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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

News: ClixSense, CashCrate, Hundred Acre Clicks, Brandarama

This'll be a repeat of news that's been bouncing around here and there all over this week, but it's all pretty important so I wanted to post the updates here too for those who don't read around everywhere's benefit.

First, great news - if you are a ClixSense premium member, ClixSense is now paying 10% of your first level referral's ad view earnings, provided that referral has upgraded to premium. This is fabulous! So you and your referral both have to be upgraded, but honestly the ClixSense upgrade is such a deal at $10 for a whole year and otherwise you wait forever to get paid if you're a free member, so it just makes sense to upgrade anyway. In any case, awesome news and yay for ClixSense on this! (Thanks to Phil for this bit of news.)

More good news - there was an announcement on the CashCrate blog recently that upgraded Silver members at CashCrate can now have their earnings by direct deposit! That's really terrific - I wish ClixSense would do this too, LOL! (Thanks to Reanna for this heads up.)

Next, members of Hundred Acre Clicks need to go into their account and make sure everything in their profile is correct - especially your first and last name - as the admin will be deleting accounts with inaccurate info in the next few days. (Thanks to Jessica for this update, I'm so behind in my e-mail I might never have seen this.)

Finally, a very big heads up for those who are still doing PTS offers - do NOT do any Brandarama offers that may still be on whatever sites you're on. Brandarama, which has been one of the largest advertisers for PTS offers everywhere, is or has filed for bankruptcy and is refusing to pay for any leads from June and July, so do not do any offers that may still be out there for Brandarama - you won't get paid.

I read somewhere earlier in the week that one of the larger affiliates that provides many of the various PTS offers to sites is possibly planning to pay the leads for any Brandarama offers done via that affiliate up until the bankruptcy news, but I don't know if that is certain or not.

So in essence, if you have done any Brandarama offers in June or July, you may or may not get paid for them, but you definitely WON'T get paid for any that are still out there right now on any sites. I would imagine most of the owners have pulled those offers from their sites this week, but there may still be some out there, so be forewarned - DON'T do them!

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! (Or Thursday, depending on where you are!)


Danielle said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up about Brandarama! Too bad though, because their offers were always some of the easiest.

Make Money Online Free said...

Thanks for the heads up! I just read on Danielle's blog about the Brandarama thing too so I just wanted to say thanks. I didn't know about that.

Thanks for featuring my blog as well :)

I loveee the new Cashcrate option too!! Saves me so much time and energy.

TriNi @ make money online free

Tony said...

Thanks for the update. I'll note to avoid Brandarama.

Miss Money Hunter said...

Hey U3, thanks for dropping by and commenting, and you're welcome. Yeah, it kinda sucks as Brandarama has always been one of the reliable and better crediting ones.

Tony, most of the sites have probably removed the Brandarama offers by now but yeah, if you come across one, don't do it.

Word is they are liquidating assets and filing bankruptcy, yup.

Thanks again for stopping by, y'all! :)

Jennifer said...

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