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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spotlight On: ClixSense

So I have basically just fallen in love with old tried-and-true ClixSense lately. ClixSense has not only remained one of the most active sites out there (and more active than ever lately, it seems), but they have made so many awesome improvements and additions to the site over the last couple of years that it's become unbelievably easy to get to cashout minimum, and quickly.

I admittedly spent years being semi-ambivalent about the site, and even quite frustrated with it on occasion. For several years, it took so long to reach cashout, plus they onIy paid once a month, and even as an upgraded Premium member, it was tough to get to cashout level.

Then I was especially annoyed when they started deactivating inactive accounts - not hard to reactivate, but during the long period that I wasn't very active anywhere, I found myself marked inactive again and again and it was just a pain in the neck.

But now I'm all about how great ClixSense is these days. It's awesome now! I've even been paid twice in the last two and a half weeks (probably could have been paid three times in two weeks if I'd really wanted to, but I let one payment opportunity slip past me and requested it a few days later).

One of the biggest improvements they made a while back was lowering their cashout level to both standard (free) and Premium members, and increasing the frequency of payments.

In my early years doing this stuff, the site had a $20 cashout and you could only get paid monthly by check, plus they took a pretty big fee out of payments (something like $2, if I recall correctly), so it took a really long time to get to cashout level and then you had that huge fee taken out, which was really frustrating. For a long time, it ranked about 3rd or 4th place with me among its peers because of all that.

Then they lowered cashout quite a bit, and then lowered it again quite a bit MORE, to where cashout minimum is now only $8 for standard (free) members and $6 for Premium members, AND started paying lots more often, now paying twice weekly (on Mondays and Fridays) via PayPal, Payza, or Liberty Reserve. They still have a check option once a month ($10 minimum, plus they do still take out a $1.50 fee for check payments), but honestly, why bother waiting if you don't have to?

They also now only take out a relatively small fee for online payments (1% to 2.5%, depending on your chosen payment method) now, so that's great too. It's nowhere near painful to cashout like it once was, seeing all those dollars taken out of smallish checks.

All of these awesome improvements with their payment system has really upped ClixSense in my opinion, and not only that, they have made so many great additions to the site and improvements with ways to earn, it's really gotten pretty easy to be able to cash out at least weekly, if not twice a week!

Look for the Daily Checklist Bonus - that alone can get you to cashout level a lot quicker than normal, and really doesn't take a lot of time to do daily.

Besides always having PTC ads (more daily if you're upgraded), there's a rather large amount of paid offers available as well as the addition of Tasks - some of which I rarely have interest in but some of which I generally make a point of doing several daily, and those Task payments can really add up.

Then there's the ClixGrid, where you can take your chances and win up to $5 daily. And tons of other stuff too. The site is just loaded with earning activities these days!

The Premium upgrade has increased from what it once was (though pretty much every site's upgrade has increased, for the most part) to $17 yearly, but I still recommend it. The upgrade is still well worth it and really does give you a boost to getting to cashout level much more quickly.

Here's the basic stats on ClixSense, to reiterate:

  • $8 minimum cashout for Standard (free) members, $6 for Premium (upgraded) members
  • Cashout $10 if by check (Canada/US/Mexico) or $100 (rest of world), $15 if by Liberty Reserve
  • Payment via PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay), Liberty Reserve, or check (fees apply to all payments)
  • Payments twice weekly on Mondays & Fridays except for check payments (once monthly)
  • Pays $0.001 or more per ad viewed, up to $0.02
  • Easy daily bonus available via ads, ClixGrid, forum reading, and tasks and/or offers
  • Varying referral levels & options dependent on membership type/type of ad viewed by referrals
  • Lots of offers as well, and other ways to earn
  • Premium upgraded members receive referral commissions on 8 levels
  • Members welcome from all countries except: Afghanistan, Algeria, Antarctica, China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, North Korea, Niger, Sri Lanka, Vietnam
In any case, all the great improvements to ClixSense over the last year or two have just really impressed me and been very lucrative lately, and I am in the process right now of having earned more there in just the last couple of months than I did in my first four years as a member thanks to all these neat improvements and additions.

You're probably already a member (the site has thousands of members), but if you're not? Do yourself a favor and check out ClixSense today!

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