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Monday, December 8, 2008


As most who are here much know, I don't review a lot of newer GPT sites these days after having been sorta burned having to take some down immediately after reviewing because the site closed. That's always really annoying.

This one's not all that new - it's been open a few months now - but is one I feel pretty good about, BankRollBucks' admin is a member too (I joined under her, in fact).

Anyway, Fishing4Fortune is another general GPT site with a (yes, my favorite thing!) minimum cashout of $5, woohoo! No PTC on the site, but another that makes use of promo codes, which I enjoy.

UPDATE 07/20/2009: Fishing4Fortune is now changing to no minimum payout (on PayPal only, presumably) and Net 15 payments, with cashout anytime - not just monthly. Nice!

Three referral levels on this one (20%, 10%, & 5%), and payment can be by PayPal, check or Amazon gift card.

Right now it's smallish with only 90 members, but why is that a good thing? Contests! There have been several, and in fact I won an extra dollar the other day in a completion contest at Fishing4Fortune.

Fishing4Fortune is currently open to members in the US & UK only (NOTE: UK members added December 2008), but the admin is looking to expand to other countries in the future so stay tuned! Join Fishing4Fortune today!

* UPDATE 06/27/2010: Fishing4Fortune has closed.

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