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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got Paid Update #51 - MatrixMails

Oh, MatrixMails, how I love thee! MatrixMails was one of the first sites I joined and it's just always been so wonderful. Yesterday I received my fourth payment from MatrixMails in the amount of $7.19, bringing my all-time payment total from MatrixMails now to $27.91.

I cannot recommend the upgrades at MatrixMails (and ClixSense, for that matter) enough. Without those upgrades, I'd probably still be waiting to cashout at both a year from now. I sprang for the Gold Lifetime membership at MatrixMails a year ago and have never regretted it; for one, you only have to pay it once, ever. Two, the potential earnings if you get referrals that upgrade are huge. But even without that, the fact that I make $0.04 on paid mails and $0.02 on PTC has made it all worthwhile (and cashout-able). You can still earn more than standard with the Gold and Silver monthly memberships, but it's so much better with the lifetime memberships (plus no repeated paying for them, of course).

Another kinda cool thing about MatrixMails is you almost always get more when you get paid than what you request, because they will pay you whatever the balance is in your account on the date of payment. I requested $6.87, but got paid $7.19 because that's how much PTC I'd racked up between the date I cashed out and the date of payment. So that's always neat too.

If you're not a member, you should be - this site is long established and not going anywhere, and with a fantastic history of paying for years now. Join MatrixMails today!

MatrixMails - Get paid

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