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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cartoon-Clicks Lowers Minimum Cashout

I am still swamped with stuff and on my way out of town tomorrow, but I wanted to share some neat news I just learned real quick.

Cartoon-Clicks has lowered the minimum monthly payout to $3 on a trial basis to see how it goes.

UPDATE 05/12/2009: I just needed to add a note here that the new $3 minimum is for PayPal payments only. Check & gift card payments are still $10 minimum.

This is a nice site with a lot of neat referral-related perks and a paying admin who generally pays very fast after end of month cashout too - so if you're not already a member, do go check it out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In a word - ACK! To make a long story short, I am working on a little project that will sort of be an added enhancement to the site here, and I keep getting sidetracked by other responsibilities and other stuff. Between that and the fact I've an out of town trip (which I rarely do) coming up next week and just some other stuff in general that MUST be taken care of right now, I'm trying hard to knock that project out this week so be on the lookout, this week or next.

I haven't really had anything majorly important to share the last few days so I've kind of let things slide here a few days while working on the other enhancement and - well - here it is Wednesday again and I've not updated, I know, so here I am (LOL).

Back to normal VERY shortly, I just need about twenty clones of myself right now. Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Got Paid Update #46 - Gomez PEER

Received yet another payment today from Gomez PEER, the activity where my computer does all the work for me in the background and I never even notice it - which is great! I basically get paid to do nothing (except let them use my computer's resources, of course). Payment this time was $6.96.

I seem to nowadays be at a point where I'm getting paid by Gomez every month now, or at least it seems that way nowadays - so that's awesome too.

If you never read my reviews of Gomez PEER before, check them out here:

Gomez PEER Revisited - I Got Activated!
Gomez PEER

And check it out for yourself if you like - this is seriously the EASIEST money there is to be made, if you can get activated! Good luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I was just tickled pink when I started trying to get back in the swing of things today to discover that the DealBarbie network of sites has opened up yet ANOTHER site - yay! The admin of this site is a well-known honest and reputable admin who has done a lot and very generously for the GPT community, and her sites are awesome, so I'm thrilled to have another one to add to my stable of sites.

DealBarbiePoints is an all points site, and the points rewards are all pretty awesome - mostly gift cards (I'm shooting for an Amazon gift card there myself) and other gifts. There's PTC and lots of other earning opportunities on site, and you can also earn on three referral levels (10%, 6%, and 4%).

The site is currently offering a 500 point signup bonus, which should help spur you towards your chosen points reward pretty nicely. You can cashout whenever you reach the minimum for your chosen reward and the site will payout monthly.

DealBarbiePoints is open to US members only and I'm including it as a "Site That Pays" since the DealBarbie network of sites is so well-known for being a reputable and honest payer. Join the new DealBarbiePoints site today and get yourself on the road to a cool reward with your points!

UPDATE 11/04/2009: Not sure why I hadn't taken this off the active sites list earlier, but DealBarbiePoints closed some time ago & apparently is not returning.

New on RhinoRiches: Jackpot!

Just noticed on some quick rounds this morning that RhinoRiches has added a jackpot to the mix of stuff to do over there. These are always great - I reached payout two months in a row that I wouldn't have otherwise thanks to a jackpot on another site - so it's always worth your while to redeem some points for jackpot entries where applicable, or do jackpot offers at GPT sites to get yourself eligible.

And, RhinoRiches is another site that has paid me repeatedly and regularly. So join this reliable site if you're not a member already, and if you are already a member, be sure and enter this month's jackpot!

Got Paid Update #45 - ReadersPond

Received another surprise payout from ReadersPond toward the end of February in the amount of $1.54. I have yet to actually make a payment request here since it opened last July; the ReadersPond Admin just frequently does payouts here and there.

There are many, many things to do here to boost your balance and it's a site that has paid me now repeatedly and regularly. If you're not already a member, sign up today!


Back in the Saddle

Massive apologies for the weeks of downtime! Illness and some other responsibilities have kept me away for a little bit, but back now.

Onto the more important stuff, coming up!
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