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Monday, July 7, 2008

Marketing Pond

So you're probably here because you want to know how to make money online, preferably for free. I certainly was looking for the same when I started looking around the Internet for ways to bring in some income. Since around Christmas, I have waded through a veritable TON of GPT/PTR/PTC sites and other online moneymaking possibilities - many of which you've seen listed here, and far more which are not listed here because they reeked of scams, or were legitimate but just didn't meet my standards for sharing, or some other reason I bypassed 'em.

I wish I had found what I'm about to tell you about FIRST, because if I had, it would have saved me an awful lot of time and trouble trying to sort out the good and worthwhile from stuff that wasn't worth wasting my time and effort on. As well as put me on the road to maximizing earnings MUCH faster.

If you've been at it for a while trying to make extra income online, you've probably had some difficulties getting referrals and building your downlines at the various places there are. If you're new to it all, you might not be sure what all you should do, or have questions and could use some help.

That's where Marketing Pond comes in. It's totally there to help with all those issues and more - AND it's totally FREE.

All but one of the programs in Marketing Pond are completely NO-COST ways to earn FREE money. Marketing Pond does include one business opportunity in the mix that anyone can afford, but virtually everything else in the system is 100%, totally free.

If you've been doing this a little while online, you're probably already a member of some of them; some of them I've reviewed here in the past. This is a very simple way to make more money with the programs you're not already signed up with, and build your downlines/get referrals for those AND any programs in Marketing Pond that you're already a member of.

The free-to-join programs in Marketing Pond are all legitimate programs with proven longevity. Any program that doesn't stand up to par is removed.

But wait, there's more! You'll also have access to a wealth of information and tips and tricks on how to maximize your earnings, build up your downlines and get more referrals, and make more money. MP also has a VERY active forum with knowledgeable and helpful members, and an admin (who has been making a living online for ten years and makes a six-figure income) who is constantly sharing info and tips and providing walk-throughs to teach you EXACTLY what to do to make more money. She, as well as many other helpful folks, is there in the forum every single day and active, and there to help and guide you. I'll be there too!

This is not the lazy way to make money online, but it's not difficult. You have to be willing to do some reading and participate. And did I mention it's FREE? (LOL.)

I'm not just jacking you around here and talking this up for any personal gain of my own. I have learned more in a pretty short time at Marketing Pond than I have learned in YEARS of studying ways to make money online. I'm already seeing some good results myself, and I have barely even started to use the tools I've gained from being involved with MP.

And I'm going to of course continue to share my reviews of online moneymaking opportunities here, but you just cannot go wrong adding Marketing Pond to your portfolio of ways to earn (FREE!!!) money online.

It's a fantastic tool to use towards expanding your income. And it's FREE. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So head on over to the Marketing Pond and read some more about it from Valerie, the admin. Then do yourself a great big favor and sign up; join the programs you're not already in, add your info to the programs you're already in, and start reading about how to make more money with all of it. I'll see ya at the Pond! :)

UPDATED 07/08/2013: Marketing Pond appears to have closed (or in any case, there is currently a domain holding page at the domain, as has also its sister program Viral Pond) so I am deactivating the site from the active list, at least for now).

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