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Monday, September 1, 2008

Back in Business!

Yep, I'm back, still alive and all that. Apologies for the rather extended absence, I had some serious work to do and catch up on, and had to be away a bit, but didn't expect to be gone as long as it wound up being.

And boy, did I pick my day to come back and catch up - the last day of the month! - hope everyone remembered to cash out by Sunday night everywhere that requires it. Not to mention I came back to 1,871 backed up e-mails in one box, 370-something in another, and there's one left I haven't checked yet (shudder!). It was a LONG Sunday (and Monday morning thus far)!

I'm getting so much busier with my "other" job, I think I am probably going to have to "take off" here most weekends in order to stay a little more caught up to week to week. That said, on Fridays I'll probably post contests for the entire weekend (at least what I've been e-mailed about and am aware of), and then update on Monday morning after the weekend's through.

Anyway, back to normal now, and I just posted the latest contests below, including lots of great month-long contests for September! Have at it!

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