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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New at BankRollBucks!

Well, not so new anymore, actually, but I've been meaning to post about this for weeks, so I figured today was as good a day as any to do it. :)

BankRollBucks now has this cool little game that I just think is a lot of fun called Pick a Pair. You're presented with six adorable little piggy banks, and for 10 bank rolls (points), you get to choose two of the piggy banks. The system will tell you how much $ is in the first bank, and then you can either keep that, or choose the second bank instead, in which the amount could be higher or lower.

I finally got to play it yesterday (I have been kinda low on bank rolls over there, LOL) and my first bank had 10 cents in it, so I decided to go for the second one and voila! I won 20 cents.

You can play twice a day, and each play is 10 bank rolls each. I don't usually do a lot with points I accrue various places - some I'll turn into advertising or save for an Amazon gift card maybe - but I much prefer stuff like this at BankRollBucks where I can turn them over to win a little cash, or turn them into cash added to my balance (MyCashHoney and Ozzy's Direct Pay both offer that option). Plus, this little game is fun!

So head over to BankRollBucks today and take your shot at the piggy banks in Pick a Pair!

Some End of Month Notes...

Well, September was pretty much a wash and a real crazy (and in some cases really bad) month for me, so once again I'm apologizing for falling so far behind. With a new month starting tomorrow, I'm hoping to kick things back into gear and more "normal" here again... fingers crossed.

So just a few "end of the month" notes... first, I have once again removed MyDoggieDollars from the site. In fact, MyDoggieDollars as it was doesn't even exist anymore. It's been kind of a peculiar thing and a little confusing to me as to exactly what happened. When the site reopened, I was suddenly getting emails about it being open again, new offers being added, etc. I logged in and found my old balance still there, and decided to turn all but about 23 cents of it into advertising. A few days after that, I got another email saying inactive accounts would be deleted. I wasn't too concerned about that since I'd just logged in and bought some advertising... but was kind of shocked a day or two after that to find I apparently had been deleted. Turns out the same or similar happened to some other folks, and now the whole site has been remodeled and with a new name. In any case, things like that are usually the end for me of fooling with a site, but good luck to anyone who sticks with that one, wish you the best.

I have also removed GainPay from the site for now. I am fine with taking several months to rack up a significant balance (as with most of the paid email sites and such), but 18 cents in over six months is much too low, and people are starting to report no pay/slow pay with them. I can't promote a site I don't feel is worth my time or yours so off they go from here.

That about wraps it up for now, hopefully starting tomorrow things get back to normal around here and I have enough time to be able to report on daily contests again. September was just an awful month, really.

And since it's the last day of the month, don't forget to cash out at the places that require it by the end of the month! I didn't accrue as much this month as I have been recently because I was just too busy with other work and stuff all month, but next month should be a nice one.

Good luck and hope you all made some money in September!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Got Paid Update #21 - Ozzys, MatrixMails, Pirate's Riches & DonkeyMails

Wow, I really didn't realize just how far I had fallen behind here in September, and my apologies! Things have been extraordinarily busy with other work this month and I am just now getting a chance to get caught up. I will get contest updates back in a groove shortly.

For now, let's kickstart things here again with something I know is a favorite topic of most - payments!! I've gotten four more payments for August in September since I last posted, three of which have never paid me before so that's even more exciting to be able to report on reliable payers new to the listing of sites that have paid me.

First, though, is one that has been reliably paying me for months - Ozzys Direct Pay. I received $14.12 from Ozzys on Monday, September 15th for August payments. This is a reliably paying site, and there are new offers just about daily there.

Another of my very favorites and a long-established site with an excellent history, MatrixMails, paid me $7.52 on September 10th. If you upgrade at MatrixMails, you make way more per action than a free member - 4 cent paid mails instead of 1/2 cent, for instance - and as a Gold Lifetime (never have to pay to upgrade again) there is opportunity to make quite a large sum at MatrixMails, so it's definitely worth checking out.

MatrixMails - Get paid

Then on September 12th, I received a payment of $23.29 from Pirate's Riches. Pirate's Riches has a $20 cashout minimum, but also offers a $7 signup bonus, and there are plenty of contests and new offers added daily to help reach that cashout minimum. (UPDATE: Pirate's Riches closed in October 2008)

And finally, on September 17th, I received a $1.87 payment from DonkeyMails. I mostly do paid mails at DonkeyMails so it takes me a while to get up a balance, but one thing about DonkeyMails is that there is no minimum cashout so that's always a good option where you could do more if you wanted to rack up a good balance.

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

So now I'm only still waiting for one more August payment, and here it is getting close to the end of September so now that I'm a little less busy with other work and can focus on my GPT activities again, it's time to get my ducks in a row and see where I'm standing in September! I think I am going to getting a lot of September payments from other places that haven't paid me before, so that's real exciting!

Will be getting more caught up this week so stay tuned - I'm back in the saddle and going to try to not get so behind ever again! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Got Paid Update #20 - BankRollBucks & Rhino Riches

Got paid in recent days by two of my favorite sites. Money is a good thing!

First, got a $15.76 payment from BankRollBucks, which makes payment #3 from this terrific site (would have been #4 except I didn't cash out last month, oops). Even though the site is Net 15, you can usually expect your payment between the 3rd and 6th or so of the next month (that would be three to six days after cashout, not the next month like many sites), so that's always a pleasure!

Always highly, highly recommend BankRollBucks - if you're not already a member, you're missing out - new offers daily or almost, great contests, and FAST payment!

And I got paid $24.61 by another favorite site, Rhino Riches, as well. Much like I mentioned above about BRB, Rhino has new offers almost daily and some really terrific contests. I usually shy away from $20 cashout sites (as you all know), but if you participate in the great contests she has over there, you can increase your earnings easily. She also has great trivia over there so even on days I don't have time for a lot of GPT'ing, I usually hit the trivia sites anyway just for fun!

Check out Rhino Riches today - fun site, really great contests, super nice admin - and it pays!

So if you haven't joined one or both of these sites, jump on in - these ARE sites that PAY!

I'll be back Monday with more stuff and contest updates - have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!


I am re-adding Cartoon-Clicks to the site today (I removed it when it was sold before). The site has reopened under new ownership and I've had some discussion in e-mail with the new owner as well as her participating in forum discussions with some of us, and I think she has some good plans for Cartoon-Clicks and is very committed to making it a good site and making it work.

Cartoon-Clicks is a general GPT site and one with the $1 per active referral bonus (your referral must do at least one offer to be active). The new owner has already made some good modifications, including having initially started out with a higher cashout level but has lowered it to $10 now.

Cartoon-Clicks has a $1 signup bonus at this time and a minimum cashout of $10, now paying weekly (as of August 2009 under new ownership). Payment is available by PayPal or money order.

Best new news of all - Cartoon-Clicks now has PTC on site (yeah!!!!). Also, the site is now open to members from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (more great news!). Cartoon-Clicks offers two referral levels - 10% & 7%.

So if you're not already a member, get in and check Cartoon-Clicks out today! :)

UPDATE 08/29/2009: I am removing this site from the active list and moving it to the "closed" category as the site has disappeared within the last 24 hours in light of some information regarding apparent dishonesty & deceit by My Flipper Cash admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that has turned up since the closing of My Flipper Cash. Apparently Kelly never sold Cartoon-Clicks and the "Ann" that recently took over running the site was actually Kelly herself.

For more information, refer to this thread at GPTBoycott by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Got Paid Update #19 - Gomez PEER

Got paid yesterday by one of my favorite ways of earning money with my computer, Gomez PEER! The great thing about the PEER is you download it, then it runs in the background doing its thing testing the performance of websites by using resources of your computer that you don't use anyway. I am very picky about not only what I download on my computer, but also things that slow it down because I hate slow-loading web pages - so I was a little skeptical of the PEER at first.

As it turns out, I never notice it, it doesn't slow down a thing and doesn't interfere with anything on your computer or anything you're doing. And the best thing is as long as your computer is on and you have the PEER loaded - you're making money!

When you apply, you go into pending status and just leave the PEER running whenever your computer is on. You don't make any money on the PEER itself unless they make you active instead of pending, but that didn't take all that long for me (about two months) - but you can still make money by referring others while you're in pending status. They pay $1 per referral and pay monthly by PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay (the latter two recently added).

You can also run the PEER on as many computers as you have access to (and thus double your earnings or more - I run it on my laptop also sometimes). They need people and their computers in most countries, and I believe are paying extra or another bonus right now for people with dialup Internet connections.

This is by far just about the easiest way to make money with your computer online, 'cos all you do is sign up, download it, leave your computer on as much as you can, and collect the money! Sign up today!

On another note, this $5.75 payment from Gomez PEER pushed my earnings received this year solely on opportunities listed here on the site to over $300! Keep in mind, though, that total does not include money I still have out there waiting to be cashed out/paid eventually - my complete total to date since late February 2008 is now over $600. And it's just building and building, and growing and growing and I expect monthly payouts to keep increasing significantly as time goes on.

Woohoo! I love money, don't you? Join me in some of the opportunities here and make some of your own!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Got Paid Update #18 - MyCashHoney

Got paid for July on Monday, once again by MyCashHoney - always a pleasure! I just cashed out there again Sunday night too.

And can I just say once again how much I love the daily trivia there and at HoneyBeePoints? The admin (who runs both) does a fantastic job with it. I also have about decided she never leaves the site except at night to sleep, because not only does she credit the trivia almost immediately, but I think MyCashHoney probably has the fastest crediting offers in general on the planet. Great advertising prices and approval rates as well - I don't think I've ever had an offer denied there. Maybe once.

Come play trivia and do lots of other stuff and make money at MyCashHoney!

(UPDATE: MyCashHoney closed at the end of November 2008)

CashCrate Raises Minimum to $20, Offering PayPal Again

I was a little surprised to discover overnight that CashCrate has made some big changes in payment process... as well as another issue I might write about later.

On the plus side, CashCrate is now offering PayPal as an option starting this month - apparently they did have that at some point before. That's always a plus, being able to offer payment via PayPal.

Also, as of September 1st, CashCrate has raised its minimum cashout level to $20. I see a lot of discussion about it going on in the forum there right now - mostly negative - so I guess we'll see if they stick to that or not.

As anyone here reading for very long knows, I don't promote many sites here that have a cashout above $10. There is one that I enjoy a lot and am pretty active on, but don't get to cash out every month; a couple of others I am semi-active on, but not very active; and a few more that are $20 and $25 that were some of the first GPT sites I joined and they are part of networks with a good reputation, or have paid me, so I've kept them listed on the site.

I have a couple others with cashouts around $15 that I have yet to make since March, one I'm pretty active on but I'm also active on an associated site with a lower payout and tend to do more activity there. The other one, other people seem to have luck getting their offers credited but I don't have much luck there; however, the site has a good reputation and reputation for paying, so I've kept it on as well. I've been holding there around $13 for about two months now and thought I might be able to cashout in August, but looks like it will (hopefully) be September.

And at this time when advertisers seem to be getting pickier and pickier about crediting offers, when a site has a higher cashout level it's often hard to get to nowadays. Even the sites I frequent daily or just about, I have more offers denied lately it seems.

I was contacted last week by the new owner of a site I used to be sort of active on, and it sounds like there are some positive changes being made, and I had mentioned I probably would re-review the site here soon. But then when I re-read the e-mail, I noticed that the owner had (admittedly apologetically) also raised the minimum cashout level there to $20. I think I said a couple of months ago here that I would no longer promote sites with cashouts above $10 here on the site, other than the ones I already have listed (which, technically, this one used to be listed). But given the $20 change, I'm not sure whether I will add it back now or not.

But by far, probably the most stellar reason NOT to raise the cashout level for any site out there now is twofold...

One, not only do potential members tend to lose interest, but so do many of their potential referrals. It's not the easiest thing in the world getting referrals nowadays, so that kind of hurts that too. High cashout levels are not much of a referral magnet.

And readers here at Miss Money Hunter's Guide definitely don't much care for the higher cashout sites. I also only have to take a look at my stats on the GPT sites I have listed here to see that $20 and above cashouts are just not popular. I have bunches of referrals at almost all the sites listed here that have $10 and under cashout minimums. With the exception of two sites (and one of those, only a couple of active referrals), I have only one or two or three referrals at all the GPT sites I have listed that cashout at $15 or above - including the higher cashout sites that have paid me in the past. In a couple of cases, zero referrals at $20 and up sites.

The referral activity that is coming from here, this site, is just not signing up much for the sites that only pay out at $15 and above. Again, GPT offer sites with $20 and $25 cashout levels are just not big referral magnets.

That said, and second, there's two sites here that actually lowered their cashout from $10 to $5, and another that is now paying twice monthly instead of once a month. One is by far my most popular site with the most referrals that have signed up through me, and the other is very popular with Miss Money Hunter's Guide readers as well.

I'm sure there are more sites around that I'm not a member of that have done much the same lately, and in fact, not too long ago I saw that one of the largest and longest established sites was considering lowering their relatively high minimum as well (I wish they would).

So I'm not sure this is a real good time to be a high cashout level site, especially if you are not a brand new site and you are raising or doubling your cashout level.

CashCrate is pretty popular and also happens to be part of the Marketing Pond suite of moneymaking opportunities, so since I do most of my promoting aside from here with the Pond network of sites and ops, I was kind of disappointed to see CashCrate move in this direction. Especially since I think ALL of my CashCrate referrals came through my Marketing Pond promotion efforts.

For me personally, I find lately I'm actually tripling or at least going over minimum cashout at the $5 and $10 sites I do frequent a lot as it is, but at least I know I don't usually have to sweat making cashout at those every month. And I think those policies just attract more activity anyway, both for that reason (not having to sweat making cashout) or just because people tend to put more effort into supporting sites that make it easier to earn and cash out.

In any case, I guess we'll see what happens with CashCrate. I'll be interestedly watching the continuing discussion about it in their forums, in any case, and will post if there are any changes to the new policy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Got Paid Update #17 - IsabelMarco & AdPaid

And here is the best new update of all - I have more payments to report!

Anyone reading here very often knows I'm just crazy about IsabelMarco's Money Maker (and making all kinds of money there in a very short time), and how much I've been strongly encouraging folks to upgrade & buy the active referral packages there ('cos they work!). Now I'm happy to report they've also PAID ME! I requested a cashout on the last day of July, and got paid $36.61 on August 29th.

Very very happy with that, but what's even better (and wilder)? I've made almost another $100 since that cashout, almost ALL on referral activity! Out of close to $122 total there that I've made, about $119 of it was all referrals.

I also had an extra pleasant surprise during the night last night after cashing out at AdPaid, which I really didn't have to at the end of the month (you can cash out at AdPaid anytime you have $3 or more), but since I was catching things up and cashing out elsewhere, I went ahead and did it there too.

I can't tell you how shocked I was not two or three HOURS later when I discovered they had already paid me! That was a pretty pleasant surprise. I knew AdPaid had an excellent reputation and history for paying people, but I had no idea it could be THAT fast, and their payment terms even say they usually pay within seven days. They are really nice folks to deal with on advertising and any site issues too and always on the ball there too.

So that was a nice little Labor Day surprise today. I mainly work AdPaid for paid mails and sometimes go over there and do a little PTC'ing, but those of you who like to get paid as often as possible would probably do well to work the whole site and do PTS offers and such. If you did a lot of your paid to signup action over there, I don't think it would be too hard to make the $3 minimum at least every other day or so at AdPaid (maybe even every day), if you really wanted to throw a lot of effort into PTS offers there as well as the other earning options they have.


So there ya go - I'm really happy to be able to report more sites that DO pay, and ones I've never been able to report here before.

I've also got pending cashouts now for August at MatrixMails and DonkeyMails, so I will soon be able to add two more good paying sites that paid me to the list, as well as pending cashouts at a few of my old standbys - BankRollBucks, MyCashHoney, and Ozzy's Direct Pay. And hopefully will be reporting some more payments from July this week also!

So money's everywhere, you just gotta go get it! Happy Labor Day to all the US folks, and see you tomorrow with new contest updates and more stuff!

Changes at BankRollBucks - No More Prepaid Cards

There's been a change at BankRollBucks, which will no longer allow prepaid debit or credit cards to be used for offers on the site. Some affiliate account managers for the site's offers informed BankRollBucks' admin that those are not allowed to be used on their offers, so just to be on the safe side, the admin has decided to disallow all use of prepaid debit and credit cards on all site offers. I think this is a good idea for the safety and integrity of the site (and all our member earnings, of course!).

This ONLY affects prepaid cards - the kind you buy at stores and online, and reload using cash (like the Green Dot card and those type). The cards you use for trial offers and such on the site must be issued in your name, and the bill/correspondence sent to your mailing address (so debit cards tied to your bank account should not be affected by this - I questioned that and Jennifer confirmed those should be OK).

If you have any questions about a particular offer on BankRollBucks, let the admin know or check that offer's Terms Of Service for more information.

If anyone is found to be using a prepaid debit or credit card on BankRollBucks, their account will be terminated and all earnings reversed.

BankRollBucks' admin apologizes for any inconvenience regarding this decision, but she wants to avoid any future issues with networks, reversals, etc., so doing away with prepaid debit or credit cards at BankRollBucks will help this.

No-Minimum Suffers Database Crash

No-Minimum sent out an e-mail yesterday reporting they recently suffered a database crash and had to restore and roll back the site to August 4th.

What this means:
  • All earnings after August 4th are lost and all members start back at August 4th. Members who did PTS (paid to signup) offers after August 4th will have to claim them again - make sure you submit the correct email address you originally signed up on the offer with
  • Any payouts requested after the last payout date (August 5th) will have to be requested again.
  • Members who bought upgrades after August 4th, members who bought referrals, advertisers who purchased ads, and eBay buyers will need to contact No-Minimum and provide as much relevant data as possible -buying date, member name, what you bought, original order date, payment method, batch/transaction numbers, etc.
The site also reported they will send out emails with higher values to compensate for the loss, and will come up with a compensation for PTP promoters.

In any case, if you are a member of No-Minimum and fall into any of the above categories, you will need to take the steps outlined above in order to receive compensation or whatever you purchased.

They will be checking all information against available records (from affiliates, PayPal, etc., I'm sure), so it would NOT be advisable to submit false or impossible claims - it has been stated that your account will get deleted without question under those circumstances.

Back in Business!

Yep, I'm back, still alive and all that. Apologies for the rather extended absence, I had some serious work to do and catch up on, and had to be away a bit, but didn't expect to be gone as long as it wound up being.

And boy, did I pick my day to come back and catch up - the last day of the month! - hope everyone remembered to cash out by Sunday night everywhere that requires it. Not to mention I came back to 1,871 backed up e-mails in one box, 370-something in another, and there's one left I haven't checked yet (shudder!). It was a LONG Sunday (and Monday morning thus far)!

I'm getting so much busier with my "other" job, I think I am probably going to have to "take off" here most weekends in order to stay a little more caught up to week to week. That said, on Fridays I'll probably post contests for the entire weekend (at least what I've been e-mailed about and am aware of), and then update on Monday morning after the weekend's through.

Anyway, back to normal now, and I just posted the latest contests below, including lots of great month-long contests for September! Have at it!
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