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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays - or - Have A Good Weekend!

Hi there! Well, I have stayed so busy and swamped all throughout December, and I actually have several posts on draft waiting to just be published and I keep forgetting to get over here and hit the "post" button, eek. So there is definitely more on the way after this mad holiday rush.

In any case, I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas has a very Merry one - and for those that don't, have a great upcoming weekend.

Don't forget that BankRollBucks, my favorite general GPT site (as well as the one that has paid me the most in the last almost-two years now) has recently reopened, so if you were a member before and haven't re-signed up (you'll need to) or if you're new and want to check it out, go check BankRollBucks out!

See you all next week (I promise)!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

AdsForAll Changes To $5 Minimum

Thanks to Jessica's blog, I learned that AdsForAll has now changed to a $5 minimum cashout. Apparently the site also changed to daily payments at some point I'm guessing relatively recently.

In any case, I have updated the AdsForAll entries on both sites as well as making this post. If you're not already a member and like doing PTC, join AdsForAll today!

Monday, December 14, 2009

BankRollBucks - Open Again!

I'm a little bit late posting this but have been sooo swamped - but I am so very very thrilled to announce that my favorite GPT site, BankRollBucks, which closed at the end of September, has reopened again!

BankRollBucks remains my highest earner in the GPT/PTC/PTR world (I had broken $100 at the time it closed), has an honest and responsive admin who has always been very active in the get paid community, and has a great reputation as not only being a paying site but pays generally very quickly each month. So this is good news all the way around!

NOTE: If you were a BankRollBucks member before, you will need to register again.

Minimum cashout at BankRollBuck has been lowered to $3. Payment is still on a Net 15 basis (but is often paid within the first 4-5 days of the month) and payment is available by PayPal or check. Referral commissions are paid at 10% on the first level.

BankRollBucks also still has its Pick A Pair game, which I'm totally addicted to, so yay! The site also still offers promo codes and jackpots occasionally. BankRollBucks also has PTC (paid to click) offers on site.

BankRollBucks is open to U.S. members only at this time and has been awarded the Platinum Seal of Approval from BeenPaid.com.

Again, if you were a member before the site closed at the end of September 2009, you will need to register again. So whether you're re-joining or signing up for the first time, feel free to check out my favorite site, BankRollBucks, today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE To View Payment Proof

* UPDATE 06/27/2010: BankRollBucks has closed again, sadly.


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