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Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Flipper Cash, Cartoon-Clicks, and Others Shut Down

In light of some information about some apparent deceit and dishonesty on the part of admin Kelly Ann Gibbs that started coming out after her announcement that My Flipper Cash was closing - and the fact that in the last 24 hours since all of this started coming to light, Cartoon-Clicks has disappeared - needless to say, I have removed Cartoon-Clicks from the active list of sites both here and on the quicklist.

Which really the above is an understatement, apparently there was a LOT of deceit and dishonesty, not just some. Including the fact that Kelly apparently never sold Cartoon-Clicks to "Ann", and was paying people from some GPTs that "Ann" owned with her a PayPal account with her mother's name on it, presumably so no one would figure out it was Kelly herself (who was closing My Flipper Cash due to her "health issues").

To make a long story short, all this start coming out after Kelly had initially announced she was closing the MFC site, lowering the cashout minimum to $5, and asking everyone to withdraw before the end of the month, stating that the site would officially close the first week of September and that she would pay everyone their due earnings "as soon as possible".

Within about 24 hours, another announcement was sent out to members stating that she could only pay them 10% of their earnings because some affiliates hadn't paid her for recent (keyword being recent, remember that) activities and so she couldn't pay everybody everything they were due.

Which, naturally, a lot of people weren't very happy to hear. Especially people like this member, who has been carrying a balance at MFC for months that she just hasn't cashed out, and was owed close to $250. So therefore most, if not all, of her earnings due have anything to do with "recent" activities that affiliates had not paid Kelly Gibbs for - Kelly'd already been paid for most, likely ALL of this members activities at MFC - yet Kelly was asking this member to settle for 10%, i.e., $24 of about $245, if I'm not mistaken.

Then all the rest has come out in the past 24 hours and it's just ugly, and shameful.

These are the sites that it's been pretty much confirmed at this point that she owned... though mostly not with her real name (in some cases, her mother's), and in one case had the domain registered with another name and an old address from where she previously lived in Florida:









If you were a member of any of these, I'm sorry, but you'll probably never see anything you made at any of them.

I've lost close to $10 from two of these sites now, which another sad part about all that is that probably 99% of my earnings at Cartoon-Clicks were under the ownership of the Ann (no connection) who sold the site to Kelly Gibbs - I just never was able to cash out under that Ann's previous $3 cashout minimum because I got to about 55 cents away, but there weren't any offers on the site I could do further to get to cashout. Then Kelly Gibbs bought the site and the cashout was raised to $10, so.

If you want further information, the whole ugly nasty mess is here at GPTBoycott.

This mess has now sent my earnings lost due to scammy owners shutting down and taking the money and running to over $50. Before I could usually say well, I only lost a couple of bucks here or a few bucks there, but now the collective total is over $50. And the circumstances surrounding this particular incident have me really fed up right now and I'm going to be doing some thinking for a while about who I'm going to continue to promote and support.

It happens. And I'm sorry for anyone currently reading that didn't know and is just now finding out they're not going to get paid.

Anyway. There are good sites and decent owners still out there that I will certainly continue to support - BankRollBucks, GPTCashCow, R U Ready 4 Money and YeeHawClickin, Cupid Cash, Rhino Riches, Ozzys, to name a few, and there are many more, but several of the owners from the above sites are active at GPTB and have been affected by this same situation and I am close to 100% certain they're all trustworthy, and there are more. And then there's sites like MatrixMails, ClixSense, AdPaid, WordLinx, CashCrate, and many more that have been around for years and years and are established, good paying sites.

I don't want to scare anyone off of participating in GPT/PTC/PTR, but this does happen, fortunately there is an at least semi-active community that tries to see that wrongdoers are held accountable as best they can. And there are, again, plenty of good sites out there. Matrix, ClixSense, WordLinx, AdPaid, etc., you can count on getting paid, and it's still true of the majority of sites as well, at least 99% probable in most cases. Just don't 100% count on it and set everything 100% by it and you'll be okay. When the money does come it'll be great, this is just yet another reminder to me to not 100% totally count on it anymore.

P.S. (UPDATE): I also want to add that even though Peace and Love GPT was initially sold to Kelly and Lora Sipple (DollarClickOrSignup & ClickOrSignup), Lora basically gave the site to Kelly and has nothing to do with this mess. Just to clear up any confusion there. Lora has a good and proven track record of being an honest and good paying admin and this bunch of shamefulness should not be held against her as she extricated herself from the site some time ago.

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