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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Spotlight On: PandaProfits

Wow, I knew I hadn't updated here in a while, but I actually thought my last update was earlier this year... only to find, upon further examination, that it was actually LAST year in the summertime. I really didn't intend to go this long without a new post. Whoops!!! I'll try to do better in 2016.

Well, obviously there has not been a lot new going on for me in the world of PTR/PTC/GPT - a few sites have come and gone in that time but for the most part I spend most of my time at the same old sites I always have and that continue to pay me, like ClixSense, Fusion Cash, Legacyclix, WordLinx, and some others I remain active on daily or, if not, at least weekly.

Which brings me to my latest site to share with you and I'm really excited about this one because it's run by some really good friends who are trustworthy, reliable, stand-up kinda folks...

PandaProfits is a new paid to click site that recently opened and is owned by four longtime and respected members of the online traffic community - Tom Wacker, Janelle Pineau, Patrick Griffin and Bill Gorcsi. I could never say enough good about this group of folks, and that's why I know this site is honest and will be reliable for a long time to come.

Here's the quick 411 on PandaProfits:
  • $2 minimum for first cashout, then increases by $2 up to a fixed $6 cashout minimum
  • Instant payout via PayPal (initially available once user has reached 250 minimum clicks)
  • Up to $0.02 per ad viewed
  • Earn 10% on referral clicks for free members, 25% for upgraded members
  • Detailed statistics on referral clicks available
  • Rented referrals - to be available at a later date as active membership grows
  • Members welcome from all countries
I'm very excited about PandaProfits as I know the owners will take excellent care of their new baby and will be responsible and reliable PTC owners for a long time to come. Check out PandaProfits for yourself today!


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