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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MY PTC Downline Builder: Build Big Downlines With This Super New Program

Hello again! I wanted to hurry up and get this posted, 'cos this is something cool that's brand spanking new and you'll want to check it out ASAP.

My activity in PTCs and such things has lessened somewhat in recent months, but there are still a dozen or so that I ontinue to actively work daily. I also passively maintain some memberships in various "paid to" sites that have continued to earn me commissions on a regular basis, and have for now literally years.

To bring in more than just a few pennies here and there, though, you need a downline, and hopefully and preferably a fairly active one. That's where MY PTC Downline Builder comes in, and it's a brand new program that just launched on Monday.  

MY PTC Downline Builder is owned and was created by two friends and colleagues of mine in the traffic exchange industry, Kevin Williams of DoubleNice Traffic and Russell Stockley of Cup of Traffic (and Kevin and Russell also together own Force Hits).  

Here's some of what you can do with MY PTC Downline Builder:
  • Promote ALL your programs using just ONE link
  • Build downlines in ANY PTC program you choose
  • Earn up to 40% direct commissions
The program's free membership allows you to add two PTC programs of your choice to the downline builder and earn 15% commissions on referral purchases. That's really nice.  

But the huge value (and massive downline building ability) is in the Premium membership, which allows you to add up to twenty (you read that right - 20!) programs of your choice to the downline builder, gives you 40% commission on all referral purchases, and lots of other great bonuses.  

And here's what's really terrific - the Premium membership is only $20 per year. That sorts out to basically about $1.67 a month, for extreme downline building ability in 20+ programs AND 40% commissions. Cool, no?

MY PTC Downline Builder has a $10 minimum payout on commissions by PayPal (after a 14-day waiting period). The site is open to members of all countries.

Take a moment check out MY PTC Downline Builder today and see what you think! Be back again soon!

Clicksia and Incentria Have Closed

Hi there! Been a while, but until now I really didn't have anything newsworthy or any new sites to post about.

I did, however, discover yesterday that longtime established PTC site Clicksia, and its sister site Incentria, had been shut down effective immediately, apparently due to some chronic serious health problems of the owner as well as lack of profitability of the sites for some time. That's what's been reported, anyway.

I have since moved them both to the "Closed Programs" section of the site.

So I just wanted to post that news up, and have another post cooking as well, so I'm not through for today quite yet. Stay tuned!

(PS if you're interested, you can also check out what earns me real monthly income these days right HERE.)


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