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Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching Up On News & Payment Proofs

Hi! And sorry I've been gone a while again. It has been a busy busy 2010 thus far, but I finally got a little more caught up in other areas so decided this was a good time to catch up and hopefully start posting regularly here again.

I have got a lot of news to post about that I've been gathering for a couple of months now, some of which may have changed since the time I took note of it but hopefully not too much. I've also got a whole bunch of 2010 payment proofs to post and maybe a few leftover from late in 2009 too (lol). Upcoming will be some first-time-ever payments from a couple of sites that I've been working on two or three years but have never paid me before, so that's always really exciting for me to be able to report a first-time payment like that.

So those will be upcoming as well as some site reviews of sites I've been a member of for ages but had never posted about (some of which are already on the Quick List of sites). I had written most of those posts late last summer and a couple of them have disappeared since then, I've discovered, but for the most part they're still there and up and running and paying, so when I get caught up on news and payment proofs, I'll get those posted soon after.

For now, the news since I last posted... and again, some things may have changed since I made a note about it (feel free to leave a comment if you know of any) but for the most part I think this is mostly up to date (and I will, of course, be making any appropriate changes and updates to previous posts here and on the Quick List shortly).
  • Probably the biggest news of all I found was that Barbara Norris has purchased the DealBarbie network of sites (DealBarbiePays and DealBarbiePaysFast). Barbara is the longtime owner of AnythingFree4You, has been around a long time and always been one of the more active owners in the industry, and just glancing at the sites I can see she has really amped up the activity level at both sites and moved them in a positive direction, so that's great to see. I know the sites will be in good hands with Barbara.
  • Closed sites since I last posted: BankRollBucks (sigh), Cash Mattress, Fishing4Fortune, MommySweeps PTC
  • Becky of Fire House Offers and Solar Rewardz recently bought Big Beach Bucks, which has now changed to Net 35 payments and now paying by verified PayPal, various gift cards, and money order ($1 fee for money order payments).
  • DealBarbiePaysFast is now open to members in Canada.
  • DealBarbiePays changed terms (back to, I think) Net 35 and now pays by check, PayPal, AlertPay, Revolution Money Exchange, direct deposit, and Wal-Mart and Amazon gift cards/certificates.
  • GPTCashCow (which just paid me today, matter of fact, thanks Reagan!) changed payment terms back to Net 30.
  • R U Ready 4 Money lowered payout minimum to $5 via PayPal. (I see I have that noted on the Quick List so maybe I reported that before, but anyway, lol.)
  • YeeHawClickin switched from daily to weekly (Friday) payments.
  • DollarClickOrSignup changed to Net 30 payments and is now open only to members in these countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia.
  • ClickOrSignup became open to members in Australia as of March.
  • CravingCash now pays out at a minimum $10 by PayPal and check.
  • PaidTheFastest lowered minimum payout by PayPal to $1.
  • TikiTreasure lowered minimum cashout from $15 to $10.
  • Clix N' Cash lowered minimum payout to 50 cents (25 cents for upgraded members).
  • MatrixMails announced in February they would be starting instant payments by PayPal soon, but apparently that hasn't gone into effect yet.
  • SmileyFreebies4You added an activity bonus, jackpot, and referral earnings (one level) are now 100%.
And in one more piece of absolutely brand new news, I logged into NeoBux and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have done a complete remodeling of the site - it looks totally different - in the wake of their 3rd birthday! It looks really great and they have changed banners and everything. I have to applaud NeoBux, they came out at a time when things were super bad in PTC with scammy sites opening and closing left and right, and "bux" sites in general took on a really bad name because of it all and I was wary in the beginning, but NeoBux has certainly stood the test of time and been paying people over and over again for literally years now - including, recently me - so that's fabulous and I'm happy to support it as an honest and paying site, here during their third birthday celebration.

Not a member? Well, you probably should be. Check out NeoBux today!

* UPDATE 06/27/10 - Sorry, I have removed my link to NeoBux as I'm no longer a member, more on that later...

OK... catching up on payment proof posting will commence over the next several days/weeks. Have a great weekend and keep checking back 'cos I'm back to posting fairly regularly again with any luck!
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