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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gomez PEER Revisited - I Got Activated!

Well, after all my yapping yesterday about important info to share this week (the most important of which I did manage to post yesterday), I got unexpectedly busy over the past 24 hours and don't have time but for a quick post today. But that's OK, there will be more super-important info here before the week's out!

While we're at it, though, I'd like to talk about Gomez PEER a little bit again, especially now that I have some more experience with it. (Click here to re-read my original post about it.) I figure this is one of the moneymaking opportunities here that people may be the most skeptical about because you have to download it to your PC, so I wanted to revisit the subject again.

The Gomez PEER is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC that combines the spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure the performance of web sites. So, it is basically using the resources that you don't use in the background of your computer to test the performance of websites (and thereby basically make the Internet better for all!).

I had seen it but didn't join and download for a long time because (1) I am a techgeekchick and a gamer (well, when and if I can find the time), and I get aggravated when my computer doesn't run as fast as it possibly can, so I am VERY picky about what I put on it that might use up any resources; and (2) also being a techgeekchick and having been using computers since, like, 1979, I may make a few concessions but I basically keep my computers locked up tighter than Fort Knox and run security software constantly, so I more often than not avoid lots of things that require me to download them and install them on my computer.

The PEER is safe and secure, and I've been happy to report in the past as well - and continue to - that it doesn't interfere with ANYTHING I do or run. I just simply don't know it's even there. Even when I'm loading and running other known resource hogs (like my beloved games) - the PEER running in the background simply does not affect anything. It's like it's invisible.

It took me about two months to finally get made active, so now I will also be getting paid every month that the PEER makes me over $5 a month (up to $45 monthly). When you sign up, you are placed in pending status and your account is reviewed periodically for potentially being made active, so the thing to do is install it and leave your computer on with the PEER running as much as possible.

It may take a little while, but I can now verify that after some time there is a good chance you will be made active! So if you've installed it and been running it and are still in pending, don't give up hope. And from the looks of things, I think I will be able to say in August that I've now been paid by Gomez PEER, too - awesome!

But even if you are not made active and therefore making money on the PEER's processing time, you can still make money referring others who are made active PEERs even if you are still in pending or are made inactive. Gomez PEER will pay you a one-time $1 referral bonus for every referral that's made active, and again, you'll get paid monthly as long as your qualified earnings are $5 a month or more.

You can also run the PEER on as many computers as you have access to run it on. I haven't been using my laptop as much because it's been having problems lately, but any time it's on, the PEER is usually then running on both it and my desktop computer. So you can double (or more) your earnings that way. I think it's quite possible that running it on more than one computer can increase your chances to get made active also, but that's just a guess on my part. Their FAQ does state that users with the most system activity are much more likely to be activated.

Gomez PEER pays by PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay and, again, pays you every month your qualified earnings are over $5. They accept new Peers with both dialup and broadband connections, and from most countries.

At this time (July 8th, 2008), their list of most needed countries for more Peers are: United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and all countries in South America. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it if you are in another country than those; there's always a chance your account might get made active, and they review your account every 7-10 business days.

So if you're interested, head over to Gomez PEER (they have tons more information in their FAQ if you have more questions) and check it out!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

More tomorrow! Have a great night (or day, wherever you are)!

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