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Monday, August 31, 2009

Got Paid Update #80 - EarnEasyPTR

I love being able to report when a site pays me for the first time. Received my first payment from EarnEasyPTR yesterday for $1.05, about six days after request. EarnEasyPTR is a newer site that opened with much buzz a few months ago, so it's great to be able to say this site does pay!

I knew it would, though, as the site is in the same family as EarnEasyCash and Clickers-Union and the sites have always had a good reputation as paying sites with an honest admin. If you're not already a member, feel free to check out EarnEasyPTR and join!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof


On another note, after my grousing about hoping to make payout at Deals 'n' Cash this month, Phil reminded me that their cashout is $30 (whereas Hits4Pay is only $25), so I guess I'll be waiting 'til next month, but that's okay.

Don't forget that today is the last day of the month, so cash out where you need to (i.e., most general GPT sites). Hope you all had a good month of August!

Got Paid Update #79 - YouData

Got last week's payment from YouData on Friday as usual, this time for 13 cents. Every little bit counts! And they do pay like clockwork, every single Friday.

If you missed my initial post on YouData and want to find out what it's all about, you can click here to read it. YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and you too can start getting paid every single Friday!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Flipper Cash, Cartoon-Clicks, and Others Shut Down

In light of some information about some apparent deceit and dishonesty on the part of admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that started coming out after her announcement that My Flipper Cash was closing - and the fact that in the last 24 hours since all of this started coming to light, Cartoon-Clicks has disappeared - needless to say, I have removed Cartoon-Clicks from the active list of sites both here and on the quicklist.

Which really the above is an understatement, apparently there was a LOT of deceit and dishonesty, not just some. Including the fact that Kelly apparently never sold Cartoon-Clicks to "Ann", and was paying people from some GPTs that "Ann" owned with her a PayPal account with her mother's name on it, presumably so no one would figure out it was Kelly herself (who was closing My Flipper Cash due to her "health issues").

To make a long story short, all this start coming out after Kelly had initially announced she was closing the MFC site, lowering the cashout minimum to $5, and asking everyone to withdraw before the end of the month, stating that the site would officially close the first week of September and that she would pay everyone their due earnings "as soon as possible".

Within about 24 hours, another announcement was sent out to members stating that she could only pay them 10% of their earnings because some affiliates hadn't paid her for recent (keyword being recent, remember that) activities and so she couldn't pay everybody everything they were due.

Which, naturally, a lot of people weren't very happy to hear. Especially people like this member, who has been carrying a balance at MFC for months that she just hasn't cashed out, and was owed close to $250. So therefore most, if not all, of her earnings due have anything to do with "recent" activities that affiliates had not paid Kelly Gibbs for - Kelly'd already been paid for most, likely ALL of this members activities at MFC - yet Kelly was asking this member to settle for 10%, i.e., $24 of about $245, if I'm not mistaken.

Then all the rest has come out in the past 24 hours and it's just ugly, and shameful.

These are the sites that it's been pretty much confirmed at this point that she owned... though mostly not with her real name (in some cases, her mother's), and in one case had the domain registered with another name and an old address from where she previously lived in Florida:









If you were a member of any of these, I'm sorry, but you'll probably never see anything you made at any of them.

I've lost close to $10 from two of these sites now, which another sad part about all that is that probably 99% of my earnings at Cartoon-Clicks were under the ownership of the Ann (no connection) who sold the site to Kelly Gibbs - I just never was able to cash out under that Ann's previous $3 cashout minimum because I got to about 55 cents away, but there weren't any offers on the site I could do further to get to cashout. Then Kelly Gibbs bought the site and the cashout was raised to $10, so.

If you want further information, the whole ugly nasty mess is here at GPTBoycott.

This mess has now sent my earnings lost due to scammy owners shutting down and taking the money and running to over $50. Before I could usually say well, I only lost a couple of bucks here or a few bucks there, but now the collective total is over $50. And the circumstances surrounding this particular incident have me really fed up right now and I'm going to be doing some thinking for a while about who I'm going to continue to promote and support.

It happens. And I'm sorry for anyone currently reading that didn't know and is just now finding out they're not going to get paid.

Anyway. There are good sites and decent owners still out there that I will certainly continue to support - BankRollBucks, GPTCashCow, R U Ready 4 Money and YeeHawClickin, Cupid Cash, Rhino Riches, Ozzys, to name a few, and there are many more, but several of the owners from the above sites are active at GPTB and have been affected by this same situation and I am close to 100% certain they're all trustworthy, and there are more. And then there's sites like MatrixMails, ClixSense, AdPaid, WordLinx, CashCrate, and many more that have been around for years and years and are established, good paying sites.

I don't want to scare anyone off of participating in GPT/PTC/PTR, but this does happen, fortunately there is an at least semi-active community that tries to see that wrongdoers are held accountable as best they can. And there are, again, plenty of good sites out there. Matrix, ClixSense, WordLinx, AdPaid, etc., you can count on getting paid, and it's still true of the majority of sites as well, at least 99% probable in most cases. Just don't 100% count on it and set everything 100% by it and you'll be okay. When the money does come it'll be great, this is just yet another reminder to me to not 100% totally count on it anymore.

P.S. (UPDATE): I also want to add that even though Peace and Love GPT was initially sold to Kelly and Lora Sipple (DollarClickOrSignup & ClickOrSignup), Lora basically gave the site to Kelly and has nothing to do with this mess. Just to clear up any confusion there. Lora has a good and proven track record of being an honest and good paying admin and this bunch of shamefulness should not be held against her as she extricated herself from the site some time ago.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Site Closings, Changes, & Other Stuff

It's been a crazy week again here at the end of the month so a few quick things...

Mail has been coming in steadily all week from Deals 'n' Cash and now I'm only 12 cents away from cashout... SURELY I'll have 12 cents worth of mail between now and Monday (knock on wood). LOL.

My Flipper Cash will be closing as of September 4th due to the owner's ongoing health problems and affiliate offers have been removed. Cashout has been lowered to $5 in light of the closing.

Make That Dollar is closing as of September 30th (thanks Danielle for the heads up on that one, I must have missed that in the mess in my mailbox). If you have silver dollars (points) there, they can be redeemed at $0.05 per one silver dollar until September 15th. (I have been a member of the site for a long time but never had a lot of luck there so it wasn't on the listed sites, not for a while anyway. I had it on the site listings at one time but I removed it about a year ago when removing sites that weren't performing well for me.)

Hundred Acre Clicks recently added AlertPay as a payment option. I note I already had that listed in my HAC site listings, so I'm not sure what's up with that, but anyway, it's available now.

DollarClickOrSignup and ClickOrSignup are going from weekly to bimonthly payments. The new payment terms are going to be a little confusing for folks who are used to 15th and/or end of month but hopefully people won't get too confused by the unconventional payment terms - I myself had an unexpected delay a while back when I discovered that rather than "end of month" cashout like most sites, one site required cashout by the 30th even in months that had 31 days.

Anyway, at DCOS and COS, payments will be on the 10th and 25th of every month. Members will need to cash out by midnight EST on the 5th to be paid on the 10th, and the 20th to be paid on the 25th.

Cupid Cash is making some changes but most of them won't be posted until after September starts so I'll report then, though one of them is that anyone who signs up after September 1st can cash out at $5 for their first cashout (instead of waiting for the regular $10 cashout).

Annnnnd I think that's about it. This week is super busy for me so I'm not sure how much I'll be posting before Tuesday, but I still have a bunch of sites to add (mostly PTC) and hopefully we'll get back to that after the new month begins. My main problem lately is so many sites being closed, sold, terms changed, etc., it's all I can do to keep up! See you guys soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Deals 'n' Cash - Only 69 Cents Away

Argh... here's one of those times when activities within the "get paid to" industry make you just kinda wanna pull your hair out.

The end of the month is a week away... and I'm only 69 cents away from making my first cashout at Deals 'n' Cash. Well, here's hoping there will be a LOT of mails this week

I got paid by their partner site, Hits4Pay, some time ago, and was beginning to think I'd never make the $25 cashout minimum at Deals 'n' Cash, but they have really stepped up their available ads to view in recent months and my balance increased a good bit in a short couple months' time.

If you're not a member already, these are paying sites and the paid mails are pretty steady - it may take a while, but you WILL get paid eventually (quicker if you promote a lot). Check out Deals 'n' Cash and Hits4Pay today!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Got Paid Update #78 - MatrixMails

Received my sixth payment from MatrixMails yesterday, this time for $20.80. It's always such a pleasure to deal with this site, tho I do wish they would update their interface to make it a little less "busy" and more user-friendly - that's probably the #1 complaint I hear from others about the site. Once you figure your way out and find your way around, it's pretty easy, but at first it's a little daunting for new members.

But it's well worth it! Especially if you upgrade, because you can cash out anytime at $2 or more, you'll earn much more and much more quickly, and the potential for major earnings is pretty high.

The site does have PTS offers and other options to earn on, but I really don't do anything there but paid mails and PTC, and still I've now earned over $50 in less than a year. If I was still a free member I'd probably still be hanging around $5 or certainly less than $10, and still waiting to cash out (since cashout for free members is $20, I think).

It pays consistently and pretty fast (I waited nine days this time, but usually they pay in 2-4) and this is one of the handful of sites I highly recommend upgrading on, so if you haven't yet joined MatrixMails, you really should.

Click Here to View Payment Proof

MatrixMails - Get paid

Got Paid Update #77 - YouData

Catching up with weekly payments from YouData for August... week 1 of August and this week were a little slim at ten cents the first week and one penny today (LOL!), but last week was a pretty nice surprise to find almost a dollar in my PayPal last Friday (last week's payment was $0.95).

It seems to be growing steadily and I really love this site, I hope it keeps growing and improving and gaining more momentum. It's just such a nice and unique concept given the quality of advertising it offers.

My Last Five Payments from YouData:

If you missed my initial post on YouData and want to find out what it's all about, you can click here to read it. YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and you too can start getting paid every single Friday!

News & Updates, August 21st 2009

Wow, where'd the last ten days go? Between being sick last week and busy busy busy for a few weeks now, time just slipped away from me. Lots of stuff to catch up on so let's get started.

BankRollBucks is no longer accepting new members from Canada, Australia, and the UK. This is only because there are just not that many offers for those countries available, so the admin had to make a hard decision to disallow further signups from those countries. This is for new members only, all current members from those countries still retain their accounts.

The admin of CashMakingMonkies announced it will close on September 1st. If you have reached $5 or more there, you need to go cash out before the end of the month. No signup bonuses will be paid out.

The admin had sent out an email asking members for suggestions or feedback as the site has apparently been slow all summer, but before I had a chance to respond, the next thing I knew there was the email announcement the site was closing. I wrote some time ago about what I felt were questionable changes at the site, so it didn't really come as a surprise that the site was closing.

When other sites are lowering their cashout minimums to $5 and/or changing their payout terms to weekly and things like that, it's maybe not the best decision to raise cashout to a $20 level or tack on other terms (percentage of cashouts being in offers, percentage being X amount of what your referrals make, etc., etc.) that make things more difficult than other sites make it for their members. I had pretty frequent signups to the site until the cashout was raised - at a time when about four or five large and popular sites dropped their cashouts from $10 or more down to $5 - and then my signups for there dropped to next to none, and most of the referrals I had there disappeared.

There are more sites besides this one that have made (or brought to attention) similar changes in terms and I find it a little puzzling - I realize a lot of GPT sites out there are struggling and the affiliate payments have been particularly bad this summer, but honestly, unless nearly every other site out there is making the same kinds of changes in terms, and especially as long as other sites are lowering instead of raising minimum cashouts or changing to weekly payments and things like that - it just isn't going to do a site very well to offer less benefits to their members and without much difficulty (like the percentage requirements). If other sites are making it easier for members to cash out, then naturally those sites are going to draw more members and activity. And I can say without a doubt that when a site I've promoted raises its cashout, that site's banners no longer get clicked here - whereas when a site has lowered cashout or changed to weekly pay, I usually see a lot more activity on those links.

Anyway, enough of that (for now). Other site changes and news -

GPTCashCow now has weekly payments and the cashout lowered to $3 (the previous signup bonus has been removed in light of these changes). Check payment option has been removed as well, payment now by PayPal and Amazon or Wal-Mart gift certificate/card only ($5 cashout on GCs). Earnings on trial offers will still be held for 30 days due to high fraud issues. Also, for every new referral that has one offer approved, the referrer now receives a $0.25 bonus. So these are all neat changes for GPTCashCow. :)

Cartoon-Clicks has been sold again (as has Peace and Love GPT), and normally I would remove it from the active list but the new owner Ann (no relation to former owner two sales back named Ann) seems to be very active and proactive so I'm leaving it up on the active list for now. Upon the sale, the site changed to weekly payments - if you request payment by 10pm EST Friday, you'll be paid on Monday. Cashout at Cartoon-Clicks is $10.

Ads for All now offers payments by PayPal and AlertPay.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something else I meant to post about, but that's all I had in my Notepad notes so there we are for now. I've just been so busy lately I've been a real slacker regarding pay sites and I'm trying to get back on a more "normal" schedule to get my ad viewing daily in and all that stuff.

So with that all said, wanted to remind you all that Jessica pretty much keeps up to date with up to the minute news about most of the sites in the community daily, so be sure and bookmark her blog if you haven't already.

Have a good weekend and more stuff as soon as I get a chance to breathe again, ugh. I've been so busy not only are my GPT/PTC/PTR earnings suffering but so am I from lack of sleep!

One more thing to post and then I'm outta here 'til next week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

UPDATE: Well, that's interesting. I was pretty sure I didn't have $5 over there, but apparently the CashMakingMonkies admin has already cleaned out the database as I discovered my account has already been deleted - even though I just got the email announcing the closing YESTERDAY. Well, whatever.

I'll be removing links and adding updated info as above on the other sites to remaining links shortly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FastEasyTraffic, Traffic-Splash, & Where I've Been

Sorry for the lack of posting since Thursday. I have been REALLY busy with an organizational/reorganizational (is that even a word?) project and then, after the weekend, now I'm deathly ill with some flu-like something or other. I told my mother it would be just my luck - seeing as how I rarely move from in front of the computer because I'm always working - that on one of my rare ventures out to the store I'd wind up exposed to the swine flu. Tho this is likely some garden variety bug I've got, but in any case, I'm feeling pretty rotten so posting may be light this week.

So since I feel too icky to make a real post today, I thought I'd just mention that I won $7 at FastEasyTraffic the other day just surfing. Most of the major traffic exchanges have promos going all the time, but FET and another favorite, Traffic-Splash, have bunches of them constantly. (Phil's already got the market cornered on Phil Loves Traffic-Splash blogging so I won't do the same, but I do love Traffic-Splash!)

But even if you don't have anything to bigtime promote, I know most of you out there are looking for money - well, there ya go, a free $7 was up for grabs if you'd been there. And the traffic exchanges are certainly a great place to go to find places and ways to make money.

So that's my tip for the day - join FastEasyTraffic and Traffic-Splash and go surf, you might make some money or find a cool way to make some.

Now pardon me while I go crawl back under my rock and wish I was dead for a while. I haven't been sick with something like this in a looong time and it's miserable. See ya when I get well again (at least I hope I do!!).

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clickbank Pirate

I don't do this too often and step out of the GPT/PTC/PTR box here at the Guide, but I know there is the occasional reader here who is looking for ways to make serious money online and not just extra cash and pin money, so I've got one of those for today.

Brand new and just released this week, Clickbank Pirate comes from the crack team of Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye, whose names you probably know if you read anything at all revolving around Internet and network marketing.

This is a totally and completely plug-n-play system, and when I say totally and completely - I mean 100%. I like what Paul Kinder of Traffic-Splash and Affiliate Funnel said about it best, because it pretty much says it all, so I'm going to shamelessly swipe that (sort of) and explain what you don't have to do with Clickbank Pirate:
  • You don't have to sell anything
  • You don't have to learn HTML or any of that techy stuff
  • You don't have to have your own website or domain name
  • You don't have to pay for your own hosting
  • You don't have to install a blog
  • You don't have to pay for an autoresponder every month
  • You don't have to upload rebranded e-books constantly
  • You don't have to write any blog posts or e-mails
In short, you don't have to do ANYTHING but promote it and send traffic to your sites and pages. They do everything else for you, and when I say everything - I mean EVERYTHING.

It's not free, but it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and it's a shockingly simple system that can make you at least $1,000 per month without a website or a product of your own. Everybody knows that Clickbank is THE place to start and make the simplest and easiest money online, but then when you get into it, it all looks so complicated. I've leaned in that direction many a time and then leaned just as fast in the other direction because it was more than I wanted to fool with.

This system takes all of that frustration and complication out of the equation and does every single thing for you. EVERY single thing. You don't have to do any followup, nothing - all you have to do is promote it.

I'm not going to yap about it further - if you really want to make major money online, you should just go check Clickbank Pirate out right now. Some things profess to be "plug-n-play" and then when you get into the back end, there's all kinds of other stuff and it's really not plug-n-play. But this really IS.

Click the link or the banner and go see Clickbank Pirate for yourself. Yarrrrrr! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Ever, Ever, EVER Pay to Take Surveys!

So I was gonna post a new PTC site today since I am still soooo behind this week and having trouble catching up, but then I glanced thru my recent comments, and voila, I found my post for the day.

I can't believe I haven't ever said this before, but yeah - do not EVER pay a site to "join" and take surveys. There may be one or two legitimate ones around (I doubt it), but if a site or company is asking you to pay a fee to take surveys, walk in the other direction.

I have been a member of many of the survey sites I'm on for years before I ever started this blog, but I seem to recall a couple of years ago when I was looking to pick some more up that there was one out there - I now forget the name - that was charging like $50 or $97 or something for memberships with promises that you could make "hundreds" all the time doing surveys. That's just bogus.

If you're a member of a LOT of sites and check your email bunches of times a day, then yeah, you might be able to pull off as much as $50 a month doing surveys but that's a pretty high and out there estimate. I could probably bring in about $20 a month if I'd remember to check that email box more often and stay on top of them all, but I get too busy with other things.

Anyway, here's the comment that brought all this on, and my response (I won't link the commenter's site but it's still there in comments, but don't go checking it out without reading the rest of this post first).

found great post here,
The biggest thrill when you are paid to take survey questionnaires, complete and submit them is that you are doing so from the comfort of your own home.thanks for sharing. i'll be looking forward to your next post :)

My response:

I was going to delete your comment as spam, but I'll leave it up as a warning to others, now having looked at your site - all or most of which require PAYMENT to join those survey sites, seeing as how at the bottom it claims there's a "money back guarantee".

Nobody EVER needs to pay to take surveys, and the reputable companies listed here on my blog - ACOP, SurveySpot, NFO/MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, & Mindfield Online as well as other companies such as Survey Savvy, Global Test Market, Pinecone Research, Greenfield Online, Synovate, Surveyhead, Lightspeed, MyView, ClickIQ, E-Poll, and Valued Opinions - 100%, totally, absolutely FREE, and most of them have been around and paying for years.

Any survey site that asks anyone to pay money to take a survey? Folks oughta run in the other direction far, far away.

But thanks for posting, you just gave me today's blog post.

Speaking of which, Trini and I were having a discussion on her blog recently about Surveyhead, as she was concerned she wasn't going to get paid, and several things about the site had made me suspicious about it as well - but it turns out she DID get paid by them (just posted proof this week) and it's not a scam site after all. So that's good news.

In any case, there are scam survey sites that are free as well as ones you have to pay for, but any survey site that wants you to pay a fee stinks of scam.

Anyway, that reminds me I should update my list of recommended survey sites - I should probably link some of the ones above too - but that'll have to wait for a less busy week. Be back tomorrow with a new site to post, I hope.

PS Trini - I replied to your comment in the previous post about thePaidHelp with some info for you, go see.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

thePaidHelp: Awesome Tool!

Yes, I still have backed up reviews to probably last me a month or more of posting, but I wanted to post about something else today.

I had asked the admin of BankRollBucks to take a look at my newly updated and modified "stuff for newbies" a few weeks ago to check behind me and see if there was anything of major importance that I'd forgotten, and she mentioned she had not been aware of the one tool I would die without, thePaidHelp. At first I was kinda taken aback 'cos I figured most everyone in the GPT forums and around knew about it, but then I remembered that (A) the post I had seen over a year and a half ago where someone was talking about it, they just happened to mention it in passing (i.e. the post wasn't ABOUT the tool) - and (B), I've had it linked in a post on here from Day One pretty much, but it was in a post for beginners suggesting what should be done before they started - so of course most people that weren't new to GPT probably had not noticed it on here. So I figured I'd just post that part from the newbies section here in a post all its own.

So here goes, and pardon in advance for my outright gushing, but it's the best invention ever in the world.

I would literally die - DIE, I tell you - without thePaidHelp. Sure, I could be keeping this stuff in spreadsheets and whatnot as far as my earnings go, but I would never ever be able to get it all as streamlined and perfect for these activities as thePaidHelp already has it built in.

I have found ThePaidHelp to be an invaluable tool in keeping track of earnings - it is literally the best $14.95 I have ever spent since beginning online money hunting. This tool will keep track of just about everything you need when working GPT/PTC/PTR and other sites - balances, referrals, cashouts - and will even tell you when you have reached cashout minimum at a program, provided you keep your info up to date regularly in it. I use it not only for GPT/PTC/PTR but pretty much everything - paid survey earnings and all other online earning efforts.

Another big plus is that it will automatically update with several of the sites I have listed here (as well as others) if a site is a ThePaidHelp enabled site, and many in the GPT/PTC/PTR community are (Cupid Cash, DonkeyMails, No-Minimum, AdPaid, several others).

Quite a few are NOT enabled for automatic updates, but to me that's become beside the point - thePaidHelp has kept me so much more organized and on top of things than I otherwise would have been. Once I entered all the initial information, it only takes me a few clicks and keystrokes here and there to keep it updated and I can see exactly where I stand everywhere, as well as where and when I need to go cash out my earnings. Truly, truly invaluable.

So I highly, highly recommend this tool. You can try it out for 7 days; after that some functions are not available until it's registered. Registration is $14.95 - you can very easily make that $14.95 back in a month or less with the sites listed here in these pages. ThePaidHelp is definitely, without a doubt, the best $14.95 I ever spent, period. I would be completely lost and totally disorganized without it.

Click the banners for more about thePaidHelp, or check it out by just clicking HERE.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Quick List Is Now Linked

I wasn't gonna do this yet because I have been so behind in posting new (mostly PTC) sites, but someone was complaining recently that the blog was "too big". I'm not sure how a blog is supposed to be "small" if you've been blogging for nearly a year and half and posting most days out of the week every week, and my intentions here were to blog and update regularly with news and other info about sites in the community, not sit here as a "banner farm" site.

Anyway, all that said, I decided to go ahead and "officially" link the new Quick List of sites to here with a banner on top and another set of links to it in the sidebar above the list of blog post categories.

I mainly started the Quick List because I had several friends and acquaintances interested in getting into GPT/PTC/PTR stuff that weren't really blog readers, so that was a good way to get all the need-to-know info in one convenient place.

It's also turned out to be an unexpected bonus for me in that the way it's set up, it made what had become a real pain-in-the-neck job updating payment reports over here lots easier and lots less time-consuming for me, as all my payment proofs are now in one spot over there and I don't have to update every site's post over here whenever I get paid. Because of some technical stuff with Blogger and labels, that was getting to be a real nuisance over here, so the Quick List has solved that problem for me too.

So anyway, it's up, it's linked, if you don't want to wait for daily posts every day or sift thru the posts and categories to find sites to go check out, it's there. There are a number of sites on the Quick List that I have not yet "officially reviewed" here that I will be in coming weeks, so there will be some duplication for a little bit. Either way, you'll find all my recommended sites and programs on both now, here at missmoneyhunter.com and on the Quick List - enjoy!

Got Paid Update #76 - YouData

Well, I have started out today horribly behind with no hope of catching up, so just a couple of quick things to post today.

First, my end of the month roundup for payments from YouData - I dunno, I might get back to posting them every week but since they pay every single Friday, I had thought I would just do one roundup post at the end of every month. Which is what this is. Heh.

I made 57 cents with YouData in July and I'm pretty happy with that. It's free money and I like free money best - who doesn't like free money? I do hope this program continues to grow because I love, love, LOVE reviewing the kind of quality ads this program offers for review. Matter of fact, I have found my sister's Christmas present this year from one of the sites they advertised, a company I didn't even know existed if not for YouData! Many of the sites they advertise are prime places for gifts for my family and stuff like that. So I do hope it continues to grow and get bigger and better, it's a fabulous concept but I understand why they have to start small at this time, probably working hard to get more quality advertisers on board.

And Here Is My Payment Proof for July:

If you missed my initial post on YouData and want to find out what it's all about, you can click here to read it. YouData is available to residents of the US and you must have a cell phone enabled for text messaging to be able to confirm your registration. Sign up today and you too can start getting paid every single Friday!

Opinions and reviews of websites and programs listed on this site are based on my personal experiences and information collected and reviewed from other members of those sites only. Your results using these sites may be different.

Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned within the posts on this site are my affiliate/referral links, and in such case I may get compensated for recommending those products or websites. However, I will never recommend something that I don't personally believe in on the date originally posted, and recommended sites and programs that fail to maintain quality standards are removed from the active lists regularly. I welcome your questions and feedback.

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