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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Got Paid Update #75 - Gomez PEER

Received my July payment from Gomez PEER in the amount of $8.30 on Sunday. I was starting to wonder where that one was as they usually pay around the middle of the month or earlier

The Gomez PEER is a great way to earn money doing absolutely nothing at all, as it works in the background of your computer while you do other stuff. Click here to re-read my original post about the PEER.

I venture to guess they may be a little saturated in North America right now as I haven't seen many who signed up under me get activated lately, but you never know when they might activate you so it's worth signing up for and keeping it running anyway. I think one of the keys is your computer being on and available most of the time (mine's rarely turned off). And you can still make money on referrals once they're activated, even when your account is pending or inactive.

This was my sixth payment from them since last July so I'm on about an every two months' pay from them. If you've not looked into it, read the post mentioned above and then check out Gomez PEER today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News: ClixSense, CashCrate, Hundred Acre Clicks, Brandarama

This'll be a repeat of news that's been bouncing around here and there all over this week, but it's all pretty important so I wanted to post the updates here too for those who don't read around everywhere's benefit.

First, great news - if you are a ClixSense premium member, ClixSense is now paying 10% of your first level referral's ad view earnings, provided that referral has upgraded to premium. This is fabulous! So you and your referral both have to be upgraded, but honestly the ClixSense upgrade is such a deal at $10 for a whole year and otherwise you wait forever to get paid if you're a free member, so it just makes sense to upgrade anyway. In any case, awesome news and yay for ClixSense on this! (Thanks to Phil for this bit of news.)

More good news - there was an announcement on the CashCrate blog recently that upgraded Silver members at CashCrate can now have their earnings by direct deposit! That's really terrific - I wish ClixSense would do this too, LOL! (Thanks to Reanna for this heads up.)

Next, members of Hundred Acre Clicks need to go into their account and make sure everything in their profile is correct - especially your first and last name - as the admin will be deleting accounts with inaccurate info in the next few days. (Thanks to Jessica for this update, I'm so behind in my e-mail I might never have seen this.)

Finally, a very big heads up for those who are still doing PTS offers - do NOT do any Brandarama offers that may still be on whatever sites you're on. Brandarama, which has been one of the largest advertisers for PTS offers everywhere, is or has filed for bankruptcy and is refusing to pay for any leads from June and July, so do not do any offers that may still be out there for Brandarama - you won't get paid.

I read somewhere earlier in the week that one of the larger affiliates that provides many of the various PTS offers to sites is possibly planning to pay the leads for any Brandarama offers done via that affiliate up until the bankruptcy news, but I don't know if that is certain or not.

So in essence, if you have done any Brandarama offers in June or July, you may or may not get paid for them, but you definitely WON'T get paid for any that are still out there right now on any sites. I would imagine most of the owners have pulled those offers from their sites this week, but there may still be some out there, so be forewarned - DON'T do them!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! (Or Thursday, depending on where you are!)

Got Paid Update #74 - DonkeyMails

Received payment within seven days from good old reliable DonkeyMails on Sunday in the amount of $2.04. I pretty much mainly do paid mails and sometimes PTC there. Paid mails come in a pretty steady stream daily here.

Most people are probably already members, but if you're not, check out DonkeyMails today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Got Paid Update #73 - MatrixMails

Got a speedy payment from MatrixMails for $5.66 last week on Monday, this time within two days of request. Oh, MatrixMails - I couldn't possibly love you more than I do! LOL!

Honestly (and yes, I know I was just recently talking about this here), the benefits are so huge at MatrixMails for Gold members, it just doesn't make any sense to remain a free member and not upgrade here, if only to Silver and not Gold - but the Gold Lifetime with Matrix is so excellent and gets you soooooo much more per mail and ad view, and the earnings potential so very, very huge.

The Gold Lifetime may seem like a lot on the front end, but it's for life - you only pay it once, never have to pay it again - and I can tell you from experience that $0.04 per paid mail (as opposed to $0.01 or half that) REALLY adds up! I don't do anything but paid mails and PTC at MatrixMails, so this has made the difference between me having to wait forever to cash out (I'd probably STILL be waiting for my first cashout this time next year if I was a free member), and being able to cash out once a month or two... and probably even more frequently on down the line. It's a good investment for future residual income.

But again (like I said the other day), if you don't want to spring for the Gold Lifetime yet, try the Gold Monthly (that's what I did at first) or one of the others and then be sure to do your paid mails when they come in, and do the daily PTC ad views. The increased balance proved to me it was worth it, and was a realllllllllllly pleasant surprise when I upgraded to Gold Lifetime to see what $0.04 per mail and ads did for my balance.

This program has bazillions of members so you reading this are probably already a member, but if you're not - or if you're new to the GPT/PTC/PTR community - this is one to join for sure! Check out MatrixMails today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

MatrixMails - Get paid

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Got Paid Update #72 - GlobalCashClicks

Well, pretty much as I said the other day, I thought I'd better go ahead and get my review post of GlobalCashClicks up since I had just cashed out and knew I'd be getting paid soon, likely! I requested that payment of $1.38 on July 18th, and it arrived on July 21st.

GlobalCashClicks presently offers $1.01 minimum cashout via AlertPay, $0.10 (with 10% fee) via Liberty Reserve, and $10 through PayPal.

Members are welcome from all countries - check out and join GlobalCashClicks today if you're not already a member!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Saturday, July 25, 2009

R U Ready 4 Money - Now $5 Minimum Weekly Payout

And now for the real news instead of me babbling...

Some news from R U Ready 4 Money popped into my e-mail box late last night, announcing that the site is changing to a $5 minimum cashout and paying weekly! That's really great to hear, as I have been spending most of my time on $10 and under cashout sites for some time now, and my referral stats for many months have pretty much been showing that most people prefer the same. I've seen some sites in the last several months or so raise their cashout level up to $15 or $20 from lower, and I think that's just a mistake nowadays in GPT. But I've seen many more lower theirs or change to increased payment times, so that's the bigger (and I think better) trend.

So anyway, this is great and yay for R U Ready 4 Money! The other side of the coin here is there will be no more signup bonus, but that's completely understandable (and most other sites that have lowered their cashout likewise have done the same anyway). I really do feel that, for the most part, members will be more active on sites where the cashout is easily reached most months and would rather have a lowered cashout than a signup bonus anyway. Cashout is forever (or until it's changed again anyway!), signup bonuses only come once, after all!

The site is open to members in all countries, so if you're not already a member, check out R U Ready for Money today!


I don't often post on the weekends, and I have been spending 18-22 hours a day (not exaggerating there) most days the past couple of weeks working on various projects as well as working-working, but (1) I had some cool news to report, and (2) I had something else unusual and awesome happen yesterday, so here I am!

I noticed the other day this was coming up and meant to keep an eye on it, but then I almost missed it (and actually did, by one click apparently, ha!).

That milestone came about late yesterday (Friday) morning. Rock!

I realize 10,000 page views is small potatoes in the grand scheme of the Internet, but when you consider that I started this site just a little over a year and three months ago with absolutely nothing - no advertising to speak of, and mostly relying on social networks like MyBlogLog and StumbleUpon and begging friends and acquaintances to let me park quietly on their MySpace and Twitter lists - and considering that GPT/PTC/PTR is sort of a small percentage of the Internet anyway, I'm pretty thrilled with 10K hits in that amount of time!

And I have a second "quicklist" site now which is HERE, so I guess you could say I've diversified a bit - even though it's really the same info, just with less yapping from me and more scaled down and mainly just need-to-know info - that one's for the people that don't like to read blogs (like most of my personal friends and acquaintances, heh). I'm going to officially link it here one of these days, I just want to get some more of the sites that are already there posted on here first - as usual, I'm behind!

What's next? Oh, I don't know, more of the same probably. I have a colleague who has been bugging me since Day One about the fact that I own the domain but am not self-hosting it yet (and it's not like I don't know about such things, I've been working as a web admin since 2004) - so maybe one of these days I'll move both sites to a hosted domain, but hey, I've been able to do all this for free and that goes along with the whole money-hunting deal anyway. If you're money-saving while money-hunting, all the better profit-wise! Plus (at least here on this page anyway), I'm sorta testing a suspected theory about Google, as it were.

But really when I started this back last year in April, I just mainly started it just to see what would happen and how things would go with no real major goal other than to share what was working for me (and sometimes not), so as far as I'm concerned 10,000 hits is great. And I've met and gotten to know a lot of terrific people along the way - site owners, other members, other money-related bloggers, all kinds of good folks! In any case, thanks to everybody who's ever stopped by and ever commented, ever subscribed, ever signed up for anything - everything. I'd have been happy with far less than 10K page views by now, but the fact that that many peeps have dropped by is really cool. Thanks. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Got Paid Update #71 - Fishing4Fortune

Received a fast payment from Fishing4Fortune on Thursday for $5.10 - yay!

As I announced the other day, the site has recently gone to no minimum cashout and Net 15 payments, which is fabulous! This is a really nice GPT where the admins are always right on top of everything (and really really nice), and they have really terrific contests regularly too so you could definitely maximize your earnings here on a regular basis. It's still small enough where your chances to win contests are greater for now, so hurry up and sign up before bunches more people find out what a great GPT this is! :)

They're open to members in the US & UK, so if you're not already a member, click the banner to visit Fishing4Fortune today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got Paid Update #70 - JillsClickCorner

Cashed out late last week on the 18th at JillsClickCorner and received that payment ($1.26) today. Always great to report a new first-time payment from a site!

It's very easy to reach the $1 minimum cashout here if you view your ads daily or almost, I've gotten a little more diligent about that type thing lately (well, until this week got so busy) and it really makes a difference.

Feel free to hop over and check JillsClickCorner out if you're not already a member!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Got Paid Update #69 - DealBarbiePaysFast

Received another lightning fast payment ($2.50) on Monday from DealBarbiePaysFast - this time under the new ownership of the DealBarbie network of sites (as of July 1st), who is also the admin of several other popular and established sites in the community.

So, that's cool - I wasn't really concerned about not getting paid since the site's sale since the admin has a good reputation in the industry, but it's nice to be able to report that yes indeed, I got paid, and within 24 hours of request. (Since instant PayPal payments are offered on almost all of this owner's other sites, I'm kinda hoping maybe DealBarbiePays will go to instant payments too, but dunno if it will - a girl can dream, tho, can't she?!!)

If you're not a member of DealBarbiePaysFast, check it out today - especially if you like to get paid super duper quickly!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof


Wow, I just found out the other morning that my little "New Here, Read This Before You Start" link (at top of the site's front page) apparently had a bad link that led to nothing - oops!

Don't know if it was like that all along, or if Blogger changed something at some point that changed the link to that section.

In any case, it's fixed now (and that section has recently been updated with newer/better info, so if you're new to GPT/PTC/PTR, it's worth reading). Sorry about that for anyone that tried to go there and got nothing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thought I'd better go ahead and make my post on this one since I just turned in a cashout request a few days ago, or else my payment might get here before I'd posted!

GlobalCashClicks is a favorite PTC/PTR of many. I tend to classify it (and JillsClickCorner) more as a PTC since they don't send out paid mails, but it does have PTS and other stuff on it as well. Those of you familiar with DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, and JillsClickCorner will find many similarities with this one.

There are always bunches of ads to view daily (20+ pages worth), tho once you get through the first dozen or so pages, the rest seem to be mostly PTP ads. I found, however, when I got diligent about doing my ads every day, it didn't take long to get to cashout minimum.

UPDATED 03/02/2013: GlobalCashClicks presently offers $1.01 minimum cashout via Payza, approximately weekly. Pay is $0.0001 to $0.15 per ad viewed, with one referral level of 20%. As usual with most PTC/PTRs, you can upgrade to earn more.

Members are welcome from all countries - visit GlobalCashClicks today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishing4Fortune Changes to No Minimum Cashout & Net 15 (UPDATED)

Some news late last night that the GPT site Fishing4Fortune is changing to no minimum cashout (presumably for PayPal only) and Net 15 payments. Very nice!

This has been a nice little GPT that could use some more activity - it's had a very active and responsive owner all along (now with a co-admin as well), has a lot of nice regular contests, and many other little perks. Three referral levels on this one (20%, 10%, & 5%).

Fishing4Fortune is open to members in the US & UK. Check out this GPT with the new no minimum (and fast Net 15) cashout - click the banner to visit Fishing4Fortune today!

07/21/2009 UPDATE: Just had confirmation from the admin that this no minimum cashout is good anytime - no more cashing out just once a month - and will be paid on Net 15. So just wanted to add that!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cartoon-Clicks Has New Owner, Adds PTC - CashPirate Adds New Payment Option

Wow, I have been really really really busy the last several days and apologize for not posting since Wednesday - have been putting in 18 and 20-hour days trying to get some stuff set and organized, as well as other work, and have just been swamped.

I thought I had more news than I do right now, but turns out two of the sites I have additions to - I haven't posted about them here on the site yet! I added a whole bunch of additional sites to my regular rounds back in the spring, and I probably have about 20-30 that I haven't yet posted about - mostly PTCs and PTRs and a few more GPTs, so that's coming. And then after that I'll probably have a whole other slew of stuff.

Anyway, if I can get just a little bit ahead of things this week, hopefully I can draft some new review/recommendation posts all at once, and then when I don't have any payments or news to report, I can toss up another one of those per day until they're all (finally!) posted.

So what I DO have to report is that Cartoon-Clicks has a new owner, who just happens to be the admin of another site that quickly became a new favorite of mine after starting there this spring, Kelly of My Flipper Cash. There have been several changes, including a return to $10 minimum cashout (paying Net 35), and the site is now open to members in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

But the best new change of all - Cartoon-Clicks now has PTC (!), as well as a lot of new offers. Kelly is a very active and responsive admin so you can expect new offers added here regularly now. There is also currently a $1 signup bonus and a referral contest going on, so if you haven't already joined this site before, check out Cartoon-Clicks today!

In other news, just wanted to mention that CashPirate is offering a new payment option - you can cash out with an eBay gift certificate for $10. Of course, you can still cash out at $5 with PayPal, and CashPirate does offer instant PayPal payments once you complete their verification process. Check it out too if you haven't!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tezak Traffic Power

Hiya! I have gotten stupidly busy this week with some stuff that I probably should have done a year or more ago (thus I wouldn't be so busy right NOW), but I wanted to post something real quick anyhow.

I know that most of the folks reading regularly here are strictly into GPT/PTC/PTR and nothing else really online money-wise, but I know that even many of the GPT/PTC/PTR folks use some manual traffic exchanges a lot for promoting.

If you like to do some promoting among the traffic exchanges and you're not already signed up with Tony Tezak's brand new one that just opened up last week, Tezak Traffic Power - go sign up now! I joined over the weekend and both days I've been there, I have won mad wicked credits and impressions and stuff - bunches and bunches and bunches - and seen some really cool ads while there too. They're also paying a buck per referral right now, so if you like to do the TE thing and haven't joined yet, now's the time to do it!

Free members can get paid 10% on commissions, upgraded members 50-70% (and 5-10% of credits), so this is also a way to earn some extra cash on an ongoing basis. There is $10 minimum cashout on demand, but mass pay of all balances on commissions is done on the 15th of every month. Payment is via PayPal.

Traffic exchanges are a great way to promote some of your favorite get paid programs as well as any other programs you're into, and this one is really hot and popular right now so this is a good time to join and get your sites out there in front of a lot of eyes! Check out Tezak Traffic Power today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Upgrading - MatrixMails, ClixSense, WordLinx (i.e., "Here she goes again...")

Broken record time again, but then it's been a while since I've nagged about the awesomeness of upgrading at MatrixMails, ClixSense, and WordLinx, so I figure it's about that time again. If you are a member of any of these long-established and paying sites (whether you joined under me or elsewhere) and have never upgraded, you really should consider it.

I am upgraded at a few (very few) other sites, but these are the three I absolutely would NOT do without the upgrade, which is yearly at ClixSense and WordLinx, and available at variable levels and periods of upgrading at MatrixMails.

I have gone on (and on and on and on) about these upgrades before and why it's fabulous for these three sites, but here's a little piece of new news about MatrixMails that I just kind of figured out over time...

If you are a Gold Lifetime member at MatrixMails (and I feel relatively sure this is probably true of Silver members too, and at all levels of Gold and Silver), you will really see an increase in your ongoing balance if you make a point of logging into the site and viewing the PTC ads every day. It is truly worth it to drop by for that daily. For a long time I mainly just did my paid mails and that was it, but when I started getting diligent about the PTC on site, the difference was really noticeable. So there's a good and valuable new tip for you, if you didn't already figure that one out on your own.

I personally like the Gold Lifetime upgrade at MatrixMails because, for one, I never have to worry about it again - it's paid for lifetime - it's pricey a bit, but the opportunity to bring in quite a bit of income via the matrix is worthwhile plus the fact that (big important point) you are going to make a whole lot more overall per paid mail and PTC at Gold Lifetime. Those of you who do a lot of paid mails and PTC will recognize that $0.04 per paid mail is nothing to sneeze at, and while they don't necessarily come in every single day, they do almost. PTC is higher too (it says $0.02 but I'm thinking it's really $0.04 per PTC ad too, but don't quote me on that one, I just heard that somewhere and haven't really paid that much attention when there).

Anyway, it's truly worthwhile just for the extra pay per mail and PTC alone, really, and has made a difference in that instead of waiting a year or more to cashout, I've gotten to where I can probably cash out $5 or more once or twice a month now, and expect that to continue to increase as time goes on. Gold and Silver levels and varying monthly and quarterly memberships have different payouts ranging from 1.5 cent to 4 cent mails, in any case you really can't go wrong with upgrading to at least ONE of the many membership levels available. I did the Gold monthly first, I think, and saw my balance increase enough at that rate that the next time around I just went for the Gold Lifetime because it's even so much more.

For the record, MatrixMails - unlike ClixSense and WordLinx which are PTC only - is a PTR that also (besides paid mails and PTC) has paid offers, or PTS, on site and several other ways to earn.

I'm not even going to try to begin to explain the matrix program - it's all there on the site and I still don't fully understand it all, I just know there is definitely potential there to bring in solid major earnings, especially if you're one who likes to promote a lot.

And I'm not sure about the other membership levels, but at Gold Lifetime I can vouch for the fact that MatrixMails will put a number of referrals under you (not in the matrix, just regular referrals - if they upgrade they enter the matrix under you). Right now over half my Level 1 referrals were put under me by MatrixMails, and those referrals are collectively earning me more cash every month. I'm very happy with MatrixMails and looking forward to seeing how it continues to progress there over time. (I do wish they would add new banners though, I'm kinda tired of this one and I guess I could make my own in PaintShopPro but that's about #999 on my list of 1,001 things I need to do.)

MatrixMails - Get paid

I don't think it's been that long since I nagged about how great the ClixSense and WordLinx upgrades are so I won't go on too much about them, but anyway - they're both no-brainers and so cheap, and for an entire year, there's really no good reason not to upgrade at both.

ClixSense - for $10 a year (less than a buck a month) you will generally see a ton of ads (300-500 or more) the first time you upgrade (that's $5 or so right there), and after that you will definitely see more ads than you would as a free member, especially depending on your category choices in your profile. There's also the opportunity to earn a whole lot more money with referrals that upgrade, though even as a free member you still make a little per referral anyway whether they upgrade or not. It's just exponentially a whole lot more if you are an upgraded member, and a LOT more if your referrals upgrade.

ClixSense also recently introduced the ability to upgrade with your earnings, which is really cool, although if it's your first upgrade you probably won't be able to because it takes so very awfully long to get to $10 if you're a free member - though you'd get there eventually, it's just a lot quicker if you're upgraded - but you can use Google Checkout for the first upgrade and then plan on using your earnings to pay for your upgrade thereafter, which I like.

WordLinx is also only $10 for a whole year, and while you won't see quite the dramatic increase in hundreds more ads on your first upgrade to Verified member with WordLinx like you do the first time you upgrade at ClixSense, you will see more ads regularly and make more and plenty faster if you're upgraded than you would otherwise. There are also a bunch of nice bonuses for upgraded members - signup bonuses, upgrade bonuses, more earnings on referral clicks than as a free member - it all adds up, and to me (like ClixSense) it's just a no-brainer at what amounts to less than a dollar a month for a whole year.

WordLinx also recently introduced a Verified Plus membership, which is a lifetime upgrade (so you never have to upgrade again) and has an added benefit of being able to upgrade through your PayPal account, and without a credit/debit card, for those that don't have a card. Upgrading to Verified Plus also comes with 1000 paid credits and a month of banner advertising, which is all pretty cool.

For now I'm remaining an annual subscriber, but I may well upgrade to Verified Plus in the future just to not have to fool with paying to upgrade again every year. This also makes sense because none of these sites are likely going anywhere - they've been around "forever" (getting close to ten years in one case); I've already been a member of all for nearly a year and a half so five years from now, when they're all still likely there and I'm still likely earning from all three, my Gold Lifetime membership has already paid for, and the Verified Plus membership would have paid for, those six-ish years of membership - and I'm liable to be a member at all three many more years than that, as long as I and they are still around, which we probably all will be. If ClixSense had a lifetime upgrade option, I'd probably add that to my future plans as well.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Anyway, once again, it just makes sense to upgrade at all three. Even though I've been a member of all for nearly a year and a half, I can pretty much guarantee you I would STILL be waiting to make my first cashout at all three of them and probably be waiting much longer, and instead I've cashed out at MatrixMails multiple times, ClixSense once (and won't be long 'til I do again), and would have already cashed out at WordLinx except I bought advertising instead, but probably will be soon. WordLinx has paid tons of folks in the many years they've been around, though - there are payment proofs all over the community.

I have payment proofs from MatrixMails, and don't from ClixSense yet since they pay by check and I wasn't scanning checks for payment proof then, but will on the next one. If you're reading this post six months in the future, I will probably have payment proofs from all three on my Proofs page (click HERE) by then.

In any case, yes, it is WELL worth the cost of upgrading at these three sites - you will likely be able to cashout at all on a regular basis rather than waiting forever, and the potential for much larger earnings especially with MatrixMails and ClixSense is VERY high if upgraded (in the case of MatrixMails, upgraded to a membership level that includes entry into the matrix), and especially if you can promote.

And one more thing - here's another little factoid about ClixSense and WordLinx you may or may not already know (I didn't for a while after I joined) - new ads are added throughout the day at different times of the day, and many ads at both only have a small number of views and they're gone, so it's worth your while to log into both several times during the day to maximize your earnings. (At ClixSense, there are usually a bunch of new ads up around 6am CST or a little later most days.)

I talk a lot here on the site about making money "off" the various programs I have listed, but the fact is I have also found a lot of other ways of making money online (and lots of other useful stuff) through the ads on many of the sites, but especially these three and a few others like AdPaid and LinkGrand and Readers Pond. And I found Phil that way too, through ClixSense (I think), and some other sites I now read daily... my point being you just never know what you will find every day that will be beneficial to you!

By the way, I would be remiss in not mentioning that Readers Pond also has several reasonable upgrade levels where you can cash out a lot quicker and some nice other benefits too. The upgrades at Readers Pond range from $8 to $50 year a year and that's not a bad deal at all either.


I think that maybe it's a little more difficult to promote and gain new referrals for all three of the main programs mentioned above - ClixSense, MatrixMails, WordLinx - because for the most part, most folks that are already pretty active in GPT/PTC/PTR are already members and have been for years because these sites have been around so long and been so reliable and been so popular.

But in today's horrific economy, more and more people are going to be looking for ways to earn extra cash or just plain earn online, so potential new referrals are out there, and while a lot of the "get paid" sites might come and go, those three and the others I mentioned and a lot of other old well-established and long paying standbys (like Hits4Pay and Deals 'n' Cash) - they are not likely going anywhere ever. If you really wanted to work super hard on promoting, you probably could eke out a full-time income or almost on the sites I've mentioned in this post alone.

P.S. If you clicked on my Payment Proofs link above or have been looking at any proofs links in the individual posts here lately, you probably found my new "quick list" of sites (click HERE), which is now completed (well, it will always be a work in progress but all pages are open now). I mainly put that together for two reasons - one, I have friends who can't stand to read blogs and reviews but are interested in GPT/PTC/PTR; and second, the way it's set up is saving me a lot of time in updating payment and other information regularly.

That said, there are sites on those pages that I have not yet listed and reviewed here but am actively working - and will be reviewed in posts here soon - but if you want a head start on sites I just haven't gotten around to posting about yet, you'll find them there.

OK, I'll get off my upgrading soapbox again for a while but yes - once again - if you can manage the upgrades at any or all of the three sites, it's totally, truly worth it.

Happy moneymaking and I'll be back tomorrow!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Got Paid Update #68 - Opinion Outpost

Busy busy busy day today, but wanted to quickly report I'd received a $9.50 payment from Opinion Outpost today. I wasn't really expecting this one so soon, it got here really quick (10 days) so that was cool.

Survey opportunities are a lot steadier from here than they are some of the others, so if you are interested in doing paid surveys that really do pay, Opinion Outpost is worth signing up for (if you're not already signed up)!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great Weekend Promos - Earn Lots of Cash!

Just a quick note because I am super busy/overly swamped at the moment this weekend, but I just wanted to drop a quick note in here because I noticed several VERY nice promos going on this weekend (and some through the week) at some of my favorite GPT sites where one could really earn a bunch of cash with a little effort. Some of these end tonight (midnight EST) but there's still time right now to get in on those, and some of the others are through the whole weekend or lasting a few more days. Here goes:

BankRollBucks - Weekend Promo, July 11th & 12th - Complete 10 Offers Get $2 - No Limit (so you can earn $2 repeatedly here dependent on how many offers you have completed in groups of 10)

GPTCashCow - July 9th thru July 11th (ends tonight) - Complete 5 offers and earn $1 (so you can earn $1 for every five offers approved thru tonight)

R U Ready 4 Money - July 11th only (ends tonight) - Complete 11 offers and earn $5 instantly (so you can earn $5 for every 11 offers approved thru tonight)

Big Beach Bucks - July 10th thru July 16th - Get $1.50 for each $5 or more offer you complete (so you can earn $1.50 repeatedly thru July 16th)

Ozzys Direct Pay - Back to School Contest, July 10th thru July 20th - Complete the most offers thru July 20th - 1st place is $30, 2nd place $20, and 3rd place $10

These are all really good promotions and you could potentially earn a fair amount to add to your balances, so check them out and good luck! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Got Paid Update #67 - Charmed Ideas

What's cooler than getting paid? Surprise payments that you aren't expecting!

I joined Charmed Ideas about six or seven weeks ago on the recommendation of another active member of the community. $0.01 (and even half cent) PTCs really do add up and it turns out Charmed Ideas sends a fair amount of paid e-mail daily too, so I had been pretty thrilled with how that was going.

Since the site has a bit of a high cashout minimum at $7, I wasn't really expecting to cashout anytime soon, but lo and behold - I just happened to be in my AlertPay account the other night and noticed I'd received a payment of $1.04 on July 5th! So that's neat, I like knowing when I'm going to get paid but the sites that do random payouts, that's kind of cool too because it's sort of like Christmas or a surprise party or something... heh.

Anyway, check out Charmed Ideas today if you're not already a member - nice steady amount of paid mails and $0.01 and half cent PTCs, if you're like me and that's what you're doing most of the time these days, I think you'll be pleased! And random surprise payouts are not a bad deal either.

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

* Update 06/27/10: I have removed my link to Charmed Ideas as I am no longer a member (apparently deleted for inactivity)

I also got my usual Friday payment from YouData again ($0.01 today, been a slow week there), but I think I have decided to post those monthly from now on. If you missed my initial post on YouData and want to find out what it's all about, you can click here, but it most definitely does pay every week!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

News, New "Read Before You Start" Info, Updates on Listed Sites, & Hey, Wow, I'm in a Video!

After all that other (ugh), let's talk about some more interesting and cool stuff and noteworthy updates, shall we? Yeah!

First, a small bit of community news - just a quick note that DealBarbiePays, under its new ownership, now offers instant and fee-free PayPal payments. So anytime you reach cashout minimum there, you no longer have to wait 35-ish days to get paid, payments via PayPal are now instantly processed. Payment by check or gift cards will be sent out twice monthly on the 15th and 30th of every month.

If there's anything else much going on around in the GPT/PTC/PTR community this week, I haven't read it, so that's about all I know. Then again I'm kind of not just having a blonde moment but a blonde week this week, so, eh. LOL.

Now for some updates here on the site...

You may or may not have noticed I have been doing a little "housecleaning" here and there and tweaking the site. I've fixed some broken links (Moonlilly's Legend, for one), been replacing some recently-gone-missing banners (like the one I previously had for My Flipper Cash), updating some necessary info (like the fact that the survey site Your2Cents is now associated with and accessed through Toluna), and just been doing some general fixing and fixer-upping that's going to save me time and allow me to not only work on more money stuff but be able to spend less time on headachey details here that I had to deal with the way I had things before, and more time on the stuff that's valuable to you. So that's cool.

AND I have a big project I have been working on for a few months now (which mainly the ever-changing world of GPT/PTR/PTC has held up as well as my obsessive compulsiveness trying to make sure all links are correct) and a whole, whole bunch of new posts about new (to here) sites coming up. So stay tuned for all that.

NEW TO GPT/PTC/PTR? READ HERE: One thing I finally did get up over here was completely updated and revised "Read Before You Start" basic information, which I tossed into an older post (click HERE). This is mainly for folks new to GPT/PTR/PTC and other online stuff, but if any of you veterans take a look and notice I left anything important out - please drop me a line and let me know! I think I covered most of the need-to-know stuff (and granted, a lot of the more thorough information is in the tutorials I have linked from the post) but if you think of something major I missed, please give me a shout.

And hey, look - I'm in a video HERE, wow! Phil and I recently crossed paths and have this kinda mutual admiration thing going on as far as each other's online $$ endeavors lately, and he has recently dipped his toes into making instructional videos - they're very, very, VERY funny but also extremely informative and helpful, especially if you're new to all this online stuff - and he used my site as an example to show off a splash page maker he's using, and now owes me a cup of coffee to replace the one I spit out laughing while taking a sip and watching the video (really it's my fault, I should have known better anyways).

Anyway, this video's really great and funny as well as educational about the program he's demonstrating, so check it out. Don't worry, I'm not going to start doing videos too - the thought of me attempting an instructional video of that sort has my significant other in paroxysms of laughter on the floor at the thought, matter of fact. There is a REASON I do most of my communication via the written word - I'm blonde, Southern, and I can write a book about anything and for days, but ask me to explain it on the phone or in person and really the only person I'm going to make any sense to is myself, so... yeah!

Phil's very good at it though, and hilarious, so check out this video and the others on his site, and just check his site out anyway - he's into many online ops but also some GPT/PTC/etc action too, and I actually learned something I didn't know about CashCrate today from his blog and video on it so yeah, put You Will Not Get Rich From This Blog (click HERE) on your reading rounds, it's a lot of fun and you might find something really cool through it!

OK - I have got payment reports, more site recommendations, and other stuff on tap to get this place back to normal - this week has been somewhat of an exercise in catching up all those dozens of things on my to-do lists for weeks and maybe getting three or four of them finished - so sorry about the lack of much posting this week, but there's more to come! Tune in tomorrow!

Removed & Closed Programs

Well, this is a first. As time has gone on here, there have been occasions I have withdrawn my support for a site and/or removed it from my site listings, usually due to a site sale gone bad or some other change in TOS & policy at that site after which I no longer felt comfortable recommending it to others, but usually it's months down the line and after many changes or other aspects that have made it clear to me a site is just not producing like it previously was, or something else is just not kosher or I'm just simply not comfortable with it. Months later. Or at least weeks. Usually.

This is the first time I have felt compelled to almost immediately rescind a recommendation on a site I had just listed and recommended, though. I hope it's a long time before it ever happens again, if ever, 'cos it really bothers me to have to do it but I can't in all good conscience let my previous recommendation stand.

To make a long story short, I have removed my original review and recommendation post on HalfPennyClicks, and will be editing the last post to remove its links and direct a link to this post I'm writing now.

Yes, I was very pleased with how quickly my balance was progressing there and it seemed like one of the better PTC finds I had come across in recent months. However, after receiving an e-mail updating members on how payouts were going that mentioned that after five (5) payouts, members would be required to upgrade in order to get paid again - and after a brief discussion with the admin in e-mail about it in which I explained why I would be rescinding my recommendation if that were the policy - I deleted my account and am removing links from here on the site.

A year's upgrade at the site is, granted, only $2.44 annually at this time. That's not a lot of money, no - and actually is a pretty good deal, and an upgrade I probably would be very interested in (since I don't usually upgrade anyway except at long-established sites like ClixSense, MatrixMails, WordLinx, etc.) - IF it weren't a requirement to be paid by the site.

However, I informally agreed some time ago - as did many other active members and site owners in the community - not to support sites that made upgrading a requirement, rather than an option, in order for a member to get paid. Not only do we feel it's not right, but there are some other very important reasons for not supporting this practice that I won't go into here. If you've been very active in PTC/PTR/GPT for very long, you are probably aware of those reasons.

I am well aware (highly aware) that there are an awful lot of PTCs out there and competition between them all is probably very high as far as getting active members and especially large-scale advertisers - but as many of us who participate often at GPTBoycott's forum have discussed over the past year or so, anyone who opens up a PTC or PTR nowadays should not only be fully aware of that but prepared for that, and members shouldn't be forced to bear the cost of any lack thereof - not to mention the other very valid reasons there are not to institute such a policy.

I personally gave up a fair amount of money earned at another PTC site last year after struggling over this issue, and after months of trying to decide what to do about it and a large amount of discussion with others active in the community, many of whom were also members of the same site, made the same decision to stop actively supporting the site after that site changed their terms of service for members. It was well profitable for a while, but at that point the principle of the whole thing mattered a whole lot more than the money did.

Consequently, I lost $2 earlier this year on a year's upgrade for a site that had been around a while, but disappeared shortly after I upgraded. It wasn't a required/forced upgrade to get paid, and yeah, it was only $2 - I thought that was a pretty good deal, and it was... until the site disappeared (and apparently is indeed gone for good). I've always been pretty picky and choosy about where and who I upgrade with - for one thing, it's not feasible for most people to upgrade EVERYWHERE - and then things like that happen, so naturally I'm even pickier and choosier. ClixSense, MatrixMails, WordLinx, other long-established and well-established sites - they're not going anywhere. A few other sites, maybe, where I would feel comfortable and consider it a worthwhile risk that probably wouldn't even be a risk (Readers Pond, for example). Past that, I get REAL picky and choosy about where I'm going to spend extra money, but if it's a requirement rather than an option - ethically, I can't support it.

So there you go, and my apologies to anyone that signed up under me. I'm not sure whether this policy was already there at the time or not, or whether it JUST came about, but the e-mail earlier this week was the first I'd seen of it, and for that matter, even the site's own Site Statement & Disclosure on the front page states: "We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site." I guess maybe they ought to modify that to read "for the first five rounds of payouts" at the end of the sentence.

If you like the site and like how things are going there for you and are happy to pay the upgrade fee after your first five cashouts, then hey, it's a great price for upgrading and I wish you much luck. I just wish it was an option rather than a requirement, because that's why I can't support their policy. I harbor no will against the owner, wish them well and success, and am not out to get anyone - on the contrary, I'm quite disappointed how this particular venture turned out. It's just as simple as the fact that I agreed to not recommend and thus support sites that require members to upgrade in order to get paid, so yeah, I have to withdraw and rescind my previous recommendation.

Okay - well, enough of that one. I have also removed a few other sites from the listings for various reasons...

I waited a while to see if GoldMineClicks was going to reappear, and have asked around a bit about it, but nobody seems to know anything and it's still gone, so I have removed it from the active listings. Kind of surprising on that one since it had been a BeenPaid.com Seal of Approval site, but we've certainly learned things like that aren't always a guarantee.

AdverBux may or may not be closed - I understand some have been able to access the forum - but I have not been able to get this site to load or, on one or two occasions, load without severe amount of problems for weeks, and pretty much since its return after disappearing for several weeks with a "we'll be back eventually" type of message on the site. With its $20 minimum cashout, not having performed very well for me in over a year of effort with it, and all of the above problems, I am just taking it off my active listings whether it's actually closed or not. I couldn't tell you if it's really closed or not because it hasn't loaded for me in weeks, so for me, it might as well be closed anyway.

I don't think I ever had a review/recommendation post on it, but I did have TitanClicks listed on some sections of the site regarding PTC and have removed it from those. It has a rather high cashout minimum as well, low-paying ads, and carried about 4-5 ads per day all this time (over a year) that I've been a member, and maybe added one new ad in that entire time. With that kind of performance, it's just not worth it to me.

I have also removed the recommendation and review on Fantasy Ads, as someone sent out an email from there the other day stating that all site activity was being suspended due the owner's emergency admittance to the hospital and that all payments were suspended as well.

Things like all of the above are the not-so-good part of PTC/PTR/GPT (mostly PTC), but fortunately there are a lot of good, established, and trustworthy sites around too - a few of which I have linked to in this post, many more that are scattered around the site. Sometimes even the well-established and honest ones have surprised us all too, yup, but honestly I think if you just keep your ears and eyes open to warning signs, read a lot of blogs like mine and others (I have a whole bunch I read every day in the sidebar), and talk with others at places like GPTBoycott and BeenPaid.com - and keep in mind that all/most of this stuff is free money and don't depend on it as if your life depends on it - for the most part, things are still good. There are still a lot of great sites and very good owners out there, I'm not going to let a few not-so-great apples ruin my day when there's terrifically well-producing apple trees out there.

And I'm not going to recommend any I'm not pretty comfortable with to you if I can help it. This situation here was a very major one that I absolutely will not support anywhere, but the policy either just recently got made or slipped by me - and the disclosure on the front page sure doesn't jibe with the policy, so I guess it was just one of those things and again, my apologies to anyone who was misled by my recommendation.

Even though I review and recommend and post a lot of sites here, there are more (actually some I have shelved posting about very recently) that I don't because while some of them may be fine, there may be something that makes me not 100% comfortable with recommending it.

On the other hand, just because one is not listed here does not mean I don't recommend it at all or think there's something wrong - like GPTs, I don't sign up with a lot of other GPTs these days anyway, so there are many regular old general GPTs that aren't listed here that I'm not a member of and most are probably perfectly fine GPTs... some even that I'm acquainted with and think highly of the owner - I just don't take on many new (to me) GPTs anymore, I stick with the ones I have already and don't seek out many new ones anymore.

In any case, if you ever have a question about any programs, listed here or not, I will be happy to answer them if I'm familiar with that program - you can always e-mail me at missmoneyhunter at gmail dot com (in proper e-mail format, of course).

OK, enough of all of that - onto bigger and better things for today/tonight!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Other Good Sites Lately

UPDATE 07/09/2009: This post has been edited as I am rescinding my original recommendation of HalfPennyClicks, after becoming aware of a section of the site's terms of service I was unaware of prior to 07/07/2009, and having agreed in the past to not recommend or support sites that require members to upgrade in order to get paid. For the updated information, see HERE.

Well, you'll probably recall that on Friday I posted about HalfPennyClicks (link now removed & original post deleted), and I wasn't planning on posting about it again until I got paid by them, but I just kinda had to after I took a look at my balance over the weekend.

You see, I just joined that site on someone else's recommendation a few weeks ago - sometime after the middle of June - and I've already reached cashout. Matter of fact, I've not only already reached cashout, but I'm nearly 50% towards another cashout after that.

Granted, cashout minimum at HalfPennyClicks is only $1, but if you do much PTC, you know being able to cash out this soon is pretty good for a PTC that mostly carries low value ads (most are usually around $0.005), and I guess the big standout here is they always have LOTS of ads. If you're diligent about your ad views every day, I think you'll see this balance up a lot quicker than usually goes with PTC.

I also checked (after I got wowed by my unexpectedly high balance) and they really do have very good advertising rates and some nice ad packages as well, and judging from the stats the site looks to be very, very active every day (no surprise there, all things considered).

So yeah, if you haven't joined yet and you like doing PTC - and especially if you like to advertise - this is definitely one to join. Don't be alarmed after you register if you see no ads for you to view or any account information for yourself - I think in a lot of cases admin has to process new accounts manually (and it might be a Firefox issue 'cos that happened to me when I registered), but I had full access to the site the next morning.

(Links removed/deleted as noted in update above)

I branched out to a number of new sites - more GPT and PTR sites as well as more PTCs - on the recommendations of other active members in the community in the past couple of months that I've really been enjoying seeing how things have progressed, some of which I've reviewed here and some I haven't gotten around to yet. I need to take some time this month to do more PTS than I've had a chance to lately and see how my luck runs with that, but the below newer ones on my list that I have already reviewed have impressed me the most and I feel I've been doing fairly well at in a very short amount of time:

PTCs & PTRs: YouData, Charmed Ideas, EarnEasyPTR, YeeHawClickin, Hundred Acre Clicks, BuxP

GPTs: Cash Mattress, Cupid Cash, My Flipper Cash, R U Ready 4 Money, Tiki Treasure, Big Beach Bucks

And then there's a couple I haven't reviewed here yet (but probably will this week) that I've been doing pretty well with and have impressed me as well - the PTC MyFlipperCashClicks, and GPT ClickOrSignUp (which is the sister site to DollarClickOrSignUp, which has been listed here for some time now).

And still doing very well and steady at all my old favorite standbys, and newer favorite standbys:

PTCs & PTRs:
WordLinx, MatrixMails, ClixSense, AdPaid, LinkGrand, Readers Pond, Clicksia, Incentria, EarnEasyCash, Hits4Pay, Deals 'n' Cash, SendEarnings, InboxDollars, DonkeyMails, No-Minimum

GPTs: BankRollBucks, Rhino Riches, Ozzys Direct Pay, GPTCashCow, DealBarbiePaysFast, DealBarbiePays, DollarClickOrSignUp

Anyway, those and the newer sites listed further above are not nearly all the ones I'm working actively these days - many of which are listed here on the site, some which I've not gotten around to yet but soon will - but all of the above are pretty much my "main stable of sites" lately, and most definitely the newer ones listed up there above are the ones I have been impressed with how well they've been going for me the last month or two since I started checking other sites out.

Got Paid Update #66 - YouData

Annnnnd another Friday afternoon payment from YouData, this time for 26 cents! I almost missed most of that this week because I actually didn't think from the way my account looked whenever I logged in that I had any ads waiting, but when I opened up the widget Friday morning, turned out I did have some waiting. So I've learned my lesson - go straight to the Adgets widget every time you log in to make sure!

If you missed my initial post on YouData and want to find out what it's all about, you can click here to read it. YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and you too can start getting paid every single Friday!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Flipper Cash

My Flipper Cash is another site I joined recently during a wave of signing up for PTCs and GPTs with good PTC action that were recommended to me from others. Like with several sites I newly joined lately, I have been very pleased thus far with my progress on this site mainly just doing PTC and some other things.

My Flipper Cash has a $10 minimum cashout by PayPal ($20 for money orders) and pays on a Net 35 basis. Besides having a lot (a LOT!) of PTC, the site offers some other neat perks with many great daily, weekly, and monthly contests, a monthly jackpot, fairly liberal use of promo codes, and an activity bonus for logging in regularly. There are three referral levels here (15%, 2%, and 1%).

My Flipper Cash also currently offers a $3 signup bonus to new members.

Members are welcome here from all countries, and the site has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com. If not a member already, join My Flipper Cash today!

UPDATE 08/27/2009: My Flipper Cash is closing as of September 4th, 2009.

UPDATE 08/29/2009: I removed Cartoon-Clicks today from the active list and moved it to the "closed" category as the site has disappeared within the last 24 hours in light of some information regarding apparent dishonesty & deceit by My Flipper Cash admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that has turned up since the closing of My Flipper Cash. Apparently Kelly never sold Cartoon-Clicks and the "Ann" that recently took over running the site was actually Kelly herself.

For more information, refer to this thread at GPTBoycott by clicking here.

R U Ready for Money Now $10 Cashout, DealBarbiePays Going to Instant Payments

Just some quick news here... R U Ready for Money has changed from its previous $15 minimum cashout to $10. That's great news! This is a really great site (with lots of nice PTC action), so if you're not already a member, check out R U Ready for Money today!

Also, the new owner of the DealBarbie network of sites posted an update mail to members last night and basically said there would not be a lot of changes to the sites. However, he mentioned some changes there will be that are definite improvements - most notably that DealBarbiePays will soon have instant, fee-free PayPal payments! They are in the process of instituting a new phone verification system (if you are a member of one of his other sites, PaidTheFastest, you have already used this before) and once that's in place, all verified members will be able to get paid instantly. All other cashout methods (gift cards, point prizes) will be handled 2 times a month near the 15th and the 30th or sooner.

So this is all good! I would assume the same phone verification process for DealBarbiePaysFast as well, though it already more or less is instant (pays within 24 hours or less usually).

In any case, this is a very exciting change for DealBarbiePays, and I certainly feel it and DealBarbiePaysFast and DealBarbiePoints are in good hands with the new owner and looking forward to the future with all three.

Got Paid Update #65 - GPTCashCow

Pleased to report I've received my first payment from GPTCashCow today in the amount of $6.88! I have kept GPTCashCow in the "Sites That Pay" section due to the good reputation of the owner and the fact that she has paid many people I know, but now I'm thrilled to be able to say I personally have also been paid by this wonderful site!

The site has a lot of great promotions and contests lined up for July, so if you're not already a member, sign up! Members are welcome from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the Bahamas. Join GPTCashCow today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hundred Acre Clicks

I joined Hundred Acre Clicks a couple of months or so ago, and this is one of several I have been very pleased with the progress of my balance when I have made a point of clicking every day. As most of you doing PTC know, it takes a while to get a balance up at most PTCs, but I have found several lately where my balance is over 50 cents or close to $1 in a very short amount of time without having upgraded, so those are the ones I have been very pleased with since adding more PTCs recently to my daily (or at least almost daily) activities.

Hundred Acre Clicks is also owned by a reputable admin in the community, and has lots of nice promotions on a regular basis. Cashout is $3 ($2 for upgraded members) by AlertPay or PayPal. The site pays up to $0.01 per ad viewed, has one referral level of 10%, and has PTC, PTR, and other options as well as regular paid e-mails.

Members are welcome at the site from all countries. Join Hundred Acre Clicks today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

DealBarbie Network Sites Sold & Other News

In catching up on news I'd missed lately 'cos I've just been so doggone busy, I was a little disturbed to read that the DealBarbie Network sites (DealBarbiePays, DealBarbiePaysFast, and I assume DealBarbiePoints as well) have been sold to Dan, the admin of PaidTheFastest, CashPirate, and two affiliate networks.

As many may be aware, normally when a site is sold I pull it from my bigger recommendation categories (Sites That Pay, etc.) unless the new owner has paid me before at another of their sites or until I am paid by the new owner; while I'm a member of the other sites, I have not as yet been paid by any of them. Still, Dan has a relatively good reputation in the community as a good owner, so I am going to tentatively leave the DealBarbie sites where they are for now (and actually should be cashing out at one of them soon anyway). I must say I really do hope a lot of changes aren't made to the sites, as they have been three of my favorite to work and I hope they stay much like they are.

Also just another quick note that AdPaid's point conversion rate, which increased not too long ago, has been raised again - this time to $0.82 per 1000 points. That's nice news!

(Thanks to Jessica and Danielle for bringing all this news to my attention via their blogs, right now I'm so busy I'd be so lost without them and others and their nose for news!)

Got Paid Update #64 - Rhino Riches

Always happy to report another payment from a favorite site, Rhino Riches, which paid me $12.19 yesterday. Rhino has always paid me consistently and has really good contests and promotions and great referral benefits.

If you're not already a member, I highly recommend joining this one today as it does pay and with all the great contests and promotions, it's easy to make cashout here. Join Rhino Riches today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

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Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned within the posts on this site are my affiliate/referral links, and in such case I may get compensated for recommending those products or websites. However, I will never recommend something that I don't personally believe in on the date originally posted, and recommended sites and programs that fail to maintain quality standards are removed from the active lists regularly. I welcome your questions and feedback.

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