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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight On: NeoBux

Yes, I've given in and rejoined NeoBux once yet again. It's included in the training at ClickTrackProfit, so I felt I had to, and it has indeed paid me before and been reliable and paying for years.

My only issue with NeoBux is their policy of account deletion due to inactivity. Previously I think it was 30 days, now I've been hearing it's 15 days.

As anyone who's been dropping by here for long likely knows, I've had long periods away here and there, so I've been deleted for inactivity at NeoBux repeatedly over the years. I think this is either the fourth or fifth time I've re-registered.

Now that I'm back in the groove and exceptionally active in several online areas again, I don't foresee this being a problem again, so I'm doing it again. We'll see.

That said, my advice basically is DON'T sign up if you don't think you can stick with it and log in at least every 15 days. If that's not a foreseeable problem for you, then you should be in good shape.

And there is quite a bit of money to be made with NeoBux, especially through referral renting. A lot of people have made lots and lots of money with it, and it is indeed probably the largest and most successful PTC site there is.

Here's the 411 again on NeoBux:
  • $2 minimum for first cashout, then increases by $1 up to $10, then $10 minimum cashout thereafter
  • Instant payout via verified PayPal, Payza, or Neteller
  • Established for many years and popular, with good reputation for reliability and payments
  • Up to $0.015 per ad viewed with 20+ ads available daily
  • Earn 50% on referral activity
  • Referral renting available
  • Upgrade to earn more
  • Members welcome from all countries
  • ACTIVITY REQUIRED: Log in at least every 30 days and view ads or account will be deleted (I have had to re-register several times due to this) 
If you're not already a member (I know most people already are, but maybe you're not), check out NeoBux today!

BEEN PAID: Since 2009, I've been paid by NeoBux - ~$2.00

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spotlight On: Twickerz

Another PTC site I fairly recently joined because it was included in the training for ClickTrackProfit is Twickerz.

Twickerz has a lot of similarities to other Paid to Click sites, and a lot of differences. I'm not quite as enthralled with this one as I am some of the other newer ones I've added to my working portfolio lately, mainly because the amount paid for each ad you click is not listed on the ad itself, as it is with most other sites.

Still, you're getting paid something per click and if you generally click all available ads on PTC sites, my issue is not really an issue. (LOL) It does have an exceptionally low minimum cashout of $1.50, so that's a cool perk.

Here's the scoop on Twickerz:
  • $1.50 minimum cashout
  • Instant payments via PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, or Egopay
  • Up to $0.002 per ad viewed with 20+ ads available daily
  • Earn 30% on referral activity
  • Referral renting available
  • Upgrade to earn more
  • Members welcome from all countries
If you're not a member yet and enjoy making money through PTC, be sure to check out Twickerz today!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Spotlight On: ClickTrackProfit

Here's something a little different again for Friday and the weekend. I'd like to introduce to you one of my favorite money-earning sites of all time ever, ClickTrackProfit.

ClickTrackProfit opened a couple of years or so ago from the Timtech family of sites (the PTC site Nerdbux, tracking program trck.me (formerly TE Toolbox), and long-established traffic exchanges StartXchange, Sweeva, ILoveHits, and Thumbvu).

While CTP is built around some of the most successful and popular traffic exchanges online (which are of course always very useful for promoting your PTC/GPT/PTR sites), it's also got some basis in Paid to Click sites and other sites as well - and guess what, you can earn real money too!

Members can earn real cash by finding CTP money badges while surfing the traffic exchanges included in CTP's Nerd Surf section, as well as other fun badges to collect, and there are also other opportunities to win prizes of real money in CTP's daily Vault & Key games and the Submarine Game. Money badges and cash prizes generally range from $0.01 to $1.00, but occasionally there are even $10 money badges in rotation.

Can you really earn money here? You sure can. Within my first hour of surfing the Nerd Surf sites the other day, I found three or four money badges that morning alone, including a $0.03 one. In just barely a month, I've already racked up over $2 in money badges and game winnings from CTP.

(You can click HERE to learn more about CTP's money badges - this is a superfun video to watch!)

The great thing about CTP is not only can you earn money, but you can earn while you learn if you want to take making money online a step further and to the next level with CTP's training program, which includes extensive fun and entertaining videos (mostly short ones) that teach you how to build downlines and earn commissions, among other very useful online money earning topics.

Even if you're not all that interested in the traffic exchanges, this is still very useful training towards building downlines in PTC sites and really almost any online program. CTP is also just a really fun community to be a part of!

Here's the 411 on ClickTrackProfit:
  • $10 minimum cashout, paid automatically on Fridays via PayPal (14 days after money is earned)
  • Surf traffic exchanges for money badges (real money earned) as well as game badges
  • Earn cash & other prizes from the daily Gold & Silver Vault 'N' Keys games and the daily Sub Game
  • Take making money online a step further with this fun game-based training program & learn while earning
  • Built around the most successful and popular traffic exchanges, but includes some PTC & other sites too
  • Extensive, fun & often entertaining video training to learn how to build downlines & earn commissions
  • Owned & operated by Timtech (includes the owners of 2 top traffic exchanges, StartXchange & ILoveHits)
  • Timtech also owns the traffic exchanges Sweeva & Thumbvutrck.me, & ListNerds
  • Reliable - Timtech has been established in advertising services for 11 years without missing a payment
  • Members welcome from all countries
If you're not a member already, you really should be, especially if you're interested in learning how to make money online efficiently and build your downlines. Check out ClickTrackProfit today!

BEEN PAID: I have been paid multiple times since 2009 by Timtech sites, including the traffic exchanges Sweeva and Thumbvu


Friday, August 2, 2013

Spotlight On: Cash Surfing Network

Today I want to share with you something that's a little bit different from most of the programs I recommend here, and something really exciting - the Cash Surfing Network.

Cash Surfing Network just recently launched, and is a new program that was put together by the owners of six of the best, well-established, and top-ranked traffic exchanges in that industry. The six TEs included in CSN are LegacyHits, SocialAdSurf, NinjaSurf, TopHits4U, PowerCashStream, and LobbyHits.
You earn money from the Cash Surfing Network immediately from the start with a $12 signup bonus just for joining ($2 from each traffic exchange). Then, you can earn more money with a guaranteed cash prize of $0.15 daily from each exchange ($0.25 if you upgrade) for surfing a specified number of pages that day at each traffic exchange.

The rules at present for the guaranteed cash prizes are currently for surfing 555 pages at Legacy, SAS and Ninja, and 777 pages at the other three TEs, although I have been told by some of the owners that the group is in talks about modifying the rules to 555 pages at all six (which to me would be a little more consistent across the board and less potentially confusing to members).

But wait - you can also earn even more money regularly and other benefits from the CSN program. All six of these traffic exchanges, as well as the Legacy group's fourth TE (TE Racing League) are well known in the industry for their generous prizes on games and jackpot prizes you come across while surfing.

The Legacy group has jackpots at each of their four sites (currently around $2-3 that I have recently seen), as well as a Mega Jackpot if you're surfing all four that generally has a much higher prize amount (when I saw it mid-week, the prize was a little over $36). All of the six TEs in CSN, though, have plenty of opportunities to earn extra beyond the CSN's signup and daily guarantees.

So yes, if you like or are interested in surfing the traffic exchanges, CSN can be very lucrative to anyone willing to sign up and put in the time and effort. You'll also have the potential to earn money on referral upgrades and purchases at each site once you become a member, as well as earning TE credits on your referrals' activity.

Here are the specifics on the Cash Surfing Network:
  • $12 signup bonus for joining ($2 from each traffic exchange)
  • $10 minimum cashout at Legacy Hits & NinjaSurf, $15 at the other four traffic exchanges
  • Cashout varies by site; all pay via PayPal, some automatically when required balance is reached
  • At the ones that don't pay automatically (usually on Fridays), payout issued within 24-48 hours of request
  • Payouts are issued or can be requested 14 days after money is earned
  • Earn money daily by surfing and viewing ads at the six traffic exchanges in the program
  • Guaranteed cash prize of $0.15 cents daily per site for surfing a set number of pages daily at each site
  • $0.25 daily instead of $0.15 if upgraded (only at the sites you've upgraded on)
  • Plentiful jackpots and games while surfing to earn more money on at each site in the program
  • Operated by two groups of well-established and respected owners of 6 top-ranked traffic exchanges
  • TEs in program include: Legacy Hits, SocialAdSurf, NinjaSurf, TopHits4U, PowerCashStream & LobbyHits
  • Earn $ on referral upgrades and purchases at each site, as well as earning TE credits on referral activity
  • Members welcome from all countries
And remember - the signup bonus and the daily guaranteed cash prize are both just that - guaranteed earnings if you sign up and surf the minimum required number of pages daily! (You also get to sign up to all six with one click once you initially register, which is really handy!)

Interested? Sign up at the Cash Surfing Network today!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spotlight On: PTCProfessor

Whoops, I really didn't mean to let the entire last half of July go by without a new post, but am squeezing this one in on the first of the new month, at least.

A quick side note first: I added several things to the Quick List last weekend, mainly to the PTC and Other $$$ Opportunities sections, as well as an addition to the payment proofs. I'm going to be going over the new additions individually here in the coming weeks, but if you want a head start, you can jump on over to the Quick List and check out what's new.

In the meantime, let me give you a quick introduction to PTCProfessor, a new program from Eric Goettman, a really great guy who has become a very big mover and shaker in the traffic exchange industry over the last few years. Like me, Eric got his start in PTC, so he knows the programs well and has some really good takes on what people can do to be successful and earn well with Paid to Click sites.

PTCProfessor is, on the surface, a downline builder for some of the most popular Paid to Click sites, but it also includes some really nice training and organizational tools, tips and tricks, a section for other advertising resources, and a lot more.

Besides the earnings you make via the PTC sites in the program, you can also earn from PTCProfessor as well by commissions from referral upgrades and their advertising purchases, as well as some other neat things that can add to your balance (hint: log in once every 24 hours and see!).

Members from all over the world can join for free, but upgrading will of course earn you more in commissions, and the upgrade is very reasonable. The cheapest option at present is a monthly upgrade for $4 per month. Upgrading also gives you access to the advanced downline builder and PTC tracking sections, the latter of which you can use to track exactly how much profit you are making from the PTC sites in the program.

All that said, here's the 411 in brief on PTCProfessor:
  • Free to use for the PTC downline builder and (very informative) PTC training resources
  • If already a member of an included site, just enter your current referral ID
  • Upgrades start at $4 monthly - access to advanced PTC tracking & advanced downline builder
  • Earn directly from site on referral upgrades, advertising purchases, etc.
  • Ability to also earn on Login Spotlight award for logging in (usually about $0.01 per award)
  • Payments made automatically on Fridays via PayPal when balance is $15+ after 14 days of earning
  • Members welcome from all countries
If you haven't already joined, check out PTCProfessor today!
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