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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got Paid Update #8 - GetCashDollars & SquishyCash

Yesterday was a great day! Received not just one but TWO of my May payments yesterday! Waking up to find you have money is always a good thing!

I received $20.56 from GetCashDollars, which was a really easy site to make money on in May with the great contests the site was having...

UPDATE 06/05/2009: This site is in the process of being sold and has been inactive for 2+ months, so I am considering it closed/inactive for now.

...and then I received $21.77 from SquishyCash, another site with contests pretty much every day that you can easily increase your earnings on.

Stay tuned for July, as I should have a few more sites to report on getting payments from that I've never been able to say "I got paid!" about before, as well as some I've been paid by in the past. Woohoo! Getting paid is great! :)

Still Behind!

Argh! Well, this week has been extremely busy and really gotten away from me, so I am behind in posting contest updates and such, sorry about that. Will hopefully get back on track with that tomorrow and posting more new and super-exciting stuff this weekend and next week. Hang in there, I will be back as soon as I can!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Soon Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Sorry for the slack in posting over the weekend, I have gotten a bit tied up with some other stuff. Regular posting will recommence soon! Stay tuned 'cos I have some really important and exciting stuff moneymaking-wise to post about this week!

Have a great Monday! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PCHQuiz4cash Change of Site, Format, Payout

I was pretty disappointed to find today that PCHQuiz4Cash has changed their site, format, and payout minimum. They have changed the site to a points-only format, where you collect points to be able to take a spin at a wheel with points and cash prizes. They've added more quiz opportunities, but... (sigh).

They also raised their minimum payout to request a check to $25, which I wasn't too happy about since I was less than $2 away from being able to request a check. I guess I will try to spend enough time there to win some more cash to get to the $25, but if it takes very long or once I get to it, I don't know how much more time I will spend fooling with it. Whereas before it was a pretty good opportunity to earn a buck or two a month if you answered the questions correctly - and I do like trivia - now I'm not terribly motivated to spend too much time there... I'm cramped for time enough as it is.

Anyway, there's that... see you again soon. :)

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Quick Note

Sorry I haven't updated much this week, I knew I missed yesterday's contests update but didn't realize I had not done it on Monday too, oops!

The reason I've not been posting this week is because I am working on something BIG to post about, and will do so as soon as it's ready! So check back in within the next couple of days, you won't want to miss all this! :)

Hope you are having a happy Hump Day wherever you are! :)

Mailbox-Dollars & Racing4Dollars Being Sold, Changes to Revolution Offers

Some changes to this family of sites... the owners of Revolution Offers announced they are selling their other sites, Mailbox-Dollars and Racing4Dollars, and will concentrate on Revolution only.

They are also lowering their minimum weekly payout to 25 cents, removing the payout by gift card option, and adding E-gold and AlertPay as payment options. Hopefully I will get all this stuff updated or removed in the other places they're mentioned here on the blog today.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Revolution Offers Update

Whoops, what happened to Saturday? I'm not sure, other than I was working my buns off all day and my computer got so overtaxed it was running reallllly slow, so I shut everything down to reboot... and while waiting for it to reboot, I fell asleep and woke up hours later! Oops!

Anyway, just a quick note about some changes at Revolution Offers... at first they were going to change from weekly payouts to Net 15, and instead are going to remain at weekly payouts with a $10 minimum (instead of the previous $2). So just updating there.

More shortly!

UPDATE 06/18/2008: Revolution Offers has now changed their minimum weekly payout to 25 cents.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Got Paid Update #7 - Opinion Outpost

Got my check from Opinion Outpost today for $9.50, woohoo! It got here a lot quicker than I really expected, too, just under 3 weeks (they usually tell you 4-6 weeks).

Expecting checks from ACOP and Your2Cents any day now too, still have one with Survey Spot coming one of these days (they're slow, I haven't even been able to request it yet), and I got a great survey with NFO/MySurvey the other day and should be able to request a check there very soon. So surveys are definitely going well lately!

Monday, June 9, 2008


I haven't talked about any click-only sites in a while, and I've actually got several to get to reviewing here soon. Those of you who like the easy lazy way with the clicking sites will really like this one!

WordLinx works very similar to ClixSense. Members are paid for visiting advertisers' websites for 20 seconds. Big plus? $0.01 or more per click with a free basic account - that's pretty great for a click site. As with many click sites, you can upgrade and will likely get more ads to click and review (several upgrade plans, but the $10/year verified member upgrade is well worth it and VERY reasonable - that's $10 a YEAR, not per month!).

Payout is a low $10. Another big plus - payouts are usually honored within 48 hours of request. You must have a PayPal account in order to be paid. Optional earnings may be converted to advert credits. International members are welcome.

More about WordLinx:
  • Online and paying since 2003
  • $0.05 bonus per referral, 5% of earnings/ad sales, $0.50 per upgraded referrals (3 levels)
  • Awarded the Diamond Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com
UPDATED 06/24/2012: Lots of changes at WordLinx since I initially posted this. Cashout is still $10 and generally through PayPal, but WordLinx is now also paying via Payza (formerly AlertPay) with some limitations.

The referral structure has also changed, now offering $0.01 bonus per referral x10 levels, up to 10% of earnings & ad sales, up to $1.00 per upgraded referral (3 levels).

RECOMMENDED UPGRADE: $15 (beginning June 2012) for an entire year gives you many more ads to view & other benefits. Lifetime & other upgrade options are also available.
It's a pretty steady stream of ads daily, AND they also send paid e-mails. And some nice referral earnings if you can get referrals (we're going to talk about all that soon too). This may well be one I wind up upgrading on, as I know some folks who are making a nice chunk of change monthly here that way.

If you like the click sites, this is one you won't want to miss! Join WordLinx today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

Rhino Riches

I've been a little hesitant about newer sites lately, but one I'm feeling pretty good about and have been experiencing some really good results really fast with is Rhino Riches.

There are many great points about this site. Offers tend to credit super fast; the owner's constantly adding new offers; there's a daily trivia question (I just hit my points goal on another site practically 100% answering the daily trivia!); generous promo codes - lots of really good and easy to rack up earnings contests! While I tend to shy away from sites that have a higher than $10 minimum cashout (Rhino's is $20), I'm finding it really easy and fast to get your balance up here! Rhino Riches also offers four referral levels - 10%, 5%, 2%, and 1%.

UPDATE 05/15/2009: Rhino Riches now has a $10 minimum cashout for PayPal and gift card payments! Payment by check is $15.

There's currently a $1 signup bonus, payout is monthly by check, gift card, or PayPal, and international members are welcome at Rhino Riches. The super fast completions really won me over here along with all the great contests - check 'em out for yourself sometime!

UPDATE 07/25/2008: Rhino Riches now has paid to click (PTC) on site!

UPDATE 12/04/2008: I felt I really should add a new note to this entry because Rhino absolutely is one of my very favorite sites these days, and one of the ones I tend to be regularly active on. Still tons of great contests to boost your balance regularly, and get a few active referrals and it's just not really hard to make cashout at Rhino. And a truly wonderful admin to boot! Thumbs up for Rhino Riches!

Join Rhino Riches today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Freaky Funds, Cartoon-Clicks Closing

So I opened my e-mail this morning to learn that the site I just reviewed yesterday, Freaky Funds, is closing immediately, so I deleted yesterday's post. The site owner made a point of stating that anyone who cashed out by the end of May will get paid, so that's good to hear.

I also learned within the last day or so that the owners of Cartoon-Clicks are closing and selling that site, though the others they operate (including Revolution Offers and Mailbox-Dollars) will remain open. They will be lowering the minimum payout on Cartoon-Clicks to 25 cents today, so anyone with that much or above on the site can cashout and get paid next Friday.

Unfortunately we seem to be seeing a lot of closing lately - though it seems to be mostly newer sites that are folding - so I'm trying to keep my ear to the ground and pay attention more regarding which ones seem to be hanging in there, which ones have been around for a while, etc., and probably will spend more of my time focusing on some of those while still trying to give some air time to newer ones that are impressive. Naturally, sites that pay and pay well, credit reasonably quickly, and have been proven payers and good sites to others in the community are probably going to get most of my focus, but I don't want to have to X out reviewing new sites that are good and impressive... trying to be cautiously optimistic anyway.

But certainly the ones I feel pretty good and comfortable about, and have been successful for me, will be the ones I will be pushing the most and regularly here on the site.

I also failed to note this when I did it, but for the time being I have removed the posts reviewing MyDoggieDollars and Keep This Change from the site, as both have been down for over a month now. Not sure what's up there, but if they return and it seems warranted, I'll give them a re-review.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Got Paid Update #6 - Revolution Offers & GP Treasure

Received my $2.35 payment today from Revolution Offers. I also read they were adding lots of new offers today, and they have a pretty sweet daily contest going right now where the member who completes the most offers daily wins an extra $5 (as long as 10 or more offers were completed that day). So check them out, they definitely do pay!

And once again, just like clockwork, received another 10 cent payment from GP Treasure today. As long as you are active and do at least one offer every 30 days on the site, you will receive 10 cents per referral that signs up that week every single Friday. They are certainly dependable when it comes to that!

Tropical Vacation This Week Up for Grabs

The month of June is Tropical Vacation Giveaway Month at Get Cash Dollars, where they're giving away a certificate good for 3 days/2 nights for them and a guest in their choice of 1 in 20 resort destinations including: Honolulu, Cancun, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, and more to each week's first member to earn $20.00 that week.

Well, I was just over there and so far the top earner this week was only at $1.10. So if you get over there and can earn $20 before 11:59pm Saturday night (June 7th), the vacation is yours!

Offers credit pretty quickly over there generally, so it's doable for someone that can put the work in and do the offers that are available. Interested? Get over there and do some offers!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ozzys Direct Pay

Ozzys Direct Pay is another site I found in recent weeks that I've grown to like in a very short time. It has many of the things that appeal to me in a GPT/PTR site: low minimum cashout, bunches of contests, and signup bonuses are always nice!

There's a $2 signup bonus, and cashout minimum is a very reasonable $10.00 by PayPal, check or various gift card options. (NOTE: I originally listed this one with a $5 minimum payout, either I got it wrong before or something changed from the time I originally took notes, but in any case, it's $10... very easy to get to though, there are a lot of higher-than-usual paying offers on this site!) Ozzys has two referral levels - 15% and 8%.

UPDATE: Starting May 8th, 2009, Ozzys now pays daily as long as you have the $10 minimum in your account.

Ozzys accepts members from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. There are always regular contests going on, and at that low minimum cashout level it's well worth your while to check out! Have fun and join Ozzys Direct Pay today!

02/10/2009 NOTE: Ozzys now has paid to click (PTC) ads on site!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

UPDATE 11/04/2009: Ozzys rather inexplicably disappeared over the last couple of months, so I'm moving it to the Closed Programs section. Sorry to see this one go.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Got Paid Update #5 - BankRollBucks

This will be a little repetitive since I just posted my "payments pending from May" post, but anyway... I was so pleased to open my email today and find I'd already been paid by BankRollBucks after cashing out on June 1st (BRB stretched the cashout day another day due to a contest that was going on).

As I just said in the previous post, I really can't say enough good about this site. Offers generally credit quickly, there are always great contests going on, new offers pretty much every day, a reasonable $10 minimum cashout level, and obviously post-cashout payment is generally fast! Hop aboard if you're not already a member, 'cos there's already some great contests going on this month!

Payments Pending Update #1

This is a little out of date now since I've already been paid by one of these, but for the sake of keeping things organized here on the site, here goes (LOL)...

My total payments pending at the end of May and this week that I've cashed out on or otherwise have coming is... $70.08 (woohoo!).

But I think the real figure is actually $73.08 (or possibly even $75.08) because I think I have money coming for an ACOP survey that I forgot about having done (and they don't have a site I can log into to make sure, they just tell you at the end of the survey they'll send your $3 or $5 or whatever within 4-6 weeks or whatever).

In any case, for May & the first week of June, the actual grand total including what I've already been paid for or cashed out otherwise through today is $86.08 - or $89.08 or $91.08 when you include the ACOP survey payment (heh).

Anyway, without further ado, here's a step by step look at what I've cashed out this past week (including one I've been paid on already and another I cashed out for advertising)...

Bank Roll Bucks - $10.00 (paid)

Oh lordy, I can't really say enough good about this site. Easy to navigate, a fabulous and attentive admin, there are always new offers, lots of contests, most offers credit pretty quickly... and post cashout payment is SUPER fast (see upcoming post). Join, join, join!

Get Cash Dollars - $26.56 (awaiting $20.56 payment)

I love this site too! I had racked up a pretty fair amount towards the $10 cashout already towards the end of May, and then I won two contests (one for completions and one for most points). They really have great contests & bonuses and you can really expand your earnings in a big way on this site! I spent $6 on advertising so am awaiting the remaining $20.56 payment now. There's tons to do on this site too so again, another I highly recommend you join!

Revolution Offers - $2.35

There are a couple of fabulous things about Revolution Offers and its sister sites, Mailbox-Dollars and Cartoon-Clicks - namely the $2 cashout minimum and the fact that all three pay every week on Friday if you've reached the minimum. Revolution Offers also runs a jackpot monthly and is currently running a daily earnings contest for an extra $5 for the winner (provided 10 offers have been completed that day). Check it out!

UPDATE 06/18/2008: The cashout minimum at Revolution Offers has now changed to $0.25.

SquishyCash - $21.77

Took me a while to reach cashout level with this one due to the $20 minimum cashout, but one thing about this site is they have new contests pretty much every day or every few days that you can easily increase your earnings fast with. If you're into trying to earn up thru contests, this is a great site to participate on.

MY MAD MONEY (now Offers 4 Ads) - $10.90

My Mad Money was closing so I cashed out my $10.90 in earnings. It's now staying open and changing ownership, and the new owners will be running it on a point system, so as I mentioned earlier (since they are still in the process of reorganizing the site) I will be posting an update about the new site once they get things settled.

Opinion Outpost - $9.50

I don't remember how many surveys I did to hit the $9.50 (minimum cashout is $5) but I know it wasn't more than three. Looking forward to that check arriving!


Yep, I got lucky in May and qualified for a $5.00 survey with Your2Cents! Another check I'm looking forward to showing up in the mailbox!

American Consumer Opinion - $3.00 (or $5.00 ??)

Like I said, I can't remember how much I got paid for the survey I qualified for with ACOP in May but it was one of the two... they don't have an online account where you can check, but I remember doing the survey and remember it's coming, LOL!

So there ya go... keep at it, find what works for you & go with it 'cos the cash really is out there! Good luck to everyone for June!

How Much Have I Made? - Update #2

I was a little overdue for an update like this, and seeing as how I was able to cashout at a few sites at the end of May (or will this week), I'm going to split this "end of May" update into two parts... one post for sites where I recently cashed out, and another (this post) to show where I've still got earnings pending that I haven't cashed out yet. Hopefully some of these will be places I cash out in June!

And just a quick reminder that virtually all of these sites have been posted here on the site (or will be soon), so the total earnings I have coming come 100% from sites and programs listed here, referrals for those sites and programs, etc.

Here's my grand total up to this week...

$ 96.46 - Payments received
$ 70.08 - Payments pending arrival (cashed out)

$166.54 - Subtotal of above
$151.40 - Earnings pending (not cashed out)

$317.94 - Grand total since the end of February 2008

Not bad for going the lazy, easy route with not all that much effort for the most part, though I admittedly have been putting a little more effort into things (especially contests lately)!

Now here's the basic breakdown on that $151.40 that I haven't cashed out yet & hope to with several of them this month... ones marked with (*) are ones that have paid me before (one survey site in the past before I started this site) or have payment pending arrival from.

My top five current outstanding balances right now, all $9 and up:

Hits4Pay - $16.49
CravingCash - $10.95
InboxDollars - $10.71
Take the Internet Back - $10.00
SendEarnings - $9.38

$5 to $9 current outstanding balances:

Pirate's Riches - $7.80
Deals 'n' Cash - $7.55
PCHquiz4Cash - $5.91
FusionCash - $5.50 *
SurveySpot - $5.00

Other outstanding balances under $5 at (in order of most to least):

Freebies Junction
Rhino Riches
Opinion Outpost *
CashMonkies JR
Ozzy's Direct Pay
NFO MySurvey *
Bank Roll Bucks *

... and about 24 other sites where I have a balance under $1.00 that I'm slowly but surely working through.

I am working these days on amping up activity on some sites regarding offers & referrals, so I'm hoping to see a major increase and difference in all this "outstanding" stuff and many of my balances a month from now, and a lot more cashing out next time around. So stay tuned! I'll keep you all posted how things are going as news warrants!

Just Another FYI Note About the Site

I am way, way, way behind on listing new sites and hope to get caught up on that over the next two weeks, because I've got a long list stacked up to post about!

I am sort of in the mode now of finding out which sites are working best for me, where offers are completing the fastest, and now seeing how quickly payouts are coming, and many of you are probably doing the same.

I expect that in the coming weeks - and especially after next payout month rolls around - I'll be focusing more on the contests and "maximizing your earnings" type of posts, and on the sites I know are working well and paying great, completing offers quickly and adding new offers regularly. So keep staying tuned, my aim is to always have something of value GPT/PTR-related here on the site every day (or at least almost every day)!

My Mad Money Becomes Offers 4 Ads

Just FYI, I learned this week that My Mad Money is not actually closed and instead is changing ownership and is going to a points system, and with a new name, Offers 4 Ads. They are still in the process of changing things over, so I will do a full writeup on the specifics of the site once they get all that stuff settled.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Got Paid Update #4 - GP Treasure

I'm a little late on this, but GP Treasure once again paid me on Friday - another 10 cents.

Which, like I've said before, is A-OK with me - a dime's a dime and still spends like anything else!

These recent 10 cent payments from them have been for referrals, so I can verify they do pay out just like clockwork on referrals acquired during the week every single Friday. They're also very fast in payout for offer requests, I've yet to wait more than 24 hours to see payment from them (and they pay per offer within 24-48 hours).

So thumbs up once again to GP Treasure - they are definitely dependable!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Updates to Maximizing Your Earnings

Just FYI, I just added a few more sites to these posts in the Maximize Your Earnings section:

Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Jackpots
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites: Promo Codes
Maximize Your Earnings on GPT Sites Playing Games & Trivia

Have fun!

OK, I'm Back...

So sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days. My very old Beagle passed away on Sunday afternoon after being sick for about a week, and I have another elderly dog who fell ill last week (with an entirely different problem) and has required a lot of hands-on care and attention, so I just wasn't able to make it back Sunday or until now today.

I have a LOT of updates to post so stay tuned, they're coming tonight, and hopefully will get back on a more "normal" schedule of posting tomorrow. Thanks!
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