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Friday, May 23, 2008

Got Paid Update #2 - GP Treasure

GP Treasure just paid me again today, a whopping 10 cents! *smile*

That's fine with me, a dime's a dime and money's money. And they really do pay super fast with PayPal.

I need to do an update very soon of my total earnings that are out there, I probably will after the end of the month 'cos I have several cashouts to make this month (yay!). I don't update my "total money earned" ticker at the bottom of the page until I've actually received the cash in hand, so you will be seeing that figure go up quite a bit in June as I receive various payments from my cashouts.

I've still got a lot of earnings on the books at various sites that I haven't reached cashout level at, but I can tell you after glancing at my records the other night, since the end of February I have earned over $260 with what has really been a VERY small amount of work and effort - and that figure is SOLELY through opportunities listed here on the site!

So even though I am not counting that money I haven't received yet in my "grand total", that really is a nice chunk of change for what has been mostly lazy and not much work on my part. I'll be updating soon with some specific site-by-site details on what my earnings have been, but for now take that into account... if I've made over $260 in just under three months being lazy and not doing that much work on the site, think of what I could have made if I had put more work into it (and if I had more time to, LOL)!

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