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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight On: NeoBux

Yes, I've given in and rejoined NeoBux once yet again. It's included in the training at ClickTrackProfit, so I felt I had to, and it has indeed paid me before and been reliable and paying for years.

My only issue with NeoBux is their policy of account deletion due to inactivity. Previously I think it was 30 days, now I've been hearing it's 15 days.

As anyone who's been dropping by here for long likely knows, I've had long periods away here and there, so I've been deleted for inactivity at NeoBux repeatedly over the years. I think this is either the fourth or fifth time I've re-registered.

Now that I'm back in the groove and exceptionally active in several online areas again, I don't foresee this being a problem again, so I'm doing it again. We'll see.

That said, my advice basically is DON'T sign up if you don't think you can stick with it and log in at least every 15 days. If that's not a foreseeable problem for you, then you should be in good shape.

And there is quite a bit of money to be made with NeoBux, especially through referral renting. A lot of people have made lots and lots of money with it, and it is indeed probably the largest and most successful PTC site there is.

Here's the 411 again on NeoBux:
  • $2 minimum for first cashout, then increases by $1 up to $10, then $10 minimum cashout thereafter
  • Instant payout via verified PayPal, Payza, or Neteller
  • Established for many years and popular, with good reputation for reliability and payments
  • Up to $0.015 per ad viewed with 20+ ads available daily
  • Earn 50% on referral activity
  • Referral renting available
  • Upgrade to earn more
  • Members welcome from all countries
  • ACTIVITY REQUIRED: Log in at least every 30 days and view ads or account will be deleted (I have had to re-register several times due to this) 
If you're not already a member (I know most people already are, but maybe you're not), check out NeoBux today!

BEEN PAID: Since 2009, I've been paid by NeoBux - ~$2.00

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