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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I need to get a little better organized, because I somehow accidentally stuck my link to QuickRewards in the wrong place, and just recently found it via another list of stuff I had 'cause I discovered I had earned some change through mails from QuickRewards. Oops!

QuickRewards is another one with a lot of good word of mouth and favorable comments out there on the 'Net. Some of the big pluses about it is the fact that there's a LOT of very different stuff you can do, on site and off, to earn cash and other goodies. It also has a number guessing game & a trivia game that you can play daily that I like a bunch.

There are different earnings for different things on the site - you can rack up cash, points (which you can redeem for cash in 100 point increments), and tokens (redeemable for prizes). At 100, the points will automatically turn to cash and I've watched my balance go up a couple of cents just in a day this week that way. They have paid mail and paid to click (PTC) opportunities as well.

QuickRewards has no minimum cashout by PayPal and can be requested anytime ($5-25 cashout minimum for gift certificates). Payment is usually within 24-48 hours. They also offer gift certificate options. QuickRewards members must be from the US, UK, or Canada only.

QuickRewards has been awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com.

This site is a little different from the rest and there's definitely a LOT you can do, so go check out QuickRewards today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Easiest & Laziest Ways to Make Money Online, In a Nutshell

UPDATED: 3rd June 2014

I wanted to consolidate the group of links for the very laziest and easiest ways to make money online so, as well as being dotted all over the site in their individual categories, I'm gonna congregate all those links here in this one post too.

To me, the absolute easiest and laziest ways to rack up online cash are with paid e-mails and "paid to click" (PTC) opportunities on a site. As I've said before, this is most definitely not the fastest way to make money online, but it takes very little effort - opening a few e-mails a day or going to a site for a few minutes a day and checking out their PTC opportunities - and I have found with most of these sites, it's a steady stream of paid mails coming through. Several of them, I get a lot of mails a day and it's just pretty constant and steady. Which is great!

I'll be adding to this list as I come across more (or deleting as needed).

So if you want to make spare cash the easiest and laziest ways possible, I recommend you sign up with all of these and sit back and wait for the paid mails to come rolling in (or the ones that have PTC options on site, drop by their site every day or two and do a little clicking).








ClixSense (upgrade for only $17 a year & generally get LOTS more ads to read)
LinkGrand (upgrade for only $5 for 4 months, $12 for 2 years, or $25 lifetime which is a great deal)
WordLinx (upgrade for only $15 a year & generally get lots more ads to read)
PTCProfessor (not a PTC site, but a great downline builder and resource for many popular PTC sites)
MY-PTC Downline Builder (another great PTC downline builder)


Bank Roll Bucks


Cash Surfing Network
Gomez PEER
PTC Professor

There you go! You'll find the ones you like best as you go along but frankly, with all these super easy ways with the sites listed above with just reading paid emails and clicking, I'll be sticking with ALL of these for a long time to come and hopefully you will too, and we'll all make a little extra cash!!

And don't forget about the good survey sites that really do pay and are worthwhile too! Easy money for just a little effort here and there at all of these:

American Consumer Opinion: Earn Money Answering Surveys
Survey Savvy: Earn More Money Responding to Surveys
MindField Online: Get Paid to Take Surveys
Toluna (acquired Your2Cents in Summer 2009): Another Paying Survey Site
SurveySpot: Yet Another Paying Survey Site
MySurvey: Rewards for Taking Surveys

See more here:  The 11 Legitimate and Paying Survey Sites I Actively Work

And you can also let your computer make money while you're doing other things on it, at work, in class, or sleeping with the Gomez PEER - click here to check it out!

Good luck! Now go make some money!!


Today's find is a good one! DonkeyMails has a lot of the things I like best in a "get paid to" site because it has many of the laziest & easiest ways to rack up some cash - LOTS of paid emails and paid to click options - which is the way I like it best, lazy & easy! This site also has a really good reputation in the online community as one with an attentive owner & good payment history, so more pluses there!

UPDATED 03/02/2013: Minimum cashout is small - $1 minimum for PayPal and Payza, $0.01 for Liberty Reserve. You can request payout whenever and they usually pay about once a week, but definitely within 30 days. DonkeyMails has five referral levels (5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, & 1%).


I joined last week and already have gotten bunches and bunches of paid emails, and there always seem to be new paid to click opportunities on site as well, so I am liking this one a lot! Hope you will too! Join DonkeyMails today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Friday, April 25, 2008


No-Minimum.com is another one that has impressed me and I've grown to like a lot in a very short time. It's also another one that has had a lot of good feedback from members about good payment history. Low minimum payouts, fast payouts, & word that a place has a good history of paying members impresses me a lot!

UPDATED 03/02/2013: There is an only $1 minimum payout via PayPal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve, with payments usually made weekly. You can request payment anytime - payment will be made within 30 days, but the site states that under normal circumstances payment are made once a week.

They also have lots of pay to click ads and other opportunities to make cash other ways besides doing just offers, and they have some games as well. I'm also getting a lot of paid emails from them already. And, they accept all international members! Six referral levels here (5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, & 1%).

So what have you got to lose? Go make some money at No-Minimum.com!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


If I get a chance to this weekend, I will update on my current earnings. If not, look for that soon, and in any case, I'll be back on Monday with more new sites you can scrounge up a little extra cash on!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Here's today's find, CravingCash! There's lots of good and positive buzz around the 'Net about this site and it's got many of the features that really draw my attention - nicely done site, easy to understand FAQ and other instructions, and they have continuous contests and promotions listed every day on the calendar. Nice!

They pay monthly by PayPal or check, minimum cashout is (now) $10. It's open to US & Canada members only at this time. CravingCash has three referral levels - 15%, 5%, and 2%.

I heard so much good about this one regarding good payment history, responsive & nice owners, and more, so this is one I'll be keeping a close eye on to see how it goes. And the contests and other promotions look pretty cool! Have fun and join CravingCash today!

UPDATE 06/27/2010: CravingCash lowered its minimum cashout from $15 to $10 (now noted above as well).

UPDATED 06/24/2012: CravingCash changed their minimum cashout by PayPal or Amazon gift card to $5 some time ago (cashout by check is still $10). Please be aware, however, the site appears to have gone inactive & is currently expired (though still accessible), and from the looks of the discussion in the site chat box, the owner apparently has not been heard from in some time.

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As I've mentioned many times before, I have a particular affinity for the sites that offer paid emails and paid to click ads 'cos for someone who is into doing this the laziest and easiest ways possible (or in my case, just don't have a ton of extra spare time), those are the easiest ways to rack up a little spare change daily just by reading a few paid mails and reviewing a few ads every day for a little while. Granted, it takes a little longer for the pay to add up in those cases as opposed to paid offers and such, but it's very little work and every cent adds up and counts anyway, so what the heck, right?

So the other day I came across AdPaid, after having seen some very positive remarks about their payment history and the site in general from one of their members, and immediately I liked it. The site's laid out very well, information is easy understand - lots of things that are always big pluses about paid to do stuff sites. They also have paid to click, paid offers, and other options to wrangle up some dough. Also, within a few hours, I had already gotten several paid emails, so that impressed me further.

Another big plus for AdPaid - once you reach the minimum ($3) or more for cashout ($5 for gift certificates), you can request payment anytime and they pay within at least seven days... although they also say on the site that in most circumstances, it's within 48 hours. Excellent!

UPDATED 03/02/2013: Payment is through PayPal (e-Gold is no longer an option), or they also offer Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Best Buy gift certificates. AdPaid is open to members in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

More on AdPaid (updated info 06/13/2009):
  • 6 referral levels
  • Points are converted to cash monthly
  • Awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com
  • Online and paying since May 2004
AdPaid is fabulous and as of this update (06/13/2009), I have been paid twice by this site and it is an ongoing favorite. If you're not already a member, join AdPaid today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Survey Sites That Pay!

UPDATED 07/09/2009: I am no longer updating this post with payment information from survey sites I am active on. For current information on active sites, payment proofs, etc., please refer to the newer post by clicking HERE.

I've been promising for a couple of weeks now that I would list some of what I consider the "better" survey sites that do pay (or at least have decent bonus things for surveys, like good gift card options) and that I feel are worth the time and effort. Some of these I've been a member of for many years, some I've only recently started with but did some research beforehand into whether they were worthwhile or not.

After I've posted this today, I'll get back to reviewing the "pay to" sites once again daily - I've found some good ones with some neat stuff, and all came highly recommended by their members as great sites that pay - so be watching the rest of the week for some of those!

One more note - ALL of the below are free to join. Here we go...

- Also known as MySurvey.com or National Family Opinion, and one I've been a member of forever. You earn points for each survey, which can then be redeemed for cash (payable by check), prizes, or charity donations (1,000 points = $10.00 cash). The site is available to US members in the 48 contiguous states only, but they do have sister sites with panels in Canada and the UK. NFO/MySurvey is great and usually shorter surveys that aren't a big pain. Check it out!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Opinion Outpost
- I just recently became a member of this one but the opportunity to make extra cash here is very good. You get points for every survey you qualify for, and 10 points = $1.00 cash. You can cash out at a minimum of 50 points ($5.00) and request a check. Surveys have been coming in regularly and I am close to the minimum to cash out after just a few weeks, so I'd say that's a good deal! Check out Opinion Outpost today!

UPDATE: Paid 0n 06/11/2008 - $9.50
UPDATE: Paid on 07/10/2008 - $6.50

American Consumer Opinion - Another one I have been a member of this one for years as well and feel it's worth the time. You can win money in monthly drawings just for being a member, win money in drawings when you fill out a screener (a short questionnaire), and earn money each time you fill out a survey (a longer questionnaire). International participants are welcome! Their surveys usually pay more per survey than many, so check out ACOP today.

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Toluna (acquired Your2Cents in Summer 2009) - I had been a member of Your2Cents for years, which was acquired by Toluna in the summer of 2009, and it's been great. You can join as an online panel member, a mobile panel, or both, and when you do qualify for a survey, the benefits are excellent. Every panelist who qualifies for and completes an online survey is an instant winner of at least $1, up to $5. Every panelist who qualifies for and completes a mobile survey earns at least $3, up to $5. Some surveys offer higher instant winner cash rewards. When a panelist attempts to take a survey, but does not qualify for the study, he or she is still rewarded with an entry to their $5,000 cash giveaway. There are other bonuses as well that you can read about in their FAQ.

UPDATE: Paid by Your2Cents (now Toluna) 07/12/2008: $5.00

SurveySpot - Also worth checking out and pays, more in later updates on surveys.

MindField Online

E-Poll - Another I've been a member of for years, as has my sister. Rather than cash, you take surveys to earn points for various gift cards to major retailers like Best Buy, Target, Starbucks, iTunes, McDonalds, Home Depot, Amazon.com, and many more, as well as some other redemption options. My sister likes to redeem hers in time for giving the cards as Christmas stocking goodies!

Pinecone Research - They do pay, often and quite well, and that's probably why it's so hard to get into these days. The company website is located here but you cannot submit an application from there. Here is a place you can sign up through IF it says the panel is open to new applicants in your country (as I write this it is open for USA and Canada right now). Good luck!

My Aim is True... On Keeping the Good Quality Sites Listed Here

Just wanted to drop a quick note and reiterate that I will be constantly updating/changing things like the "Top Ten", the (upcoming) "Best Laziest & Easy Money Sites", etc., as time goes on, things change, I find new sites that really wow me - and so on.

I've already found a few new ones this week that wowed me right off the bat so some of the "tops" are probably going to change very shortly!

I also wanted to add that I've been doing lots of research lately checking to see what sites members are reporting they ARE getting paid by, which ones pay fast, and most especially and importantly, what sites are landing themselves on banned and "watch" lists with their site members reporting negative things like non-payment, etc. Any sites that people are reporting such things are either not going to get listed here or if they are listed, I will pull them and no longer recommend them.

My aim is to provide information on the better quality sites and the ones that are known for good payment histories and other positives, so I'm trying to be thorough about checking into the histories of the sites I list before posting them. The good news is that I was relieved that so far all the sites I have listed have had nothing but all or almost all positive info out there, and none were on the banned list I check every day now. :)

In any case, happy clicking and the long-promised paid survey post is coming right up!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


There are dozens of different things you can do on TreasureTrooper to pick up cash and many other things I haven't quite figured out yet, but among the things you can do are offers, surveys, shopping, games. There's actually a lot about this site I haven't quite figured out how exactly it works and am still discovering and investigating. So far I've racked up $3.00 here.

TreasureTrooper is open to US members as well as those outside the US, though like many of these sites that are open to non-US members, they warn that some offers may not be available to those outside of the United States. There is a $20 minimum cashout for TreasureTrooper, payable by check or verified PayPal. Two referral levels here of 20% and 5%.

It's a cute and humorous site, and again, if you like games - you'll probably dig TreasureTrooper a bunch!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Much Have I Made? - Update #1

This will no doubt become a regular update/slash/report on the site, but I was curious as to how much money I had floating around out there right now on the sites I've reviewed thus far, so I checked on them all to see and was MORE than just pleasantly surprised!

Two things to take into account here - first, these figures are ONLY for sites I have listed here on the Guide so far. So I have more cash out there elsewhere, I just haven't gotten around to listing those sites yet.

Second - I have been lazy, lazy, LAZY in my efforts lately because I've been so busy with putting the guide together and starting a new job, so whatever I've made here, which is for the most part from the end of February/first of March on, is a lot less than what I COULD have made. Other than the fact I have been pretty diligent about reading all the paid e-mails available to me, I've been totally doing this the lazy way most definitely the last several weeks.

And don't let the small and smallish amounts at each site throw you off reading... keep reading 'til you get to the good part (the grand total)!! It does add up!

So let's see where being lazy about it all has gotten me, shall we? Here goes:

ClixSense - $1.62 so far, all for reading 30-second ads, mostly from companies anyone would be interested in - Starbucks, Netflix, eBay, Sirius, etc. And since I upgraded to premium status, right this minute I still have 350 ads left to view. Easy, easy money.

MatrixMails - $0.44 for reading all of 38 e-mails and doing one paid-to-click thingy. Again - super easy cashola there. I did recently upgrade to the single gold account to try it out for three months so I do make a little more per mail now, but most of that total is from when I still was a free account holder.

FusionCash - $1.50 for doing two offers. I haven't done much with Fusion lately but then again I got a fairly big payout (over $65) from them last month, so.

CashCrate - $8.21 for doing offers and planning to do at least enough more to get a check in May, woohoo!

SquishyCash - $11.18 for doing offers and getting a little every single day I log on as an activity bonus. I love the activity bonuses some of the sites have!

SendEarnings - $8.04, which includes the $5 signup bonus, $1.50 for filling out a few surveys on the site, and $1.50 for having read 60 paid e-mails, a few a day. Paid e-mails are SUCH easy money!!

Inbox Dollars - $9.18, the total of which is for the $5 signup bonus, $1.50 for surveys on site, 50 cents for - I'm not sure what that was for, but something on the site! - and $2.18 all for having read 73 paid e-mails at a few a day. Again - EASY!!!

Hits4Pay - $13.10, which is for the $10 signup bonus plus $3.10 for reading 155 paid e-mails. That may sound like a lot of mail to read, but honestly, it's SO easy to do when you just read a few a day, and they come in steadily.

Deals 'n Cash - $5.30. The $5 signup bonus plus 30 cents for reading 15 paid e-mails. Easy.

PayCage - $2.02 is how much I've racked up for doing a couple of things at PayCage.

Cash Lagoon - $1.10 is my balance over there. Did, I don't know, two or three easy things maybe.

PaidYouSure - $0.24 for reading paid e-mails only (tho there's plenty more to do over there). It's just too easy to read a few of these a day and let the cash stack up.

Raining Riches - $2.00, which was the signup bonus. As I said I just haven't had a lot of time to really put a lot of work into most of these the last few weeks, but that's still $2 I didn't have before!

Freebies Junction - $3.00 waiting for me at this site. Woo!

MyPiggyBankCash - $0.50 for doing, well, nothing really. One offer that took a minute or two to do. Easy.

Daily Cash Rewardz - $0.28 from them pending for doing all of one offer that took a minute.

GetPaidTo.com - $0.50 over here is what I have for doing one quick little thing.

Keep This Change - $1.00 over here for... I'm not sure what but whatever it was, it only took a minute or two or three.

MyDoggieDollars - $2.22 already on my newest site I've listed here.

And worth mentioning also:

PCHQuiz4cash - $3.62 is the total of my winnings so far from taking their quizzes almost every day, and I can request a check at $10, woohoo!

So how much have I racked up since the last week of February or so, just for being lazy (LAZY! I tell you) and not really doing all that much besides making a point of clicking a few sites a day and reading whatever paid e-mails come my way every day?

GRAND TOTAL: $75.05 (!!!)

I'd say that's pretty decent for what has really been a very small amount of work and effort on my part, yep!

Add to that the $67.55 I already got paid by FusionCash and Gptreasure.com last month for what was maybe a couple of hours' work and effort in February, and that's...

$142.60 for not doing much at ALL the last several weeks! Not bad for extra pocket money and spare change, huh?!

Me, I like doing it the lazy way and - as I've been saying - really haven't had time lately for much more than that. If you're willing to put a little more work and effort into it, you could no doubt top that total, easy. Again, little by little, it adds up - just like all of the above!

So there's my first big update for now, and I'll probably make it a regular end of month update or something when I'm getting all my ducks in a row to see what checks and payments I want to get sent in the following month... as well as, of course, making note of when a site actually pays me!

So stay tuned, there will be lots more ahead in the coming months, but I just wanted to post a fairly thorough look at where I stand right now so you could see for yourself how simple it is even if you're only doing it the lazy way like I mostly am.

Back with a new site to post tomorrow - 'til then, ciao!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Survey Delay (Hey, That Rhymed!)

Sorry folks, the promised survey site review and info is going to be just a little late as I discovered I needed to update some information. Look for it a little later in the week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Here's a nice little freebie for Friday that you may be able to rack up a little spare change on, especially if you like taking quizzes.

Publishers Clearing House has their PCHQuiz4cash sector, with several new quizzes daily and jackpots on each one. The topics have a wide range, from things like Celebrities, Science, Music, and Current Events to more specific ones like, for instance, Johnny Depp or Saturday Night Live. The questions are usually fairly simple (or at least simple to quickly Google!), and you can request your earnings and get a check in the mail at a minimum $10.

I have rotten luck when it comes to jackpots and prizes - I won a trip to Disney World when I was a kid and a large Amazon gift certificate once, and that's pretty much it - so I hold no high hopes for winning any of the jackpots. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, no shock there.

But the good news is I have already won $3.40 after only about five or six days' worth of taking quizzes in the past month, so now I'm just after winning some more so I can request my check!

VERY IMPORTANT: Hopefully you have already followed my suggestions in the "READ BEFORE YOU START" post here on the site, but it really is imperative you use an alternate e-mail address that you don't mind getting spammed to register with this one, because once you sign up, you're gonna get slammed.

As stated before, Gmail is a very good one to use for alternate email, you can register multiple addresses if needed, and their spam diversion is really great - it may not catch all, but it catches a lot of it, and it's really pretty rare I find anything in the spam bucket that shouldn't have landed there.

So again, get prepared with the alternate e-mail, go sign up here at PCHQuiz4cash, and see how much money you might win. Since I'm not expecting to win any of the jackpots and probably won't, I hope you do!

UPDATE 06/18/2008: PCHquiz4Cash has changed their site and their format to a points system, where you can trade in points for a spin at a wheel with points and cash prizes, and also upped their minimum payout to request a check to $25.

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

MatrixMails, Revisited

Things are really tight this month around here because even though I am finally working again, it'll be another month to almost two months before I have any significant income coming in due to a once a month pay schedule. I really need to find some time to do some more activities with all of the below sites & especially investigate the ones I haven't spent all that much time on further.

Anyway, I dug around in my car and found enough spare change to warrant doing this, so I decided to spend five bucks to upgrade my account with MatrixMails to a "gold" account for three months to see how that went and what the results would be. MatrixMails is one of the multi-activity sites with LOTS of different things you can do to make money, but for the most part I have only been utilizing reading paid e-mails with them.

That said, one of the big perks about upgrading to their "silver" or "gold" accounts is that you get paid more for those paid e-mails - in the case of the "gold" accounts, two to four times more.

Now, I have racked up a balance pretty steadily with MatrixMails as the paid e-mails come in pretty steadily - so far 35 cents for 35 e-mails at an average of about one a day.

BUT if I had already been a gold account holder, that balance would have been between 70 cents to $1.40 already instead. Sure, it may not sound like much, but every little bit counts! Plus there's more perks toward more opportunity for higher pay with the silver and gold accounts. The gold membership, as I said, starts as low as five bucks for three months and the silver membership starts at five bucks for six months, then there's plenty more options and packages as well.

Also, if you purchase the silver or gold upgrade, there is NO minimum payout (as opposed to the $25 minimum payout for free memberships). Another perk!

In any case, I will keep you posted as to how my tryout of the gold membership with MatrixMails goes. I really like the sites that offer paid e-mails the best because that's something I don't have to spend a ton of time on, it's easy as pie since all you do is read e-mail or view the advertisements, and all of the paid e-mail sites and other sites that offer paid e-mail send them out pretty regularly, in most cases every day. Yep, it takes a little while to rack up enough for payout but it takes very little effort and is something you can do for a few minutes every day and that's IT. How much easier could it get, you know?

(Click HERE for my original post about MatrixMails.)

I am putting together a little report of how much I have earned pending with all of the sites I have reviewed so far - as well as the promised look at what survey sites really work and pay and are worthwhile - so stay tuned for that coming up!

In the meantime, check out MatrixMails again if you haven't already. There's a bunch of different things you can do there besides paid e-mails (including, yes, play games!!!) to make some cash. Have fun!

MatrixMails - Get paid

Monday, April 7, 2008


On ClixSense, you basically get paid to view 30-second  (or less) ads and must go to the site to view them. You can rack up a minimal amount, or there are many opportunities to increase your earnings.

UPDATED INFO 03/03/2013: Minimum cashout at ClixSense is now $8 for Standard members and $6 for Premium (upgraded) members if by PayPal or Payza, and payments are now made twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays (there is a 2% fee for PayPal payments and a similar fee for Payza). Payment is also available Liberty Reserve, but with a $50 minimum cashout and 1% fee; these are also made twice weekly on Mondays and Fridays. Payment by check is still available with payments made monthly (first Monday of every month); $10 minimum (+$1.50 fee) for check payments to the US, Canada and Mexico; $100 (+$2 fee) for check payments to anywhere else in the world.

Also, within the last year or so ClixSense has instituted a deactivation process for inactive accounts. It doesn't appear that they are deleting inactive accounts totally, and it's easy to reactivate your account once marked inactive, but I would recommend logging in at least once a month to keep active.

In addition, I would be remiss in not mentioning in this update how much ClixSense has expanded their site in recent years to give you more ways to earn via the ClixGrid game, tasks, more offers, and much more. It is very easy to meet the minimum requirements on the Daily Checklist Bonus each day (look for it on the right hand side of your account page when logged into the site), and especially now since the minimum cashout has been lowered over the last couple of years, those daily bonuses can really add up to quick cashouts!

UPDATED INFO 06/24/2012: You earn $0.001 and up to $0.02 per ad viewed at ClixSense; the referral structure has changed quite a bit over the last 3+ years, but in general, as well as getting paid per referral click, there are referral signup commissions (for Premium members only) and referral upgrade commissions for both Standard and Premium members. Premium members get paid through eight tiers for referrals who also upgrade; Standard members get paid for only one tier (direct referrals who upgrade). Upgrade to Premium status is $17 a year, but you generally get a lot more ads than a Standard member and an opportunity to make more on referrals, as well as other benefits. Highly recommend this upgrade, you make lots more and faster that way!

UPDATE: ClixSense rocks - and the yearly upgrade is totally worth it. See all my later posts about the ClixSense upgrade in the "Where It Pays to Upgrade" section of the site.

Join ClixSense today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Coming Soon...

Besides more GPT and similar sites, I'll soon be adding some survey sites that I KNOW are worthwhile. There's tons of them out there, but many I've been a member of for years that pay in cash, points, or other niceties that are worth your time, so that'll be my next project. Once that's done, I'll probably be adding a GPT or similar site per day to the blog!

In the meantime, have fun checking out some of the below I've posted, good luck, and happy clicking! :)


I like CashCrate a lot - it's a really nicely technically done website, and being a web geek, that really appeals to me.

This GPT site always has plenty of offers and is clear and concise about it. It's open to US members and those outside the US (though they warn all offers might not be available to those outside the US).

UPDATE 09/02/2008: As of 09/01/2008, CashCrate now has a $20 monthly minimum by check and also added PayPal as a payment option. If you've made the $10 or more, they'll cut the check at the end of the month - you don't have to request it like many other sites. If you're getting one at the end of the month, they say you should receive it by mid-month the next month.

CashCrate also offers two referral levels (20% and 10%) and some nice perks and automatic upgrades when you have a certain number of referrals - read more on the site for more info.

Join CashCrate today - it indeed does pay!

UPDATE: Paid on 05/24/2008 - $10.21


FusionCash is my favorite right now 'cos... well, they've paid me! I spent a pretty short maybe four or five hours total in February on the site and got paid a little over $67 on March 10th.

The minimum cashout is $25, at least $15 of which must come from completed offers.

They do offer payments by verified PayPal, check, and direct deposit with no fees for any of the methods.

Referral bonuses: $1 bonus for every referral who confirms their e-mail address; $2 bonus when a referral completes their first offer; $5 bonus (forever) whenever a referral cashes out.

They were the first GPT site I really spent any time on and as you can see, I didn't spend that much time at all yet still managed to make nearly $70. Even bigger opportunities on this site if you can afford to do more than just the 100% freebies. I highly recommend FusionCash, join today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Free Money at FusionCash!


SquishyCash is a GPT site that offers bunches of regular incentives.The minimum payout is $20. Standard payments are sent once a month and are fee-free, the usual cash out by the end of the month, get paid on or around the last day of the next month (common with many GPT sites). PayPal payments are sent to Verified accounts only.

The site also offers daily payouts, but with a 33% transaction fee.

UPDATE 07/12/2008: SquishyCash now accepts international members.

UPDATE 07/13/2008: SquishyCash now has paid to click (PTC) on site.

UPDATE 11/04/2009: SquishyCash now offers payments by Wal-Mart or Target gift cards.

More about SquishyCash (updated 06/13/2009):
  • Activity bonus for regularly logging in
  • Three referral levels (20%, 5%, 2%)
  • Awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com
UPDATE 03/02/2013: Some changes since I last updated. Payment methods now available are PayPal, check, Amazon & Wal-mart gift certificate/card, and direct deposit; daily payouts are available with a 10% fee, monthly payouts are free. There is now just one referral level of 25%.

Join SquishyCash today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


SendEarnings is along the same lines as InboxDollars, but I get different paid emails from them than I do InboxDollars. It is another multi-activity site that offers surveys, shopping, offers & games as well as the paid emails.

This one is also a $30 minimum and by check only, but you can request a check anytime you make the $30 minimum. UPDATED 06/25/2012: US membership recommended only at this time (non-US members are welcome, but opportunities for non-US members are very limited).

SendEarnings has one referral level (10%) and you are upgraded to a free Gold membership after your first cashout.

$5 signup bonus on this one too, and the paid emails do come in pretty regularly! Join SendEarnings today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another multi-activity site that I think is pretty cool. It offers cash surveys, cash offers, cash games, and cash shopping as well as paid e-mails (which is mainly what I've used it for thus far). There was a $5 signup bonus when I joined.

You have to have a minimum $30 balance to request a check, and they do pay by check only, no PayPal or direct deposit. You can request a check anytime you reach the $30 minimum. UPDATED 06/25/2012: US membership recommended only at this time (non-US members are welcome, but opportunities for non-US members are very limited).

One referral level of 10% here, and you will be upgraded to a free Gold membership after your first cashout.

I find that the paid emails come in pretty regularly so on that alone I'm recommending them, but certainly if you have the time or are interested in earning more, there's plenty of opportunities to do so. Check out InboxDollars today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Hits4Pay & Deals 'n Cash

I am a member of both Hits4Pay & Deals 'n Cash, but it seems I only get mails from one since I'm signed up with both (they appear to be run by the same company) so I guess my recommendation would be make more use of Hits4Pay (since it has the larger signup bonus and less payout minimum). I've been hanging onto the Deals 'n Cash account anyway just on the off chance something else comes through them. (UPDATE: After I wrote this, I found I had some separate ones at Deals 'n Cash after all!)

Hits4Pay has a (UPDATED 06/24/2012) $5 signup bonus and if your balance is $25 or more at the end of the month, they will zero out the account and pay you via PayPal. Same thing with Deals 'n Cash with signup bonus of $5, except with a $30 minimum payout, same as above with PayPal. (The FAQ still talks about cutting and mailing checks, but apparently they went to payments by PayPal only sometime last year.)

Deals 'n Cash is available to members in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Probably the same for Hits4Pay though I am not positive (although apparently it is open to some outside the US).

Hits4Pay details:
  • Earn $0.02 per ad viewed, and $0.01 per referrals' ads viewed
  • Two referral levels (earn $0.01 per ad viewed on both referral levels)
Deals 'n Cash details:
  • Earn up to $0.05 per ad viewed, and $0.02 per referrals' ads viewed
  • One referral level ($0.02 per every referral ad viewed)
They send paid email notifications just about every day and I really enjoy doing them, it's easy and nothing I don't already do anyway. It'll take me a while to hit that minimum, but it'll be $25 I didn't have before when it's time! At this point, I highly recommend signing up with Hits4Pay & Deals 'n Cash both!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


This is another multi-activity site where you can do many things - get paid to click on sites, get paid to read e-mails, get paid to play games, and general GPT and signing up for offers, as well as other activities to get paid for.

I generally use MatrixMails just for the paid e-mails, but it's a pretty cool site overall. And I need to start going to the site itself more often besides my mailbox, 'cos there's always stuff you can make money on just by clicking.

More on MatrixMails (updated 06/13/2009):
  • You WILL make more if you do the PTCs on site daily or regularly
  • The Silver & Gold upgrades increase your earnings a lot & MUCH faster
  • Highly recommend Gold Lifetime membership with matrix - potential to earn $100s/1000s
  • Six referral levels - 20%, 10%, 8%, 6%, 4% & 2% - more if Silver or Gold member
  • Awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com
Fully international for the membership. For free members, the site pays out at $25 (three pay periods per month) or $2 minimum on personal clickthrus (thru PayPal or AlertPay). Lots of opportunities to get paid more, or more often, if you can afford a little extra.

UPDATED 06/25/2012: As many know, MatrixMails has been unable to pay via PayPal for several months now and there hasn't been any news in a while about whether PayPal payments will ever return. They are currently paying (instant payments) through Payza (formerly AlertPay).

UPDATED 03/02/2013: MatrixMails has gone all but completely inactive now, with not much activity since they were no longer able to use PayPal around the end of 2011 and although I was able to make a cashout last summer (summer of 2012), there has been very little activity since. I have a little hope that maybe the site will come back to life eventually since they were one of the longest established and best paying sites around for many, many years, but it's looking a little improbable at this point with the site being nearly dead for well over a year now. That said - I do NOT currently recommend registering and wasting any time on the site at present. If things change/improve, I will certainly update.

UPDATED 07/08/2013: MatrixMails appears to be completely dead and all but closed entirely, therefore I am moving it to the Closed Programs & Sites section as of today. (And frankly very sorry to have to do so.)

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Saturday, April 5, 2008


This has not been one of my favorite sites (mainly because of the $20 minimum payout) but that doesn't mean it might not become one of yours. DailyCashRewardz really is a nice site graphically.

One plus for this site is that you do get some more credit for logging in and being active (at least right now that's true)!

$20 payout by PayPal or check at any time - you also can rack up points towards Amazon, Target, and other gift cards on the site.

(UPDATE 12/2008: DailyCashRewardz has not only undergone a site remodeling, but has now changed to a $5 minimum cashout - more news on that soon!)

(NOTE: DailyCashRewardz is one of the SquishyCash network of sites, and SquishyCash has paid me - refer to the SquishyCash entry for more info!)

UPDATE 06/13/2009: Please see this updated post on DailyCashRewardz HERE :)

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.


(UPDATED: April 29th, 2008)


So, here's the deal. I was out of work for a few months & in pretty dire straits. While searching for anything that could help me get thru this period financially, I started joining some of the GPT ("get paid to") and paid survey sites, or going back to some of the ones I had been a member of before. I plan to update my blogs with new ones that I find (or note ones I decide aren't worth the trouble), update with notes when I actually get paid (or ones I know pay), and so on. I'm a longtime blogger so this was kind of a natural progression for me & hope that I can help others find ways to pick up a little extra cash when needed. **

While some of the sites I will list are pretty "fast" & "quick" about paying out, most of them only pay out once a month and/or have minimums they pay out, and you are not going to "get rich quick" by any means. Depending on what you can put into it & how much time you can put it on to it will make the difference - that said, I was able to put $67 in my PayPal account in February 2008 with just a little bit of time and work (probably about four hours' time total, if even that much).

That said, there are three things you should probably do before you start your venture into GPT, survey, & other sites for making some extra cash:

(1) I would suggest getting yourself an entirely different email address specifically to use on the GPT sites, because you WILL get spammed to death & you don't want to have to search for your "regular" e-mail amongst it all. I would recommend setting up a separate Gmail account, as Gmail has good spam filters & will filter out a good bit of the REAL spam while you'll still get most of the mail you really need to pay attention to. Check out Gmail by clicking here.

(2) I would highly recommend setting up a second Gmail (or other) address JUST for any survey sites you sign up with, simply to keep it separate from all the tons of other mail you will get from the GPT & similar sites and their clients. Plus that way you won't miss any potential paid surveys that come in.

(3) Lastly, unless you already have one, set up an account with PayPal and verify it ASAP. Yes, many of these sites will mail you a check, but most of them pay quicker through PayPal (and some pay via PayPal only), and many will only pay to verified PayPal accounts. Set up a new PayPal account by clicking here.

One more note - A lot of the offers on the GPT sites involve shopping, free trials, and the like. If you can afford to do so, you stand to make a fair amount more cash than those (like me, generally) who can only really afford to utilize the 100% free things most of the sites have to offer. Still, even only doing a couple of free trials & the rest 100% stuff, I've managed to rack up some cash... some of it I won't be able to withdraw for another month or two, but extra money is still extra money!

My aim is to list sites that I know or feel will produce results and sites I consider better/top quality sites. As time goes on, I will be updating constantly, adding new opportunities and removing any I feel aren't producing enough results. I'm not going to waste your time or mine on places I feel aren't worth the time & effort.

I will especially likely be constantly updating/changing the "top ten", "best lazy sites" and such as I deem fit, as I come across new ones that wow me, etc. My aim is to have the better quality info readily available to the readers who are looking for various and sundry types of "get paid to" things.

That said, just because a site isn't listed here doesn't mean it's not worth it... I may just not have found it yet or taken time to see what the site's like!

I recommend just jumping in and trying all of them out at least one or two times. You'll eventually find the ones you like best and want to return to again and again as time goes on.

In any case, that's about it! Have fun & happy clicking, and good luck!

Miss Money Hunter

** DISCLAIMER: Opinions and reviews of websites listed here at MissMoneyHunter.com are based on my personal experiences and information collected and reviewed from other members of those sites only. Your results using these sites may be different.

(But it's so easy I can't see how anyone couldn't possibly make at least $0.01!) :)
Opinions and reviews of websites and programs listed on this site are based on my personal experiences and information collected and reviewed from other members of those sites only. Your results using these sites may be different.

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