Hello again! As mentioned the other day, I wanted to post a brief-ish summary of all the changes and updates I was able to find on the sites I'm still actively working (although it won't be all that brief because there have been a LOT of changes in the last couple of years since I last did many major updates), as well a basic summary of all the sites I've kept active in general.

From having around 100 or more sites at one time a few years ago that I was actively working, I've now whittled my active sites down to around 37-38 PTC/GPT/PTR and other sites, plus 11 legitimate survey programs that pay and are free to join. (PS don't ever pay money to sign up for a survey program, those are total scams.)

Anything that's still here has stood the test of time and has proven to be worthwhile, and most have paid me (and often many times). What few on this list I don't spend a lot of active time on, I know have been worthwhile and well-liked for people I know.

These are all changes since the last couple of years or so. (If I'm missing any important changes/updates, I just overlooked it/them, but here are the major ones I found while looking around, if there were any.)

Here goes, in ABC order...

AdPaid - Still very active. Changes: No longer has eGold as a payment option. No other big changes that I found.

Bank Roll Bucks - Reopened in 2011 (yay!), my favorite GPT ever AND one of my all time best paying sites. Watch for a complete update/new post very soon.

Big Crumbs -
Still pays me from time to time. No major changes that I found.

BuxP -
Still pretty active. Lowered their cashout minimum from $7.99 to $6.99 a while back. Now offers instant payments via PayPal and Payza once you've made your first standard cashout (i.e., first cashout pays within 30 days). No longer has a signup bonus.

CashCrate -
Still seems to be pretty active with a large amount of offers. This has admittedly never been one of my favorite sites personally (they changed from a $10 to $20 cashout minimum several years ago, which I never understood) but a lot of people seem to love this one. No major changes that I found.

Cash Pirate -
Appears to be pretty active still and I've grown to like this one a lot for a variety of reasons. They now have a $1 minimum cashout and offer instant payments via PayPal or weekly via Amazon, or a $10 cashout for Walmart or eBay gift cards/certificates (both paid daily). I do not think they have paid emails anymore (but I could be wrong about that).

CashTextAds -
No changes that I found.

Click Or Signup -
Payment methods & levels are now $1 minimum cashout via PayPal, $5 via Amazon GC, or $10 via Walmart GC or by check. Referral levels were changed to one level only (25%).

Clicksia -
Still seems pretty active. No changes that I found.

ClixSense -
VERY active still, and there's been so many changes and additions since I last truly updated info on it, I'm just going to have to make a new post 'cos there's tons to tell. Look for that next week probably, but put it this way, I am EXTREMELY happy with ClixSense at present ;)

DealBarbiePays -
Seems to remain pretty active and still a site I'm fond of and have a great deal of respect for the admin, who has been a longstanding member and active in the GPT community for some time. That all said, there have been a lot of changes to its terms that are rather complicated and may be confusing to some, and I became so crosseyed trying to suss out the changes on site I'm not even sure I got it right, but the changes appear to be as follows: Cashout minimum is now $5 for anyone who joined after 1/1/2011; anyone who joined before that can cash out at $5 dependent on the amount of offers done, otherwise it's still $20 as before. Payment methods now available include PayPal, Payza, check, gift card/certificates, and a host of others, and payments are made within 24 hours of request. Referral levels have changed to two levels of 10% and 5%.

Deals 'n' Cash -
Still great, active as usual, and no real changes that I found.

Dollar Click or Signup -
The site no longer has PayPal available as a payment method. Payment is available now via Payza, Liberty Reserve, Entropay, Moneybookers, still with $1 minimum cashout and instant payments available. Gift card/certificate payments are also available ($5 and $10 for Amazon, $10 and $15 for Walmart). (I have some other additional note written down about DCOS that I can't read, maybe I'll remember what it was later!).

DonkeyMails -
Still active as it always has been, with lots of paid mails daily and other stuff. Cashout minimum is now $1 via PayPal or Payza, or $0.10 (ten cents) via Liberty Reserve, no longer has other payment methods.

EarnEasyCash -
Minimum cashout is now $0.90 (ninety cents) via PayPal or $1.01 via Payza. No longer has a signup bonus.

FusionCash -
No changes that I found. Admittedly I don't do much with this site and mainly keep my account active because it's included in several referral programs I'm active in, but some other people do seem to like this one a lot.

Gazelle -
No changes that I found.

Global Cash Clicks -
Still tons of PTC ads all the time here. Has changed to Payza payments only since last update.

Global Team Club -
No changes that I found, other than they've added some sites to their program list over the last couple of years.

Gomez PEER -
Still active if you get activated, still paying. I still love this thing. The only reason I haven't been getting paid every other month or two like I was for a while is because I don't always let it run 24/7 like I used to. No big major changes that I'm aware of.

Hits4Pay -
Continues to be great and active as usual, and is about to pay me again next month (yay). No changes that I found.

InboxDollars -
Still active with lots of paid emails weekly, no changes that I found.

Incentria -
Seems to still be pretty active, no changes that I found.

JillsClickCorner -
Still has tons of PTC ads, offers, PTS ads, and more and seems to remain pretty active. Cashout and payment methods are now $1 via PayPal, $1.06 via Payza, and ranging from $0.10 (ten cents) to $1 for others - and there are a ton of additional payment methods available on the site now (too many to list here), including Liberty Reserve.

LinkGrand -
Still super active, paid me again not all that long ago, always been a great site. No major changes that I found.

Marketing Pond -
No major changes to the program list that I noted, no other changes found. Remains an excellent all-in-one referral builder for many favorite PTC/PTR/GPT programs and others.

MatrixMails -
Sigh. I don't really know what to say about Matrix, and I should probably just go ahead and shuffle it off to the closed/inactive site section but it was such a fantastic site for so many years and one of my favorites, I just haven't been ready to take that last step yet and totally give up hope that it will ever bounce back. They lost their PayPal account almost a year and a half ago now and while there was still a very small amount of activity last year, the site has gone all but dead with no PTC ads and relatively recently they apparently lost their access to their on-site paid email program. They were one of my highest-paying sites (over $130) and it has been disappointing to see it decline as it has. In short, for now anyway, I DO NOT RECOMMEND JOINING AT THIS TIME. Will update if something changes, but it probably won't.

MyPoints -
Still going strong, no huge changes I noted. This is especially an excellent site to be able to convert your points to get magazine subscriptions, restaurant and shopping deals, and such.

No-Minimum -
Still active as usual, with lots of paid emails daily plus other stuff. Payment is now via PayPal, Payza, or Liberty Reserve, with $1 minimum cashout. Usually pays weekly.

PaidTheFastest -
Appears to still be very active. I believe there is no more activity bonus or PTC. Payment is now $1 minimum via instant PayPal payments, or $5 via Amazon GC (weekly).

QuickRewards -
I'm not really sure how truly active this site is anymore, but it may still be. No changes that I found.

SendEarnings -
Still active with lots of paid mails weekly. No changes that I found.

SquishyCash -
Appears to still be very active. There's been quite a bit of change with payments/methods; payment is now via PayPal, check, Amazon or Walmart GC, or direct deposit. Payments are now available daily with a 10% fee, or monthly with no fee. In addition, the site no longer gives random promo codes, and referral levels have changed to one referral level of 25%.

SwagBucks -
No changes that I found. Still pretty active, it appears.

Traffic Wave Profits -
I still have this on the Quick List but something appears to have gone wrong with the site for the past year or so, you can't get past the login page. Not sure what's up with this one.

Treasure Trooper -
This has never been a favorite site of mine (it's in a lot of my active referral programs though), but some people just love it - but all that said, I'm not sure about the activity level there these days. No major changes with the program that I found.

Viral Pond -
No major changes that I found, though programs within have changed over the years since it was established.

WordLinx -
Fabulous as always, continues to be active with lots of ads daily. Other than the upgrade having gone up a little, which I reported a while back (and the upgrade is still SO worth it) - no giant changes that I found. They still do instant payments via PayPal, they were paying via Payza for a while and I think still can if for some reason you can't get PayPal payments, but last I read their Payza availability was somewhat limited.


So that's all that. There have been tons of changes with the various paid survey sites (and I've added some and quit some over the past few years), but far too many for me to get into right now.

I'll fully update the survey sections sometime in the very near future, but for now, here's the ones I'm actively working and finding worthwhile these days:
All right, that's it for now and brings most things pretty up to date on the site - have a good one and watch for a new post tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Got Paid Update #120: MySurvey

Received a payment this week from MySurvey (which was previously NFO/MySurvey), a survey site I've been a member of for a long, long time. This $10 payment took about eight days for me to get paid after requesting payment, and brought my total earnings from MySurvey to $50.

Unfortunately the last time I checked, the site had put a freeze on accepting new members; however, you never know when they will open up for new memberships again, so I recommend keeping on checking back.

The site does usually offer several available surveys weekly, and sometimes very high-paying ones that can get you to cashout level pretty quick. They changed over to a points systems some time ago, and now cashout minimum is $10 (1000 points, or 1100 points to cash out via PayPal).

Again, they weren't taking on new members last I checked, but keep checking back on MySurvey and sign up if you get a chance!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Got Paid Update #119: WordLinx

So after that long hiatus (especially long hiatus for posting payment proofs as they came in), I'm starting fresh in 2013 with the first payment received this year from an old tried-and-true standard, WordLinx. Owned and operated by Rogue Media, they are one of the longest established sites in the industry and have been paying people all over the world for a decade, since 2003.

Though their cashout minimum is a little higher currently than some of their peers in the industry at $10, it's easily attainable if you're diligent about logging into the site every day (which I'm at times not for long periods, so I hate to think of all the payout potential I lost during my busier times).

And (here she goes again like a broken record) it's especially attainable much more quickly if you're upgraded - their yearly upgrade is reasonable, and they have other options including a lifetime upgrade that's decent. Other than when I first started out initially the first few months back in 2008, I've renewed my yearly upgrade ever since, and WordLinx continues to be one the few upgrades I highly recommend (along with LinkGrand and ClixSense). You just get to cashout minimum sooooo much quicker in all three cases.

WordLinx remains a pretty busy site with lots of ads daily. Their paid emails seem to have dropped off quite a bit over the last year, which I wish would improve, but the site itself remains really active on a daily basis.

My latest payment was for $11.14, bringing my total earnings from WordLinx to $41.66.

Not a member yet? Join WordLinx today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hi There! (And Site Updates, Part 1)

Well, after my long, long hiatus, I am back with one site that's 100% fully up to date and the other (this one you're reading right now) brought about 98% fully up to date.

Anyone that's still been dropping by probably noticed I've been keeping the Quick List pretty regularly updated (although the Proofs page was still way way behind, which has now been rectified), while this one here just got to be so behind and disorganized and I knew the housecleaning that needed desperately to be done was going to be such a huge major pain (and it was!!!), I just kept putting it off and putting it off.

Finally I managed to get some things done, and here we are! I've moved around some categories and gotten rid of some redundant ones, and just tried to fix some things up where it wouldn't be such a pain in the neck to post updates anymore. There are no doubt some broken links in really old posts and probably some in the last couple of years too, but that's super old stuff and sites that have closed (or have gone inactive or I'm not supporting anymore) have been shuffled off to their own category of closed sites anyway, so I'm not going to waste a lot of time messing with those old posts.

Sites that were listed here before that are still active and that I continue to support have had their respective entries updated (if there were updates), and since a lot of those I initially posted way back in 2008 or 2009 when I first started working them and was a newbie, one of my upcoming projects is to post 100% new static and more up to date entries on each and every one of them, eventually.

In any case, any sites that are still on the active lists are still active and most of them (pretty soon will be almost all) still paying me, several many times over, or have paid folks I know, or they have a longtime admin I'm familiar with and that has proven to be trustworthy over the years. Most though, now, I can verify without a doubt they're sites that pay 'cos they've paid me; some quite a good chunk of spare change over the years.

Pretty much all of them have stood the test of time here and have lasted me at least three or four years now and in some cases five years, so you can be fairly confident that if I'm still actively working them and getting paid after all these years (or haven't gotten fed up and given up, there's one or two of those that got shuffled off to the "closed" bin in this most recent update) - anyway, if I'm still getting paid, you likely can too!

About the only sector I haven't really brought up to date at all here yet (although I mostly have on the Quick List) are the Paid Survey sites, as there have been lots and lots of changes in that area over the last couple of years and I just haven't gotten around to sifting thru all that yet, but I will before too long.

Anyway, in a nutshell, the major updates overall here include:
  • The Quick List has been pretty much 100% updated, as mentioned already;
  • Active sites & sites I still support have had their entries updated (if there were any updates);
  • Closed/dead sites have been recategorized as closed/inactive;
  • Payment Proofs have been brought up to date (for the first time since late 2010, ha!).
Before this week is over, I'm hoping to post:
  • A basic Cliffs Notes version summary of all the changes/updates I found on my active sites;
  • (...including a basic summary of what sites I've kept active in general);
  • A "new" GPT site recommendation (if you've been here long, you probably know which one!);
  • A fresh, brand new Payment Proof for 2013! (lol)
(I figure I'm just going to start fresh with the payment proofs in 2013... the line entries have been kept updated on the Quick List pretty much, but there's no way I'm going to go back through all the way to the fall of 2010 and dig the individual proof pages up and do all the copying and uploading and all that junk. It was tedious and time consuming enough digging up what I already did for 2010-2013, ugh.)

So it's just going to be overall a new fresh start here in 2013. If you've stuck it out this long waiting and dropping by now and again while I was away, thanks so much for your patience, and if you're newer, I hope you'll stick around with me as I'm planning to keep this site more active again with at least a new post weekly, if not more often.

Hope things have been all good and well and happy in your world - mine's been pretty up and down the last few years but finally back to a more even keel and balance and things are actually pretty great these days - and I'll be back here again before the week is through! :)
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