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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Got Paid Update #133: Hits4Pay

I'm really stoked to be able to report a new payment from a longtime favorite that has paid me twice before, the (very long established) Hits4Pay.

I actually should have gotten paid last month, but had changed Internet providers since the last time they paid me and, due to an oversight on my part, wasn't able to get paid last month as I'd planned. But that's OK, they paid me what was due last month this month, and the money spends the same no matter when it arrives!

Hits4Pay has a minimum payout of $25, and the way their system works is they pay you (via PayPal) the next month if your balance hits $25 or above by the end of the previous month. I had a balance of $26.36, which I received on May 15th, and brought my total earnings thus far from Hits4Pay to $78.45.

Hits4Pay (and its sister site, Deals 'n' Cash, which is pretty great too, though it has a payout minimum of $30 instead of $25) is one of the easiest sites out there to make totally free money on. They send you an email when there are ads available for you to view, you go view them, and boom, you're done!

It's $0.02 per ad viewed, so it takes a little while to get to that $25 minimum, but it's certainly attainable. I've done it three times, and will likely continue to... and at no cost to me!

If you're not a member already and you enjoy doing paid emails (one of the easiest ways to rack up free cash online, by far), I highly recommend it! Check out Hits4Pay today!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Got Paid Update #132: Miscellaneous Survey-Related Payment

So I have another survey-related payment to report, but I don't really have a category to record it under on my sites, so I'll just tell you about it. (lol)

If you do very many surveys at all, you probably know that a lot of the survey sites often send out invitations to "screener" surveys to see if your basic personal stats and experience match the people/topic/etc they need to survey. Often what I call the "general" survey sites will credit you with cash (or points towards cash) to fill out the screener, though sometimes the screeners are unpaid - but if you meet the requirements for the survey they're screening for, the site (or other research group the site is screening for survey respondents) usually pays a pretty hefty amount for the survey itself (or for focus group participation, sometimes you get invited to participate in a focus group about a topic or a product).

I've seen them go for around $8 per survey to up to around $175 or more, though I personally don't usually have a lot of luck qualifying for those super high-paying ones.

But every once in a while I get lucky and do qualify for the high amount ones! And indeed I did qualify for a big one recently, and when I finished, I was awarded with a $75 Amazon gift certificate for my trouble... which wasn't really any trouble at all, I basically got $75 for two days of just a little bit of time spent, and it was super easy.

All that said, I've added that total to my running total of how much I've made since 2008 - since it is, after all, money earned from being active on sites that are listed here on my blog and the Quick List.

The only thing is that I was invited into that project, which was being run by another company/research facility, after filling out a screener given by one of my usual paid survey sites I remain active with... and I don't know which one it was now (lol).

In any case, it was definitely one of the 11 paid survey sites I am actively working these days that sent me the initial screener that got me into the project that paid me $75 in Amazon funds so yes, surveys can be really worthwhile!

I really really need to do a major revision post (or series of spotlight posts, probably) on the survey sites sometime soon, but when I got active here on the blog again I did make a list of all the GPT/PTC/PTR and other sites, as well as survey sites, that I continue to actively work in an update post here on the blog. Click this link to that post and take a look (the list of survey sites is toward the bottom of the post):

Current List of Active Sites

The majority of my 11 active survey sites have been REALLY lucrative for me lately - I'm projecting about an $100 or more take from several of them for May (or May/June), mainly because I've been really making a point of checking my email most every day and going through the survey invites and doing them, instead of being lazier and only checking my email every few days or only once a week. It really does make a difference!
Check back tomorrow for more blog updates, I have another bit to report tomorrow!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Got Paid Update #131: ClixSense (yep, once again)

Yes, it's gotten to be a weekly or at least almost weekly thing lately, but happy as always to report I got paid once again by good old reliable and lately very lucrative ClixSense.

I requested my most recent payment of $18.77 early Monday morning and received it that afternoon. This latest payment has brought my total earnings with ClixSense to $148.59.

It has just gotten extremely easy to be able to cashout with ClixSense weekly simply by working the site's daily checklist bonus, and I'm usually doing at least one, if not two or more, surveys there daily to help reach (and some days exceed, when I have time) the checklist requirements.

As mentioned before, it's super easy to reach cashout ($6) there now if you're upgraded, but even with just a little extra work doing an extra survey or a few tasks it wouldn't be all that hard to reach the $8 cashout minimum weekly that there is for free members. And they do pay twice a week, so even better if and when you have more time to spare to work on more things available on the site!

If you're not a member yet, give ClixSense a try today!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just an Additional Note About SurveySavvy

Hi there. Life's been a little turned upside down the last few weeks and busy, busy, busy since the beginning of the month, so I've not really had a chance to post stuff 'til now.

Today I mainly just wanted to drop a note sort of as an addendum to my post last month regarding SurveySavvy, when I received my first payment from them. I have mostly been saying all along that their surveys are usually $1 or $2 - and they usually are, for the most part - and this isn't exactly a correction since what I've usually said about them is "$1 or $2, and other surveys in varying amounts".

I mainly wanted to revisit what I said before, because just in the past month I've received two or three invitations from SurveySavvy for $15 surveys!

As I mentioned before, I initially signed up with the site pretty much right before the long period when I got too busy with offline work to be able to properly focus on most of the online money stuff, so I think I really just didn't realize some survey invitations might be that high an amount. For all I know, really, there may be some even higher!

Anyway, that was kind of a pleasant surprise. I didn't qualify for any of the $15 ones I got invitations to, but a lot of other people certainly would have... I somewhat unfortunately (for me) have a relative that works a particular industry that winds up disqualifying me from many surveys on a regular basis (I'm kinda hoping they will retire early, lol, so I can answer "no" truthfully and not keep getting disqualified on some surveys). Luckily I don't get disqualified from all or even the majority of surveys I receive invitations for, but that relative's career does disqualify me from some.

In any case, I just wanted to clarify that, that SurveySavvy does indeed send out invites to some that are at least up to $15. Granted, the overwhelming majority I see are usually $1, $2, and the occasional $5, but it was nice to see some really high-paying survey invites from them cross my desk recently.

If you like to do surveys for pay and aren't already a member, they are certainly one worth signing up with. Check out SurveySavvy today!

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