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Friday, August 9, 2013

Spotlight On: ClickTrackProfit

Here's something a little different again for Friday and the weekend. I'd like to introduce to you one of my favorite money-earning sites of all time ever, ClickTrackProfit.

ClickTrackProfit opened a couple of years or so ago from the Timtech family of sites (the PTC site Nerdbux, tracking program trck.me (formerly TE Toolbox), and long-established traffic exchanges StartXchange, Sweeva, ILoveHits, and Thumbvu).

While CTP is built around some of the most successful and popular traffic exchanges online (which are of course always very useful for promoting your PTC/GPT/PTR sites), it's also got some basis in Paid to Click sites and other sites as well - and guess what, you can earn real money too!

Members can earn real cash by finding CTP money badges while surfing the traffic exchanges included in CTP's Nerd Surf section, as well as other fun badges to collect, and there are also other opportunities to win prizes of real money in CTP's daily Vault & Key games and the Submarine Game. Money badges and cash prizes generally range from $0.01 to $1.00, but occasionally there are even $10 money badges in rotation.

Can you really earn money here? You sure can. Within my first hour of surfing the Nerd Surf sites the other day, I found three or four money badges that morning alone, including a $0.03 one. In just barely a month, I've already racked up over $2 in money badges and game winnings from CTP.

(You can click HERE to learn more about CTP's money badges - this is a superfun video to watch!)

The great thing about CTP is not only can you earn money, but you can earn while you learn if you want to take making money online a step further and to the next level with CTP's training program, which includes extensive fun and entertaining videos (mostly short ones) that teach you how to build downlines and earn commissions, among other very useful online money earning topics.

Even if you're not all that interested in the traffic exchanges, this is still very useful training towards building downlines in PTC sites and really almost any online program. CTP is also just a really fun community to be a part of!

Here's the 411 on ClickTrackProfit:
  • $10 minimum cashout, paid automatically on Fridays via PayPal (14 days after money is earned)
  • Surf traffic exchanges for money badges (real money earned) as well as game badges
  • Earn cash & other prizes from the daily Gold & Silver Vault 'N' Keys games and the daily Sub Game
  • Take making money online a step further with this fun game-based training program & learn while earning
  • Built around the most successful and popular traffic exchanges, but includes some PTC & other sites too
  • Extensive, fun & often entertaining video training to learn how to build downlines & earn commissions
  • Owned & operated by Timtech (includes the owners of 2 top traffic exchanges, StartXchange & ILoveHits)
  • Timtech also owns the traffic exchanges Sweeva & Thumbvutrck.me, & ListNerds
  • Reliable - Timtech has been established in advertising services for 11 years without missing a payment
  • Members welcome from all countries
If you're not a member already, you really should be, especially if you're interested in learning how to make money online efficiently and build your downlines. Check out ClickTrackProfit today!

BEEN PAID: I have been paid multiple times since 2009 by Timtech sites, including the traffic exchanges Sweeva and Thumbvu


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