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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Got Paid Update #139: Gomez PEER

It's been a while, but I finally have a new payment to report from good old Gomez PEER! I got paid $6.00 today (16th July) for my June 2013 PEER payment. Previously, for the last few years, I had been averaging getting paid about every three months (about four times a year).

This time, however, is the first time I've been paid by Gomez in about ten months, but that's totally my fault, not theirs. Around the time I would have normally been looking for my usual payment in December of last year, I was using a program on my computer daily and for hours at a time that Gomez didn't really interfere with, but it was a little too much hassle to have both running at the same time so I shut the PEER off for a while, and did so several times over the course of the next several months. When I eventually turned it back on full time, I was relieved to see that I was still at active status despite my not running it nearly as often as I had been.

That all said, the PEER really doesn't interfere with anything at all or slow my computer down at all, at least that's been my experience in running it (pretty much non-stop all the time, for the most part) since the summer of 2008. It really just doesn't and I pretty much don't even know it's there and running most of the time. When I had it shut off last winter and this spring, it was mainly because of the OTHER program I was using that took up so many resources, not because of anything the PEER does or doesn't do.

The only time I ever even notice it's there is the rare occasion my Internet burps for a second, and when everything rights itself the little PEER window will pop up. That is pretty much it, otherwise I'd forget it was there altogether (except for when they pay me, of course!!).

You can install the PEER on as many computers as you have access to do so. I'd have it running full-time on my significant other's laptop too, except it was an old slow one and now it's broken anyway. Whenever we get around to replacing his laptop, I plan to install the PEER on it too (and thus make even more money with the PEER).

Gomez was acquired by a company called Compuware a few years ago but they apparently just now got around to revising the Gomez PEER section of their website, and apparently some of it was real recent because all of a sudden referral links were not going to the proper page for people to sign up and banners had disappeared, but since I noticed the problem (and had emailed them about it) I notice it's all fixed back right now. So if you tried to sign up before fairly recently and couldn't get to the registration page, try again!

Gomez pays by PayPal and pays you automatically the next month (usually between the 14th and 17th) whenever you have accrued $5 or more in your account. They also accept members from most countries.

You can read my previous post about the Gomez PEER to see in more detail what it's all about.

And if you haven't tried to sign up before, check out the Gomez PEER today!

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Got Paid Update #138: ClixSense

Just yet another payment from ClixSense to report today, which pushed me over the $200 total earnings mark. Hooray!

I requested the most recent payment of $16.17 last Friday morning and received it that afternoon. This payment brought my total earnings with ClixSense to a grand total of $206.34.

Certainly if ClixSense had had as many earning opportunities as they do now back in the first couple of years I started with them - and if I'd been more diligent and active over the past couple of years since they added more and more opportunities - I'd have hit $200 sooner, I feel sure.

Mind you, though, I have earned over $150 of that $200 total just since this past February, when I started actively working the site again after a very long period away, so I'm right happy with that. I am to the point now where I'm cashing out with ClixSense twice a month on average, and sometimes more.

The majority of my ClixSense earnings come from doing what's required on the Daily Checklist Bonus almost every day, which generally consists of clicking a few ads, clicking the required amount on the ClixGrid, reading a forum post, and doing at least two offers, or five Crowdflower tasks and an offer, or ten Crowdflower tasks. As far as the offers/tasks, I usually do a couple of offers surveys (or more if there are some available) or some other short-ish offers, and am normally through with my ClixSense activity for the day in a minimal amount of time and move on to something else.

To be completely transparent here, I also have one pretty active referral (who is also upgraded) who has a couple of active referrals under them, but those commissions just make up a little less than half or so of my total earnings since February.

And (important to note) - all of the above is only with ONE active direct referral presently (and only a handful of additional direct referrals who are mostly inactive at present).

So yes - you really can reach cashout pretty consistently with ClixSense even with only a small number of referrals, and probably even with none at all if you are pretty diligent about the Daily Checklist Bonus and maybe putting forth a little extra effort too. (And of course especially if you're upgraded, but the difference between cashouts for upgraded Premium and free Standard members is only $2 as it is.)

I've been a little behind on processing cashouts in recent weeks so this was the first one I'd had to report in a couple of weeks, but I've got a few pending ones that should be showing up shortly. And I still have that (now slightly long-awaited) big announcement to make soon, so stay tuned and keep checking back!

Not a member of this long-established and reliably paying site? Check out ClixSense today!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spotlight On: AdPaid

AdPaid, which has long been a favorite site of mine and has some of the nicest admins around (one of which unfortunately recently retired), has been going through some server issues in recent months but that appears to have been resolved now and the site is back up and running as usual. That's great, because they have always been reliable and always paid fast, with a super low $3 minimum cashout.

It's also been one of my favorites because for many years they have always had a lot of regular paid emails sent to members. Apparently the paid email system is still being worked on, but one of the admins recently posted that it should be back up and running very soon, so that's good news as well.

Here's the basic 411 on AdPaid:
  • It's been online and paying since May 2004
  • $3 minimum cashout ($5 for gift certificates)
  • Payment via PayPal, or Amazon/BestBuy/Wal-Mart gift certificates within 7 days
  • PTC, PTS, paid surveys, & paid e-mails
  • 6 referral levels
  • Points converted to cash monthly
  • Upgrade to earn more
  • Members welcome from these countries/territories:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guernsey, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Luxembourg, Maldives, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, US Virgin Islands
  • Awarded Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com

If you're not already a member of this great site, you should check out AdPaid today!

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Site Updates: Global Test Market (correction), MatrixMails & Traffic Wave Profits (deletions)

Hi there! Just a few notes (and a correction/clarification) on some changes I've made here and on the Quick List over the weekend.

I previously reported that Global Test Market had lowered their minimum cashout, with their recent addition of PayPal and other new payment options (instead of as it was previously, by check only), from $50 (1000 points) to $10 (230 points). One would have assumed that was the case when the PayPal addition was made and the addition of payment options as low as $10, especially since that's more along the lines of how their competitors in the survey site industry operate.

I have since found out that what I reported was incorrect - Global Test Market's minimum cashout is still $50 (1000 points), but you now have the large variety of payment options including PayPal. I'm not quite sure why they made the addition of PayPal and other options, and things like offering $10 via PayPal for 230 points, if they were going to still require a cashout at $50 and 1000 points. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

Still, adding PayPal as a payment option (as well as the many others they've added) is a great improvement, GTM is one of my favorite survey sites as many surveys I've gotten have been interesting and pretty lucrative, and even with the $50 minimum cashout, I was able to cashout in only a matter of months once I got diligent about doing surveys again. So, a good thing all around (but it'd still be nicer and more in line with their survey site competition if they lowered the minimum cashout).

In other news, I made the difficult decision to remove MatrixMails as an active site. It's been pretty much dead since late 2011 and really all but closed entirely, as it's been completely inactive for months. My balance hasn't moved in nearly a year, there have been no ads on the site in that long or more, there's been no news posted since November 2011 on the site, and their Paid to Read mail section has been inaccessible for at least six months or more.

I hate to remove it, as it was one of the best sites around for nearly a decade and was reliable and paying, and was one of my best paying sites for years. All things considered, though, I feel have no choice but to refrain from promoting it further.

I have also removed Traffic Wave Profits from the Quick List, as it appears to be dead as well. The site hasn't been accessible at all in at least six months, if not more. I've also removed (at least for now) Marketing Pond and Viral Pond - somewhat puzzlingly, both sites are now showing domain holding pages, VP for nearly a month now. Very puzzling, and I hope nothing bad has happened to the sites' admin. MP used to be extremely active.

Fortunately the majority of active sites on the list appear to still be highly active, reliably paying, and just booming, especially the PTC sites (like the brand new Nerdbux) and PTR sites! And all of the survey sites I have kept in my stable to work on, including Global Test Market, are continuing to send survey invites regularly and have been increasing my balances regularly, at least as long as I continue to be diligent about checking my email for invites regularly.

If you're not a member and like earning through paid surveys, check out Global Test Market today!

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