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Friday, January 2, 2009

Got Paid Update #38 - Cartoon-Clicks

Happy to be able to add Cartoon-Clicks to my list of sites that pay, as today on January 2nd I received my payment of $16.07 for December. That was fast!

Cartoon-Clicks is a fab little GPT site that became under new ownership in the fall of 2008 and has a super and responsive owner who is committed to making the site work. Cartoon-Clicks has a $3 signup bonus, $10 minimum cashout, is open to US members, and has some pretty regular great contests (I won one last month, matter of fact). You can also receive $1 bonus for each active member you refer, which is a nice perk!

So join today if you haven't - I highly recommend it and can now recommend it as a site that pays!

UPDATE 08/29/2009: I removed Cartoon-Clicks from the active list and moved it to the "closed" category as the site has disappeared within the last 24 hours in light of some information regarding apparent dishonesty & deceit by My Flipper Cash admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that has turned up since the closing of My Flipper Cash. Apparently Kelly never sold Cartoon-Clicks and the "Ann" that recently took over running the site was actually Kelly herself.

For more information, refer to this thread at GPTBoycott by clicking here.

For the record, the above payment was made by a previous owner named Ann who owned the site before Kelly Gibbs bought it.


Kiki said...

Hi. I was just looking over your site. Nice blog! I joined under you at Cartoon Clicks :)

Miss Money Hunter said...

Well thanks so much! And glad you have enjoyed the blog, thanks for stopping by! :)

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