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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Got Paid Update #11 - Your2Cents

On the heels of receiving my second check this year from Opinion Outpost this week, I received a check for $5.00 from Your2Cents today.

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Kind of took a while to get here - 51 days by my records. Opinion Outpost is much faster, averaging about 23 days from the time you request a check (and right now they're ahead of the others for me in that they're the only one I've been able to request payment from twice since I got back into doing surveys this year). But money's money, whenever it comes!

I was able to request a $10 check this week from NFO/MySurvey, so we'll see how long it takes that one to get here comparatively.

I think I was wrong about expecting a check from American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) - I thought I had done a survey for pay with them in the last 2-3 months but maybe I had it confused with the Opinion Outpost payment. In any case, it is another site that does pay because I have been paid by them in the past before this year - I've been a member of NFO, ACOP and Your2Cents for a long, long time.

And I have still got a $5 check on the way, someday, from SurveySpot. I'm not holding my breath to get this one because it took weeks for it to get posted to my account where I could request it, but once again - money's money, whenever it comes. We'll see what the average wait time is.

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