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Friday, August 22, 2008

Click 4 More Ads

Click 4 More Ads is a nice little PTC site. It's small and I wanted to give it a little extra push right now, especially since I feel confident it's not one of those sites that's going to suddenly disappear like some seem to do these days. The admin is actually one of my fellow Freebie Force team members and she has worked hard to make it a nice site, and the site has a great track record and history of paying and paying fast.

Cashout minimum is $10 by PayPal. Click 4 More Ads is currently no longer accepting members from China, but members from all other countries are welcome.

This is a nice site and could use more members participating and also advertising right now; there isn't a whole lot to click right now, so let's all help change that, shall we? If you're looking for somewhere to promote your referral links, your website or business - advertising is EXTREMELY reasonable here. You can get banner impressions and text ads for one day or one year - and these are UNLIMITED - 49 cents for a day or $9.99 for an entire year. That's a GREAT deal. Incentive ad hits are also reasonable, ranging from 49 cents for 100 hits to 2000 for $7.

There is a large membership at this site waiting for more ads to read, so get over there and buy some inexpensive ads, promote your referral links or whatever - you have a guaranteed audience just waiting to view them right now!

UPDATE 05/12/2009: This site has apparently closed.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Got Paid Update #16 - CashMonkies JR

Those notifications from PayPal in my e-mail box telling me I've been paid is always good news, and I received one on Saturday after getting paid $5.32 by CashMonkies JR.

CashMonkies JR has had some neat little revisions recently, including a lowering of the minimum cashout to $5 and now paying twice monthly (cashout on the 14th of the month and the end of the month). All offers are free there and most credit automatically, which is always cool. There's always fun contests going on and you can really rack up your points with the daily trivia there and at its sister site, CashMonkies. International members are welcome here.

(UPDATE 12/23/2008 - CashMonkies JR & CashMonkies are being sold, so at present I will not be promoting them further dependent on the history of the site under whoever the new ownership will be.)

I'm Back!

OK, I think I've got contests updated to now. Sorry about being away a few days, I got kinda unexpectedly tied up all weekend.

Back to normal now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GimmeMyFreeGadget is Now SquishyGadgets

GimmeMyFreeGadget has undergone a complete overhaul, including a site remodel and name change, and is now SquishyGadgets.

You can earn points towards some pretty sweet electronics prizes on this site. Head over and check it all out today!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I don't know why my Twitter feed isn't updating here on the blog, other than I suspect it's on Twitter's end (which has been having problems for a while lately). Or maybe Blogger's. Who knows. Anyway, I have updated on Twitter since July 31st, for the record.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

HoneyBee Points Now Offers AlertPay, $2 Minimum

Oops, I should have updated my info on HoneyBee Points a while ago but it just didn't occur to me until the recent news that AlertPay is now a payment option there.

Another fairly recent change within the last couple of months is that HoneyBee now has some cash offers instead of all-point offers. The minimum cash withdrawal is $2 by either AlertPay or PayPal.

This is another favorite site of mine for daily trivia (cash and points) so hop on over sometime!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Got Paid Update #15 - GetCashDollars

Received my payment for July ($11.82) yesterday from GetCashDollars, a site I enjoy more and more as time goes on. I mentioned recently some of the great perks about this site, which includes $1 bonus for every referral and $1 whenever one of those referrals cashes out, for life. That's a really different and really great perk! She's also been springing lots of daily bonuses lately, so that's really fun too.

GetCashDollars has a $10 minimum cashout and accepts members from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, so if you're in one of those countries and haven't signed up for this one, join today!

UPDATE 06/05/2009: This site is in the process of being sold and has been inactive for 2+ months, so I am considering it closed/inactive for now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Changes at CashMonkies JR

CashMonkies JR has always been a favorite site because most offers credit immediately over there. I like the original CashMonkies site a lot too. There's always great contests and jackpots going on at both.

Now there are some new changes to make CashMonkies JR even better. The signup bonus has changed to 5 bananas (points), but the good news is the minimum cashout is now $5 instead of $10. AND... CashMonkies JR will now pay twice a month. You can cashout on the 14th of the month, and again at the end of the month (provided you've reached the $5 minimum in both cases).

So some neat new changes there! Check it out today!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Notes & A Payment

So welcome to August, folks! I just posted a huge slew of new contests for August in the post below, so get started early - some of those contests that are running all month long are paying out $100 to $150!

I hope everyone that does the GPT/PTC/PTR thing had a good cashout day yesterday. I was very pleased with mine and July was the biggest take thus far for me at just over $110 for the month, and I am kind of expecting to double that (or more) in August.

But for July, I cashed out with GetCashDollars, Isabelmarco's MoneyMaker, MyCashHoney, Rhino Riches, Pirate's Riches, and have a check coming from Gomez PEER - plus there's another that's already paid me - so this was both my largest cashout and from the biggest number of sites at once.

I WOULD have cashed out at my favorite standby, BankRollBucks, as well, had it not been for my betrothed not calling me with some info like he was supposed to this week, but that's another long (and boring) story, heh. In any case, I will be cashing out with BankRollBucks in August for sure, since as I previously reported it has changed to a super low $5 minimum cashout as of today! And I've already got more than that right now there anyway, LOL.

I did get paid this morning by Revolution Offers, which was sold and is under new ownership as of today. Since they have paid me under the previous ownership, I'm keeping it here on the site for now tentatively, but I have no idea what may change with their terms so for now I have marked their post here with the new information & am going to leave it at that until I see how things will progress under the new owner or owners.

That's all I've got for today, be back with more tomorrow! Have a great weekend!
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