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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In the Swing

Whew! I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I am finally pretty much caught up with MMH matters, if you don't count the 22,000+ e-mails still backed up in my box, most of which just need to be tossed anyway 'cos they're old paid mails that expired long ago or semi-spam that I don't read anyway. Hopefully if there is something important I missed in there, I'll find it eventually when I get around to deleting all those old mails sitting there.

I am almost - almost! - finished with another project that's been a couple of months coming that will be a sort of addition to the site here, as well as standing on my own. It's something that my personal friends that don't really like to read blogs every day have been asking for, so that's coming soon.

I think I have almost finished "housekeeping" here on the site, save for one not-that-important thing I want to fix that is a minor annoyance 'cos I should have been doing it all along... but getting close to being 100% through with housekeeping stuff too.

And (the good news for you) - I have joined several new (or not new, but new to me) sites and will be sharing those with you in the coming days, starting today. These are mostly PTRs/PTCs, or GPTs that have some good PTC action. I don't usually sign up new at sites anymore (unless I am familiar with and respect the owner) except for ones a couple of people I know in the community have had decent luck with and been paid by, and then I have another one on in the queue that was recommended to me by another active person in the community who's been paid too. So that's all good, I'm really excited about several of them, and I'll be posting them all here over the next few weeks.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend holiday, especially for those who had the day off on Monday!

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