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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Site & General Updates & News

Well, as you can see, I finally caught up on contest updates - whew! There's a lot of them out there that started July 1st. I also decided it was too much trouble to try to keep up with monthly/yearly contests in a separate post, so they'll just be included in the daily (or almost daily) updates. Most of those have a pretty big cash prize so it'd be worth it to jump into the ring and go for those prizes!

In other news, MyCashHoney has added Revolution Money Exchange as a payment option to the many they already have. That's great!

I was about to decide I was never going to be able to request my check from Survey Spot - there is a several week wait between when you complete a survey with them and can request your payment - but finally the option was there when I looked today. Let's see how long it takes the check to arrive now, LOL. Granted, there is a bit of a wait to get your check in the mail with my preferred survey sites (NFO/MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, ACOP, and Your2Cents), but at least they do go ahead and credit you for it and you can go ahead and request your check!

Some updates here to the site... I have decided to remove the link to Stardust PTC for now, since the site is being sold. Once it's under new management and if I feel good about putting it back up here, I will.

I'm a little disappointed to report I still haven't received the promised payment "by June 30" by MyMadMoney, which closed at the beginning of June, was sold and changed to Offers4Ads, and now the new site has disappeared/been suspended. I'll withhold judgment for now since it's only been a few days past June 30th, but not sure that's looking too good. We'll see. Obviously this and some spur of the moment site closings in June are the reason I am not reviewing many brand new sites these days and waiting to see some build up a little history before I do.

I have removed the link to PayCage due to some reported problems with the owner having gone MIA and people not receiving recent payments. This was not a site I have personally used much and I don't really have an opinion, but the things I was hearing were awfully negative so, for now, it's no longer listed here.

I also removed the link to the CashBlasterPro moneymaking opportunity as the site literally disappeared. Well, it was free so I'm out no cash, and these things sometimes happen, it's just a little annoying.

I'm hoping Take the Internet Back will turn out a little differently - which, granted, is a little different type of thing and you actually do have to do something, i.e., read a few e-mails per day, so they've obviously got advertising revenue coming in, plus if you go to their site and read, it just makes a lot more sense than that other thing ever did. As long as it's free and cost me no money, if it disappears, I'm like, ehhh. If it makes me money, great, if it doesn't, I'm out nothing!

Fortunately some other moneymaking opportunities I haven't yet gotten to talking about here on the site, I've thoroughly researched and actually KNOW people who are making a residual income with them, so those I feel good about getting behind (and will be talking about them very soon!).

So stay tuned - more to come and now that I've waded thru the 1200+ e-mails that were stacked up in my mailbox and gotten caught up on contest news - and barring any more family crises (knock on wood!) - we're back to daily or almost posting here again. Happy 4th!

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