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Thursday, July 17, 2008

ClixSense Upgrade - Get to Cashout Fast

Yeah, I keep going on and on about this, I know, but I just cannot stress how great the ClixSense upgrade is for a measly ten bucks for a whole year.

Once upon a time, I thought I'd never make it to cashout at ClixSense. I just realized yesterday that I AM going to make cashout this month, and probably every month after that, thanks to the upgrade.

I would have gotten there even quicker if I hadn't gotten lazy for a few weeks and not reviewed the 300-400 ads I had sitting there every day waiting. Once I finally got through the backlog, it's gotten easy to keep up with and I get plenty of ads every day to review.

So that $10 for the whole year has already paid for itself (and would have sooner if I hadn't gotten lazy) and I should be able to cash out every month from now on.

It's cheap, it lasts the whole year, and the benefits are immense. Upgrade, you will NOT be sorry you did.

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