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Monday, September 27, 2010

Got Paid Update #116 - MatrixMails

So MatrixMails appears to have gotten their instant payments up and running, although it appears to still be in the testing stages and right now you can't make any withdrawals over $10, but this is still awesome!

I made a $5.35 cashout Wednesday night and had it in my account within minutes. Love this!

Right now you can only make a withdrawal every 72 hours - I'm not sure if that's just while they're still in the testing stage or not and will change later, but no skin off my nose there. Once every 72 hours and instantly paid is great!

I'm pushing $100 total from MatrixMails now and on the next withdrawal should top it, which will make it my top #1 earner when it does.

As I often say, this is a great site to work even if all you do is paid mails and PTC. It's well established, been around forever (since 2002), not going anywhere, and the upgrades (especially the Gold Lifetime with matrix) are an awesome deal and you'd really be doing yourself a disservice here as only a free member because you can earn so much more and faster if upgraded.

If you're not a member already, check out MatrixMails today!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

DealBarbiePays - Now With $10 Minimum Cashout

I don't really know how I missed this info or when it came about, but just wanted to make a quick note that minimum cashout at DealBarbiePays is now $10.

That's really great - I tend to avoid sites where cashout is over $10, so this was really good news for me. DBP's sister site, DealBarbiePaysFast, remains at a $1 minimum cashout by PayPal.

Not a member? Join DealBarbiePays today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rhino Riches Back Up - YouData Is Still Paying (Not Sure Why)

Just wanted to drop a quick note in regards to this post I made a couple of weeks ago, as Rhino Riches came back up shortly afterward and appears to be running as usual again. Reckon that's good news.

Also - YouData is still paying, though I'm not really sure why. I receive a one cent payment the first Friday in September, a two cent payment the following Friday, and nothing last week. I haven't really had time to check it out so I suspect these are residual payments from waiting clicks by my referrals since I've seen no new ads there in ages, but I don't really know. It's been all but dead since the end of April. If I find out the site appears to have truly come back to life again, I'll be sure to post.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LinkGrand - Yep, the Upgrade is Worth It!

I really had not had much of a chance to weigh in much about this other than to say it's a good deal, but I just wanted to write a little post and mention that the (fairly recently instituted) LinkGrand premium upgrade is totally worthwhile in my opinion, as well as just a good deal.

At $10 per year, it's a bargain - but even better at $20 lifetime (meaning you never have to pay again), it's a steal, totally. LinkGrand has been around for ages, is an established site with a long and good paying history - it's likely not going anywhere, so much like the other sites that offer a one-time "lifetime" upgrade option (MatrixMails, WordLinx), you really don't have to worry that it's going to up and disappear and will likely get way more mileage out of years with a lifetime upgrade than you would paying the yearly fee annually.

UPDATED 06/24/2012: As of sometime (I guess) this year, the lifetime upgrade at LinkGrand increased to $25. The other available upgrade options are $5 for four months or $12 for two years. The lifetime's still a good deal in my book (especially compared to some other sites' lifetime upgrades) - I really wouldn't want to downgrade my account at LinkGrand even if I could. I have way more ads available daily, my earnings have increased a great deal from what they were as a regular member, and I can withdraw much more often. Love it.

If you're going to go with one of the two options at LinkGrand, I'd just go for the lifetime and never have to think about it again.

With the premium upgrade at LinkGrand, you get:
  • More links to view that aren't available to regular members
  • Earn double cash on all premium links viewed
  • Added to priority mailing list & get news/updates before regular members
All pretty good stuff. I think I would have preferred to see an increase in commissions for premium members as well - it's still 10% for referring advertisers and 30% for referral views for both free and premium members - but it's still a good upgrade deal, especially at the lifetime price. (And who knows, maybe they will institute increased commissions in the future.)

And I would have to say the amount of extra premium ads to view is pretty good and worth it. I don't think I have yet to see an entire 24-hour period since upgrading that I didn't have ten or twelve more ads to view on average that were for premium members to view only.

LinkGrand is still pretty below the other long-term established sites in the amount they pay per view - but to their credit, their advertising rates are about 50% or more lower than the other sites, so it all kinda works out.

And those clicks do add up, especially since they made a lot of big changes on the site late last year. It took me a long time to ever get to my first cashout, but ever since they revamped the site in 2009, I've been able to cash out about every two months on average - and since upgrading, it's looking like I may be able to look forward to cashing out every month or even less so far. So that's pretty cool too.

LinkGrand is open to members from all countries (I think - pretty sure anyway, if not it's most), and minimum cashout is $5 by PayPal. If you're not already a member, join LinkGrand today!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Rhino Riches Appears to Be Still Down - Or Gone?

(* UPDATE 09/23/2010: Rhino Riches is back up now.)

Well, Rhino Riches appears to still be gone missing - or just gone, I don't know - so I just wanted to post a quick note and apologize for having a dead link in the top GPT sites on the Quick List, and dead link on here as well for what was one of my top paying and longest paying sites.

I'd asked around a bit in one of the forums as to whether anyone knew anything when I first discovered the site had expired (which often in the GPT/etc world just means the owner had forgotten to pay their server bill), and been told this had happened a few times this year and the site always came back up, and had been aware the owner had a lot of offline personal issues going on. So after what I was told, I decided to wait a little while longer.

But it's been a pretty good while now, so I think I'm going to wait another week or so and then probably remove it from the active list if nothing's changed by then - and really, with the unreliability there's been this year apparently, not feeling all that comfortable about leaving it on the active sites anyway even if it does pop back up.

Kind of sorry to see this happen as I've been promoting this one as a trustworthy and honest paying site, and at 2+ years, it's certainly an established site by now - or was - but after this long and with no word sent out, I would guess chances are good it's not coming back, and after this long down it's difficult for a site to get very active again even when it does come back up after an expiration or a long time otherwise "away".

If it doesn't return, I don't have much money in there - a dollar and some change in balance, and $10 or less in remaining advertising, I guess - as always, it concerns me about others who may have more to potentially lose, and I have to admit in this case I'm a little perturbed about the rather high "coins" (points) balance I had that I was hoping to be able to redeem before too long.

I guess we'll see. Unfortunately (as you already know if you've been doing this for long), this happens sometimes and sometimes the owners show back up and make things right, and unfortunately some of them have disappeared and never shown back up. My apologies to any of my referrals that have much balance in there, hoping for the best for any and all members affected, should this disappearance turn out not to have a good ending.

Things like this have certainly been at least partially a reason for why I don't spend a lot of time and effort these days on very many other sites besides the longtime, established and more "corporate" type sites such as MatrixMails, ClixSense, LinkGrand, WordLinx, AdPaid, Hits4Pay, Deals 'n' Cash, to name a few. Far too many of the privately owned, more "mom-and-pop" type GPT and PTC sites have just up and disappeared, sometimes never to return and with no word from the owner ever again, and every time it happens it hurts virtually everyone - members and other owners who are trying to do right.

Let's hope for the best in this case. I'll give it until about the middle of the month or so, but at that point it will have been weeks or even months, and I don't think there's any choice but to believe it's probably gone for good at that point.

(Certainly if anyone reading has any illuminating information, please leave a comment and thanks...)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Got Paid Update #115 - AdPaid

Always thrilled to report another speedy payment from AdPaid, which paid me over the weekend. So far I've been paid by AdPaid four times, and each time they've paid the same day I requested payment. Love that.

AdPaid has PTC ads on site, as well as offers and paid e-mails, and other ways to earn. It's a really great site, been around for many years, and has a terrific reputation for being an honest, paying site. The folks behind the scenes are also always super nice to deal with too.

AdPaid is available to many countries around the world - not all, but quite a lot.

If you're not already a member, check out AdPaid today!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got Paid Update #114 - MindField Online

This one's been a long time coming (and to be honest, I don't do a whole lot of surveys anymore - not enough time in the day most days!), but I'm thrilled to report my first payment from MindField Online this week. This was the only one of the paid survey sites I have listed here that hadn't paid me yet, so happy to be able to report that one!

MindField Online pays by PayPal (which is great!) or check with a $5 cashout minimum. The PayPal payments are made weekly (also great), checks arrive in 4-6 weeks. Their surveys are usually $1 to $5 each, sometimes more.

MindField Online is open to members in the US and Canada only. If you're not a member already and like doing the paid surveys, I highly recommend this one!

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