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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got Paid Update #14 - Ozzys Direct Pay & MyCashHoney

Got paid the rest of my June payments, twice this week, once yesterday by Ozzys Direct Pay and again today by MyCashHoney.

I was paid $20.77 yesterday by Ozzys Direct Pay, which has really become a big favorite for me this summer. Offers generally credit very quickly over there, and a lot of the offers there are 75 cents where they're 30-40 cents some other places. She also has lots of 5 butterfly (point) offers, and you can redeem 10 of those for $1 in cash. Lots of good contests too and a good general approval rate.

Ozzys has a $10 minimum cashout - with a trial or shopping offer and/or a few other offers you could more than likely easily reach cashout tonight if you really wanted to. I've rarely seen offers not get credited within an hour or two of doing them here.

I've got paid to signup offers for Ozzys right now at GetCashDollars, CashMonkies, and Rhino Riches - if you're a member at one of those and not a member of Ozzys, why not sign up and do a cash offer, and get money at the site where you sign up here on last day of cashout as well as the cash you'll get for the offer you do at Ozzys?

I will be checking my signups all day and night to credit them in the waning hours. So go make some money here today if you want!

(UPDATE: Ozzys inexplicably disappeared from the GPT world in the fall of 2009)

Anyway, next I got paid $5.53 today by MyCashHoney, another favorite that has two daily trivia questions you can really rack up your points on. Offers generally credit pretty fast here too and I've had a great approval rate here.

Minimum cashout is only $5 here, so you could very easily earn money to cashout today with a few offers or maybe even one trial or shopping offer.

(UPDATE: MyCashHoney closed as of 11/30/2008)

So there you go, two more GPT sites that DO pay, and you could in fact earn some easy money on them today by signing up if you're not a member already and do a cash offer at each and get paid for your offer AND paid for the signup. And possibly even do enough offers that you could cash out today - as I said, both tend to credit pretty quickly as a general rule.

It's worth a try, and I'll definitely credit you for any of the above signup offers today/tonight if you sign up at either and do a cash offer that gets credited today/tonight. And you could possibly do enough offers to cash out at both tonight - how great would that be to get paid at both in August?

In any case, again - hooray for sites that pay! Have a good rest of your last day of July, everyone, and don't forget to cash out tonight wherever you need to!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, Woe is Me (LOL)

Grrrrrr! I am a whole 19 cents away from being able to cashout at ClixSense this month.

This is really my own fault because after I upgraded (for the super low and worth it cost of $10 for a whole year), I got busy and got behind over there, and it took me forever to get thru the 300-400 ads I had over there once I'd upgraded. So a lot of those expired over time, and that was just money I let go to waste, my own fault.

But it would just figure that now that I've been caught up for a few weeks, here with only a couple of days to go before the end of the month, I'll probably wind up with, like, 17 or 18 one-cent ads, or something like that, and not the 19 cents I need. Surely not, but that's the way my luck usually goes.

Goodness only knows when I'd have been able to cashout if I hadn't upgraded - probably not 'til the end of the year, if even then. It's totally, totally worth it, that $10 a year to upgrade.

Anyhow, if you've never signed up there and are interested (though I know it's a long shot since ClixSense has been around for ages), feel free to help a girl out and go register and click a few ads! (And hey, thanks if you do!)

UPDATE: I forgot until I was reminded by some of my Marketing Pond colleagues that ClixSense takes a $3 fee out for every check sent (I wish they'd change that or do something else, $3 is an awful lot of money when you get paid 1 cent per click for most things there). Anyway, I think I'll wait 'til next month and try to cash out $20 or more.

But seriously, go sign up if you're not a member. It really is a favorite for most everyone and is definitely a steady little income stream (bigger income stream if you upgrade)!

GetCashDollars - Lots of Perks!

Have I mentioned (I can't remember if I have) that GetCashDollars not only gives you a $1 bonus for every new referral that completes a cash offer, but ALSO gives you a $1 bonus whenever a referral of yours cashes out - for life? Yep, sure does. That's a pretty neat perk that I like that you don't find on many sites.

She's also been announcing lots of surprise bonuses on some days lately, so if you're a member there you'd do well to keep up with your inbox there.

The site has been growing lately with more members and with more new offers being added regularly, there's a low $10 cashout, and she's got some neat contests coming up in August. So if you're not a member yet, join up and get ready for all the August fun coming up!

UPDATE 06/05/2009: This site is in the process of being sold and has been inactive for 2+ months, so I am considering it closed/inactive for now.

Revolution Offers Being Sold; Rhino Still Has New PTCs, Buy 'Em!

Learned the other day that Revolution Offers is being sold at the end of the month. Wasn't real surprised there as the current owners have sent out many mails in the past month and a half or so about inactivity on the site. I have been paid there, so I guess I will keep the banner on the site for now and see how things go. No word on whether the new owner will continue any of the special perks the current owners have had on the site, such as weekly payments, 25 cent cashouts, and $1 bonus for active referrals. The current owners will make this Friday's payment as usual, and after that everything's up to the new owner.

On another note, I know I've mentioned this twice now but Rhino Riches still has a brand spanking new PTC section just waiting for some more ads for people to click, prices are comparable to most of the other sites so go buy them up! Their member base is over 500 now and there are several members there who aren't members everywhere else, so you have a new and waiting audience for your PTC ads. Buy, buy, buy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

ATTN: ReadersPond Members With Yahoo Addresses

Just a bit of news today - if you're a ReadersPond member who registered with a Yahoo e-mail address, you better head over there and change it to a different e-mail provider or else your account will be deleted. They have apparently had a big problem with returned mails from Yahoo (common everywhere, pretty much - I have some Yahoo addresses but I don't use them for anything).

If you're not a ReadersPond member, get over there and sign up! It has grown to almost 1000 members since opening July 11th, getting bigger all the time, and is run by a trustworthy admin. You will indeed get paid, and there's a low $4 cashout (even lower if you upgrade). Cute little frogs all over the site too! :)



TropicalTravelRewards is another site in the Squishy/RockHard/DailyCashRewardz family, and operates much like another of their sites, SquishyGadgets (formerly GimmeMyFreeGadget), does. Instead of cash, you earn points towards travel-related awards such as free airline gift cards, gas cards, food gift cards, hotel gift cards, luggage, camping-related gear - you get the picture. They also have some others like a $20 Amazon gift certificate and Target cards. I'll probably either shoot for the Amazon or Southwest Airlines $20 gift card myself with my activity over there.

You can request your prize whenever you have the necessary amount of points, and they send out prizes twice monthly. The site has two referral levels of 15% and 2%.

TropicalTravelRewards is currently only open to members in the United States. Join today!

(NOTE: TropicalTravelRewards is one of the SquishyCash network of sites, and SquishyCash has paid me - refer to the SquishyCash entry for more info!)

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Friday, July 25, 2008

BankRollBucks Changing to $5 Cashout in August, & Some More Notes

Great news from BankRollBucks - it's going to a $5 minimum cashout starting August 1st!

There will no longer be a signup bonus, but personally I find lower minimum cashouts more attractive anyway and that's a big draw in keeping me active on a site. As you know if you've been reading here long, this is one of my very favorite GPT sites with lots of great contests and other stuff, so if you're not a member, join today!

The admin at Ozzy's Direct Pay announced this week that she is changing the site to a Net 35 pay basis. Kind of sorry to hear that, but in this day and age with fraud and reversals, I know it is sometimes necessary. Ozzy's is a nice site with new offers almost daily and a low $10 cashout, I highly recommend it as well.

And last but not least, don't forget that Rhino Riches just added PTC to the site! So go over and make some cash clicking PTC ads, or go buy some PTC ads - the prices at Rhino are VERY reasonable.

Have a great weekend!

Got Paid Update #13 - NFO/MySurvey

Got my check for $10.00 today from NFO/MySurvey. That was really fast - it only took a couple of weeks!

Be sure & check out my Survey Sites section for survey companies that really do pay you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rhino Riches Adds PTC

Good news for those of you who love the paid to click (PTC) ads!

Rhino Riches added PTC to the site yesterday. Good prices too for those of you who like PTC advertising. Happy clicking!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take the rest of the day off since I've been up for almost 48 hours working, working, and more working! I was going to add a new site review today but I just don't want to do it when I'm this tired and either (A) won't make sense, likely or (B) give out wrong info, LOL.

So I'll be back tomorrow with more new stuff. (PS If you didn't drop by yesterday, be sure and check out my newest blog - BIG moneymaking opportunity there!)

See you tomorrow with new contest updates and another new (to here) site!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

CashCrate Members: $1 Available

If you're a CashCrate member and haven't dropped by in a while, get over there and fill out the new profile survey for the site because you get an automatic $1 added to your account once it's filled out. I don't get by there every day so I just saw it last night. It's a short two-page survey and will only take a couple of minutes, so head on over there 'cause it's a free buck!

On another note, I wanted to get the contests update up early today because all of the new contests announced for today are one day only. You can earn a free dollar on several sites and an unlimited 50 cent payment on another, so check out the Sunday Contests Update for today (July 20th). And good luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BankRollBucks Adds New Payment Method

Just a note that BankRollBucks has now added Revolution Money Exchange as another payment method for the site.

If you do not already have a RME account, there is a signup offer at BankRollBucks where you can get $3 and three bank rolls to sign up with Revolution Money Exchange.

Always great to have a variety of available payment methods on a site!

Got Paid Update #12 - SurveySpot

Kind of shocked me to get it so relatively quickly, but I received my $5.00 check from SurveySpot today. It took so blasted long (weeks) for the survey to show up in my account to be able to even request the check, but once it finally it did, it only took a little over two weeks for the check to get here.

So hooray for SurveySpot, another survey site that I can say really does pay.

Click to join: SurveySpot

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fun: Ten Reasons to Join BankRollBucks

For some Friday fun, here's ten reasons to join BankRollBucks if you haven't already (UPDATED: let's make that eleven reasons!):
  1. You like getting paid within 3 or 4 days of cashout, instead of waiting most of the next month (or more).
  2. There are new offers just about every day!
  3. You live in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, and you like to make money.
  4. You like to win money & stuff, and there are constant contests!
  5. PTC on site (always a nice thing).
  6. Four referral levels!
  7. The admin's always on top of things & never sleeps! (Well, probably not true, but seems like she must not sometimes 'cos she's always right there when you need something!)
  8. Promo codes & other occasional surprise bonuses!
  9. $2 signup bonus - woot!
  10. The jackpot for July is over $17 already - it could be anyone's!
  11. BankRollBucks has paid Miss Money Hunter (payment proof's in the forum)!
OK, so I'm a little delirious from lack of sleep today but honestly, if you enjoy GPT sites and aren't a member already, you should be! I don't even have a jackpot entry this month yet so go over there and get a bunch and beat me out of it!

(Oh and PS, have a great weekend!) :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ClixSense Upgrade - Get to Cashout Fast

Yeah, I keep going on and on about this, I know, but I just cannot stress how great the ClixSense upgrade is for a measly ten bucks for a whole year.

Once upon a time, I thought I'd never make it to cashout at ClixSense. I just realized yesterday that I AM going to make cashout this month, and probably every month after that, thanks to the upgrade.

I would have gotten there even quicker if I hadn't gotten lazy for a few weeks and not reviewed the 300-400 ads I had sitting there every day waiting. Once I finally got through the backlog, it's gotten easy to keep up with and I get plenty of ads every day to review.

So that $10 for the whole year has already paid for itself (and would have sooner if I hadn't gotten lazy) and I should be able to cash out every month from now on.

It's cheap, it lasts the whole year, and the benefits are immense. Upgrade, you will NOT be sorry you did.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If I Won, Anybody Can

Let me preface this by saying - I never win anything. Seriously. I'm one of those people that if I walk in a casino, all the slot machines just clam up. I got lucky all of TWICE in four decades, and won a trip to Disney World when I was a kid and won a $250 Amazon gift certificate several years ago. And that's pretty much it.

Well, I won $2.25 in a contest at CashMonkies today. And I won $2 in another contest at Rhino Riches a few days ago, and won another $1 there a little while back.

Doesn't sound like much, but add those to the fact I won $20 in two contests at Get Cash Dollars in May. Gotten several $1 and $2 bonus prizes from Bank Roll Bucks, CravingCash, and SquishyCash.

It adds up, it really does. And honestly, if I can win, ANYBODY can. All you have to do is participate. :)

Bank Roll Bucks Adds Monthly Jackpot

I've been remiss in mentioning that Bank Roll Bucks recently added a monthly jackpot to the mix of the many contests and promotions that are always going on over there.

Last I looked, this month's jackpot was up to $5.55, so get over there and do some jackpot offers and get in on the action!


We haven't looked at a site that's not already here in a few days, so let's check one out now.

Clicksia is another neat PTC site that also has paid to read ads, paid to signup offers, click exchange, paid to promote, and a whole bunch of other ways you can earn cash. It also has a neat little built-in referral builder for other sites. As a free member, you earn 10% of for every ad your direct referrals view, but if you upgrade to Elite status you earn 100%, and also get cash bonuses for any purchases they make on the site or if they upgrade.

I really like the design of this site, it's very fresh and clean and different from most. You can earn up to $0.002 per ad viewed, and there is one referral level of 10%.

I am told Clicksia pays VERY fast. Cashout is a very low (now) $1 minimum by PayPal or Payza (formerly AlertPay). I believe it's open to members of all (or at least most) countries.

UPDATE 06/27/2010: Clicksia lowered its cashout from $2 to $1 (now noted above as well).

Check it out and join Clicksia today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More ClixSense & MatrixMails Upgrade Info

Was just browsing this weekend and found a good post on the Web by another blogger explaining the benefits of upgrading (only $10 for a year) at ClixSense. Here it is:

ClixSense Worth Upgrading

I wish I could find a similar post about the Gold Lifetime with matrix upgrade at MatrixMails, maybe I'll run across one someday.

With the ClixSense upgrade, you not only make more money yourself because you get lots more ads to review, but could potentially make hundreds. With the MatrixMails Gold Lifetime upgrade, you not only get paid four times as much for most things you yourself do, but you have the opportunity to not only make hundreds but thousands of dollars and regularly.

And another nice thing about the MatrixMails Gold Lifetime with matrix upgrade is you only pay it once - one time, that's it. Even without the extra benefits, I am making so much more and faster just on my own activities at MatrixMails, I should recoup that $60 in a few months on my own activities alone. And I never ever have to pay again!

Same with the ClixSense upgrade on a smaller level. I get so many more ads to review daily, I'll have made that $10 upgrade money (again, good for a whole year) back this month or next month.

It doesn't always pay to upgrade everywhere, but MatrixMails and ClixSense are two places it definitely DOES pay to upgrade. If you're a member (or if you want to become one), you really should read the info about the upgrades on both sites and think about it. They truly are worth it.

MatrixMails - Get paid

SquishyCash Now Has PTC

SquishyCash just announced they now have paid to click (PTC) opportunities on site. It's not on their main front menu right now, but just go to the Offers section and you'll see the link at the top. So all of you who like to rack up the change on PTC, go check it out!

PS Sorry for the delayed contest posting today - especially since all the new contests posted are one day (today) only. There's still some time left tho so go make some cash if you wanna!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Got Paid Update #11 - Your2Cents

On the heels of receiving my second check this year from Opinion Outpost this week, I received a check for $5.00 from Your2Cents today.

Sign up with Your2Cents here:

Kind of took a while to get here - 51 days by my records. Opinion Outpost is much faster, averaging about 23 days from the time you request a check (and right now they're ahead of the others for me in that they're the only one I've been able to request payment from twice since I got back into doing surveys this year). But money's money, whenever it comes!

I was able to request a $10 check this week from NFO/MySurvey, so we'll see how long it takes that one to get here comparatively.

I think I was wrong about expecting a check from American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) - I thought I had done a survey for pay with them in the last 2-3 months but maybe I had it confused with the Opinion Outpost payment. In any case, it is another site that does pay because I have been paid by them in the past before this year - I've been a member of NFO, ACOP and Your2Cents for a long, long time.

And I have still got a $5 check on the way, someday, from SurveySpot. I'm not holding my breath to get this one because it took weeks for it to get posted to my account where I could request it, but once again - money's money, whenever it comes. We'll see what the average wait time is.

Sign up with Survey Spot here: Survey Spot

SquishyCash Update

Just a quick note that SquishyCash just announced it is now open to international members.

This is a site that has paid me and they do have tons of contests that you can really rack up your earnings with. So have at it, world! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008


ReadersPond is a brand new PTR that just opened up TODAY that I'm very excited about! This is another multi-activity site with multiple ways you can earn money, including paid e-mails, paid to click (PTC) on site and contest PTC, paid to sign up offers, paid to surf, and paid to review. (If you are a Marketing Pond member, this site is newly listed in your program list.)

Even though it's brand new, don't let that throw you off - ReadersPond is a new member of the Pond Network of sites (Marketing Pond, Global Team Club, etc.) and is run by the same honest and professional admin. If you join and work on the site, you WILL get paid!

Free Tadpole memberships can cash out at a $4 minimum, and there are four reasonable upgrade levels available ranging from $8 to $50 a year that give you lower cashout privileges and many other benefits. You can cashout anytime you reach the minimum, and payment will be made within 30 days. Payment is by PayPal, check, money order or gift cards.

You can earn up to $0.01 per ad at ReadersPond, and the site has one referral level of 15%.

ReadersPond is available to members from these countries: Africa, Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

Join up in this new and exciting PTR opportunity and join ReadersPond today!

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

SquishyGadgets (formerly GimmeMyFreeGadget)

SquishyGadgets (formerly GimmeMyFreeGadget) is another GPT site in the Squishy/Daily/RockHard family of sites that I keep adding to the contests list, but hadn't gotten around to posting it individually, so here!

It's a little different from some of the others in that you earn points only, which are redeemable for various electronic gadgets. They have iPods and iPod/MP3 accessories and all kinds of other stuff over there, and I've got my eye on the iPod/MP3 speaker set since I don't have one.

They send out prizes twice a month so whenever you have enough points accrued, you can request your prize. Membership is available to those in the US only. There are three referral levels (20%, 5%, and 2%).

Join SquishyGadgets today!

(NOTE: SquishyGadgets is one of the SquishyCash network of sites, and SquishyCash has paid me - refer to the SquishyCash entry for more info!)

UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.

Got Paid Update #10 - Revolution Offers & Opinion Outpost

Received two payments this week, woohoo!

Got paid $5.93 by Revolution Offers today! I also was remiss in not previously reporting that Revolution now accepts members from most countries (it was USA only). This brings my total earned with Revolution so far to $8.28.

I also received another check this week from Opinion Outpost for $6.50, which brings my total earned with them this year to $16. I have had to back off of survey work in recent weeks because I have been so busy with other things, which is a shame because surveys and payments from Opinion Outpost, NFO/MySurvey, ACOP, and Your2Cents (all listed here, check the sidebar) are pretty steady and reliable. However, as soon as I get a little un-busy going to start keeping up with it again!

Slower Than Christmas

Sorry for the posting delays the last few days, this stomach flu or whatever has really knocked me out of the loop this week. Been trying to work and money hunt at the same time but it's been slow, slow, slow!

Contest posting and more new info coming up momentarily! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blah, Sick Day

Sorry for the delay in posting the contests update today, but I woke up horribly sick today - ugh. Feel a little better now tho, thank goodness - I HATE being sick.

Anyway, I'll try to post contests up early tomorrow, I've already gotten a few new notifications in my e-mail box tonight. In the meantime, here's another new PTC site for you below. See you in the morning!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Don't Forget to Jump in the Pond!

And one more time just for good measure - don't forget to check out Marketing Pond. You can read all I wrote about it yesterday here, and honestly, this is the number one moneymaking opportunity I back these days. I said yesterday that it was the second most important information I will ever share with you here, but actually, it's the most important information. And it's free!
I know you need help building your downlines and getting referrals, probably - I sure did. The Pond will help you here, as well as giving you plenty of (again, free) tools and tips to maximize your way to making totally free money online. It's 100% totally and completely no cost, no charge, and free - what have you got to lose? Nothing, and you don't have to spend a penny!
See you over at Marketing Pond! And see you back here tomorrow!

Gomez PEER Revisited - I Got Activated!

Well, after all my yapping yesterday about important info to share this week (the most important of which I did manage to post yesterday), I got unexpectedly busy over the past 24 hours and don't have time but for a quick post today. But that's OK, there will be more super-important info here before the week's out!

While we're at it, though, I'd like to talk about Gomez PEER a little bit again, especially now that I have some more experience with it. (Click here to re-read my original post about it.) I figure this is one of the moneymaking opportunities here that people may be the most skeptical about because you have to download it to your PC, so I wanted to revisit the subject again.

The Gomez PEER is a secure, Java-based application that runs in the background of your PC that combines the spare capacity of PCs around the world to measure the performance of web sites. So, it is basically using the resources that you don't use in the background of your computer to test the performance of websites (and thereby basically make the Internet better for all!).

I had seen it but didn't join and download for a long time because (1) I am a techgeekchick and a gamer (well, when and if I can find the time), and I get aggravated when my computer doesn't run as fast as it possibly can, so I am VERY picky about what I put on it that might use up any resources; and (2) also being a techgeekchick and having been using computers since, like, 1979, I may make a few concessions but I basically keep my computers locked up tighter than Fort Knox and run security software constantly, so I more often than not avoid lots of things that require me to download them and install them on my computer.

The PEER is safe and secure, and I've been happy to report in the past as well - and continue to - that it doesn't interfere with ANYTHING I do or run. I just simply don't know it's even there. Even when I'm loading and running other known resource hogs (like my beloved games) - the PEER running in the background simply does not affect anything. It's like it's invisible.

It took me about two months to finally get made active, so now I will also be getting paid every month that the PEER makes me over $5 a month (up to $45 monthly). When you sign up, you are placed in pending status and your account is reviewed periodically for potentially being made active, so the thing to do is install it and leave your computer on with the PEER running as much as possible.

It may take a little while, but I can now verify that after some time there is a good chance you will be made active! So if you've installed it and been running it and are still in pending, don't give up hope. And from the looks of things, I think I will be able to say in August that I've now been paid by Gomez PEER, too - awesome!

But even if you are not made active and therefore making money on the PEER's processing time, you can still make money referring others who are made active PEERs even if you are still in pending or are made inactive. Gomez PEER will pay you a one-time $1 referral bonus for every referral that's made active, and again, you'll get paid monthly as long as your qualified earnings are $5 a month or more.

You can also run the PEER on as many computers as you have access to run it on. I haven't been using my laptop as much because it's been having problems lately, but any time it's on, the PEER is usually then running on both it and my desktop computer. So you can double (or more) your earnings that way. I think it's quite possible that running it on more than one computer can increase your chances to get made active also, but that's just a guess on my part. Their FAQ does state that users with the most system activity are much more likely to be activated.

Gomez PEER pays by PayPal, Moneybookers, or Alipay and, again, pays you every month your qualified earnings are over $5. They accept new Peers with both dialup and broadband connections, and from most countries.

At this time (July 8th, 2008), their list of most needed countries for more Peers are: United States, China, Germany, United Kingdom, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and all countries in South America. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't go for it if you are in another country than those; there's always a chance your account might get made active, and they review your account every 7-10 business days.

So if you're interested, head over to Gomez PEER (they have tons more information in their FAQ if you have more questions) and check it out!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof

More tomorrow! Have a great night (or day, wherever you are)!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Marketing Pond

So you're probably here because you want to know how to make money online, preferably for free. I certainly was looking for the same when I started looking around the Internet for ways to bring in some income. Since around Christmas, I have waded through a veritable TON of GPT/PTR/PTC sites and other online moneymaking possibilities - many of which you've seen listed here, and far more which are not listed here because they reeked of scams, or were legitimate but just didn't meet my standards for sharing, or some other reason I bypassed 'em.

I wish I had found what I'm about to tell you about FIRST, because if I had, it would have saved me an awful lot of time and trouble trying to sort out the good and worthwhile from stuff that wasn't worth wasting my time and effort on. As well as put me on the road to maximizing earnings MUCH faster.

If you've been at it for a while trying to make extra income online, you've probably had some difficulties getting referrals and building your downlines at the various places there are. If you're new to it all, you might not be sure what all you should do, or have questions and could use some help.

That's where Marketing Pond comes in. It's totally there to help with all those issues and more - AND it's totally FREE.

All but one of the programs in Marketing Pond are completely NO-COST ways to earn FREE money. Marketing Pond does include one business opportunity in the mix that anyone can afford, but virtually everything else in the system is 100%, totally free.

If you've been doing this a little while online, you're probably already a member of some of them; some of them I've reviewed here in the past. This is a very simple way to make more money with the programs you're not already signed up with, and build your downlines/get referrals for those AND any programs in Marketing Pond that you're already a member of.

The free-to-join programs in Marketing Pond are all legitimate programs with proven longevity. Any program that doesn't stand up to par is removed.

But wait, there's more! You'll also have access to a wealth of information and tips and tricks on how to maximize your earnings, build up your downlines and get more referrals, and make more money. MP also has a VERY active forum with knowledgeable and helpful members, and an admin (who has been making a living online for ten years and makes a six-figure income) who is constantly sharing info and tips and providing walk-throughs to teach you EXACTLY what to do to make more money. She, as well as many other helpful folks, is there in the forum every single day and active, and there to help and guide you. I'll be there too!

This is not the lazy way to make money online, but it's not difficult. You have to be willing to do some reading and participate. And did I mention it's FREE? (LOL.)

I'm not just jacking you around here and talking this up for any personal gain of my own. I have learned more in a pretty short time at Marketing Pond than I have learned in YEARS of studying ways to make money online. I'm already seeing some good results myself, and I have barely even started to use the tools I've gained from being involved with MP.

And I'm going to of course continue to share my reviews of online moneymaking opportunities here, but you just cannot go wrong adding Marketing Pond to your portfolio of ways to earn (FREE!!!) money online.

It's a fantastic tool to use towards expanding your income. And it's FREE. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So head on over to the Marketing Pond and read some more about it from Valerie, the admin. Then do yourself a great big favor and sign up; join the programs you're not already in, add your info to the programs you're already in, and start reading about how to make more money with all of it. I'll see ya at the Pond! :)

UPDATED 07/08/2013: Marketing Pond appears to have closed (or in any case, there is currently a domain holding page at the domain, as has also its sister program Viral Pond) so I am deactivating the site from the active list, at least for now).

The Time Has Come for All the REALLY Important Info!

I've been saying for a few weeks I had some really important info to share with you all, but unfortunately I got a little too busy there with work and family stuff to be able to spend the proper amount of time to share it.

Well, wait no more! This next couple of days is going to be all the REALLY good stuff, and possibly the most important online moneymaking opportunities I will ever write about here.

So stay tuned over the next two or three days and come back a little later today for the goods! Have a great Monday!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Make MORE Money! Recommended Worthwhile Upgrades for Paid to Click (Again)

While I'm busy talking up paid to click ads sites again, I would be really remiss not to once again bring up (and yes, at the risk of sounding like a broken record again) the benefits of upgrading at some - not ALL, but definitely some - paid to click sites.

Listen, I'm not really big on recommending putting out cash out of pocket on too much in the online moneymaking world, but the bottom line is that some of the paid to click sites have such excellent deals on upgrades that it just doesn't make sense not to take advantage of them and make MORE money.

If you are serious about earning extra income online with click sites, you just CANNOT go wrong with these upgrades.

The ones with upgrades for monthly fees, I usually pass on - but there are several that offer upgrades for $10 to $12 a YEAR (a dollar or less a month!) and you just generally get sooo many more ads, usually daily, with those upgrades. I always have so many in my ClixSense account waiting for me, I've yet to catch up fully on them and have none waiting on me when I logged in there YET. I've ALWAYS got ads waiting at ClixSense.

I don't know about where you live, but the price of a soda or bottled tea here is running about $1.29-1.39 each these days. For less than that a month, I can have a whole year's worth of more ads to click on at several sites and make more money at them than I would otherwise! So I can justify figuratively (or literally) doing without one soda or bottle of tea a month in order to make more money ALL YEAR LONG, if you follow me.

So now that I've added a few new click sites to the mix, let me go over the sites that I feel are really worth the upgrade to earn more money due to the excellent deals they offer. Again, I have upgraded at all four of these myself, and all are established, long-term, proven sites (or in Buddy Pond's case, a newer one run by an admin I have complete faith and trust in), and I think in a very short amount of time I will more than have made up for the (cheap) expense in money earned. Here we go:

ClixSense - $10 per YEAR - once again, I strongly recommend this upgrade, especially because it is ONLY $10 for a whole entire YEAR. You will honestly get SO many more ads to review, you won't believe, and you have the opportunity to make even more money by referring others. I STILL have yet to stay caught up enough to have no ads waiting after having upgraded because I have been so busy with other things lately. When I log in, I usually have over 100 ads waiting and sometimes as many as 300. This upgrade is WELL worth it for what amounts to less than $1 a month.

WordLinx - $10 per YEAR - I recently upgraded to verified member status on WordLinx and was thrilled to see how many more ads I had to review. At 1 cent per ad, that can really add up fast! Verified member status on WordLinx is also just $10 a year - VERY reasonable for an entire year's opportunity to earn much more than in free status. They have other upgrade options as well, but this is the cheapest one and is just yet another of those deals that doesn't really make sense not to take advantage of and make MORE money, for what amounts to less than a dollar per month.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

MatrixMails - (variable upgrade packages, as low as $5 for 3 or 6 months) - MatrixMails is another that, to me, just doesn't make sense not to upgrade on because (among other benefits) you earn SO much more per paid mail by upgrading. They have a large variety of upgrade packages to choose from - I initially opted for the one-time Gold Membership which was only $5 for three months, and have been earning twice as much per paid mail since. I have been so pleased by how much faster my earnings have accrued with the upgrade that I am now considering upgrading to one of the Gold Package Memberships, which will earn me about four times as much per mail than as a free member, among many other benefits. In any case, the upgrade here is worth it even if it's just the $5 for three months Gold Membership or $5 for six months Silver Membership - those are dirt cheap and you immediately earn MORE.

MatrixMails - Get paid

So there you have it - those are the ones that are so cheap, especially the three you can upgrade on for a WHOLE YEAR, it just doesn't make sense to me not to upgrade. If you're going to click to earn, why not earn the most you can? And if earning the most you can amounts to spending a dollar or less per month to upgrade on a site - easy decision to make, for me.

So you have those four I highly recommend upgrading on - let's make more money clicking and reading. Now, add the other two click sites I have recently recommended:

LinkGrand, which has no upgrade package and all ads are free and available to all:


Financial Freedom Ads, which has per-month upgrade packages but you can still earn at least one cent per ad and often more as a free member:

The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

... and you have a pretty nice little portfolio of paid to click sites to earn extra income on, and even more if you refer others to the sites.

Want to earn even more money? Add these programs to your portfolio where you get paid just for reading email ads:


Deals 'n' Cash

SendEarnings (which also has paid offers and games and other stuff on site)

InboxDollars (which also has paid offers and games and other stuff on site)

AdPaid (which also has paid to click opportunities and paid offers on site)


Take the Internet Back (get paid to read mail + receive shares ad revenue in the company)

Opt-in Email Advertising & Marketing

... as well as some of the other paid click and paid mail opportunities I have listed previously here and here. You just cannot go wrong, and I know many folks who are making a nice little extra income every month with many of these and others in the links I just gave you, and I'm certainly working towards that myself!

Your profits may look small to begin with, but trust me - they WILL all add up in time and altogether. ESPECIALLY if you go for some of the extremely reasonable and cheap upgrades I mention above with ClixSense, WordLinx, and MatrixMails - for less than the cost of three or four sodas a month, you can make even MORE money at all four sites.

For me, that was a no-brainer, and it just doesn't take that much time out of my day to do the paid clicks and read the e-mails that come (and they DO come, in a steady stream pretty much daily). Easy, easy money.

Have at 'em, and good luck!


And here's yet ANOTHER great paid to click site for today (I've actually got more, but we'll just stick with these three for today!).

LinkGrand not only generally has BUNCHES of ads to click and read every day, but it's a little different than the others in that there's no upgrade package available - every member gets access to the same number of ads! The other side of the coin to this is that they pay what equals to 3 cents per every ten links you view. Honestly, I've never been there that there haven't been lots and lots of ads to click.

You can cash out at any time you reach the $5 minimum, payment is by PayPal, and they state they pay within 24 hours (nice!). I'm pretty certain it's open to all international members; as long as you have a PayPal account, you can earn money here!

LinkGrand has one referral level of 30% for referrals' viewed ads, and pays 10% on ads purchased by your referrals.

I kinda get a big kick out of this one 'cos the FAQ shows the admin's sense of humor well, it always makes me laugh to read it so even though I've read it several times, I click over there again sometimes to get a giggle.

In any case, you can't go wrong with this one - it's totally free and ONLY free, all you have to do is sign up and review ads and make money, and I know many folks who are making a nice extra income with this and the other clicking and paid e-mail opportunities alone listed here on the site - so go for it! Join LinkGrand today!

UPDATE 06/27/2010: LinkGrand is not only paying better than ever in recent months, but recently unveiled an awesome upgrade option for premium members - $10 yearly or $20 lifetime (and never have to pay again if you purchase the lifetime). This will be yet another upgrade I'll be recommending along with the MatrixMails, ClixSense and WordLinx upgrades for sure!

UPDATED AGAIN - 06/24/2012: Some changes to the upgrade options at LinkGrand. Not sure when this went into effect (sometime earlier in the year, I imagine), but the upgrade option prices are now $5 for four months, $12 for two years, or $25 lifetime. The lifetime upgrade is still a very good deal in my opinion - premium members get lots more ads - and to never have to pay to upgrade again is great. It's also considerably less expensive than some other similar sites that have lifetime upgrades.

Now that I've been upgraded for some time now and enjoyed the benefits of watching my earnings increase notably faster - and especially since LinkGrand's cashout remains $5, which means I get to that $5 much quicker upgraded - I'd not want to downgrade my account with LinkGrand even if I didn't have the lifetime upgrade and could!

Not on board with this great program yet? Join LinkGrand today!

BEEN PAID: Click HERE to View Payment Proof


Friday, July 4, 2008

Got Paid Update #9 - BankRollBucks

Once again, BankRollBucks has made my head spin by paying so fast for June that I didn't even have time to get my "Payments Pending" post made before I'd gotten paid! BankRollBucks pays on a Net 15 basis, but it's almost always MUCH quicker than that!

Am I sounding like a broken record about how much I love this site? Well, it deserves all the accolades I could possibly give it! Great site, new offers pretty much every day, fabulous admin who's always right on top of everything, terrific contests - it's just, hands down, a fantastic GPT site!

The specifics again on Bank Roll Bucks:
  • $10 minimum cashout (UPDATE: This is now $5 minimum as of Fall 2008)
  • PTC on site
  • Pays by PayPal, check, RME, or eBay/Amazon/Wal-Mart gift certificates
  • Open to members in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
If you're not a member yet, you should be! Head on over, make some money, win some contests, and most of all, have fun!

Payments Pending Update #2

So the end of the month has come and gone and I've done what cashouts I could. Actually, once again, one of the sites I cashed out on is so darned fast and has already paid me so therefore this post is somewhat tardy, but for a second we'll pretend I haven't gotten paid yet. :)

Here's where I cashed out for June:

Bank Roll Bucks - $20.48

MyCashHoney - $5.53

Ozzy's Direct Pay - $20.77

We'll also include this one since I meant to cash out there this week and just forgot, but I will next week probably:

Revolution Offers - $5.93 (at least)

Then I still have these survey payments on the way:

Opinion Outpost - $6.50


Your2Cents - $5.00
Survey Spot - $5.00

For a grand total for June of... $69.21.

Add the $7.39 I'm still owed from MyMadMoney that didn't arrive by June 30th as promised (but I haven't given up hope just yet), that's $76.60 due my way this month.

Not bad, but it SHOULD have been about $40 more - after my unplanned extended absence, I unfortunately blew it and forgot that I was close, but hadn't quite reached cashout level on these two sites (oops), but I will next month:

Rhino Riches - currently standing at $18.06

Pirate's Riches - now up to $23.78 (unfortunately not in time for cashout!)

So anyway, I had hoped to break $100 for the month and would have if I hadn't had a blonde moment there at the end. July should be better!

According to my records (which are not entirely up to date yet, so this figure is lower than what the actual amount really and truly is), I have outstanding, un-cashed out balances here there and everywhere - and 99% of it on sites and other programs listed here - totaling more than $184.29.

The larger amounts of that are at Rhino Riches and Pirate's Riches as noted above, and:

Deals 'n' Cash

Take the Internet Back

... and I also expect to be able to cash out at MatrixMails this month as well. So here's hoping to be able to cash out on a good bit of all of that come the end of July! Happy money hunting & good luck to all for the month of July!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Site & General Updates & News

Well, as you can see, I finally caught up on contest updates - whew! There's a lot of them out there that started July 1st. I also decided it was too much trouble to try to keep up with monthly/yearly contests in a separate post, so they'll just be included in the daily (or almost daily) updates. Most of those have a pretty big cash prize so it'd be worth it to jump into the ring and go for those prizes!

In other news, MyCashHoney has added Revolution Money Exchange as a payment option to the many they already have. That's great!

I was about to decide I was never going to be able to request my check from Survey Spot - there is a several week wait between when you complete a survey with them and can request your payment - but finally the option was there when I looked today. Let's see how long it takes the check to arrive now, LOL. Granted, there is a bit of a wait to get your check in the mail with my preferred survey sites (NFO/MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, ACOP, and Your2Cents), but at least they do go ahead and credit you for it and you can go ahead and request your check!

Some updates here to the site... I have decided to remove the link to Stardust PTC for now, since the site is being sold. Once it's under new management and if I feel good about putting it back up here, I will.

I'm a little disappointed to report I still haven't received the promised payment "by June 30" by MyMadMoney, which closed at the beginning of June, was sold and changed to Offers4Ads, and now the new site has disappeared/been suspended. I'll withhold judgment for now since it's only been a few days past June 30th, but not sure that's looking too good. We'll see. Obviously this and some spur of the moment site closings in June are the reason I am not reviewing many brand new sites these days and waiting to see some build up a little history before I do.

I have removed the link to PayCage due to some reported problems with the owner having gone MIA and people not receiving recent payments. This was not a site I have personally used much and I don't really have an opinion, but the things I was hearing were awfully negative so, for now, it's no longer listed here.

I also removed the link to the CashBlasterPro moneymaking opportunity as the site literally disappeared. Well, it was free so I'm out no cash, and these things sometimes happen, it's just a little annoying.

I'm hoping Take the Internet Back will turn out a little differently - which, granted, is a little different type of thing and you actually do have to do something, i.e., read a few e-mails per day, so they've obviously got advertising revenue coming in, plus if you go to their site and read, it just makes a lot more sense than that other thing ever did. As long as it's free and cost me no money, if it disappears, I'm like, ehhh. If it makes me money, great, if it doesn't, I'm out nothing!

Fortunately some other moneymaking opportunities I haven't yet gotten to talking about here on the site, I've thoroughly researched and actually KNOW people who are making a residual income with them, so those I feel good about getting behind (and will be talking about them very soon!).

So stay tuned - more to come and now that I've waded thru the 1200+ e-mails that were stacked up in my mailbox and gotten caught up on contest news - and barring any more family crises (knock on wood!) - we're back to daily or almost posting here again. Happy 4th!

I'm Back!

My hugest apologies for being MIA several days again. We had a family emergency come up last week and I've had a tough time getting caught up again enough to get back here and get some other things done. Let me plod through the now-backed up 1100+ e-mails in my box, and things will get back to normal again VERY soon, I promise!

In the meantime, I do have one contest to post, so that's coming up! Have a great 4th, everyone!
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