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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DealBarbie Network Sites Sold & Other News

In catching up on news I'd missed lately 'cos I've just been so doggone busy, I was a little disturbed to read that the DealBarbie Network sites (DealBarbiePays, DealBarbiePaysFast, and I assume DealBarbiePoints as well) have been sold to Dan, the admin of PaidTheFastest, CashPirate, and two affiliate networks.

As many may be aware, normally when a site is sold I pull it from my bigger recommendation categories (Sites That Pay, etc.) unless the new owner has paid me before at another of their sites or until I am paid by the new owner; while I'm a member of the other sites, I have not as yet been paid by any of them. Still, Dan has a relatively good reputation in the community as a good owner, so I am going to tentatively leave the DealBarbie sites where they are for now (and actually should be cashing out at one of them soon anyway). I must say I really do hope a lot of changes aren't made to the sites, as they have been three of my favorite to work and I hope they stay much like they are.

Also just another quick note that AdPaid's point conversion rate, which increased not too long ago, has been raised again - this time to $0.82 per 1000 points. That's nice news!

(Thanks to Jessica and Danielle for bringing all this news to my attention via their blogs, right now I'm so busy I'd be so lost without them and others and their nose for news!)

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