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Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Wow, sorry for the extended absence again. Life (and work) got in the way bigtime in September and early October, and I'm just now getting back and catching up. I had about a dozen posts in draft waiting to be published but I just wasn't able to get back here until today.

The only "big" news of late - and this is old now and most of you probably knew about it anyway - is that my favorite GPT site and one of the community's most trusted and successful, BankRollBucks, shut its doors on September 30th. There was several weeks' advance warning and many of the other GPT/PTC/PTR bloggers posted about it too, so hopefully if you were a member you knew about it - if not, sorry I didn't get around to posting before the end of September!

I'm zipping around to my stable of sites today to see what's what, and going to check out the buzz on what all's happened since I was able to be active, so once I get re-settled we'll get back to normal here again. Like I said, I have a dozen or so posts on draft but I want to make sure all of those sites are still open (LOL!) before posting them, so going around to see about all that now.

Hope you all have been doing well and I'll be back in the next day or two (or earlier) with whatever scoop I find and maybe a new site or two!
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