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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Make MORE Money! Recommended Worthwhile Upgrades for Paid to Click (Again)

While I'm busy talking up paid to click ads sites again, I would be really remiss not to once again bring up (and yes, at the risk of sounding like a broken record again) the benefits of upgrading at some - not ALL, but definitely some - paid to click sites.

Listen, I'm not really big on recommending putting out cash out of pocket on too much in the online moneymaking world, but the bottom line is that some of the paid to click sites have such excellent deals on upgrades that it just doesn't make sense not to take advantage of them and make MORE money.

If you are serious about earning extra income online with click sites, you just CANNOT go wrong with these upgrades.

The ones with upgrades for monthly fees, I usually pass on - but there are several that offer upgrades for $10 to $12 a YEAR (a dollar or less a month!) and you just generally get sooo many more ads, usually daily, with those upgrades. I always have so many in my ClixSense account waiting for me, I've yet to catch up fully on them and have none waiting on me when I logged in there YET. I've ALWAYS got ads waiting at ClixSense.

I don't know about where you live, but the price of a soda or bottled tea here is running about $1.29-1.39 each these days. For less than that a month, I can have a whole year's worth of more ads to click on at several sites and make more money at them than I would otherwise! So I can justify figuratively (or literally) doing without one soda or bottle of tea a month in order to make more money ALL YEAR LONG, if you follow me.

So now that I've added a few new click sites to the mix, let me go over the sites that I feel are really worth the upgrade to earn more money due to the excellent deals they offer. Again, I have upgraded at all four of these myself, and all are established, long-term, proven sites (or in Buddy Pond's case, a newer one run by an admin I have complete faith and trust in), and I think in a very short amount of time I will more than have made up for the (cheap) expense in money earned. Here we go:

ClixSense - $10 per YEAR - once again, I strongly recommend this upgrade, especially because it is ONLY $10 for a whole entire YEAR. You will honestly get SO many more ads to review, you won't believe, and you have the opportunity to make even more money by referring others. I STILL have yet to stay caught up enough to have no ads waiting after having upgraded because I have been so busy with other things lately. When I log in, I usually have over 100 ads waiting and sometimes as many as 300. This upgrade is WELL worth it for what amounts to less than $1 a month.

WordLinx - $10 per YEAR - I recently upgraded to verified member status on WordLinx and was thrilled to see how many more ads I had to review. At 1 cent per ad, that can really add up fast! Verified member status on WordLinx is also just $10 a year - VERY reasonable for an entire year's opportunity to earn much more than in free status. They have other upgrade options as well, but this is the cheapest one and is just yet another of those deals that doesn't really make sense not to take advantage of and make MORE money, for what amounts to less than a dollar per month.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

MatrixMails - (variable upgrade packages, as low as $5 for 3 or 6 months) - MatrixMails is another that, to me, just doesn't make sense not to upgrade on because (among other benefits) you earn SO much more per paid mail by upgrading. They have a large variety of upgrade packages to choose from - I initially opted for the one-time Gold Membership which was only $5 for three months, and have been earning twice as much per paid mail since. I have been so pleased by how much faster my earnings have accrued with the upgrade that I am now considering upgrading to one of the Gold Package Memberships, which will earn me about four times as much per mail than as a free member, among many other benefits. In any case, the upgrade here is worth it even if it's just the $5 for three months Gold Membership or $5 for six months Silver Membership - those are dirt cheap and you immediately earn MORE.

MatrixMails - Get paid

So there you have it - those are the ones that are so cheap, especially the three you can upgrade on for a WHOLE YEAR, it just doesn't make sense to me not to upgrade. If you're going to click to earn, why not earn the most you can? And if earning the most you can amounts to spending a dollar or less per month to upgrade on a site - easy decision to make, for me.

So you have those four I highly recommend upgrading on - let's make more money clicking and reading. Now, add the other two click sites I have recently recommended:

LinkGrand, which has no upgrade package and all ads are free and available to all:


Financial Freedom Ads, which has per-month upgrade packages but you can still earn at least one cent per ad and often more as a free member:

The new revolution in PTC has arrived!

... and you have a pretty nice little portfolio of paid to click sites to earn extra income on, and even more if you refer others to the sites.

Want to earn even more money? Add these programs to your portfolio where you get paid just for reading email ads:


Deals 'n' Cash

SendEarnings (which also has paid offers and games and other stuff on site)

InboxDollars (which also has paid offers and games and other stuff on site)

AdPaid (which also has paid to click opportunities and paid offers on site)


Take the Internet Back (get paid to read mail + receive shares ad revenue in the company)

Opt-in Email Advertising & Marketing

... as well as some of the other paid click and paid mail opportunities I have listed previously here and here. You just cannot go wrong, and I know many folks who are making a nice little extra income every month with many of these and others in the links I just gave you, and I'm certainly working towards that myself!

Your profits may look small to begin with, but trust me - they WILL all add up in time and altogether. ESPECIALLY if you go for some of the extremely reasonable and cheap upgrades I mention above with ClixSense, WordLinx, and MatrixMails - for less than the cost of three or four sodas a month, you can make even MORE money at all four sites.

For me, that was a no-brainer, and it just doesn't take that much time out of my day to do the paid clicks and read the e-mails that come (and they DO come, in a steady stream pretty much daily). Easy, easy money.

Have at 'em, and good luck!

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