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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Ever, Ever, EVER Pay to Take Surveys!

So I was gonna post a new PTC site today since I am still soooo behind this week and having trouble catching up, but then I glanced thru my recent comments, and voila, I found my post for the day.

I can't believe I haven't ever said this before, but yeah - do not EVER pay a site to "join" and take surveys. There may be one or two legitimate ones around (I doubt it), but if a site or company is asking you to pay a fee to take surveys, walk in the other direction.

I have been a member of many of the survey sites I'm on for years before I ever started this blog, but I seem to recall a couple of years ago when I was looking to pick some more up that there was one out there - I now forget the name - that was charging like $50 or $97 or something for memberships with promises that you could make "hundreds" all the time doing surveys. That's just bogus.

If you're a member of a LOT of sites and check your email bunches of times a day, then yeah, you might be able to pull off as much as $50 a month doing surveys but that's a pretty high and out there estimate. I could probably bring in about $20 a month if I'd remember to check that email box more often and stay on top of them all, but I get too busy with other things.

Anyway, here's the comment that brought all this on, and my response (I won't link the commenter's site but it's still there in comments, but don't go checking it out without reading the rest of this post first).

found great post here,
The biggest thrill when you are paid to take survey questionnaires, complete and submit them is that you are doing so from the comfort of your own home.thanks for sharing. i'll be looking forward to your next post :)

My response:

I was going to delete your comment as spam, but I'll leave it up as a warning to others, now having looked at your site - all or most of which require PAYMENT to join those survey sites, seeing as how at the bottom it claims there's a "money back guarantee".

Nobody EVER needs to pay to take surveys, and the reputable companies listed here on my blog - ACOP, SurveySpot, NFO/MySurvey, Opinion Outpost, Toluna, & Mindfield Online as well as other companies such as Survey Savvy, Global Test Market, Pinecone Research, Greenfield Online, Synovate, Surveyhead, Lightspeed, MyView, ClickIQ, E-Poll, and Valued Opinions - 100%, totally, absolutely FREE, and most of them have been around and paying for years.

Any survey site that asks anyone to pay money to take a survey? Folks oughta run in the other direction far, far away.

But thanks for posting, you just gave me today's blog post.

Speaking of which, Trini and I were having a discussion on her blog recently about Surveyhead, as she was concerned she wasn't going to get paid, and several things about the site had made me suspicious about it as well - but it turns out she DID get paid by them (just posted proof this week) and it's not a scam site after all. So that's good news.

In any case, there are scam survey sites that are free as well as ones you have to pay for, but any survey site that wants you to pay a fee stinks of scam.

Anyway, that reminds me I should update my list of recommended survey sites - I should probably link some of the ones above too - but that'll have to wait for a less busy week. Be back tomorrow with a new site to post, I hope.

PS Trini - I replied to your comment in the previous post about thePaidHelp with some info for you, go see.


philsfault said...

"thanks for sharing. i'll be looking forward to your next post :)"

That's pretty much the spammers trade mark go to comment. I get no fewer than ten of these exact comments a day. My Spam Filter handles 'em for me. Still, quite annoying.

I've been with my fav five for over 5 years. You forget to mention "Depending on your demographics". When I'm on my game and hitting a few surveys a week then I usually do pretty well. Odd though, I seem to get a lot of "Beer" surveys, which I seem to always qualify for.. hmmmm ( don't read between the lines ).

Another swell post Tornado Girl ( err Lynn ).

Danielle said...

How familiar, lol. I get these comments too. I just want to scream sometimes when I see these sites promoting scams and the people totally buying into them. I think it's great that instead of just letting this one go you made a point out of it. So many legitimate sites will even go as far as exchange links with these scammers without even giving it a second thought.

Miss Money Hunter said...

Thanks y'all. Yeah, Danielle, sometimes things get me fired up into making a point out of them and that was certainly one of them! LOL :)

Lauriehomebusiness said...

Hey Miss Money Hunter chick.

I just wanted to say that there were a few survey sites that paid me before. Opinion Outpost with checks only, lightspeed with paypal, mysurvey with a check, pinecone research that now gives you the option to get it through paypal or just a check. I love some survey sites that actually paid me. I would need to plump up that area again. Thanks

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