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Friday, September 4, 2009

GPTCashCow Pays Daily Now - Big Changes at Cupid Cash - $5 Cashout at R U Ready 4 Money

A few updates on cool new stuff going on around and about...

As of September 1st, GPTCashCow now pays DAILY. There is still a $3 minimum cashout and there is no longer any signup bonus, but this is really cool.

R U Ready 4 Money now has a $5 minimum cashout and pays weekly (which I think I announced before but since I'm catching up on some of this stuff trying to houseclean the site a bit, just wanted to reiterate that).

OK, there have been a LOT of new changes at Cupid Cash (whew), let me see if I have them all straight (and then I'll have to go revise both posts on both sites and hopefully not miss anything).

First of all, Cupid Cash has now lowered the first cashout for those who sign up after September 1st to $5. All other members continue at $10 cashout except Gold Members at Cupid, who have no minimum. The $5 cashout for new members must be from PTSU/PTC/referral earnings, paid mail and games do not apply.

The signup bonus is now $1 and 1 point (instead of $2 and 2 points), plus one gets $0.50 for first PTS offer completed, $0.50 for first post in the forum, and there will be random login and activity bonuses throughout every month.

Changes to the referral system - instead of receiving $0.25 and a 25 point bonus per referral, you receive $0.50 when your referral completes their first offer, $0.50 when they make their first forum post, and $3 when your referral makes their first cashout. You also now receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate if you refer two members that cashout and/or upgrade in the same month.

There are also now dedication bonuses at Cupid - $1 for three months of active membership, $2 for six months of active membership, and $5 for one year (does not apply to any Cupid member who received a dedication bonus in June 2009). For the forum, also beginning September 1, you will receive $0.50 for hitting 500 posts, $1 for 1,000, $2 for 2,000 and so on.

Whew, I think that's it.

Cupid's a very active site with a lot going on and for those who like to participate in forums and games it's especially good. I never have time for things like that and have never set foot in most site forums, and can barely keep up with industry forums I read daily, so I miss out on most of that type stuff but for those who can spend the time and like forum chat, you will certainly enjoy how active and fun Cupid Cash is.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And Yet ANOTHER Update!

Wow, my apologies to anyone who was subscribed to my feed via FeedBurner or had been keeping up via MyBlogLog (which was fed by the FeedBurner feed). Apparently you guys haven't read any of my posts in over a week or so, as apparently FeedBurner has been acquired by Google sometime recently and my FeedBurner feed was on hold or something until I Google-fied it. Eek.

I had no idea until I noticed there hadn't been very many MyBlogLog visitors in a while, and then when I went to MyBlogLog and saw that my last noted post was ages ago and then went to check out the feed... ugh.

Anyway, it's fixed now. This probably didn't affect anyone who was using the Blogger widgets to get the feed (which really makes no sense that it wasn't working anyway seeing as how Google owns Blogger too), but everything's A-OK now.

'Til tomorrow, have a good one!

...And Another Update

Most of you probably don't know the difference since I only forward the domain and keep this blog hosted at Blogger on missmoneyhunter.blogspot.com - but for those who were looking for me via the missmoneyhunter.com domain (in which case you found me or you wouldn't be here anyway - LOL), yes, it's currently forwarding to a 404 "page not found" page.

I didn't know it was doing that until someone told me, but wasn't too surprised as I'm in the midst of a bit of a disagreement with my hosting company and will hopefully get that situation sorted before September's over.

In the meantime, if you hadn't bookmarked where are you now, do that. Thanks again to Paul Kinder of Traffic-Splash for the heads up letting me know about it, and can I just tell all you readers (again) that Traffic-Splash ROCKS?!?!?! It sure does. Go surf and rack up some credits and advertise your ClixSense and WordLinx and etc splash pages over there and get some referrals.

Have a nice Thursday, be back tomorrow for sure.

Site & Quicklist Updates

I spent the better part of Monday morning and early afternoon cleaning up both sites when I probably should have been doing other things, but in light of all the weekend events in the get paid community, it seemed like now was as good a time as any to whittle the recommendation lists down to things I could be relatively comfortable recommending as a whole.

So both this site and the quicklist have been pared down somewhat. As it turns out, several of the sites that got axed, I had not done a full review of over here yet, but they were on the quicklist and now they're gone - as well as some other sites that just weren't performing well for me anyway. Most of the ones I removed were PTC sites.

Any site that remains in the GPT, PTC, PTR, and Survey Sites listings are ones that have paid me (or one of the owner's other sites has paid me), or I'm well acquainted with the owner and am relatively certain they are paying sites, have paid other people I know, or there's another valid reason I feel they're still worthwhile and will perform okay.

Someone suggested to me not long ago removing all sites from the quicklist that hadn't paid me (or that hadn't had a partner site pay me), but the thing is I'm pretty close to cashout at most of the sites that haven't paid me yet, so that'd just be more work later returning them to the list and they will likely all have paid me at least once before the end of the year.

So all that said, here are the ones that have been removed (besides My Flipper Cash and Cartoon-Clicks, which were removed over the weekend and I posted about on Saturday) and why.

Please do note that just because I have removed a site from the recommendations list, it doesn't mean it's a bad site or there's anything shady going on. For the most part, these are sites I haven't been paid by and just haven't been performing well for me (some I've given a year and a half or more and still not performing well), and/or am not acquainted with the owner, so I have made the decision to remove it/them from the list.

Moonlillys Legend - Member for 1+ years and hasn't performed well. Also had notice a while back site was being sold anyway.

Carousel Clicks - Member for 1+ years and hasn't performed well. There's only been one PTC ad there daily for months at this point.

Cherry Blossoms PTC - Member for 1+ years and hasn't performed well. Note: Owner does have an overall good reputation.

FinancialFreedomAds - One of the few I didn't delete my membership from simply because I hate to give up fully after a year and a half on this one, but frankly most other former members gave up and stopped publicizing it long ago, mainly due to reportedly slow payments and poor communication from the owner, and it was also removed from the Marketing Pond suite of programs some time ago. There have been few, but some, ads for a while now there. I'll keep working it and report if there is any improvement in the future, but I am no longer comfortable recommending this one to others.

EasyAdBucks - Another that has been dropped from the Marketing Pond suite some time ago and has just performed pretty poorly for me. In a year and a half, I'm just now up to $1.30 there and cashout for regular members is $10. This site was also sold in recent months and from the looks of things the new owners have not been very communicative with the membership. There was an announcement on the site from the former owner with many comments from members asking questions and asking the new owners to speak up, but after months no one had (the last I saw anyway).

HoneyAdvertiserPro - Another that had long ago been dropped from the Marketing Pond suite of programs, and a few months ago several of us at GPTBoycott noted there appeared to have been no activity by admin on the site in months. Not surprisingly when I checked today, the site is gone. Moved to Closed Programs section.

Other sites I've removed that weren't performing well and had not yet reviewed over here, though they were on the quicklist:

Owen's Click Place

Stiffy Klix

Baydefeis PTC

**(not to be confused with My Flipper Cash, though it previously was owned by Kelly Gibbs, it was sold to another owner some time ago as was Beach Clicks)

Clix.vc's site keeps disappearing, and AdverCash is another, removed from Global Team Club's suite of programs, that just has performed terribly - I think after a year and a half I had like 40-something cents, and their cashout is an incredible $12.50.

I have also removed PersianPTC from both here and the quicklist, as it is currently on GPTBoycott's watch list (and had performed fairly poorly for me anyway - I was now well over what used to be the $1 cashout minimum, but several months ago they raised cashout to $5).

I also rather inexplicably discovered I had never removed Isabelmarco's Money Maker's entry from the site (I guess I hadn't done it because yeah, they did pay me twice) but that's been rectified now.

I think that's it. The good news is I still have 13 sites to add reviews on that I'm pretty comfortable with, as well as a few additional survey sites that pay, so there will still be something to write about here - as well as managing and reporting payments on the sites that have been on the list a long time!

I also want to add one more thing - I am not an active member of AnythingFree4You because really I just got to the point where I had enough sites to deal with, but I just want to state that Barbara Norris is a good admin and active in the community and any site she runs, including AnythingFree4You, I highly recommend as well. It's just not on my active recommendations list of sites 'cos I have about all the sites I can handle. :)

UPDATE: Well, since I originally wrote (but didn't yet post) this, I have learned that MoneyDreams has apparently closed. It's showing as a "suspended site", which sometimes just means the owner forgot to pay their hosting bill, but I'm told it's been like that for some time now so I've removed it to the Closed Programs list.

I've also removed Revolution Offers from both sites due to not performing well. The site had a pretty rocky re-start after it was sold to the current owner and seemed to be on the upswing, but my balance there hasn't moved in nearly a year and my referrals appear to have all disappeared, so I've removed it from my recommendations for the present.

P.S. Again, I just want to reiterate that just because I've removed a site doesn't mean anything shady is going on or it's a bad site - of the ones that aren't closed, they're just ones that haven't paid me and/or I am not acquainted with the owner, and they just haven't performed very well for me after several months or more. Just to clarify that again so there's no misunderstanding.
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