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Saturday, May 31, 2008


GetCashDollars is a site I came across in recent weeks and has quickly become a favorite! It has GREAT contests all the time. Wanna know how great? I've won $20 this month there simply from two contests in May, and it was easy! I wish I had found it earlier in May, it might have been more than $20 (but I'm happy with my $20)!

GetCashDollars has a $10 minimum cashout, and pays on a Net 20 basis. (Nice!) Payment is by verified PayPal or Revolution Money Exchange. There's also a nice referral system - get yourself some referrals and you get $1 for every referral who signs up & completes an offer on the site, as well as $1 bonus for every referral that cashes out every month. Offers on the site are usually approved very quickly.

There is also Paid to Click (PTC) on site for those of you who like PTC'ing. The site is open to members from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia.

I really love this site & highly recommend it!

(UPDATED: There's also a monthly jackpot - I won $21.50 on 12/01/2008!)

UPDATE: Paid on 06/25/2008 - $20.56
UPDATE: Paid on 08/07/2008 - $11.82
UPDATE: Paid on 01/23/2009 - $23.26
UPDATE: Paid on 02/02/2009 - $31.53
UPDATE: Paid on 04/21/2009 - $1.05

UPDATE 06/05/2009 - I am moving the GetCashDollars entry to the Closed Programs & Sites section for the time being as the site has basically been "on hold" for over two months while the owner is trying to sell it. It's been left open ever since the initial "closing" April 1st - and thus available to do activity on - but since it seems up in the air what will happen to it, I am taking the site off my promoting list for now as there is no point in anyone doing any work on the site when for all practical purposes it's closed but just hasn't been shut down.

I also, for integrity's sake, generally remove the "Sites That Pay" tag and most other tags from a site entry if the site is sold, until I am paid by the new owner - so another reason to move it to the Closed Sites list, at least temporarily. If the site does become active again, I will certainly add it back in as an active site.

End of the Month - Cashout Time!

Don't forget that today is the end of the month, and if you've reached cashout level on most sites, you'll need to make a withdrawal request by 11:59pm EST on most sites in order to get paid! Hit some of the contests below if you're close! Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MyMadMoney Closing, Gator Gold Offers Changing Pay Date

Was very saddened yesterday to learn that MyMadMoney is closing its doors as of June 1st. This was one of those sites that impressed me right off the bat and quickly became a favorite. The owner has lowered the minimum cashout to zero and will send out all payments due at the end of June, so if you have a balance over there be sure and request your cashout by the end of the day on May 31st.

Also learned that Gator Gold Offers is changing their payout process to Net 30 (which basically means once a month).

Saturday, May 24, 2008

HELPFUL HINTS: Read Before You Start - Updated!

(This information originally revised/updated 9th July 2009 - updated again 3rd June 2014)

I wanted to revise some of my original hints, tips and tricks, and "read before you start" advice and have been in the process of working on a quick list of sites that I included this information on, so I felt rather than garble up the continuing blog with this addition, I would just remove the older, somewhat outdated information I had in this post and stick all that good "before you start" info here.

This is divided into three parts and most is self-explanatory, but if you have further questions after reading, feel free to drop me an e-mail at missmoneyhunter at gmail dot com (in proper e-mail format, of course).

Here we go...


An Alternate E-mail Address. This is an absolute must, because working most of these programs is going to create a LOT of e-mail, and you don't want to get all that e-mail mixed up with your "regular" e-mail. You're also liable to catch a lot of spam, even though the sites on these pages themselves won't be the ones spamming you. The best thing to do is set up an alternate e-mail address at Gmail - it's accepted pretty much everywhere, it's good at filtering out the REAL spam and easy to find stuff that winds up in spam by accident, and it's just a great webmail system period - the best. I would caution against using a Yahoo address because #1, Yahoo has become very unreliable, and second, many of these sites will not allow Yahoo e-mail registrations due to all the bouncing problems Yahoo has. Just set one up with Gmail - it's free, it's great, you'll love it - and everything will be just fine. Use this alternate address for all of your GPT/PTC/PTR activities except for one (see next paragraph on paid surveys). Register a Gmail e-mail account HERE.

Another Alternate E-mail Address. If you are going to participate in paid surveys, I recommend setting up ANOTHER alternate e-mail address with Gmail JUST for surveys and similar stuff (for instance, MyPoints). This way your survey invitations don't get mixed up with your regular e-mail (there will be a lot of them), nor will they get mixed up with your other alternate e-mail you're using for GPT/PTC/PTR activities - and therefore, you won't likely miss a potential survey invitation (and miss the opportunity to make money). A lot of these surveys fill up quotas fast, so it's best to keep that e-mail completely separate so you can stay on top of it all, and get in the habit of checking it at least once a day if not more. Again, Gmail is recommended here - it's just plain better and more reliable. Again, register for Gmail HERE. You can register as many Gmail addresses as you want to, it's free.

A PayPal Account. Some of the programs within these pages do still pay by check, money order, or even gift certificates and gift cards - but some of them ONLY pay by PayPal. With the ones that have many options, you will likely get paid quicker if you select PayPal as your payment option. If you don't already have one, consider going to PayPal and registering one - and verifying it when you do (see instructions on how to verify your PayPal account at their site). Some of these programs ONLY pay to verified PayPal accountholders. Register for PayPal HERE.

CCleaner: Especially if you are going to be doing paid offers at GPT sites, but CCleaner by Piriform is useful in just keeping your browser running better anyway. I don't even do that many paid offers/PTS offers anymore, but I still use CCleaner daily just to rid my browser of all the junk it picks up in temp files and such. However, if you're doing paid offers on GPT sites, you need to clear your cookies after doing each offer, and this is the best way to do it, and is the recommended program by the majority of GPT sites in the online community. Quick and safe download and easy to install and use. Get CCleaner HERE.

Good Antivirus/Adware/Malware Security. You probably already have an antivirus program of some sort on your machine & that's fine. If you DON'T already have some additional security measures in place, then I highly recommend these - because once you get in the routine of viewing ads, you probably won't pick up a virus (though it could always happen), but you're almost certainly going to come across ads here and there that contain, at the very least, some minor annoying adware. Best to keep yourself protected at all times anyway nowadays, even if you do NONE of this stuff on these pages. Here's my stable of anti-bad-mojo weapons:
  • Antivirus: I use Avast's free edition (click HERE) for antivirus. AVG from Grisoft's free edition (click HERE) is also good and has a free version. If you already run Norton or McAfee or something else and keep it updated and scan regularly, then you're probably fine.
  • Spyware Blaster: Javacool's SpywareBlaster is just about the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it runs all the time to keep your browsing safe as possible, whether you use IE or Firefox. Update it frequently and set it for all protection when you do, and it will keep a lot of the nasties away. Get it HERE.
  • Malwarebytes: It might be overkill, but Malwarebytes was the ONLY thing that finally eradicated one nasty piece of adware/malware I wound up with, so now I scan with it regularly too as well as doing regular scans with AVG. This thing is beautiful. You can get it HERE.
  • AdAware: I don't really use this as much anymore 'cos it really is almost overkill security-wise, but AdAware from Lavasoft is also a very good program. You can get it HERE.


A Separate Phone Number: This isn't so hard as it may sound, and if you're never going to do paid offers (also known as PTS) at GPT and PTR sites - if you're only planning to click and view PTC ads - you won't really need this... but the bigger earnings are in doing offers. You DO (absolutely) want to register your real & genuine phone number on all of the sites within (it's against TOS at most of them not to and you could get banned for not doing so). But if you're going to do paid offers at GPT sites - you really need to have an alternate phone number that you can enter when you're doing offers (you don't want to use your cell phone number either), or you will be fielding zillions of calls left and right. Skype offers a real, honest to goodness local phone number for most locales for a reasonable fee - it varies by location, but is usually around $27-30 a year - and you can also add voice mail service for a tiny additional fee (generally around $6 for three months). You can listen to your messages online - you can take calls online with it, if you have a headset or microphone - it's terrific for these activities, then you can decide which calls you want to take or return or not. Unless you want your regular phone ringing off the wall once you start getting paid to do offers, you need something of this sort. Check out the options with Skype by clicking HERE.

Another alternative is Simple Voice Box, which you can check out HERE - however, Simple Voice Box gives you an 800 number with voice mail and it's not quite as good of an option as getting a separate real local phone number like you get with Skype. I recommend a Skype number much more, and the voice mail addition is just so cheap at only two bucks a month.


  • ID or Phone Verification Requirements (regarding GPT, PTC, or PTR sites) - Check to see whether they require a photo ID before you can cashout. Some do, some don't. Some also require phone verification where you either call in and leave required info on voice mail, or they may have an automatic system that will call you or text you with a code to enter to verify yourself. Good to know beforehand though (and go ahead and do it and get yourself verified if the site does require it) - you don't want to get to cashout level and then not be able to cashout yet because the site requires verification and you're not verified.
  • Don't Do The Same Offer Twice! (regarding GPT & some PTR sites) - If you don't do anything but clicking on ads (PTC) and reading paid e-mails, then you don't have to worry about this, but if you are going to do paid offers on sites, that's another story. When doing paid offers (PTS) at GPT sites, and at PTR sites that have them, you absolutely cannot do the same offer twice, ever - even if it's on another site. This is considered fraud, and can get you banned not only from the site(s) you did the offer on, but others in the community as well. Nearly all the GPT sites have a lot of information about fraud available, so educate yourself on how not to screw up in that regard.
  • Don't Use A Prepaid Credit or Debit Card (regarding GPT & some PTR sites) - You cannot use prepaid credit or debit cards to do trial offers or anything you must make a purchase for when doing paid offers (PTS) on GPT sites, or at PTR sites that have paid offers. If it's your debit card tied to your bank account, that's fine. It's the prepaid cards like you can buy at Wal-Mart, Sam's, and pretty much all over - or the prepaid credit cards offered by various companies online - that you absolutely cannot use. If you are going to do trial offers, or do shopping on paid offers, you need to use a regular, traditional credit card, or your bank account debit card.


OK, that's pretty much it for my "before you start" (or "while you're doing it") info for now... please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with questions if you have any! And good luck in your endeavors!

Raining Riches Closing on June 1st

Learned today that Raining Riches is closing its doors on June 1st, as the site owner wants to devote more attention to some of her other business ventures.

Anyone who has met the $20 minimum cashout by the end of the day May 31st will get paid, so if you have a balance less than that over there, go over and complete some more offers to get yourself up to cashout before June.

The good news is that Raining Riches has a contest running through May 31st where you get a $2 bonus for every 10 offers completed (and no limit to how many bonuses you can earn), so if you are short the $20 cashout minimum, it won't be too hard right now to get yourself up there with this $2 bonus.

Sorry to see this nice GPT close, but my best to Becki in her future endeavors!

Got Paid Update #3 - CashCrate

Received my check in the mail today from CashCrate for $10.21 - woohoo!

One of the great things about CashCrate is you don't have to remember to request payment - as long as you have a balance of $10 or more at the end of the month, they cut you a check and mail it to you. Check out CashCrate today!

Contests - You Really Can Win, I Did!

So remember how I've been talking this week about maximizing your earnings with contests and other promotions on the various sites? Well, you really can, because I found out today I won one this week! I won one of the three $10 prizes for most completions at Get Cash Dollars!

So it really does work and boy, does it sure help! So be sure and check my daily Contests Update posts to see what contests you can enter and make even more extra cash!

PS On Contest Updates

I decided since I am posting contest updates every day now, I will delete the previous day's post once I've updated, since the older post will all be out of date or repetitive information by then, plus they just take up more space among the posts with important information.

Soooo check back every day to see what contests are going on that you can maximize your earnings with! Saturday's Contests Update is already up for today! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Take the Internet Back

Here's another brand new money making opportunity for the site, and I'm very excited about the potential of this one!

Take the Internet Back is pretty straightforward in their FAQ about what they are, who they are, and what you can expect. Here's the short version of what you can expect:

1. You agree to read a couple or three or so emails a day - not many!
2. You refer two - just two - people to sign up.
3. You make money.

That's it, AND they give you $10 in your account to sign up! Again, the FAQ is pretty straightforward, and the FAQ and their contract with you pretty much states that yes, the program will be totally free forever and you don't have to pay anything. As long as you agree to read and accept the emails, you will get paid. Naturally if you sign up more than two people, you'll make more, but the two referrals is ALL you have to get it.

You accrue points which can later be converted to cash - points for your referrals, and (so far as I've seen) a point per e-mail. There are signup offers on the site (much like the GPT sites) that you can do to earn more points, if you want, but you don't ever have to do them.

What's in it for you besides all that? Much like some of the other programs I have discussed here - revenue sharing bonuses for the members and "ownership". The FAQ outlines all that too very well.

As part of your membership, you also get free software downloads of lots of the same business and other software I see being marketed around the Internet for a whole lot of money. Nice deal.

It pays monthly via PayPal when your account reaches $50 or more (UPDATE 05/29/2009: or $55 if you want to be paid by check). Judging from what I've read, I don't think it's going to take an excessively long time to reach that mark, especially if you sign up more than a couple of referrals under you.

I was especially impressed with the site after reading the FAQ that explained everything, so don't miss that... and I really think this one has the potential to be a VERY nice earner.

And it's free and will always be free, so once again I'm like, what the heck, go for it. I figure it's a win-win situation & I'm not out anything, no matter what. It's another very lazy & easy way to rack up cash earnings.

And they give you $10 right off the bat! So check Take the Internet Back out, and hop on board if you're interested!

Opt-in Email Advertising & Marketing

ClixSense & MatrixMails Revisited, Again

Yeah, I know I've been posting a lot the past two days - lots to catch up on, LOL! Come Monday or Tuesday we'll get back to one or two short posts a day (now that I'm posting daily contest updates), but I just had so much good information stored up to share with you. So if you're serious about trying to make and maximize earnings online, it will be beneficial to you to catch up on all the information I've been posting this week (or at least since Wednesday or so).

Right now, though, I want to talk a little bit about ClixSense and MatrixMails again. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record about these two programs, and I also know there are several visitors here that have signed up for them but have not taken advantage of upgrading their memberships, and I wanted to talk a little bit about why it might be a good idea to do so (or if you haven't joined them, to join and do so).

As most have been reading here know, my favorite way to make money with these sites is the lazy way - clicking to read ads and paid mails and whatnot. If you've been doing these activities, then you know it's a slooow way to build up a balance, since many pay 1 cent or less per e-mail or ad. And with ClixSense, you've probably discovered that with the basic membership, you only get maybe a dozen or so ads to review a day.

ClixSense and MatrixMails are, at this point, the only PTR programs I have paid to upgrade my membership with. I may go for more eventually (and, more importantly, when I can afford it) but I decided these two were very worthwhile to do so. They've both been around a while (MatrixMails has been in business since 2002), so I consider them safe to upgrade with.

And in ClixSense's case, here was the real clincher for me - it's only $10 for a whole YEAR to upgrade to premium, and you get SO many more ads to review with the upgrade. Frankly, I've got so many now every time I log in, I never get through them all. At one point a few weeks ago I had over 300 and now I've got it down to just under 200 left to watch (and get paid for).

With MatrixMails, I went for the 3-month Gold membership upgrade initially, which was only $5, but I believe my next upgrade with them will be for the Lifetime Gold membership - pay $60 and never have to pay for the upgrade again.

Why? Well, right now I am getting paid twice as much per mail with the 3-month Gold membership than I did with the free basic membership, and I've already seen how much more that adds up over time. With the Lifetime Gold membership, you get paid FOUR times more than you do with the basic.

That is really going to add up, and MUCH more quickly. And both of these programs constantly have new ads or mails to review every day, they're not likely to stop coming.

I really like the idea of making four times more than basic on the MatrixMails plan, but I DEFINITELY encourage anyone who already signed up (or wants to sign up) for ClixSense to go ahead and spring for the $10 premium upgrade with ClixSense. It's $10 for the entire year and it just makes the biggest difference in getting you more ads to view. When I upgraded, I had maybe 10 or 12 ads to review, and after upgrade there were well over 300! That's a pretty big jump.

I think they're both worth it - especially the ClixSense upgrade - so if you're a member of ClixSense or MatrixMails either one (no matter who you signed up under or where), I just strongly encourage the upgrades. It really, really helps when you're trying to earn cash the lazy way!

MatrixMails - Get paid

Got Paid Update #2 - GP Treasure

GP Treasure just paid me again today, a whopping 10 cents! *smile*

That's fine with me, a dime's a dime and money's money. And they really do pay super fast with PayPal.

I need to do an update very soon of my total earnings that are out there, I probably will after the end of the month 'cos I have several cashouts to make this month (yay!). I don't update my "total money earned" ticker at the bottom of the page until I've actually received the cash in hand, so you will be seeing that figure go up quite a bit in June as I receive various payments from my cashouts.

I've still got a lot of earnings on the books at various sites that I haven't reached cashout level at, but I can tell you after glancing at my records the other night, since the end of February I have earned over $260 with what has really been a VERY small amount of work and effort - and that figure is SOLELY through opportunities listed here on the site!

So even though I am not counting that money I haven't received yet in my "grand total", that really is a nice chunk of change for what has been mostly lazy and not much work on my part. I'll be updating soon with some specific site-by-site details on what my earnings have been, but for now take that into account... if I've made over $260 in just under three months being lazy and not doing that much work on the site, think of what I could have made if I had put more work into it (and if I had more time to, LOL)!

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Jackpots

UPDATED: 06/27/2010

Here's a third way you can maximize your potential earnings on various GPT sites. Many run a monthly jackpot, or a drawing/raffle. With the jackpots (and many of the sites have sections on the site devoted just to that), there are often offers you can do that will earn you entries into the jackpot. With other drawings & raffles (and sometimes the jackpots) you can frequently buy additional entries into the drawing with your points.

Put it this way - I just happened to click on a site I visit regularly's jackpot section the other day and discovered I had two entries into the jackpot that I didn't even I had! And it's $20 now, so that would be really cool to win.

Here are the sites I've reviewed (or will soon be) that I'm aware of having regular jackpots, drawings, or raffles:

DealBarbiePays (weekly jackpot!)
RockHardCash (monthly Rockstar drawing)
SquishyCash (monthly high roller drawing)
Cupid Cash
Big Beach Bucks
R U Ready 4 Money

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Promo Codes

UPDATED: 06/27/2010

Here's another way to increase earnings & other loot - keep an eye out for sites that make fairly liberal and regular use of Promo Codes. Many will have offers that, once they've successfully completed, you'll be sent a promo code that could be worth cash, points, etc.

And sometimes you might just wind up with one just because! This week a new site I've been playing on was celebrating an event and sent out promo codes to several members, and I wound up with an extra 10 cents. Can't beat that, it's free money!

Here's a few sites I've reviewed (or will be reviewing soon) that offer promo codes occasionally:

Rhino Riches
Tiki Treasure
Big Beach Bucks
SquishyCash (new one-time promo code every 15 minutes)
R U Ready 4 Money

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites Playing Games & Trivia

UPDATED: 06/27/2010

Everyone loves games! (Well, most people do!) I'm a major gamer and can easily waste dozens of hours at a time playing online games of various types.

Here's some good news for those who like playing games - on several of the sites listed here (or soon to be) on the site, they have game options where you can win cash or points (usually points) to add to your account balance!

You can answer daily, weekly, or occasional trivia questions at these sites most/many days for points or cash:

Rhino Riches
Tiki Treasure (weekly)
Quick Rewards (daily)

And there are more game options that can add to your balance in cash or points at these sites:

GPT Cash Cow - Several games of different kinds
PaidTheFastest - Bunches of different games
R U Ready 4 Money - Many games
DonkeyMails - BUNCH of games - you can win OR lose at some of them but they're fun!
Cupid Cash - lots and lots and LOTS of games
MatrixMails - will be getting games soon!
No-Minimum - also has a bunch of different games to play!
Quick Rewards - has a 3x daily number guessing game & several other games
RockHardCash - a couple of games where you can earn CDs (points)

Here's some more games on sites that don't necessarily increase your balance at the site itself but you can win cash & prizes & whatnot:

InboxDollars - Lots of games to play for cash prizes
SendEarnings - Lots of games to play for cash

Have fun! Win some money or points & good luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bank Roll Bucks Now Accepting Australian Members

Yep, pretty much what the title of the post says... Bank Roll Bucks just announced they are now accepting members from Australia! So all you Australian folks get over there & earn some cash! :)

Got Paid Update #1 - GetPaidTo.com

Happy to report I have been paid again, this time by GetPaidTo.com. It was only a dollar, but if you're like me, every dollar counts! (Heck, that's a day's worth of meal for me sometimes.)

Another positive thing about this one - I got paid via PayPal within mere hours of requesting payment yesterday, so that was cool. You do have to go thru this recorded phone verification thing the first time you request payment from them, but it's not a big deal and once the initial verification process is done, you never have to do it again.

Get Paid To

I actually am expecting another payment from another site any day now (it's coming by check), and I have a SLEW of cashouts to request at the end of the month - I have been able to spend a little more time (not a WHOLE lot but a little) doing GPT stuff this month than I did last month - so hopefully there will be many more Got Paid Updates soon!

Plus I've been busy getting more organized with my GPT activities so probably at or right after the first of the month, I'll be sharing with you my list of what my current earnings are again. I'm pretty pleased, it's still a minimal and fairly lazy amount of work for me and I've crossed the $150 mark now - and this is solely through cash-earning opportunities listed here on the site (or ones that will be within the next week or so). So, woohoo!

Wednesday Contests Update

As I said the other day, I'm going to start posting news about various "special" contests around the GPT sites. Some sites have new ones every day, or a few different contests a week.

Also, nearly all GPT sites run yearly and/or monthly contests for the most earnings, most offers, most referrals... I may or may not list those in another post because, frankly, almost all the sites run contests such as those. Some have games you can play to get more cash or points. Many also run monthly jackpot contests & promo code promotions that can earn you some extra cash or points & point-type opportunities (I may list most of those in another post).

So what I'm saying is be on the lookout on the sites that you enjoy participating on for those monthly & yearly contests, because getting in the running for those could really increase your earnings a great deal. Many of the monthly & yearly completion, earnings, & referral contests have VERY good cash prizes for the top spots (for instance, the winner of Bank Roll Bucks' yearly completion contest gets a spare 100 bucks)!

For now, though, back to the "special" and one-off contests going on today & this week! If you are a member and enjoy some of these sites, you could really up your balance making a point of getting involved in these! (Some of these sites I haven't reviewed here yet but am going to soon, join 'em anyway if you like the contest!)

Here we go...

(rest of post deleted 05/24/2008 to save space since the info's out of date now anyway) :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tune In Tomorrow!

My apologies for posting so late tonight! The Cliffs Notes version is that I have gotten so caught up the last couple of days in pooling together a LOT of what I hope will be very good and helpful info and tools and tips & tricks for you all regarding GPT/etc. sites - as well as having found a few more absolutely fantastic sites! - that I have been pretty busy working on all this for about a day and half straight now.

So be SURE and come back EVERY day this week, 'cos I intend to start posting some of this stuff I've amassed tomorrow and there will be a BUNCH of helpful hints, as well as other heads up stuff on how to increase and maximize your earnings, to read about the rest of this week! I have got a whole lot of stuff to post that's hopefully going to be really helpful to everyone - or at least will be cool - so don't miss any of it!

See you tomorrow!

More on Survey Sites

UPDATED 07/09/2009: I am no longer updating this post with payment information from survey sites I am active on. For current information on active sites, payment proofs, etc., please refer to the newer post by clicking HERE.

I had pretty much given up any hope of anything viable coming out of my memberships with Survey Spot and Greenfield Online (the latter actually used to be a pretty good earner years ago), when lo and behold - I finally qualified for a Survey Spot survey today that paid $5!

Both companies tend to send out tons of survey opportunities that win you an entry into one of their drawings, but frankly I just don't have much time to fool with the non-direct paid ones.

So I guess given that I've finally had some luck with Survey Spot, if you're not already signed up with some of these it wouldn't hurt to go ahead:

Survey Spot
UPDATE: Paid by Survey Spot on 07/19/2008: $5.00

Greenfield Online
Lightspeed Research (not bad, just takes a while to rack up enough points to get payout)

Now, this next group I'm listing below - Toluna (formerly Your2Cents) and the three with banners - those you can count on much, much more to send good surveys that you'll qualify for and likely be able to cash out on at least every one or two months. I'm about to request checks from two of them - Opinion Outpost and Your2Cents - and have more money coming soon from ACOP as well, but NFO/My Survey is usually great and easy to hit payout with too.

So I DEFINITELY recommend signing up with these four if you are interested in getting paid for surveys and aren't already signed up. The other three above are kind of hit or miss, but this group here I feel is very worthwhile to stay on board with when it comes to paid surveys.

Toluna (acquired Your2Cents in Summer 2009)


Opinion Outpost:

American Consumer Opinion:

Monday, May 19, 2008

New: Updates on Contests at the GPT Sites

I am still going to be reviewing and adding new GPT sites, but I feel at this point there's a good collection here of some of the best, and one thing I haven't been updating on is the contests that many of these great sites run. Some of them have new contests every day!

It occurred to me when I made around $5-6 spare extra dollars this weekend fulfilling some of those contest requirements that some updates about the various contests at all of these sites would be helpful, and point you in the right direction to making even more spare cash (especially those of you who have already signed up at some of these sites).

The contests and promotions many of these sites have (and have often or continuously) are a GREAT way to keep picking up spare change. So I'm going to start posting updates on those too, so keep coming back and see where you can go every day to maximize your earnings!

Friday, May 16, 2008

End of Week Update

Argh... it's been a hectic, hectic week and a doubly hectic day today, and I am dog tired, as they say. I know I promised my tips & tricks & helpful hints post today, but I don't want to post when I'm this tired for fear I will (A) leave something important out and (B) make no sense. (heh)

Sooo I'm going to delay that post a little bit - if I get a chance to post this weekend, I will, otherwise I promise I will on Monday. I might even have some additional helpful info by then!

In any case, be sure and check out the new sites & programs posted earlier today & this week (and heck, all of them on the site if you haven't already) - I'll be back with more and some really neat stuff Monday, or before if I can. In the meantime, have a great weekend, everyone!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Update on Closed/Suspended Sites

Hi there! Just wanted to pop in a quick note as I was doing some re-review on all the sites I've reviewed here so far, and wanted to make a notation that I had removed MyPiggyBankCash.com as the site has apparently closed.

Also, MyDoggieDollars and Keep This Change are both offline at present. I don't know if this is temporary or not but I will be keeping an eye out unless I hear anything certain. I have made notations in their posts here on the site that the sites are down.

Have made a revision to the Freebies Junction post as well, as apparently they have changed payment methods since I was last on the site.

On another note, I will probably post a time or two before the weekend's through as I discovered some really cool stuff about sites I've been to before as I was browsing around and want to share, so be on the lookout. As soon as I get some time, I'll scribble again.

I noticed lots of folks have been signing up with the newer sites I've posted, but if you haven't taken time to go through some of the older posts and check out those sites too, be sure to 'cos there are some really great sites that were listed back in April.

Got to go for now, but hope everyone is having a good weekend and I'll be back soon!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just a Note...

I just wanted to add a note that I've got a line on something that looks to be a very useful tool when managing your activities with GPT sites and the like, and I've read some very favorable reviews about it... but I want to try it out myself first and see what I think and whether or not it's really as useful and efficient as I've heard. So I'm going to be checking that out and, if I think it's really good, I will be posting about it shortly for sure!

In any case, that's it for today - everyone have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday with some more great money-making opportunities next week! :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today's site, MyCashHoney.com, is another that was added into the "Easiest & Laziest Ways" post the other day. I'm almost through with those add-ins so new posts on sites not previously posted begin again soon!

Another general purpose GPT site with many things to do, MyCashHoney.com does have Paid to Click (PTC) opportunities on site as well as a host of other activities to earn money with.

Minimum payout is $5, paid monthly. They accept members from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Payment options include PayPal, AlertPay, Revolution Money Exchange, Amazon gift certificate, and money order.

I haven't spent tons of time yet on this site, but there are plenty of opportunities here and, of course, I always prefer the ones with PTC options so I definitely will be returning again and again!

UPDATE 07/03/2008: MyCashHoney has added Revolution Money Exchange as a payment option.

UPDATE: Paid on 07/31/2008 - $5.53
UPDATE: Paid on 09/01/2008 - $7.58

UPDATE 05/12/2009: This program closed December 1, 2008. Unfortunately the site owner closed the program and failed to pay many members earnings due, including myself. Very sad situation, as the site owner, Roberta Kachel, was well known in the community with a then-good reputation of being an honest and paying admin.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It has no bearing on how much money there is to be made on a site, but I do enjoy technically well done websites, and RockHardCash is one of these with really cute graphics and a great music theme. I'm a big music fan so that appealed to me right away!

RockHardCash currently has a $3 signup bonus, which is always a neat extra! This site also gives you a little bonus each time you log in for being active - that's always a nice little perk too.

There is a minimum payout of $20 here (PayPal, check, or Amazon gift certificate). However, the site has a little bit unusual and cool option regarding WHEN you get paid - you can choose monthly payments (with no fees), or you can request daily payments with a 33% transaction fee.

There are three referral levels here (20%, 5%, and 2%), and a cash activity bonus for logging in regularly.

RockHardCash is open to members in the US, UK, and Canada only. Join today!

UPDATE 01/07/2009: RockHardCash has redesigned the site & now has a $10 minimum cashout!

(NOTE: RockHardCash is one of the SquishyCash network of sites, and SquishyCash has paid me - refer to the SquishyCash entry for more info!)

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Honeybee Points

Today's site, Honeybee Points, has a system that's a little different from most of the others and that I think is kinda neat. You earn points towards a gift of your choosing, and here are the gifts they currently have to offer:
  • Visa gift cards - $25, $50, and $100
  • PayPal payment - $25 (oops I had this wrong before - updated!!)
  • Amazon gift certificates - $15, $20, $25, $50
  • Wal-Mart gift cards - $15, $20
  • $15 gift cards to Toys 'R Us, Starbucks, Wendy's, iTunes
(UPDATED August 2008) - Also, now that Honeybee Points has some cash offers, there are now these cash withdrawal options:
  • AlertPay - $2 minimum
  • PayPal - $2 minimum
You can redeem whenever you have enough points to redeem for one of the gift options. They also have paid to click (PTC) opportunities on site. Honeybee Points is open to members in the US and Canada.

Check it out, and go rack up some points towards one of those cool gift options or some cash!

UPDATE 05/28/2009: This site has closed.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gomez PEER

Something a little different for today's moneymaker! Gomez PEER is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC that combines the spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure the performance of Web sites, basically making use of background resources your computer doesn't use anyway.

If you are approved to become active in the program, you will be credited for your online time and work processed approximately every 15 minutes that the application is running. If you are active and your earnings are $5 or over at the end of the month, they pay you for it!

I had read lots and lots of good stuff about it from other users who are active and getting paid so I thought I would check it out, though naturally I was a little wary because I really don't like downloading and running stuff unless I'm certain it's secure. But after reading their very, very extensive FAQ, and having read so much positive from other users, I decided to try it.

I was also concerned because I have an older and getting outdated PC that is rather overloaded as it is, so I had some concerns about whether this application running in the background would slow down my system. Even though the FAQ pretty much assured that it wouldn't, I still had my doubts simply because I've had a lot of issues with my computer lately.

Alas, no worries! It doesn't slow things down at all and I rarely even notice it's there. I've now got it running on my desktop and laptop both.

Once you read the FAQ (be sure and read it thoroughly, it will answer most of your questions) and sign up, download, and install the program, you will remain in "Pending" status a while though as long as you're running the PEER, it will accrue potential earnings. They review about every 7-10 days to take on new active peers, but even in pending status you can earn money in referral bonuses for referring family and friends and get paid once you and they become active.

And if you're one of those who leaves your computer on most of the time, it can literally make money for you while you are at work, class, or asleep! Payment is monthly and (if you've made the $5 minimum) by PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay. You can make up to a maximum of $45 per month.

Right now they are especially looking for new members with computers/connections at all speeds in these countries: United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and anywhere in South America - but it's still worth a try signing up if you are from another country not listed.

Also, they are apparently very much in need of users with dialup access at present, so if you are on dialup, that's probably a sure bet of getting approved as active right now!

I figure since it's safe, is not affecting my computers' performance (which again was a big issue with me since I have performance issues right now as it is), and is using resources of my computer that I don't generally use anyway, why not make a little extra cash with it, right? Looking forward to seeing how things pan out using the PEER.

So if this sounds interesting to you, check out Gomez PEER further & sign up if you like! And good luck!

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