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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Got Paid Update #93 - ClixSense

Very happy to be able to report another payment from ClixSense received earlier this year, even though it was by check - and thus had the huge check fee taken out - but no more, since as I recently announced, ClixSense is now offering AlertPay payments ($0.50 fee as opposed to the $3 check fee).

And I should be able to report another payment from them next month, woohoo. It's really kinda been rocking lately over there.

If you're not already a member, check out ClixSense today!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Got Paid Update #92 - Gomez PEER

More payments to report from a very fave program, Gomez PEER. I received a $5.27 payment in December, and another one for $5.39 in February, bringing my total earnings with the PEER since July 2008 is now up to $56.77.

The Gomez PEER is a great way to earn money doing absolutely nothing at all, as it works in the background of your computer while you do other stuff. Click here to re-read my original post about the PEER.

There for a while I was getting paid by Gomez about every two months on average. I haven't gotten paid as often this year because I had to uninstall it temporarily for a little while, but it's back on track making me money behind the scenes again (and I should get paid again next month).

If you've not looked into it, read the post mentioned above and then check out Gomez PEER today!

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Got Paid Update #91 - YouData

OK, well, first of all, I'll just say I really don't know what's going on with YouData lately and even though I have payments to report, I'm pretty close to just removing them from my recommendation list.

Why? Well, obviously something is going on with the program, but there's no information anywhere to be found - not on the site, not in e-mails, nor in their forum at GetSatisfaction.com.

YouData started off with a bang a little over a year ago in May of 2009, and though it never quite got to where it had tons of ads like many hoped it eventually would - it was paying like clockwork pretty much every Friday up until April 30th. Other than the weeks of Christmas and New Year's last year, and maybe one or two other weeks in that whole year, I pretty much got paid something every single Friday by PayPal, even if it was only a penny and even if it was just referral commissions - which I got regularly as well.

The last payment I received was on April 30th. There's been nothing, and no ads since - nor have my referrals had any activity, so I'm pretty much assuming it's been that way for most everyone since April. There have been no changes to the terms or the FAQ on site about payments or anything else - but I did notice that everywhere that used to be an American dollar sign changed to the British pound sign a little while back.

So what's going on over there, I don't know - and if it stays this way much longer, I probably will remove the site from both my sites.

Anyway - in the interest of reporting and payment proofs, I can report that I did get paid pretty much consistently weekly from May of 2009 up until things suddenly stopped at the end of April 2010. My last five payments are on my payment proofs page at the Quick List site here, and full payment proof of the last received payment at the link below.

Whether there will be any more future payments who knows - I guess I won't give up quite yet and delete the site, but after two months I think it's looking pretty grim. Sorry to say, because it seemed like such a fabulous program from the beginning.

And since this particular one's kinda a wash today, I'll post another and better payment update today too. (lol)

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick List Updated & Some More Notes

Just a couple of quick notes for today...

I'm going to start posting payment proofs probably tomorrow (actually I'm typing them all in today and setting them to post one a day), as well as some leftover additional sites I haven't reported on and added to the mix before.

That said, I have fully updated the Quick List (including all payment proofs so far this year) so if you're really raring to get a head start and skip the day by day thing, it's all there already for now.

On another note, I have deleted Neobux and Charmed Ideas from both sites as they've apparently deleted my accounts in my recent not-all-that-long absence. In Neobux's case, this is the second time that's happened to me. I wasn't gone all that long this time from clicking altogether but their 30-day policy is pretty strict and I'm tired of fooling with it when there are plenty of other sites that don't delete me when I get busy for a few months, and when I'm back in the groove I make them plenty of money for their advertisers clicking - so I'm just not going to mess with it again.

Neobux is a good site (and indeed paid me this year) and has certainly stood the test of time - especially coming out in a time when the PTC world was overly covered in scams and probably no one thought it would last at first - but it has, and they pay. I'm just too busy these days to fool with their strict adherence policy anymore. If you'd like to check out Neobux though and are not already a member, I certainly invite you to join under my buddy Phil at this link, who's been a big Neobux fan and made quite a bit of cash with Neobux.

OK, that's all for now. Don't forget to check out ClixSense's awesome new and much cheaper on the ClixSense balance AlertPay option:

And LinkGrand's snazzy new cheap as heck upgrades:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

ClixSense Now Paying Via AlertPay, LinkGrand's New Upgrade Option, And Other News

Well, here I am two months later, oops. It's just been a busy busy spring and early summer but I'm about ready to get back on track here with daily or near-daily posting. First - some big news!

Probably the biggest news of all is that ClixSense just announced this week they are now paying via AlertPay. This is GREAT news - for one thing, it eliminates the huge chunk taken out of check payments from when they previously paid by check only. The fee to get paid by AlertPay is only 50 cents per payment, whereas it costs $3 of your hard-earned ClixSense balance to receive a check payment. So this is super good news!

Not a member of ClixSense yet? Sign up here today!

And here's some more good news - LinkGrand now has a premium member option somewhat similar to that of ClixSense and the other old standbys. You can either pay $10 a year, or $20 for lifetime (and never have to pay again) and get all kinds of great benefits with it, including more ads, more pay per ad, bigger referral commissions and much more. This is definitely a big step forward and in the past 6-8 months, LinkGrand has been paying better than ever for me, so I was really excited to see the new upgrade.

Not a member of LinkGrand yet? That's OK, you can sign up here today:

Two more bits of news to report... TikiTreasure has now changed to weekly payments. They lowered cashout from $20 to $10 several months ago, so this is an even cooler addition to the site.

If you're not already a member of TikiTreasure, you can join here:

And finally, ClickOrSignup and DollarClickOrSignup have gone back to weekly payments again. ClickOrSignup also apparently went to $1.00 minimum cashout via PayPal some time ago, which is some news I think I might have missed and need to update everywhere.

You can join ClickOrSignup and DollarClickOrSignup here:

Okay, I think that's all the major news I found while making my rounds this week. I am in the process of getting together all my payment proofs since the beginning of the year and am going to be posting all those payment updates for the immediate future - plus some new ones that will be coming within the next 1-2 months. I am really excited about a lot of these because many of these are first-time payments from sites I've never been able to report payments from before!

I'm also going to be removing some of the dead weight and closed sites from both here and the quicklist.

So stay tuned, lots coming over the next few weeks! Hope everyone is having a good summer!
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