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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Site Updates: AcePTC Removed

I made the decision last night to remove AcePTC from my lists of recommended PTCs. I've had some misgivings about this one for a while - particularly when they disappeared for a while - but it reappeared and I started working on it a little again. I'd really been doing kind of okay on it for the amount of low ads that are usually there, and I like the site - but I've just been uncomfortable with several things that were kind of raising red flags for a while.

I was going thru my bookmarks last night, though, looking for live & dead blogs, and came across a post on a PTC-related blog from back when AcePTC first reappeared that pointed this out in AcePTC's new terms of the site when it came back:

Please remember that only your first month is free. after this time you must upgrade to croupier or dealer level to remain a member of AcePTC. If you do not upgrade you will not be paid for any clicks made after your first month and you will be ejected from the site. We register your IP and you cannot join again as a free member for 90 days.

Well, seeing as how I just deleted my brand new account at another site that had suddenly decided to force members to upgrade in order to get paid, I just can't in all good faith continue to recommend this one either, at least right now.

Whether the above or not is actually being adhered to, I have some doubts - mainly because I've held a new account there since the site came back, since January 31st, and have not been "ejected", so maybe they realized this stuff was not a particularly good PR idea in a community that's already somewhat oversaturated with PTCs and PTRs (and GPTs, for that matter) and changed their minds and just didn't get around to revising their terms yet. So with that in mind - and since they never have very many ads anyway - I'm probably going to keep it in my daily rounds and just see what happens if I ever hit that rather high $8 cashout level. If I do find out that the terms have been revised to something more reasonable and feel a little more comfortable about that one, I'll re-add it, but for now I'm just not comfortable recommending it to others at all.

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Anonymous said...

AcePTC is back with a brand new script and a brand new admin. All are welcome

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