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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Got Paid Update #8 - GetCashDollars & SquishyCash

Yesterday was a great day! Received not just one but TWO of my May payments yesterday! Waking up to find you have money is always a good thing!

I received $20.56 from GetCashDollars, which was a really easy site to make money on in May with the great contests the site was having...

UPDATE 06/05/2009: This site is in the process of being sold and has been inactive for 2+ months, so I am considering it closed/inactive for now.

...and then I received $21.77 from SquishyCash, another site with contests pretty much every day that you can easily increase your earnings on.

Stay tuned for July, as I should have a few more sites to report on getting payments from that I've never been able to say "I got paid!" about before, as well as some I've been paid by in the past. Woohoo! Getting paid is great! :)

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