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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Got Paid Update #75 - Gomez PEER

Received my July payment from Gomez PEER in the amount of $8.30 on Sunday. I was starting to wonder where that one was as they usually pay around the middle of the month or earlier

The Gomez PEER is a great way to earn money doing absolutely nothing at all, as it works in the background of your computer while you do other stuff. Click here to re-read my original post about the PEER.

I venture to guess they may be a little saturated in North America right now as I haven't seen many who signed up under me get activated lately, but you never know when they might activate you so it's worth signing up for and keeping it running anyway. I think one of the keys is your computer being on and available most of the time (mine's rarely turned off). And you can still make money on referrals once they're activated, even when your account is pending or inactive.

This was my sixth payment from them since last July so I'm on about an every two months' pay from them. If you've not looked into it, read the post mentioned above and then check out Gomez PEER today!

Click HERE to View Payment Proof


poohbear said...

Joined you yesterday.. Still pending.. How long does it usually take to be approved... Thanks for all the info. Can't wait to start earning with gomez peer. :)


Miss Money Hunter said...

Well, for me it was around a month or a little more. Some people do not get approved, or it takes a while - it all depends on whether they need computers in a country, the speed of your computer, the speed of your Internet connection, and probably some other factors, and their needs can change at any time. From what I understand people can get deactivated and reactivated multiple times, I've never gone inactive tho since I was accepted. But I have superfast DSL and my computer is on all the time, so that probably helps.

I think your chances of being approved are probably better if your computer is on as much as possible. Once the PEER is installed, you should just leave it running as much as possible to increase your chances of being activated.

Hope you have good luck with it and go activated before too long - thanks for signing up under me!

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