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Friday, May 22, 2009


Everyone's excited about the new PTR in the community and so am I! EarnEasyPTR is brought to you by the same owner of the PTC sites EarnEasyCash (another favorite of mine) and Clickers-Union. It's a really cool looking site and has some great perks right now for its grand opening!

There is currently a $0.05 signup bonus at EarnEasyPTR, and something else really great - three referral levels (15%, 5%, and 1%), which is something you usually don't see in PTC and PTR as most have just one level. Also, right now you can earn $0.03 for every new direct referral!

There is a $1 minimum cashout (woohoo!), and the site pays via AlertPay or PayPal. The site terms state it will pay within five days of request. Members are welcome from all countries except: China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.

I am loving this site already and if you like to do PTR/PTC, I bet you will too. Sign up at EarnEasyPTR today and start earning some cash!

 UPDATE 03/02/2013: This site has closed.


TriNi - make money online free said...

heyy! you have an awesome blog!! I found you from DBP's tweet actually lol. Just thought I'd say hi to a fellow "online money earner" lol if that's even a word!

keep up the great work!

Miss Money Hunter said...

Hey there, thanks so much for the kind words! I'm really glad you enjoy the blog! Hope it will be of some use to you in the future and you'll keep coming by! I had to be away for a little while but now am back and trying to get things straightened up around here LOL. Take care and have a great money week! :)

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