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Friday, January 30, 2009


I have been a member of ShineCash for actually a pretty long time, but I have been a little remiss in including this in my stable of GPT sites, but consider this one a bit of a two-fer bonus because one of the reasons I especially wanted to include it was because of the PTC opportunities on this site. ShineCash generally has three or four pages' worth of PTC daily, and lately I notice there are often one cent clicks too (as well as many less than one cent). Those one-centers can really add up over time.

Aside from the PTC on site, ShineCash is your basic general GPT with the usual PTSU offer and other opportunities. The site underwent an extensive remodeling a few months ago and one of the present owners (who I am acquainted with online and has always been honest and quick to respond with me) added some co-owners, and apparently underwent some more changes since I last checked.

The site does have a $25 minimum cashout - which as any regular reader knows, anything over $10 I usually avoid or don't make much effort on - this is something that has changed since I last reviewed their terms. Payment is Net 15 and by PayPal or e-gold (probably just PayPal now considering e-gold's problems of late). ShineCash was open to international members previously, but is now open to USA members only.

The site is currently advertising a $3 signup bonus.

As I said above, the $25 minimum is kind of a turnoff (for me anyway), but those of you who are into mostly PTC activities these days may find this a good one to keep around due to the frequent one cent PTC ads - those will and do add up over time. In any case, here it is if you wanna check it out.

UPDATE 05/15/2009: This site has apparently closed.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pirate's Riches - Redux

I have been meaning to do this for a while but just hadn't gotten to it - I am re-adding Pirate's Riches to the site as a recommended site of which I am a (now fairly longtime) member.

This site underwent a rather extended and ugly bit of drama in the fall when the previous owner closed the site immediately without prior warning, and in the ensuing weeks some rather icky stuff ensued, part of which was due to poor planning of the closing of the site and poor management of followup, part of which was found later to be misunderstanding as well as some understandable reasons some things that looked like they should have been done in closing the site were not.

In any case, the members left hanging by the site's closing and owed money were rescued by the efforts of the owner of GPTCashCow (and many other sites), who bought the site, with some assistance from the owner of the DealBarbie network of sites - both honest and respected admins with an excellent reputation in the community.

Based on the above and Reagan's (GPTCashCow owner) terrific reputation in the community, I feel very positive about recommending members to Pirate's Riches again, so here we are!

Pirate's Riches retains most of its previous terms under the new owner. Minimum cashout is still $20 which, as most of you know, is not my favorite cashout level to have to work with, but this site tends to have really excellent contests and other perks that can make getting to that cashout minimum easier than some other sites.

Payout is by PayPal or check. I think the site is still working on a Net 35 basis, though that may have changed.

Pirate's Riches is another site that has promo codes - always love the promo codes! No PTC on site, but regular contests. The site has three referral levels (17%, 5%, and 3%).

Pirate's Riches is open to members in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Join today and check it out!

UPDATE 11/04/2009: Pirate's Riches has closed.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SquishyCash Hourly Promo Codes

If you're already a member of SquishyCash you probably know this, but fairly recently they added hourly promo codes to the site and that's kinda neat - I actually managed to get one the other day! Between that and the randomly added ads up to $5 that ClixSense is currently throwing on at random throughout the day for Premium members, seems like I'm going back and forth between the two all day long trying to get more cash!

In SquishyCash's promo code promo, a brand new $0.25 promo code will appear randomly, at least once an hour, in the grey area on all pages on the site just under the site banner at the top of the page. The code is only good for the 1st person who enters it, so keep going back and checking to see if you're that hour's winner!

PTClickers Changes Terms for Free Members

If you are a member of PTClickers, there have been some major changes to the site you need to be aware of. The admin announced on January 26th that effective immediately, free members would no longer be earning cash on the site; however, credits earned on the site can be used by free members to promote other sites.

There are no ads on the site for this week (until February 1st). During this time, everyone who is a free member that has reached the $9.99 minimum cashout is requested to email their username, and amount requested to ptclickers@yahoo.com - after February 1st, all earnings that have not been requested by free members will be converted to advertising credits.

More details are in the PTClickers forum, if you wish to read more about it.

Though I understand the admin's reasons behind the decision, I'm not sure how well this will go over as the only upgrade options offered by the site now are annually and start at $49.95 for a year - monthly subscriptions and smaller upgrade amounts tend to go over better with a membership overall, I feel. For me, I often turn my earnings on PTC sites into advertising anyway so it doesn't make that much of a difference for me, but I guess we'll see how the site fares in the future with the new terms.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Updates to Maximizing Your Earnings on GPT Sites

FYI again - I added a few more sites (some that have been reviewed, some about to be reviewed, some being re-added to the site soon) to these posts in the Maximize Your Earnings section:

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Jackpots
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Promo Codes
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites Playing Games & Trivia

Have fun! Win & get more money!

Fantasy Ads PTC

Welcome back! Today's PTC is Fantasy Ads. Fantasy Ads offers up to $0.01 per click with three referral levels.

UPDATED 05/12/2009: Minimum cashout is $3. Payments via PayPal only.

Fantasy Ads currently accepts members from all countries except China. There's normally a pretty large amount of ads available here - check it out today!

UPDATED 07/09/2009: This site has closed.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Got Paid Update #42 - GetCashDollars

Got paid today by another site that's been a big favorite for some time, reliable, and always pays - GetCashDollars. I made $23.26 here for December. I have now been paid several times by this site, and payment always comes well before the end of the month following cashout.

There are frequent surprise promos on the site and a monthly jackpot you can enter to really maximize your earnings - matter of fact, I won the jackpot two months in a row recently! Lots of PTC on this site as well for you PTC lovers.

Sign up and join today!

UPDATE 06/05/2009: This site is in the process of being sold and has been inactive for 2+ months, so I am considering it closed/inactive for now.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ClixSense Extras!

For those that aren't aware, ClixSense has added something cool as a "thank you" bonus to premium members right now. Every day from 8 am to 9 pm CST, they are randomly adding links up to $5 (i.e., such as 25 cent links with 100 hits).

So if you're a premium member at ClixSense, it would probably do you well to check back on the site several times a day right now! If you're not a premium member, you should be - for only $10 for a whole year, you get absolutely tons more ads regularly.

(Special thanks to Jessica for the heads up on this, I hadn't been there in a couple of days so I didn't know until I read her blog!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Got Paid Update #41 - BankRollBucks

Happy to report I received my December payment from BankRollBucks on Friday in the amount of $33.56. This makes payment #6 from this site, and I've earned a total of around $94 from BankRollBucks since about May of last year.

Always a pleasure to deal with this site - great admin, terrific contests, lots of varied offers, and most importantly, the knowledge that you WILL get paid. If I had to give up all my GPT sites I'm active on (God forbid!) but one, this would be the one I would never give up.

Hooray for BankRollBucks! If you're not already a member, join today!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 9, 2009


The first thing I noticed about EarnEasyCash - whoa, there are always a LOT of ads! I don't think I've been there yet when there haven't been 80 or more PTC ads available.

GPT site offers are so time consuming (and I seem to be having terrible luck with approvals lately), and I'm very happy with the ones I'm entrenched at and not really looking at adding new ones to my daily activities right now, so I've been looking more at PTC/PTRs lately. I have been following in the footsteps of some of my fellow GPT/PTC bloggers who have spent a lot more time on PTC sites in general than I have and joining some of the ones they have had good luck with and been paid by, this was another one of those.

You can earn up to $0.05 per ad here - most are in the $0.0001 to $0.01 range - and there are random $0.05 ads daily. There is one 20% referral level here and there are also weekly referral contests.

UPDATED 03/02/2013: EarnEasyCash now has a minimum cashout of $0.90 via PayPal and $1.01 via Payza (no minimum cashout for premium members). As usual with most PTC/PTRs, you can upgrade to earn more. There is one referral level available at 20% payout. The site states payments are usually received within 72 hours of request.

EarnEasyCash is open to international members and has also been awarded the Gold Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com - check it out today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Thursday, January 8, 2009

RockHardCash Lowers Minimum Cashout

RockHardCash recently underwent a major site redesign AND, I'm happy to announce, also lowered their minimum cashout from $20 to $10. That's great!

RockHardCash is part of the SquishyCash family of sites, and I have been paid by SquishyCash in the past so I confidently consider all their sites paying sites. They have contests at all their sites daily or almost daily and lots of different ways to rack up earnings.

RockHardCash is open to members in the US, UK, and Canada. Join today!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Got Paid Update #40 - No-Minimum

Received my first payment from No-Minimum (though I have been paid by its sister site, DonkeyMails, before) on December 22nd for $1.05. Yay!

I'm always thrilled to report payments from sites I've never been paid by before, so here's another one that is a site that definitely DOES pay to add to your list.

I really mainly just do paid e-mails on No-Minimum and DonkeyMails, but there are so many ways to earn cash on both of these (tons of PTC ads and lots more) that if you really put some effort into them you could have some regular decent payments rolling in. You can request at any time and so far I've had about an average two-week wait time with both.

And paid e-mails are plentiful and come in regularly and daily. If you're not a member yet, join today!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Got Paid Update #39 - Rhino Riches

Received my November payment from Rhino Riches over the weekend in the amount of $20.30, yay! Reliable, reliable, reliable!

Rhino Riches does usually stick to a Net 35 pay schedule so it takes a bit to get payment, and there's a $20 cashout minimum so I usually wind up cashing out only about every other month on the average, but this is one of the few sites with an over $10 minimum that I have kept active on because it has a great admin, great contests that can rack that balance up high pretty quick with a little effort, and - again - it's reliable and it pays!

There are always contests going on over there and they're usually really fun and neat ones, so do check this one out if you haven't before. Happy Monday to all!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Got Paid Update #38 - Cartoon-Clicks

Happy to be able to add Cartoon-Clicks to my list of sites that pay, as today on January 2nd I received my payment of $16.07 for December. That was fast!

Cartoon-Clicks is a fab little GPT site that became under new ownership in the fall of 2008 and has a super and responsive owner who is committed to making the site work. Cartoon-Clicks has a $3 signup bonus, $10 minimum cashout, is open to US members, and has some pretty regular great contests (I won one last month, matter of fact). You can also receive $1 bonus for each active member you refer, which is a nice perk!

So join today if you haven't - I highly recommend it and can now recommend it as a site that pays!

UPDATE 08/29/2009: I removed Cartoon-Clicks from the active list and moved it to the "closed" category as the site has disappeared within the last 24 hours in light of some information regarding apparent dishonesty & deceit by My Flipper Cash admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that has turned up since the closing of My Flipper Cash. Apparently Kelly never sold Cartoon-Clicks and the "Ann" that recently took over running the site was actually Kelly herself.

For more information, refer to this thread at GPTBoycott by clicking here.

For the record, the above payment was made by a previous owner named Ann who owned the site before Kelly Gibbs bought it.

January Contests & Promos

Welcome back! I had a bit of a break over the holidays (was out of town a little longer than planned) and now ready to get back to regular daily stuff!

I noticed some of my fave GPT sites were starting some good contests and promotions for the new year, so I checked around at some other fave ones too and rounded up all the newly announced contests and promotions for you all to check out if you like. These are a great way to rack up more earnings! Here we go:

BankRollBucks - Completion contest, January 2nd-5th. Complete four offers and get a promo code for anywhere from 25 cents to $1. NO LIMITS!

BankRollBucks - First to reach 100 completed offers in January gets paid February 1st. (Must be verified)

Fishing4Fortune - First person to have 50 offers approve wins a $25.00 Foot Locker Gift Card.

Ozzys Direct Pay - Receive 25% of earnings made, January 1st-3rd.

Ozzys Direct Pay - Complete the most offers, January 1st-15th. Paying three places: $15, $10, and $5.

Ozzys Direct Pay - Earnings contest, January 1st-31st. Paying two places: $50 and $25.

Ozzys Direct Pay - Earn an extra $1.50 for every 10 offers completed, January 8th-12th.

Ozzys Direct Pay - Complete the most offers, January 16th-31st. Paying two places: $15 & $10.

Rhino Riches - Earn $2, get a $1 bonus (one time only), January 1st-3rd.

Rhino Riches - Mini Rhino Coin contest: earn the most Rhino Coins, January 2nd-8th. Paying three places: $3.25, $2, and $1.

Rhino Riches - Completion contest, January 1st-31st. Paying four places: $50, $20, $10, and 25 Rhino Coins.

Rhino Riches - Earnings contest, January 1st-31st. Paying three places: $15, $10, and 25 Rhino Coins.
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