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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More ClixSense & MatrixMails Upgrade Info

Was just browsing this weekend and found a good post on the Web by another blogger explaining the benefits of upgrading (only $10 for a year) at ClixSense. Here it is:

ClixSense Worth Upgrading

I wish I could find a similar post about the Gold Lifetime with matrix upgrade at MatrixMails, maybe I'll run across one someday.

With the ClixSense upgrade, you not only make more money yourself because you get lots more ads to review, but could potentially make hundreds. With the MatrixMails Gold Lifetime upgrade, you not only get paid four times as much for most things you yourself do, but you have the opportunity to not only make hundreds but thousands of dollars and regularly.

And another nice thing about the MatrixMails Gold Lifetime with matrix upgrade is you only pay it once - one time, that's it. Even without the extra benefits, I am making so much more and faster just on my own activities at MatrixMails, I should recoup that $60 in a few months on my own activities alone. And I never ever have to pay again!

Same with the ClixSense upgrade on a smaller level. I get so many more ads to review daily, I'll have made that $10 upgrade money (again, good for a whole year) back this month or next month.

It doesn't always pay to upgrade everywhere, but MatrixMails and ClixSense are two places it definitely DOES pay to upgrade. If you're a member (or if you want to become one), you really should read the info about the upgrades on both sites and think about it. They truly are worth it.

MatrixMails - Get paid

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