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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Okay, let me preface this by saying please don't hate me for this one when you wind up addicted! Something a little different for the weekend...

scratchTHIS is a site filled with online scratch-offs and such stuff. You can win scratchTHIS dollars that you can then redeem for prizes which, right, now, include a large selection of $25 gift cards (Target, BestBuy, and more); iPhones and iPods of various flavors; a Wii; a PS3; or a couple of other electronics gadgets. (It doesn't say Amazon gift cards but naturally I'm kinda hoping that's one of them - refer to my earlier post this week about Swag Bucks and my mission for Amazon gift cards for Christmas - but Target will be just fine with me if not.)

I found this site as a PTS signup on one of my GPT haunts the other day and was just immediately enthralled - I didn't win very many scratchTHIS dollars that night, but I won some and had a big time! We didn't have a lottery here where I live for the longest time (even though every state around us had a lottery or casinos), but for years much of my family lived in either lottery states or by the border of one, so scratch-offs in Christmas stockings have been a family tradition every year since the early Nineties and I love scratching 'em, so yeah, I could spend hours and hours on this site and of course am now shooting for at least one gift card before Christmas time approaches.

Anyway, it's fun, you can win gift cards and other stuff (there is stuff in the FAQ about cash prizes, though I don't see any on the site at this time), and if you're eligible you should sign up! It is open to residents of the US and Canada (except Quebec) that are 18 years of age or older; New York and Florida residents are eligible to play and win the full prizes on all games up to the top amounts allowed by their state laws. (Prizes under $600 are sent within 90 days, over $600 require paperwork as listed in the FAQ.)

Referrals: You receive $500 scratchTHIS dollars for every referral who joins ($100 scratchTHIS dollars when they sign up and $400 after they have made 100 plays), and 10% of whatever your referrals win.

scratchTHIS is absolutely free to join, and there is no limit to how many times you can win. If you live in the US or Canada (except Quebec) and are eligible, join today and play!

UPDATED 03/02/2013: This site has apparently closed.

Got Paid Update #53 - YouData

Yes, yes! Even though it was only 53 cents this week, I am loving getting paid every single Friday by YouData! The notification from PayPal usually arrives in the early evening Central Standard Time on Fridays.

This brings my total with YouData in only two weeks to just under $4 ($3.94, to be exact) - yep, I am liking this one a lot, and especially enjoying the ads because so many of the companies that are advertising with YouData are the kind of places several members of my family enjoy buying and getting stuff from, so I'm already getting some Christmas 2009 ideas. (That said, I better be saving up some of this YouData cash for that very thing, I suppose!)

If you missed my post on YouData a couple of weeks ago, you can click here to read it.

YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and you too can start getting paid every single Friday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


CashPirate is a new site that opened up earlier this month that got such a good thumbs up recommendation from a favorite GPT blogger, I decided to check it out myself. First off, it's a really nice site graphically and technically and very different from what you're used to seeing around. The site at this time is pretty much all offers & contests, for the most part.

UPDATE 03/02/2013: CashPirate now has instant PayPal payments available with a $1 minimum, Amazon gift certificate paid weekly with a $1 minimum, or withdraw by eBay or Wal-mart GC (both available daily) with a minimum $10 withdrawal. Referral earnings continue to be one level at 20%, and CashPirate currently offers a $0.10 signup bonus.

UPDATE 03/04/2013: It appears that CashPirate is indeed open to some other countries besides the US; it appears it is open to Canada, UK, Australia, but I'm not sure whether there are others. You can try & register & see if yours is one of them.

In any case, it's kinda neat and something different, and you can't much beat instant PayPal payments, and they've already paid someone I know so looking forward to working with this one some in the future.

Join CashPirate and check out this brand new site today!

Swag Bucks

Oh my gosh, I've been seeing stuff about Swag Bucks forever, but I finally got around to signing up the other day and if only I'd paid more attention last year, I might not have been in such lousy shape come Christmas gift-giving time last December. My mom is a total Amazon shopping maven, which Amazon stuff is just some of the many many things you can redeem your Swag Bucks for.

You earn at Swag Bucks by searching (searches include results from Google & Ask.com), shopping, trading in old cell phones, or promoting. You also can earn up to 100 matching Swag Bucks per friend on every one you refer when they win while doing a search - so if they win Swag Bucks while searching, you get Swag Bucks too - up to 100! Swag Bucks is also very active on Twitter and I have seen lots of special stuff on their Twitter page since I joined.

So look, I just joined, like, a couple of days ago - I've already won 5 Swag Bucks just by doing a few searches that I was gonna do anyway! And I only need 45 to get a $5 Amazon gift card. My mom may wind up with a few dozen (or who knows, maybe a hundred) $5 Amazon cards for Christmas this year! I'm loving it!

Members must reside in the US, UK, or Canada to be eligible for prizes. Sign up for Swag Bucks now if you're not already a member! It's great!

Search & Win

More Site Housecleaning

I forgot to mention that the other day I removed 2Dollars4All and Ellabug Clicks from my site listings. They're owned by the same owner, and 2Dollars4All disappeared a couple of weeks or so ago. Ellabug Clicks is still open, but after asking after 2Dollars4All recently, I'm told by a reliable source that the sites have not been maintained for some time.

Normally I would have just moved them to the new closed/dead program category, but I think I just hit delete instead the other day so they're gone. Hate that about 2Dollars4All as I just paid the $2 yearly upgrade not too long ago and had not gotten around to processing the advertising benefits that came with it. Stuff like this I'm never really surprised anymore, but it does make it harder on the smaller PTC owners when their fellow owners do stuff like that 'cos then people like me won't even think about upgrading or advertising on a smaller, less established site because of stuff like this. Anyway, that's that and that's why they're gone.

AdverBux also appears to be at least down, giving the message "We are currently offline while we complete server upgrades. We will be back soon!" when you go to the site. That's one of the sites I like so I'm hoping maybe they won't pull the same old same old so many sites have done and actually will return, but guess we'll just see.

And finally, Moonlilly's Legend is down due to exceeded bandwidth. Hopefully that will sort out soon and it will return as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cash Mattress

Cash Mattress is today's spotlighted site, and let me tell you, I liked this GPT site immediately! For one thing, Cash Mattress generally has several pages of PTC - many $0.01, and I'm told by another member up to $0.05 at times. That's awesome!

Cash Mattress also has a weekly trivia you can earn points on. 1 point = $0.10, so that's cool too!

There is currently a $3 signup bonus at Cash Mattress, and minimum cashout is $15. Payment is available by PayPal, check, or money order, but there's also an option to receive payment by Visa gift card in $25 or $50 increments. The site pays monthly on a Net 25 basis, and has five referral levels - 15%, 10%, 8%, 5%, and 3%.

Cash Mattress has been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com, and is open to members from the US, UK, and Canada. If you're not already a member, join today!

* UPDATE 06/27/2010: Cash Mattress has closed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the Swing

Whew! I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I am finally pretty much caught up with MMH matters, if you don't count the 22,000+ e-mails still backed up in my box, most of which just need to be tossed anyway 'cos they're old paid mails that expired long ago or semi-spam that I don't read anyway. Hopefully if there is something important I missed in there, I'll find it eventually when I get around to deleting all those old mails sitting there.

I am almost - almost! - finished with another project that's been a couple of months coming that will be a sort of addition to the site here, as well as standing on my own. It's something that my personal friends that don't really like to read blogs every day have been asking for, so that's coming soon.

I think I have almost finished "housekeeping" here on the site, save for one not-that-important thing I want to fix that is a minor annoyance 'cos I should have been doing it all along... but getting close to being 100% through with housekeeping stuff too.

And (the good news for you) - I have joined several new (or not new, but new to me) sites and will be sharing those with you in the coming days, starting today. These are mostly PTRs/PTCs, or GPTs that have some good PTC action. I don't usually sign up new at sites anymore (unless I am familiar with and respect the owner) except for ones a couple of people I know in the community have had decent luck with and been paid by, and then I have another one on in the queue that was recommended to me by another active person in the community who's been paid too. So that's all good, I'm really excited about several of them, and I'll be posting them all here over the next few weeks.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend holiday, especially for those who had the day off on Monday!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Got Paid Update #52 - YouData

Got paid Friday by YouData just like they said I would! Received $3.26 in my PayPal late Friday afternoon/early evening-ish. I love this, it's great to get paid every week!

If you missed my post on YouData earlier this week, click here to read it.

YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and start getting paid weekly!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Everyone's excited about the new PTR in the community and so am I! EarnEasyPTR is brought to you by the same owner of the PTC sites EarnEasyCash (another favorite of mine) and Clickers-Union. It's a really cool looking site and has some great perks right now for its grand opening!

There is currently a $0.05 signup bonus at EarnEasyPTR, and something else really great - three referral levels (15%, 5%, and 1%), which is something you usually don't see in PTC and PTR as most have just one level. Also, right now you can earn $0.03 for every new direct referral!

There is a $1 minimum cashout (woohoo!), and the site pays via AlertPay or PayPal. The site terms state it will pay within five days of request. Members are welcome from all countries except: China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

I am loving this site already and if you like to do PTR/PTC, I bet you will too. Sign up at EarnEasyPTR today and start earning some cash!

 UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

A Couple of Quick Notes

Some great news for those in the community in the UK and Canada - DealBarbiePays now accepts members in those countries, as well as the US!

Also just a quick reminder that if you have an account at ClixSense, you must log into it at least once every 90 days or you will be deleted. This recently happened to an active member in the GPT/PTR/PTC community and you don't want it happening to you!

Another post or two to come, but have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got Paid Update #51 - MatrixMails

Oh, MatrixMails, how I love thee! MatrixMails was one of the first sites I joined and it's just always been so wonderful. Yesterday I received my fourth payment from MatrixMails in the amount of $7.19, bringing my all-time payment total from MatrixMails now to $27.91.

I cannot recommend the upgrades at MatrixMails (and ClixSense, for that matter) enough. Without those upgrades, I'd probably still be waiting to cashout at both a year from now. I sprang for the Gold Lifetime membership at MatrixMails a year ago and have never regretted it; for one, you only have to pay it once, ever. Two, the potential earnings if you get referrals that upgrade are huge. But even without that, the fact that I make $0.04 on paid mails and $0.02 on PTC has made it all worthwhile (and cashout-able). You can still earn more than standard with the Gold and Silver monthly memberships, but it's so much better with the lifetime memberships (plus no repeated paying for them, of course).

Another kinda cool thing about MatrixMails is you almost always get more when you get paid than what you request, because they will pay you whatever the balance is in your account on the date of payment. I requested $6.87, but got paid $7.19 because that's how much PTC I'd racked up between the date I cashed out and the date of payment. So that's always neat too.

If you're not a member, you should be - this site is long established and not going anywhere, and with a fantastic history of paying for years now. Join MatrixMails today!

MatrixMails - Get paid

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Got Paid Update #50 - LinkGrand

I love "new" payments, love being able to say I got paid by a site for the first time, which I did by LinkGrand yesterday in the amount of $5.87. I would have been able to say I'd been paid by LinkGrand a long time ago, except I spent some of my earnings on advertising; then later I thought well, shoot, why did I do that now (and did it at WordLinx at the same time), because then it was going to be that much longer before I could say "hey, this site paid me!"

But I always knew I'd eventually get paid by LinkGrand (and WordLinx too, hopefully not too much longer away in the future), so I'm happy to report I did!

LinkGrand pays a little lower per ad on average than me, but there are always several every day and I'll take reliable, established, and honest any day over higher pay per ad. That said, there is also 30% referral earnings at LinkGrand, as well as 10% on an advertiser purchases you refer. And their prices on advertising not only are VERY good, but your ad doesn't disappear for a while after it's expired - ads stay on the site for a time for all to still see, even though they're not "new" ads.

Anyway, LinkGrand is great and yep, now I can say with all certainty they do indeed pay! Join up today if you haven't already!


Site Updates: AcePTC Removed

I made the decision last night to remove AcePTC from my lists of recommended PTCs. I've had some misgivings about this one for a while - particularly when they disappeared for a while - but it reappeared and I started working on it a little again. I'd really been doing kind of okay on it for the amount of low ads that are usually there, and I like the site - but I've just been uncomfortable with several things that were kind of raising red flags for a while.

I was going thru my bookmarks last night, though, looking for live & dead blogs, and came across a post on a PTC-related blog from back when AcePTC first reappeared that pointed this out in AcePTC's new terms of the site when it came back:

Please remember that only your first month is free. after this time you must upgrade to croupier or dealer level to remain a member of AcePTC. If you do not upgrade you will not be paid for any clicks made after your first month and you will be ejected from the site. We register your IP and you cannot join again as a free member for 90 days.

Well, seeing as how I just deleted my brand new account at another site that had suddenly decided to force members to upgrade in order to get paid, I just can't in all good faith continue to recommend this one either, at least right now.

Whether the above or not is actually being adhered to, I have some doubts - mainly because I've held a new account there since the site came back, since January 31st, and have not been "ejected", so maybe they realized this stuff was not a particularly good PR idea in a community that's already somewhat oversaturated with PTCs and PTRs (and GPTs, for that matter) and changed their minds and just didn't get around to revising their terms yet. So with that in mind - and since they never have very many ads anyway - I'm probably going to keep it in my daily rounds and just see what happens if I ever hit that rather high $8 cashout level. If I do find out that the terms have been revised to something more reasonable and feel a little more comfortable about that one, I'll re-add it, but for now I'm just not comfortable recommending it to others at all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got Paid Update #49 - Gomez PEER

Once again another payment received from Gomez PEER, the activity where my computer does all the work for me in the background and I never even notice it! The program basically pays you to do nothing except let them use your computer's resources in the background that you don't use anyway. This payment was for $6.49.

I'm pretty much getting paid by Gomez PEER every other month now, like clockwork. I should probably leave my laptop on more often and let it run on it too (and then I'd probably get paid every month), but my laptop's got some fan problems so not really something I can leave on for extended periods right now. My main computer is hardly ever shut off, so it's always making money for me in the background, heh.

If you've never read my reviews of Gomez PEER before, check them out here:

Gomez PEER Revisited - I Got Activated!
Gomez PEER

And check it out for yourself if you like - this is seriously the EASIEST money there is to be made if you're activated. The activation process can take some time (for me it was a month or two), but chances are you may eventually be activated if they have a need where you are, and you can still make money by referring people even when you're in pending or inactive status.

Last I looked, Gomez PEER is also paying DOUBLE to those using dialup instead of broadband, so if you are by chance still on dialup, you really should check it out.

Also - don't forget to check out yesterday's new favorite site, YouData - it's sooo great!

PamperedPetsPTC Now Requiring Upgrade to Cashout

I don't have PamperedPetsPTC listed here, but was about to soon. I had signed up over the weekend under another member of the community whose efforts I admire and respect, and found it to be what I thought was a worthwhile PTC.

Unfortunately, last night the site sent out an e-mail stating that members were now going to have to upgrade in order to be able to cashout. I won't support a site that forces members to upgrade to receive pay for their efforts (example: IsabelMarco), so I immediately deleted my account after reading the e-mail.

I'm sorry, but if you have to force people to upgrade in order to have funds to pay people, then you have no business opening up a PTC. This kind of thing is a lot of what's wrong with the PTC industry lately. There is plenty of information out there where one should know what to be prepared for financially when opening up any PTC/GPT/PTR, and suddenly deciding out of the blue that you can't afford to pay everyone who works on your site, so you're going to make everyone upgrade to get paid, just doesn't cut it. People don't appreciate spending time and effort, with the understanding that they will get paid, only to have things like this happen.

Luckily I am only out one day's effort personally, but I got burned by ClixMX closing and refusing to pay standard members pretty bad. And people don't forget about things like that. It makes it hard not only for that particular site owner to continue to do any business in the industry, but hard for everyone in the industry because each site that goes down damages trust in the industry overall.

I generally shy away from new sites these days and don't really sign up at any sites now - nor recommend them to you - unless someone I know has had some success and/or been paid by that site. This was one of those, but after these new terms were issued, I won't continue at that site and won't recommend it.

Thank goodness for established sites like WordLinx and ClixSense that have been paying for years and years and aren't going anywhere. There are plenty of great smaller PTCs out there still too that are reliable and trustworthy, but I think there are some out there (or that were out there and are now long gone) that should have done their homework and been a little more prepared for the fact that - morally and ethically - they needed to be prepared to pay all their members no matter what... or just not have opened up a PTC in the first place. "Oh, sorry you've been working and putting effort into my site, but I can't pay you now unless you upgrade" is just not an excuse.

OK, rant over for the day - onto happier news.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Happy Monday, and here's some good news - wow, have I found what so far seems like the best thing ever! I am crazy about this one and it's surely going to be a big favorite.

YouData is sort of a PTC - I guess technically it is a PTC - but different and sort of a new spin on the whole PTC thing. First thing I noticed was how impressive the website is - technologically and graphically, very well done, and also - very, very hilarious. These folks have a terrific sense of humor!

(UPDATE 06/24/2012: Be forewarned - after several periods of being active, then long periods of being inactive again, & then another period of actively paying, YouData has appeared to be inactive (with no payments to me) since October 2011. It's had a pretty long history of going inactive & then suddenly being active again, but just so you know the situation in advance.)

When you sign up, you'll create your MeFile, which is just a handful of questions, and then (to better how much advertising you'll get to see, I'm sure) a little later on you'll fill in some more specific survey questions (when you log in after registering, go to "Housekeeping" and you'll find it. Then you can review ads through the "Adget" widget on the site. There is also the option to download it to your desktop where you don't have to come to the site itself to view ads, but I couldn't get that to work - it works marvelously from the website though.

Now for the good stuff -

YouData pays up to $0.25 per ad viewed (in most cases I've seen so far it's been about $0.10 to $0.15). Normally this would raise some red flags, but this is not really your usual kind of PTC ads - this company is actually bringing major mainstream advertising to you, the consumer, and those major advertisers are paying you for your attention - for instance, Chadwick's, the clothing company, and Real Simple, the home magazine. My first set of ads included advertising from several quality major US companies I recognized.

There is NO minimum cashout and, in fact, YouData automatically pays you everything you're owed for that week every Friday by PayPal. How cool is that?

You are also paid up to $1 for every referral, as YouData pays you $0.01 each for your referrals' first 100 ad views.

YouData registration is currently open to US members only, though I read the company has plans to expand. You must have a cell phone with text messaging capability to register, as YouData will send you two activation codes - one to your registered email, and another by text to your cell phone (the site states this is the only time they will use your cell phone number for anything).

YouData is a new company and it's apparently getting a lot of national attention lately, which means it's going to grow, which means the earning potential will grow for its members. So if you're in the US and have a cell phone with text messaging, you really should consider signing up.

I already made almost $2.50 just since Saturday night, and this company has paid another member in the community I know, so I expect I will be paid on Friday as promised. I love this site! Join YouData today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: YouData still exists, and has paid me many times over the years (though not since once last year, and a long time before that), but it has been all but totally inactive for ages, so I have removed it to the "Closed Sites" section unless there are some changes in the future.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New: Use Your ClixSense Balance to Upgrade to Premium

Just saw a new announcement over at one of my fave sites, ClixSense, stating that members may now use their ClixSense balance to upgrade to premium, if they have $10 or more in their balance. Simply send in a ticket to their support desk requesting this, and they'll take care of it.

Upgrading at ClixSense is an excellent deal - you get SO many more ads daily, if I had not upgraded last year I probably would still be waiting for my first payout! You also get paid five levels deep for every new referral (10 cents per referral), get paid $2 per referral that upgrades five levels deep - it's just a really good deal.

I have let mine lapse temporarily (though am about to upgrade again), but if I upgraded today, there are over 500 more ads for premium members only to view. At $0.01 (or more) per click, that's at least $5 and probably more!

And - upgrading to premium is only $10 for an entire year. Very good deal!

ClixSense is one of the best in the business. Join today if you haven't, and if you're already a member but haven't upgraded to premium, I always highly recommend it - and it's especially convenient now that you can use your balance to do that!

UPDATE 05/23/2009: I edited the information above as my previous statement that there were "over 500 more ads for me to view" was somewhat misleading - what the information on the site actually said was there were over 500 more ads for premium members only to view. Generally, when you upgrade at ClixSense the very first time, you will generally get 300-500 ads at one time, then a steady stream of usually 10-20 or more daily. On recurring upgrades, it will likely be less - but you also only get the ads for types of ads you have checked you are interested at the time. At the time I re-upgraded, I got about 22 ads.

I will always, always recommend this upgrade though. I have no doubt that if I had never upgraded at ClixSense, my balance would still be hovering under $5 with no hope of getting paid anytime soon, and the referral benefits are really nice. For only $10 a year, it's well worth it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Survey Sites That Pay - An Update

(Updated 09/01/2010)

UPDATE: NFO/MySurvey now pays by PayPal as well as check!

In trying to get caught up on my online money efforts and also working on a side project I've been working on a while, I got down to the survey sites that I have been a member of a while and been either paid by or racked up a balance with, and discovered that in the time I've been a little inactive in the survey arena, MindField Online has made some big changes with lowering their cashout minimum from $10 to $5, is now paying via PayPal, and also has a new referral program where you can earn per referral. I thought I had written here about Mindfield before but apparently I didn't, so there ya go!

In light of that, plus the fact that I've kind of given hope of earning anything much on some others (Lightspeed, ClickIQ tho I need to get back there sometime and try some more, Pinecone which won't let me back in LOL, & Greenfield Online... Greenfield used to be a good earner years ago, but now I never get anything but sweepstakes entry surveys and the money surveys are always closed even when I've just barely gotten the mail)... I decided it was time to update the Survey Sites That Pay info on the site and consolidate it all again in a new post.

(By the way, it turns out that missing $8 survey money I thought I had coming from ACOP that I decided I must have been mistaken about IS there after all! I guess it just took a while to credit to my account. I requested a cashout on it yesterday so expecting that payment before too long.)

Several of these have affiliate programs that are worth signing up for, or give you referral links to earn on. You can earn anywhere from 50 cents to $2 per referral on several of the sites below.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the newly updated version of my recommended Survey Sites That Pay (or that I expect to be paid by very soon!)...


  • $10 cashout minimum (reach 1000 points to cashout, 1100 to cashout by PayPal)
  • Surveys usually 10-20 points ($1 to $2) if you qualify & complete survey, sometimes more
  • Payment via check or PayPal
  • US members only, but have sister sites in Canada & the UK - see site for more info
  • Apply to join their affiliate program and earn $1.50 for every referral
  • Click HERE to join NFO/MySurvey if above banner is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Opinion Outpost

  • $5 cashout minimum (reach 50 points to cashout)
  • Surveys usually 20-30 points ($2 to $3) if you qualify & complete survey, some more
  • Payment via check
  • US & Canada members only
  • Sign up for their affiliate program and earn $1 for every referral
  • Click HERE to join Opinion Outpost if banner above is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

MindField Online

  • $5 cashout minimum
  • Surveys usually $1 to $5 if you qualify & complete the survey, sometimes more
  • Payment via PayPal or check
  • Payments via PayPal made weekly, checks 4-6 weeks to receive
  • US & Canada members only
  • Use referral link to refer others and earn $1 for every referral that fully registers & completes a survey
  • Click HERE to join MindField Online if banner above is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

  • Request cashout whenever you qualify & complete a paid survey
  • Surveys in varying amounts (I completed an $8 one in 2008)
  • Payment via check
  • International members welcome
  • Sign up for their affiliate program and earn 50 cents for every referral
  • Click HERE to join American Consumer Opinion if banner above is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Toluna (acquired Your2Cents in Summer 2009)

  • $10 cashout minimum
  • Surveys usually $1 to $5, sweepstakes entries too even if you don't qualify for a survey usually
  • Payment via check
  • US & Canada members only
  • Click HERE to join Toluna if banner above is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


  • Request cashout whenever you've qualified for & completed a survey and it's posted to your account
  • Most surveys are for sweepstakes entries, but has occasional $ surveys - usually $1 to $5
  • Payment via check or PayPal
  • US members only (NOTE: this might change soon now that they pay by PayPal)
  • Click HERE to join SurveySpot if banner above is missing
  • BEEN PAID: Since July 2008, I've been paid by SurveySpot - $5.00


UPDATE 03/02/2013: DollarClickOrSignup has been through a lot of changes since this was originally posted, so hopefully I can touch on the important ones in this update. I do continue to keep it in my active site rounds.

UPDATE 07/08/2013: DCOS is now paying via PayPal again! $1 minimum cashout is available via PayPal or Payza with instant payments available. There's also an option to cashout ($5 or $10) via Amazon gift certificate, or cashout minimum of $10 or $15 via Wal-mart gift card.

The site continues to have paid to click (PTC) offers on site, and has one referral level of 50%. Members are welcome from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Sign up at DollarClickOrSignUp and join today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Rhino Riches - Now With $10 Payout!

I don't know how I missed this other than the fact that I've been pretty tied up and mostly away the last couple of months (and it could have been before that and I just didn't notice, I dunno), but I'm just so very, very thrilled to report that one of my favorite sites - and one that's paid me - Rhino Riches, apparently lowered its cashout minimum from $20 to $10 (for PayPal payments) while I was MIA!

This is wonderful, because Rhino was really the only site I have kept working actively in GPT that had a cashout minimum over $10. I still have a couple that were some of the first GPT sites I ever started on that I have kept my account active but don't really actively work that much; however, I'd always tried to support Rhino because it was a great site with an honest and paying admin, and there were so many good contests and other nice features it wasn't terribly difficult to meet the $20 minimum cashout at least every other month or every three months. But yay, the cashout is $10, it's not that hard to meet $10 a month!

Nowadays Rhino pays by PayPal (or gift card) with the $10 minimum, or $15 cashout minimum if you wish to request a check instead.

This is a really great site with a very active, honest, paying & responsive admin and there are always really fabulous contests going on, so if you have not joined this one, do it today!

More Updates on Listed Sites

Just a note that I have removed ShineCash from the actively listed sites as the site has apparently closed.

I think I have gone through all the sites in my current active stable for now and updated info where I found it and did some housecleaning. Hopefully we are a little more up to date now!

I have a couple more posts to post before I go for now, but everyone have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates on Listed Sites & Housecleaning

After catching up on most sites I work and support, I think I have now updated most of the info for the majority of listed sites in their individual listings, though there may be still more to come as I haven't hit everywhere 100% yet. I have also removed a couple of dead sites and other such housecleaning stuff here on the site.

Some of the more major changes I noted (which may or may not be news to some of you since I've been catching up on about a two or three month backlog worth of stuff):

Daily payouts at Ozzys Direct Pay: As of May 8th, Ozzys is paying every day if you meet the $10 minimum cashout, so no more waiting to be paid.

A revision to previously reported minimum cashout change at Cartoon-Clicks: I previously reported in March that Cartoon-Clicks was trying out a lowered minimum cashout of $3. This is true, but it's for PayPal only and the other part of it was paying DAILY if you meet the $3 minimum cashout, so just wanted to correct that info. Check and gift card payments are still $10 and paid monthly.

Changes at CashMakingMonkies: CashMakingMonkies now has a $20 minimum cashout by PayPal only; to cashout via Wal-Mart gift certificate, $23. There is also now a stipulation on the site that in order to cashout, at least 50% of your cashout must be in offer earnings. I'm not sure why a site would at present raise cashout so high when so many others in the community have much easier to reach cashout levels and terms, and as anyone reading here long knows there is only one site I actively and regularly support that has a $20 cashout minimum and I generally do not encourage and recommend sites that are above $10, so I have removed the site from some of my top lists for the time being, due to not only that but the fact that although I have been paid from this site, it was by the previous owner rather than the current owner. In any case, if you have time and effort and a balance invested in the site then by all means, you should continue to work it.

Payment time changes at MoneyDreams: MoneyDreams made the change in recent months to now paying weekly instead of bi-monthly.

Other changes I have made to various site listings here on the site:

Added payment options to JillsClickCorner - (now pays by a large number of pay sites)
Changed payment terms to Fantasy Ads - now by PayPal only & changed to $3 cashout
Removed these apparently closed PTC sites: Click4MoreAds, PTClickers

I have also made updates to the three posts in the Maximize Your Earnings section (including adding the weekly jackpot info on DealBarbiePays):

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Jackpots
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Promo Codes
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites Playing Games & Trivia

That's it for now, more to come if/when I find more changed info of any great importance!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got Paid Update #48 - AdPaid

Yet another super fast payment from AdPaid, a site that is great to deal with both as a member and when you want to advertise a little. They have really great ad rates and they're just wonderful to work with. I requested my $4.14 payment on the evening of May 8th and by just after 5 in the morning on May 9th had received the payment in my PayPal.

There is a never-ending slew of paid mails from AdPaid and also PTC and plenty of other stuff on the site, so if you haven't joined this one, I encourage you to sign up today!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Got Paid Update #47 - DealBarbiePaysFast

Terribly belated, but did want to quickly report a $2.72 payment received from DealBarbiePaysFast and indeed it was fast! Not even a full 24 hours passed before I had the payment in my PayPal account. That's awesome!

This is a terrific site with a long good paying history & a great reputation, so sign up today if you haven't already!

Back, Sorta

Trying to ease back in the swing of things here - it has been a really insane spring thus far at Moneyhunting Central.

I have a few news items (which are probably old news to many of you by now) but I need to re-verify that those things are still the same before I post about them.

I do find that Click4MoreAds and PTClickers are both apparently no more, so I will be removing them from the site shortly - as well as any more I find that have disappeared in the last couple of months.

Onward and upward - hoping to get back to regular daily posting next week. Apologies for the downtime!
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