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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got Paid Update #14 - Ozzys Direct Pay & MyCashHoney

Got paid the rest of my June payments, twice this week, once yesterday by Ozzys Direct Pay and again today by MyCashHoney.

I was paid $20.77 yesterday by Ozzys Direct Pay, which has really become a big favorite for me this summer. Offers generally credit very quickly over there, and a lot of the offers there are 75 cents where they're 30-40 cents some other places. She also has lots of 5 butterfly (point) offers, and you can redeem 10 of those for $1 in cash. Lots of good contests too and a good general approval rate.

Ozzys has a $10 minimum cashout - with a trial or shopping offer and/or a few other offers you could more than likely easily reach cashout tonight if you really wanted to. I've rarely seen offers not get credited within an hour or two of doing them here.

I've got paid to signup offers for Ozzys right now at GetCashDollars, CashMonkies, and Rhino Riches - if you're a member at one of those and not a member of Ozzys, why not sign up and do a cash offer, and get money at the site where you sign up here on last day of cashout as well as the cash you'll get for the offer you do at Ozzys?

I will be checking my signups all day and night to credit them in the waning hours. So go make some money here today if you want!

(UPDATE: Ozzys inexplicably disappeared from the GPT world in the fall of 2009)

Anyway, next I got paid $5.53 today by MyCashHoney, another favorite that has two daily trivia questions you can really rack up your points on. Offers generally credit pretty fast here too and I've had a great approval rate here.

Minimum cashout is only $5 here, so you could very easily earn money to cashout today with a few offers or maybe even one trial or shopping offer.

(UPDATE: MyCashHoney closed as of 11/30/2008)

So there you go, two more GPT sites that DO pay, and you could in fact earn some easy money on them today by signing up if you're not a member already and do a cash offer at each and get paid for your offer AND paid for the signup. And possibly even do enough offers that you could cash out today - as I said, both tend to credit pretty quickly as a general rule.

It's worth a try, and I'll definitely credit you for any of the above signup offers today/tonight if you sign up at either and do a cash offer that gets credited today/tonight. And you could possibly do enough offers to cash out at both tonight - how great would that be to get paid at both in August?

In any case, again - hooray for sites that pay! Have a good rest of your last day of July, everyone, and don't forget to cash out tonight wherever you need to!

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